Rock And Roll All Night And Part Of Every Day.

Stop what you're doing and head to 7-Eleven. Why? Because the Dallas-sprung convenience store chain turns 87 today, and they want to give every one of you a free Slurpee.

I know what you're thinking. And, yes, turns out we do have a breakdown on how to best use Slurpees in your cocktail concoctions.

Uh-hu. You're welcome.

Then, after you nurse that brain freeze of yours, check out all of the crazy cool events you can do this weekend. — Chase Whale

Old Crow Medicine Show at House of Blues
Much to the chagrin of the thousands of Americans who perform with folk, country and roots bands these days, Old Crow's Keith Secor took it upon himself to add verses the old, discarded Bob Dylan song scrap, “Rock Me, Mama.” Ten years later, his colleagues and peers can hardly get through a performance without a drunken audience member shouting requests for “Wagon Wheel” during sets. Thanks so much for that. — Cory Graves

Lionel Richie and Cee-Lo Green at Gexa Energy Pavilion
From a successful start-up career with The Commodores to an extensive solo career, Lionel Richie was more than deserving of the Lifetime Achievement Award he earned at last week's BET Awards. Praises to him, and, um, we'll just try to forget the fact that BET spelled his name wrong during his acceptance speech. Way to go, BET. In other news, you can catch a full performance from the master of love ballads himself tonight at Gexa, along with the singer of the world-wide hit “Crazy,” Cee-Lo Green. —Chrissi Chetwood

Satans of Soft Rock, American Werewolf Academy and Cliffs of Insanity at Rubber Gloves
It’s a shame that, after kicking around the Dallas scene for a decade now, American Werewolf Academy doesn’t get more love than they do for their well-worn brand of jangly alt-rock. It’s even more of a shame when you consider that their December-released Out of Place All the Time just might be the band's best material to date. The Tony Ferraro-led Satans of Soft Rock and Jon Dufilho's still new-ish Cliffs of Insanity project open. — CG

Wild Moccasins and The Eastern Sea at Three Links
The juxtaposition between these two bands on the same bill is an interesting one. On one hand, you have The Eastern Sea from Austin, whose strengths lie in creating catchy lines with exposed yet heartfelt instrumentation. And, on the other hand, you've got Wild Moccasins from Houston, whose 2014 release, 88 92, showcases a dance sensibility sprinkled with nostalgia. Both bands are great, and their pairing promises a fun night at Three Links. Doors open at 8 p.m., and the Fort Worth-based Jacob Furr is set to kick of the night at 9 p.m. — Chris Escarfullery

Summer Mockbusters: Con Air at Granada Theater
Have you ever tried to read this detailed summary of the 1997 classic, Con Air? This movie is ridiculous — but a must-see for fans of ridiculous movies. As luck would have it, the Granada Theater has a free screening of Con Air going on this Friday. There's going to be a live Twitter feed shown alongside the silver screen, which is especially nice because the guys from the Dallas Comedy House who'll be on hand here are bound to drop some heckling-gold. The screening of the epic saga between Nic Cage's awkwardly long hair and a stuffed bunny kicks off at 8 p.m. — CE

Trees Reunion at Kessler Theater
A lot of people in town like to claim they were at Trees for that infamous Nirvana show in 1991. This evening, though, a whole bunch of folks who were actually there will gather at the Kessler Theater to swap tales about the venue's good old days. Barry Kooda, James Hall, Nikos Brisco and other folks who frequently performed at Trees in the '90s will take the stage at this one as well. — CG

Jessimae Peluso and Carly Aquilino at Addison Improv
From the spin off of MTV's Guy Code, these two Girl Code comedians come to Dallas for three days worth of shows where they'll tell jokes, some of which won't be about their vaginas. — Ashley Gongora

Quiet Company at The Foundry (Free)
Since Quiet Company has a little free time before its tour, the band decided to do a cover of Pinkerton, Weezer's second (and criminally underrated) album. They're only playing that disc here in Texas — so expect ticket sales to sell out. Should be an interesting show to attend, too, as they're gonna play the entire album along with some of its own songs too.– AG

Taste of Dallas at Fair Park
This weekend, Fair Park's 150,000 feet of indoor exhibit space will be filled with local restaurants, breweries and dessert-makers, all offering up samples of their wares. Additionally, DJ Sober, Vanilla Ice, The Spazmatics, Somebody's Darling, Jack Ingram and more will perform throughout the weekend. At just $8 to get in, you'll probably want to go back for seconds. Good thing, then, that this thing lasts three days. — CG

