Get Your Freak On.

According to this Boston College study, laziness is contagious. In the study — which, among other things, examined the habits of couples that had signed up for gym memberships together — the university found that the pair would revert to the habits of the least motivated of the two.

So, as you peruse the below, lengthy list of places where you might spend this weekend, just keep in mind that if you choose to shirk our advice and sit on your butt, you're not just hurting yourself, but also those closest to you as well.

Tune-Yards at Granada Theater
Armed with the aggression of Age of Adz-era Sufjan Stevens and the childlike nature of someone who once made music for puppet shows, Merrill Garbus proves that there's nothing immature about what she does. If you were a fan of her jarring copy-paste use of saxophone, rhythms and energy-fueled lyrics from w h o k i l l, then you'll love what she'll be playing tonight from nikki nack. And get there early, too: Sylvan Esso opens. — Chris Escarfullery

Floor, True Widow and Pinkish Black at Dada
The more we think about it, the more terms like sludge-pop and stoner metal seem like the perfect descriptors for the repetitive, trudging riffs, peppy melodies and hypnotic grooves Miami band Floor cranks out. Makes sense as the band shares members with the similarly sludgy outfit Torche. Then there's the term “stonegaze,” which seems to be almost exclusively applied to Dallas trio True Widow. On the other hand, we're not sure exactly what to call the swirling, heavy noise guitarless Fort Worth duo Pinkish Black makes. Simply “awesome,” perhaps? — Chrissi Chetwood

William Fitzsimmons at Kessler Theater
If you're looking for a relaxing night to put your mind to ease before bed, check out William Fitzsimmons at The Kessler tonight. While his recently released album, Lions, didn't break new ground in the folk scene, it doesn't fall short of what is expected, either. Fitzsimmons reveals heartfelt and insightful stories throughout the album, even though the authenticity is questionable at times, it still makes for a mellow and esoteric listen. — CC

Tremors at Angelika Film Center
Tremors is the most important movie in film history. OK, that's not true, but it's a hell of a lot of fun to watch. Which is why the Angelika is screening it this weekend as a part of its After Hours series. Join Kevin Bacon, Reba motherfucking McEntire, Fred Ward and Michael J. Fox's dad from Family Ties as they battle the ravenous Graboids once again on the big screen. If you're feeling dangerous, get ahold of the three straight-to-video sequels and make it a weekend-long event. — Chase Whale

Bill Burr at Arlington Improv
You might recognize Bill Burr from Chappelle's Show. Or from Breaking Bad, where he played Saul Goodman's conman Kuby. Or from his countless televised appearances and sets on the late-night talk show circuit. Real talk, though, Burr's a comedian's comedian, and the Bill Hicks-influenced observationist is known for the George Carlin-like anger he lets fly onstage. That said, stand-up is his fortress. Tonight, you're welcome to enter it. — H. Drew Blackburn

The Pharcyde at Lola's
Before The Phracyde began work on the Spike Jonze-directed video for its Beastie Boys-sampling track “Drop”, members of the group worked extensively with a linguistics coach to learn how to perform their raps in reverse. While it helps sell the stunning visual effects in the reverse-shot video, we can't imagine how much work it took to learn. Then again, it shows how much work the hip-hop outfit puts into its craft. And, unlike the group's last swing through town, this one will feature all four original members. Mike Relm, -topic, Buffalo Black, PS the Rebels, Alsace Carcione, Fab Deuce, Jld Justin L D and KuT Throat Ent also appear on this stacked bill. — Cory Graves

Raised Right Men at Twilite Lounge
Never heard of Denton's classic honky tonk cover band, Raised Right Men? It's easiest just to think of the group — which includes Justin Collins, Brian Wright, Hillary Early, Andy Rogers, and Grady Don Sandlin — as little D's answer to Dallas' The King Bucks. Should be easy enough, considering a former member of said Bucks also happens to own this joint. — CG

Hairspray 35mm Print at Texas Theatre
In celebration of John Waters invading Dallas, the Texas Theatre is screening his 1988 cult favorite (and perhaps most recognizable feature) Hairspray in glorious 35mm. Pull out your scrunchies, crimp your hair and get nasty with Ricki Lake (yes, that Ricki Lake), Blondie's Debbie Harry, Sonny Bono, Ben Stiller's dad and the foxy Divine. There will also be a dance competition and costume contest, so dress to impress. And break a leg. — CW

