Go Deaf.

Big news, everyone: La Bare opens this weekend in Dallas.

No, you read that right: A documentary about the esteemed Dallas male strip club of the same name opens at the Angelika today. It was directed by True Blood's Joe Manganiello — yes, the same guy who played Big Dick Richie in Magic Mike.

Manganiello was actually in town last week to promote the film, so we sent our energetic intern Chrissi to interview him about the film.

The bad news: It's looking like the weather probably won't be nice enough this weekend for you to show off your own rock hard abs by the pool.

There are, however, plenty of places to hide out from the storms. — Chase Whale

Reel Big Fish at Trees
Do you sometimes feel like the only person anxiously awaiting the arrival of ska's fourth wave? Well, you probably are. But we're guessing you won't be the only person skanking around to third wave superstars Reel Big Fish at Trees tonight. Even fewer people will likely care that frontman Aaron Barrett is the last remaining of the band's original members. — Cory Graves

Hellion (Theatrical Premiere) at Texas Theatre
Writer-director Kat Candler made a splash at the Sundance Film Festival with her first feature, Hellion, based off her festival hit short film of the same name. Starring Breaking Bad's Aaron “Yeah Bitch!” Paul, Hellion follows an angry teen (Josh Wiggins, in a powerful breakout performance) on his path to destruction. His only redemption is his father (Paul), a recovering alcoholic who's trying to find his own peace in life. Central Track's very own Chase Whale (if you're keeping score, that's me) will be moderating the Q&A with Candler following the screening. Come raise some hell with us!CW

Air Review, Chambers and Borrisokane at Dada
Despite the series of promo videos the band put out before releasing its debut effort earlier this month, we can't imagine many people actually hating Chambers. The band's unique harmonies are too powerful; it's arrangements just too deft and orchestrations too lush. Pick up the band's just-released album at this show which also features Dallas' Air Review and Austin's Borrisokane. — CG

MewithoutYou at The Prophet Bar
If spoken word is an interest of yours, you may need to check out MewithoutYou. The band's post-hardcore sound meshes well with front man Aaron Weiss' spoken lyrics, whether a mere ramble or a full blown scream. The combination makes for a unique sound to say the least. The World is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die and Dark Rooms open. —Chrissi Chetwood

Shawshank Redemption at Inwood Theatre
One of the most iconic scenes in film history happens in Frank Darabont's The Shawshank Redemption. So iconic, it's been parodied in dozens of films and is used as the film's poster. You don't even need to look up up to know what I'm talking about, right? Well, for one night only, you can join Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman in their great escape out of a prison filled with dirty guards and one evil warden. — CW

Somebody's Darling, J. Charles & the Trainrobbers and Foxtrot Uniform at Three Links
Originally, tonight was supposed to mark the release of Fort Worth band Foxtrot Uniform's sophomore album. Now that that sucker's been pushed back, we'll call it just another rowdy, alt-country fueled night in Deep Ellum. — CG

Big Joy: The Adventures of James Broughton at Texas Theatre
James Broughton was the real deal auteur filmmaker in the 1930s, and someone finally made a documentary about him. For one night only, you can catch this at the historic Texas Theatre. — CW

Dallas Metal Scene Presents at The Curtain Club
Triple SP, From Within, Gray V, Cruella, Liv and The Drummer and Until We Meet Again all perform at this one. Of particular interest, though, is the live debut of Cruella, which features former members of Faded Grace and a current member of Convoy & The Cattlemen. — CG

Druid Cloak at It'll Do
Elusive nerdcore/fantasy EDM producer Druid Cloak will play his first-ever date tonight at the It'll Do tonight in honor of Trillwave member Ty Anderson's birthday. Speaking of: The local DJ collective will further mark its first event at It'll Do with sets from Left/Right, Trailer Swift, Dubble A and Genova. — CG

Godfrey at Arlington Improv
It's the “Make 7-Up Yours” guy! No, not that one. The other one. — Stephen Young

Le Youth at Candleroom
With the recent release of his “Feel Your Love” single, Le Youth comes to Dallas' upscale, semi-private Candleroom to make the well-dressed people dance. On this rainy Saturday, his R&B-meets-'90s house vibes should provide all the shelter you need. — AG