Asian Film Festival of Dallas at Angelika Film Center
If you've had your head up your ass the last few years, you've probably missed the Asian Film Festival of Dallas, the go-to festival for all your cinematic kicks-to-the-face fixes. Well, pull your head out and head to the Angelika: There are 39 feature films, 30 short films and nine countries represented. There will also be a lot of filmmakers in attendance, which is always fun. To find out what's playing and where the parties are going to be held out, head over to Asian Film Festival's official site.CW

Evil Dead: The Musical at Art Centre Theatre
Leave it to the Canadians to take a cult classic and make it into a musical. Since its first production in Toronto in 2003, Evil Dead: The Musical has gone around the world as a hit off-Broadway production. Now it looks like a community theater in Plano has strapped on its best chainsaws, headless corpse-dancing efforts and Bruce Campbell impersonations to give the cult ‘80s horror franchise a go on the stage for two weekends. Showtimes are at 8:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. Tickets are $15 normal price, and $20 for sitting in the “splash zone”. Get 'em here. Groovy. — CE

Summerland Tour 2014 at South Side Ballroom
When you asked us if we wanted tickets to go see Everclear, Soul Asylum, Eve 6 and Spacehog all on the same bill, we brushed you off pretty quickly. Sorry, bro. It's not that we don't think these bands could combine for one pretty killer greatest hits of the '90s album; it's just that we kind of thought you were just pranking us. Turns out, though, Spacehog is totally still a band. — CG

Festival of Independent Theatres: Playtime at Bath House Cultural Center
If you haven't been paying attention to what Prism Co. has been up to, then you've been missing out. This up-and-coming theater will be holding showings of Playtime as part of the Festival of Independent Theatres going on at the Bath House. Playtime, a wordless movement piece by Prism Co. founder Jeffrey Colangelo, is about a man who is surrounded by things that make him happy. But every time he tries to find happiness in these things, he's brutally beat down by masked figures with pillows. You won't want to miss it. — CE

Ishi, Dark Rooms, Night Drive and Jenny Robinson & 8earcub at Trees
There's no easier way to induce eye-rolling within the Dallas music community than to make a statement that in anyway implies that any one event is some kind of signifier that Deep Ellum is quote-unquote back. But the fact that four locals can command a venue the size of Trees on a given weekend seems to indicate that something's going on. Just don't ask us to elaborate further. — CG

Witching and Bitching at Texas Theatre
Alex de la Iglesia is the master of black comedy. Like most of his excellent films, Witching and Bitching is horror with a sense of humor. This story follows a gang of thieves led by a hack Jesus Christ. Yes, you read that right. Their goal is to steal a bunch of jewels and get rich. Their fortune met misfortune, and they wind up trapped in a house full of hungry witches with an appetite for destruction. Just when you think you have this film all figured out, Iglesias opens another door of what the mother fuck!? It's outrageous fun. — CW

Cro-Mags at Dada
Since the early '80s, roughly 22 musicians have counted themselves members of the pioneering New York hardcore act Cro-Mags. The current incarnation is led by co-founding member John Joseph McGowan who himself has left and rejoined the group several times. Not present tonight? Co-founding member Harley Flanagan, who has in recent years fronted a handful of completely separate Cro-Mags lineups of his own and actually stabbed members of McGowan's outfit. Weird! — CG

“Tex-Mex Kitchens Of Dallas, 1950-1970” at Latino Culturalf Center
Tex-Mex is this writer's favorite food in the whole wide world. So he's very excited to report that the Latino Cultural Center's current exhibit will feature artifacts from the families behind El Fenix and El Chico, among others, to increase awareness of the very popular Tex-Mex presence in the DFW area and the role that Dallas played in the cuisine's development. And where would Tex-Mex be without the creation of the Dallas-born frozen margarita? Nowhere, we'd say. “Tex-Mex Kitchens Of Dallas, 1950-1970” goes on through August 30th. — CW

ScrewAttack Gaming Convention at Sheraton Hotel
For the next three days, this gamers' paradise features vendors from around the world, an enormous multi-generational arcade, live video game-related music and an “Iron-Man of Gaming” competition. If video games just aren't your thing, the event promises an extensive variety of table-top games as well. — Stephen Young