A Taste of Herb at AllGood Cafe
These guys are kind of a throwback version of what you typically see from the Denton music scene. As such, this Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass tribute act can normally be found reviving the sound of the '60s around the Square — and, in the process, attracting everyone from silver foxes, college kids with beards and everything in between. Tonight, they'll bring their surprisingly faithful act to Dallas. — Porttia Portis

Senor Fin and Hat Hair at Dan's Silverleaf
We've said it before, but this time we really mean it: Tonight will officially mark the last performance from Denton's Senor Fin before the outfit relocates to Seattle, where it says it plans on continuing to pursue its musical pursuits. Some of the band's members will also back Jordan Garrett's new Hat Hair project for this show, which marks that outfit's album release. — CG

Migos at South Side Music Hall (Sold Out)
On the surface, there may not appear to be any real lyrical substance in Migos' catalog. But the outfit's cypher-style verses, repetitive hooks and punchy humor that's expertly sprinkled over trap beats show signs of something slightly deeper at play. Even repetitive drug talk comes across as refreshing thanks to Migos' stylistic twists behind every coke reference and hyped-up beat. Hard as it is to pinpoint, the Georgia-based trap trio just brings that special something to the table that makes you positively yearn for more. In any case, they must be doing something right, because only the coolest rappers get shot at, right? — CC

Family Reunion at Fraternal Order of Eagles
Bring a side dish to the hippest summer hangout in Dallas and enjoy free access to a pot luck smorgasbord. Jell-O shots will still cost you $1, which is a dangerous enough proposition as is. — CG

Dallas Art and Tattoo Expo at South Side Ballroom
Turns out, this town is big enough for two music venue-held tattoo conventions. Ahead of next month's Elm Street Music and Tattoo Fest, the Gilley's complex will host a three-day ink convention of its own. No, this one won't feature Oliver Peck — but Ron Givens, who appeared alongside Peck on Season Two of Spike TV's Ink Master, will be here, as will Danny Lepore, Kyle Giffin and Rudy Hetzer from Oxygen's Best Ink. Also, there's a good chance you'll walk away from this one with a permanent souvenir. — CG

Band Camp at Double Wide
This one time, at band camp, the dudes from Catamaran thought it might be fun host a gathering of North Texas musicians, producers, promoters, club owners, scene kids, and hangers-on for an informal gathering open to anybody not busy booking, playing or attending other shows tonight. — CG

Rob Schneider at Addison Improv
It costs $45 to see Rob Schneider perform comedy? Really? We're still waiting for our ticket refund for Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo. But, hey, he won a Razzie for Best Actor, so what do we know? Schneider is currently on his comedy tour and will be stopping at the Addison Improv for three consecutive shows. Please remember to report back his latest and greatest fart joke, will ya? — CW

The Magic Rainforest at Latino Cultural Arts Center
Cara Mia Theater Co. artistic director David Lozano and Prism Co. founder/theater director Jeffrey Colangelo have paired to bring award-winning playwright Jose Cruz Gonzalez's story to life. Running through June 8, this Dallas production will set a rainforest on fire, push a little boy underwater, have dolphins take him to meet a giant snake and more, all while using silk ropes, puppets, and other visual tricks. — CE

Texas Vert Revival at Overground Skate Park
The World Cup of amateur skateboarding brings its vert competition to our own backyard. Let 'er rip. — CG

Protomartyr at The Foundry (Free)
The pairing of Detroit post-punk outfit, Protomartyr, and Dallas favorites Dark Rooms makes for one of the strongest free shows you're likely to see in North Texas all year. Protomartyr's latest album, Under Color of Official Right, share similarities to that of Black Angels, White Denim, King Krule and Eagulls. So, yeah, it's good. Grab your crew and head over to get your fill of booze, chicken and good music at this one. — CE

Nothing and Superheaven at Dada
Back in April, Philadelphia emo outfit Daylight changed its name to Superheaven, citing legal reasons. Worry not, says the band's press release, no members have changed and the band will continue to perform all the same tunes. The band kicks off its first tour under the new moniker tonight, along with co-headliners Nothing. — CG

Die Antwoord at House of Blues
“Fuck the upperclass!” Die Antwoord sings in its single “Rich Bitch.” But is it real? The group's delightfully tacky, aesthetic and trashy, Afrikaan-laced lyrics are amusing, sure, but is any of it genuine? Well, at the end of the day, whether you find this act's appropriation of style originated by musicians largely trapped in apartheid-created slums fascinating or utterly appalling, one thing is certain: These folks are hard to look away from. — CG