The Clinton Years and Rania Khoury at Double Wide
Come early for the free happy hour grub, cheap drinks, tunes from DJ Horseshoes & Handgrenades and — new this week — chicken shit bingo! But stay for late-night sets from '90s cover band The Clinton Years and local piano pop outfit Rania Khoury & The Stonewolves. — CG

John Witherspoon at Addison Improv
It's Ice Cube's dad! Well, on the big screen at least. And he's in Addison all weekend. But how could you see him any day but Friday? — SY

Deafheaven and Pallbearer at Dada
Deafheaven can be described in any number of ways. The band itself seems most keen on a generic “metal” label — even as most critics tend to categorize them within the more-specific black metal subgenre. Still, there are yet other mentions that the band earns. Among them? Post-rock, shoegaze and hardcore descriptors that in fact all work, at least in some capacity. But subgenre semantics and buzz words aside, the general thought on Deafheaven is this: Their sophomore album, Sunbather, released last summer, is an all-out gem — one that borders on becoming a modern masterpiece. Pallbearer and Wreck & Reference also perform. — Mikel Galicia

Zeds Dead at Lizard Lounge
The Canadian duo of DC and Hooks, who combine to make up the Pulp Fiction-referencing EDM outfit Zeds Dead, won't disappoint with its mostly dubstep heavy set tonight. Pass the 40 and Johnny Funk will warm up the decks. — MG

Christian Lee Hutson at The Wild Detectives
Old-soul Nashville singer-songwriter Christian Lee Hutson describes his music as being like if “George Jones was being channeled through a drunk and animated Conor Oberst.” He'll head up this backyard show behind Oak Cliff bookstore/coffee shop/hot spot The Wild Detectives, which will also features former The Fox & the Bird songwriter Raymond Weyandt and fellow Nashville folky Rachel Kate. — CG

Two-Year Anniversary at Ten Bells Tavern
In honor of Oak Cliff's Ten Bells Tavern's two-year anniversary, the establishment will be serving up $3 Lone Star drafts and $5 “donktails” all weekend long. Proceeds will go to Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, which provides rescue and rehabilitation services to donkeys in need, some of which will even be on hand Saturday to personally and gratuitously pay you back with lovin' and donkey cuteness. — CC

Jalapeno Half Marathon at Panther Island Pavilion
There's nothing most folks want to do more just after running 13.1 miles than chugging free craft brews and participating in an jalapeno-eating contest! Right? — CG

Phox at Three Links
Earlier this week, Wisconsin seven-piece indie folk outfit Phox released its eponymous debut LP. Thus far, its blend of worldbeat, dream-pop leanings, Midwestern roots, know-how from its members' Berkeley educations and seemingly surface-level coffeeshop folk has confused most reviewers, who can't seem to decide if these guys are more Vampire Weekend or The Lumineers. — CG

Merle Haggard at Billy Bob's
A weekend ahead of Willie Nelson's 41st annual Fourth of July Picnic at the same venue, fellow country legend and frequent Nelson collaborator Merle Haggard will warm up the stage for his longtime pal. Now if we could only get Pancho and Lefty to play Billy Bob's on the same night… — CG

The Witches at Alamo Drafthouse
Every Saturday, Alamo Drafthouse screens old flicks to keep the young soul in you alive. This week's selection is 1990's The Witches. Remember when the idea of being in a hotel with a bunch of witches who were trying to turn you into a mouse was the kind of thing that scared the living bejesus out of you? Ah, simpler times. — Ashley Gongora

The Dan Band at House of Blues
The Los Angeles nightlife scene staples The Dan Band first hit the national radar after appearing in a handful of Todd Phillips comedies. Dan Finnerty and his band of cronies rely almost solely on their one bit of re-appropriating female-fronted pop songs, most notably their f-bomb-laden rendition of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” that appeared in 2003's Old School. — CG

Thanks a Million at ShopMieux
Before shutting its doors and becoming an online-only entity, the 16-month-old vintage retailer will host one last party at its Expo Park boutique. Vodka, cupcakes and 50-percent discounts for all! — CG