True Widow, Mountain of Smoke and Mannequins Will Kill at Texas Theatre
Texas Theatre has a busy evening for you: First, they're screening Fantastic Planet in 35mm. After the film, True Window will play, along with Mountain of Smoke and Mannequins With Kill. Then George Quartz will DJ the rest of the night away. Tickets are $8 for the film only and $17 for all of the above. — CW

Erykah Badu at Winstar World Casino
OK, so this concert may not be in Dallas. Or the greater region. Or even in Texas. But its Queen Erykah Badu. Oklahoma ain't all that far. — CC

Open House at Dreamy Life Records
Before the minds between Fort Worth DIY labels Lo-Life Records and Dreamy Soundz officially open up the physical location of their record shop in the coming months — an endeavor you can help with, by the way — they'll be peddling their wares at their future home (read: 1617 Park Place Avenue, Suite 106) at this open house. An after-party featuring performances from Anatomic Whirl, Ken South Rock and Toy Rock will follow at the nearby Boiled Owl Tavern. — CG

Design District Gallery Day
Look no further, design nerds. The Dallas Design District is throwing its third Design District Gallery Day today. Craft beer will be served to keep your head cold, and the first 25 people will get a swag bag, which includes this red hot official Design District Gallery Day T-shirt. — Cw

Pogues on the Mountain at Twilite Lounge (Free)
Denton's own self-proclaimed danger-folk outfit, Hares on the Mountain, will preform late this evening at Deep Ellum's Twilite Lounge. Only, the band won't be performing its own songs; rather, they'll be masquerading as folk punk pioneers The Pogues. — AG

World Cup Watch Party at Main Street Garden Park (Free)
The U.S. might have been bounced from the World Cup long ago, but, lo and behold, the tournament didn't end there. For further proof of this fact, head to Main Street Garden Park, where they'll be showing a match between a pair of countries vying for third place in this year's tournament on a big mobile screen. Beer, wine and food will be available for purchase. — AG

The Disc Golf Experience at AT&T Stadium
Sometime ago, someone really liked golf and wanted to take it to the next, edgier level. Disc Golf was born. Out went the ball and clubs, in came the Frisbee flying disc. Tonight only, you can play nine holes of Disc Golf inside the tunnels of the AT&T Death Star. There will also be a self-guided tour, and you'll get a two-disc player pack. There are three levels of pricing, which you can learn about here. — CW

“CHAOS!” (Opening Reception) at Ro2 Gallery Downtown
This noteworthy small works show will feature over 100 artists, who each created intimate works for the show. Why should you care? Well, price tags may be accessible for you inaugural art collectors. So get out there and get some art in your life, folks. Doctor's orders. — Scott Mitchell

“Solstice” at Epocha
The summer solstice marks the official start of the summer season in the Northern Hemisphere — y'know, in case the growing heat alone didn't already clue you in.
Alas, the solstice is still considered one of the biggest holidays of the year in many cultures around the world. In England, for instance, Pagans and “neo-druids” paint their faces and watch the sun set through the Trilithon. Over in Norway, the world's largest bonfire is erected and one brave soul must climb a 130-foot-tall tower to ignite the whole thing. Swedes, meanwhile, indulge in copious amounts of vodka and dancing — and then really get their celebration nine months later when their country experiences a curious spike in the birth rate. In Deep Ellum, they celebrate by ogling the newest works from local artist Jeremy Biggers. — Zoe Mattioli

New Edition at Verizon Theatre
New Edition is having a reunion tour after 31 years since their first album release? Rad. Better yet, they plan on releasing a new album by the end of this year. It isn't going to be easy to break away from the 13- to 15-year-old boys they used to be, but with newer producers and a newer sound, they sure can try to “cool it now” and “slow it down” to their heart's content. — AG

The Polyphonic Spree at Dada
Just as they've done at Sons of Hermann Hall and Dan's Silverleaf in recent years, The Polyphonic Spree are set to play another intimate local gig tonight. It should make for an interesting show — or at least an event with some badass photo opportunities — as this will be one of the smaller venues the band has performed since that one time they played that hospital room on Scrubs. Quaker City Night Hawks and Sam Lao open. — CG

Lindsey Stirling at South Side Ballroom
Since ending her run on America's Got Talent, this hip-hop violinist pixie has been showing the world that following your dreams regardless of obstacles can really take you places. Stirling continues to perform a different type of music, in which she incorporates her weapon of choice into unlikely genres such as dub-step while keeping her grace and poise. — AG