Cowboy Mouth at Gas Monkey Bar & Grill
The 2011 Louisiana Music Hall of Fame inductees' current lineup boasts former members of pop-punkers Jimmie's Chicken Shack, southern rockers Dash Rip Rock and new wave/punk rockers Red Rockers. Not that it matters with a band like Cowboy Mouth, whose albums have always contained a pretty varied collection of country, alternative and straight-ahead rock. For as hard as the band's recorded output has been to pin down over the years, most agree that their live shows are simply thrilling, high-energy displays. — CG

North by Northwest at Klyde Warren Park
Summer is here. Meaning? You have two choices: You can play indoors, or you can risk things outside. If you're pro-nature, grab a blanket, your boo and head to Klyde Warren Park to watch an outdoor screening of Alfred Hitcock's classic North By Northwest, hosted by Dallas Morning News film critic, Chris Vognar. No booze or glass is allowed inside the park, so make sure everything in your cooler is plastic and nonalcoholic. Or pour red wine into an empty bottle of fruit punch Gatorade. But you didn't get that idea from us, kid. — CW

Blue Ruin at Texas Theatre
Can more praise can be said about Blue Ruin that hasn't already been spilled all over the Internet? Yes. Since you trust us, take a look at our glowing review of the film and see. this. movie. Then be the cool kid in the room and tell your homies about the most kick-ass revenge quest you just saw. Blue Ruin is screening on these days at the Texas Theatre: 5/31, 6/3 and 6/5. — CW

Bad Diary Days at ATAMA
A whole bunch of Dallas artists (read: Jeremy Biggers, Nick Quintero, Emily Donjuan, Leisa Bailey, Jason Chalker, Loretta Gonzalez, Favio Moreno, Jody Pham, Hatziel Flores, Brent Ozaeta, Vanessa Velasquez, Thomas Alonso, Samantha Mattice Lowery, RXSeven, Jesus Gonzales, Mario Sanchez, Travis Smithhart, Matt Brinker, Connor Hill and Ricardo Oviedo) will all have pieces for sale at this one. Unifying the pieces are the fact that they'll all be 8×8 or 12×12, be inspired by the dual nature of man (and David Bazan) and cost $150 to take home. — CG

Dallas is Dead: Zombie Art Show at Capital L Arts and Entertainment
Get your shovels, stakes and pitchforks ready, because the dead is coming to Dallas. Wait, that's what you use to kill zombies, right? Anyway, over 30 local artists will premiere new zombie-inspired works at this art show, which'll also include a zombie fashion show. There'll be some free grub, too. But most of it will be made of brains. — Ashley Gongora

It's Like the Beginning of That One Song at Kirk Hopper Fine Art
Working primarily in sculpture, lifelong Dallasite Sergio Garcia's latest solo show, It's Like the Beginning of That One Song, features playful distortions of childhood objects — like a tricycle tied in knots — in his whimsical dissection of adolescence. The exhibition runs through July 5, with a reception for the artist tonight. — CG

Mr. Elevator & Brain Hotel, Def Rain and Sealion at J&J's
The Denton square can get pretty dead during summer break, which bodes well for your chances of finding parking tonight, if nothing else. It'll cost you $10 to catch California psych outfit Mr. Elevator & The Brain Hotel at this one — or roughly twice as much as the band's cassettes will or five times as much as a can of Schlitz. Dallas' Sealion and Denton's Def Rain open. — AG

Dallas Amp and Custom Guitar Show at Embassy Suites Love Field
This one can't call itself the biggest or longest-running guitar show in town, but it does have one thing on its competitors: You can play these amps as loud as you want and nobody will tell you to turn it down. Playing “Stairway to Heaven” is still grounds for an immediate and severe beating, though. Hey, we don't make the rules. — CG

Burning Bubba Festival at Billy Bob's
Less than a month after a Dallas thief made off with the band's van and $25,000 in gear, the Austin outlaw country outfit Mike & The Moonpies will brave North Texas once again on its current tour. That much is thanks to members of several bands that have loaned the band gear and the passel of fans that believe in the band enough to have donated $16,000 to its instrument replacement fund in the last couple weeks. Shooter Jennings, Blackberry Smoke and Jonathan Tyler will also perform. — CG

Jana Hunter at City Tavern (Free)
Lower Dens frontwoman and North Texas native Jana Hunter brings the dark and haunting brand of her solo project to Downtown Dallas for, get this, a free show — Parade of Flesh's second of the weekend. We'll take it. Locals Tame Tame & Quiet and Delmore Pilcrow open. — CG