Susan Sleaze Fest & VHS Swap at Vice Palace
Total Twit and THRWD are throwing a pretty rad fundraiser to gather funding for the horror feature Lazy Susan. There will be a VHS swap — which is exactly what it sounds like — and heavy tunes from Ordinal Forms, FOGG, Terminator 2 and Fungi Girls in what could be the most punk rock event of the year, at least in spirit. A $5 to $15 donation is recommended. — CW

“Real Print Sh*t” at Basement Gallery
This Raymond Butler and Daniel Yanez-curated show promises live screen-printing, free T-shirts and posters for the first 25 attendees and free screen-printed tacos. Butler assures us: The tacos will be screen-printed with edible things like barbecue sauce and food coloring, so worry not. — Scott Mitchell

Mark Farina at It'll Do
San Francisco house pioneer Mark Farina will drop by It'll Do tonight, where he'll drop a bunch of down-tempo dance numbers for a bunch of folks who've dropped whatever's necessary to keep up with the Mushroom Jazz DJ. — CG

The Fray at Verizon Theatre
Feeling lost and insecure without The Fray? The Denver-based band stops by to preform some new songs such as “Love Don't Die” from its fourth LP, Helios, which was released back in February. Barcelona and Oh Honey open. —AG

Dogs and Dogs at Kettle Art
At Kettle Art, the closing party for the space's current “Departing the Kingdom of Sensibility” exhibit will have a very dog-friendly appeal. The gallery will open its doors on this night to your (probably) four-legged pooches so they can enjoy the art with you. Yes, dogs appreciate art, too. You can also get some free stuff for your little fur ball, too, as the first 75 attendees get backpacks full of treats. Lucky for you, this one is earlier on Saturday, running from 2 to 6 p.m. — SM

“Stay Up All Nite” at Red Arrow Contemporary
An entirely print-centric affair is going on this evening over at Red Arrow Contemporary in the Design District. “Stay Up All Nite” will feature works from members of the Austin-based Industry Wrecking Crew. Stop by at 6 p.m. to catch the opening from these do-it-yourselfers. — SM

QueerBomb Dallas at Julius Schepps Park
Forty-five years ago today, a police raid on Greenwich Village's Stonewall Inn — one of the few establishments at the time that welcomed openly gay people — spawned a series of violent riots from homosexual demonstrators that are now viewed as the start of the LGBT rights movement. As such, Dallas LGBT organization QueerBomb will host a series of speakers at Julius Schepps Park starting at 7 p.m. Then, at 9 p.m., they'll hold a march through Deep Ellum for a free after-party at Quixotic World. — CG

Les Miserables at Wyly Theatre
For a limited time, the Wyly Theatre has been reborn as 19th century France, putting the audience front and center of the singing and fighting for a stage production of Les Miserables . Today's performance is sold out, but it runs through August 27, so you've got plenty of time to catch it before then. — CW

Jail Weddings at Rubber Gloves
LA psych collective Jail Weddings makes a really big, fun brand of jangly pop music. How big? Well, there's nine of them, for one thing. Banditos, Supersonic Lips and Party Static open. — CG

The Lochness Mobsters at Three Links
Surfy, Los Angeles-based garage rock trio The Lochness Mobsters headlines this end of the weekend affair. That is, if they actually exist. Dead Mockingbirds and Loafers open. — CG

Burt's Buzz at Texas Theatre
You may not know his full name, but you've seen Burt Shavitz' face about a million times. Back in the '70s the New York beekeeper helped create the Burt's Bees line of products with his partner Roxanne Quimby. Despite Quimby buying Shavitz's share of the company in the early '90s for just $4 million his bearded mug still graces most of the company's products. Quimby went on to sell the company to Clorox for $173 million and the brand is now worth over a billion. As for Shavitz, though? He still chooses to live in a glorified turkey coop, because, as he says in the trailer of this documentary, “A good day is when no one shows up and you don't have to go anywhere.” — CG

Asleep at the Wheel at Fort Worth Botanic Garden
In the span of its 40-year-long career, the Austin-based band has recorded 20-plus studio albums, charted more than 20 singles and earned its members nine Grammy's. The band currently remains the main driving force keeping alive the style of Texas swing originated by Bob Wills in the '30s. — CG

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