Pound It.

Did you know Bryan Cranston was once wanted for murder? It happened back in his waiting days, when he made a joke about wanting to kill one of his co-workers, who coincidentally did end up being killed around the time that Cranston had left for a vacation. Yikes! Hear him talk about it here.

Did you also know that there are many fun things to do in Dallas tonight? Oh you did? Well, did you know that we also compile these things into convenient lists for you every single day? Yikes! — Cory Graves

Bridget Everett at Cambridge Room
Amy Schumer pal, stand-up comedian, and self-described “alt-cabaret provocateur” Everett is extremely proud of her full figure, often wearing very little clothing on stage. She is definitely a crazy character and often sings about her sex life while being backed by The Tender Moments — a band that sometimes includes Beastie Boy Ad-Rock. Think Leslie Hall with less sweaters and more blow jobs. — Lauren Rushing

One Piece Film: Gold at Alamo Drafthouse (Richardson)
hortly before his death, Gold Roger, the most infamous of all the world’s pirates, hid his most priceless treasure. He then announced that the treasure, which has since become known as the “one piece,” was up for grabs. Thus began the “Great Pirate Era.” Believing that the treasure’s next owner would become the king of all the pirates, Monkey D. Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates set sail in search. That search, which forms the basis of Japan’s most successful manga series, One Piece, was originally supposed to take exactly five years. But, somewhere along the way, series creator Eiichiro Oda decided he was having too much fun. While he claims he plans on ending the series in exactly the same way he originally intended, the way he plans on getting there is in a constant state of flux — and not even Oda is sure how long it will last. It’s going on 20 years now, and there are movies like this one from Flower Mound-based Funimation in the canon, too. — CG

Peticolas Beer Dinner at Smoke (Plano)
A four course dinner designed by Chef Tim Byres, pairing his dishes with Michael Peticolas’ brews. Tonight only. — CG

A Night of Saving Gorillas at Angelika Film Center
Dick in or out, there’s not much you can do about Harambe. But there are lots of living gorillas that you can help. Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund President and CEO Tara Stoinsk will be on hand to discuss current conservation efforts, and let you know what you can do to lend a hand. — CG

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