KEGL's BFD 2014 at Gexa Energy Pavilion
For the umpteenth year in a row, 97.1-FM The Eagle is throwing itself a hard rock festival. This one will features performances from Five Finger Death Punch, Tony Romo's favorite '80s cover band (Steel Panther), Theory of a Deadman, Hellyeah, Killswitch Engage, Pop Evil, The Pretty Reckless, Tom Keifer of Cinderella and Nothing More. And, for those so inclined, an after-party at Hellyeah drummer Vinny Paul's Club House strip club will follow. — CG

Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School at Three Links
A good old-fashioned life-drawing session is a necessary staple for artists of all types — and drawing from observation is a classic technique for improving your skills and increasing your technical abilities to perceive form and function. Unfortunately? That sounds totally boring and academic. The idea behind these regular Dr. Sketchy's events is to come up with a more relaxed lesson in the art of life-drawing. Hey, it doesn't get much more relaxed than being held in a bar, right? And, whereas anyone who's ever done an actual, serious life-drawing or figure-drawing session has that, “Oh, you wouldn't believe what the model looked like!” story, Dr. Sketchy's does that part right, too, tapping burlesque performers as models. This month's model is fan favorite Flossie Carmichael. — Jeremy Hughes

Bobby Rush at RL's Blues Palace
This R-rated bluesman has been pushing racial and sexual buttons with his blues records and politically incorrect live shows for going on six decades now. Even at 73, the big fat woman lover can still get a juke joint jumping. — CG

Neon Trees at House of Blues
Supposedly, Neon Trees named itself after the sign at In-N-Out Burger. Silly as that sounds, it's better than the band's second choice, Bic Mac & The Baconators. Maybe the group's biggest hit, “Animal,” was named after its favorite style of In-N-Out burger, too? Dunno. — CG

The State of Local Deep Ellum Music at Sons of Hermann Hall
Every first Sunday of the month, the Deep Ellum Community Association gets together and hosts a free, open-to-the-public, discussion-oriented event centered around the issues the neighborhood cares most about. And given the fact that this is Deep Ellum, the subject of music was bound to come up eventually, right? Absolutely. At this one, I'll host a panel featuring some of the most hands-on players in the Deep Ellum music community — Bishop Manor Rehearsal owner Duncan Black, Double Wide owner Kim Finch, Trees marketing director Gavin Mulloy and rapper -topic — and lead a discussion on the state of where things are at the moment in the always musically inclined neighborhood. My hope is that it'll be an illuminating look into the subject, and given the know-how of the people joining me on the panel I can pretty much guarantee that it'll be at least a little informative. I can also guarantee you that there'll be free food from Pepe & Mito's while supplies last — and just in time for dinner, too, as this sucker is slated to kick off at 6:30 p.m. — Pete Freedman

The Beat's Dub Car Show at Dallas Convention Center
On paper this thing might be a car show, but the lineup of hip-hop notables scheduled to perform at this 97.9-FM The Beat sponsored event maybe even outshines the autobmobiles themselves — especially when one considers the fact that Louisiana native Lil Boosie will perform with fellow Trill artist Webbie at this one for the first time in five years. K. Michelle, Kirko Bangz, Dorrough, Rich Homie Quan, Beat King, Slim Thug, K Camp, T-Pain, Mike Jones, Z-Ro, B-Hamp, Fat Pimp, Yung Nation, Mystikal, Bando Jonez, Tinashe and Propain round out this stacked bill. — CG

The Re-Up Summer Series at Sandaga 813
On the first Sunday of every month this summer, our old pal DJ Niro is going to be manning the decks at this Expo Park spot, dropping all of your favorite dance and hip-hop cuts for your day-drinking needs from noon until 5 p.m. It's free to attend, the mimosas are $5, and if you decide to make a night of it, you can: Every Sunday night regardless of the time of the month, the crew behind the indisputably great, Wednesday night jam sessions at the Prophet Bar — RC & The Gritz — is tasked with holding things down here. That's as fine a one-two punch as there is in this town, folks. — PF

Doublecup Sundays at The Travis
Apologies to the great DJ Sober, but just one night per week of partying in the basement of Knox-Henderson spot The Travis isn't enough. Hence this new rap-soundtracked, service industry-aimed weekly, helmed by venerable and ever-trustworthy Dallas vibe masters DJ TOny Schwwa and DJ Tyrone Smiley. — PF

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