Back in Black and Infinite Journey at House of Blues
The Dallas Observer continues its second annual weekly tribute band series at the House of Blues with Back in Black and Infinite Journey. If you can't guess what classic rock acts each of these plays tribute to, then you probably wouldn't enjoy this one, anyway. — CG

Benefit For Matt Vickers at Crown & Harp
The friends and family of Dallas Distortion Music co-founder Matt Vickers have organized a fundraiser on his behalf to help relieve some of the medical costs he's racked up over the course of the past several months while recovering from a serious car wreck back in March. Tonight's benefit show will feature performances from Def Rain, Eyes, Wings & Many Other Things, Jack Dover and Jack Thunder & the Road Soda, with 100 percent of the money collected at the door going directly to Vickers' bills. Of course, if you want to donate more than just the $5 entry fee to that show — or perhaps you're not able to attend — you can also donate any amount to Vickers' online benefit fund here. — CG

“If You REALLY Want To Know” (Opening Reception) at CentralTrak
Most art shows hope that its audiences have the good sense to peel their eyes away from the phones, TVs, computers and other screens that dominate their lives long enough to take in the works on display. But Shawn Mayer's work comments on just that, examining the footholds that screens have over most of us by creating a series of humorous installations that all squarely involve these invasive bits of technology. The exhibition runs through the 26th. — CG

The Mike Haskins Experience at The Foundry (Free)
Haskins was a member of The Nervebreakers, one of Dallas' first punk bands, and, real talk, one of the greatest Dallas bands ever. These days, his band is filled out with a few other Dallas punks of note. Pay some respect. — Pete Freedman

World Cup Watch Party at Main Street Garden Park (Free)
As with Saturday's screening, there'll be another giant, sweaty World Cup watching party at Main Street Garden Park on Sunday. The winner of this match, though, will walk away with bragging rights they'll happily hold over the rest of the world for the next four years. — Cory Graves

A Hard Day's Night at Angelika Film Center
Still hot of its Criterion Collection Blu-ray release, The Beatles' A Hard Day's Night is screening at the Angelika Film Center for its 50th anniversary. The Angelika promises giveaways, and you have the chance to win a commemorative poster from the film. Sounds like an Awesome Day's Night to me. —CW

KISS, Def Leppard at Gexa Energy Pavilion
It doesn't really matter that KISS only boasts two original members these days. The band's sows still feature enough explosions, blood-spitting and fire that you probably won't notice, anyway. The band's really more about the image that's proved enough to sustain it career for over 40 years now. Joining KISS on this one is Def Leppard. As the extraordinarily astute Jimmy Pop Ali once pointed out, the drummer from Def Leppard's only got one arm. — CG

Holly Williams and Carrie Rodriguez at Kessler Theater
It's Hank Williams Jr.'s daughter, yo! She's got a hell of a voice, too, and she performs country songs that aren't boring. Surely, daddy is proud. Tonight, she'll be joined by the heavenly fiddling of Austin's own Carrie Rodriguez. — H. Drew Blackburn

The Strain at Angelika Film Center (Free)
The Strain is a much-hyped TV show — perhaps because of its batshit crazy synopsis and the fact that it involves vampires. We'll know soon enough. Catch it for free on the big screen at the Angelika. — CW

Doggie Yoga Class at Jewish Community Center
Take yoga to the next level by having your dog do it with you. Downward Dog didn't seem so literal until now, and the class is free. — AG

Denton Coffee Tasters Club July Tasting at The Whitehouse
If a sociable, friendly, and very hip environment is what you're lacking in your coffee drinking routine, fret no more. Denton Coffee Tasters Club has got you covered. The goal? To bring local roasters and local coffee drinkers together in order to keep Denton's bustling coffee culture alive and well. What's in it for you? You could use some new friends. Plus, your coffee collection could use some updating. For just $2 at these monthly meetings, you'll get a great cup of Joe and an even better experience. — CC

(Hed)P.E. at Trees
(Hed)P.E. is one of the few bands that classifies its music in narrowly specific terms. The band refers to its sound as “G-punk,” if you were wondering. — CW

Spacebeach Album Release Cookout and Skate Jam at The Where House
Spacebeach is celebrating the release of its new Orange Karma EP in style. There will be a ramp for skateboarders, and food for everyone. Come hungry. Bring fun. — CW

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