Space Out With George Takei.

Admittedly, after the glut of midweek New Year's Eve celebrations, this weekend's going-out offerings appear somewhat scant.

To that we say: Don't over think things as far as planning is concerned this weekend. Let your spirit be your guide.

It just might lead somewhere cool you might not have otherwise ended up had you gotten overly meticulous with your weekend scheming. And, hey, if you're open-minded enough, you might even meet some cool new friends in the process — like, hey, your voice twin.

I mean, you never know.

Sealion, Dark Rooms, Kaela Sinclair at Dada
This trio of bands — performing here on the second of Dada's three-night anniversary celebration — accounts for four of the 50 tracks that appeared on our list of the top 50 local songs of 2013.Dark Rooms, in particular, did pretty well, topping both that list plus our local albums of the year list. That's all to say that you'd be hard-pressed to find another local bill quite as strong as this one — especially not one that only costs $3 and includes free beer. — Cory Graves

Cotton Bowl Classic at AT&T Cowboys Stadium
For how many years after its relocation will the fact that the Cotton Bowl is not played at the Cotton Bowl still cause a “Who's On First?” level of confusion? Anyway, this year's BCS consolation bowl boasts a stronger-than-usual matchup as the 10-2 Oklahoma State Cowboys and the 11-2 Missouri Tigers each narrowly missed out on title bids with losses in the final week of the season. To that end: This year's game sold out quicker than it ever has before. — CG

Spiderweb Salon Winter Formal at Dan's Silverleaf
The Denton creative collective will celebrate the release of their latest zine with performances from Catastica, Cozy Hawks and Forever & Everest, plus various spoken word performances and a silent auction that benefits local charity Denton County Friends of the Family. — CG

George Takei at Madness Games & Comics
Before performing with the Fort Worth symphony on Saturday, Mr. Sulu will stop by Plano's Madness Games & Comics to sign copies of his book, Oh Myyy!: There Goes the Internet, which chronicles the 75-year-old rise from Star Trek actor to social media juggernaut.. — CG

Bettie Page Reveals All at Texas Theatre
Using audio interviews taped prior to her death in 2008, Academy Award-nominated director Mark Mori's is considered the exclusive, authorized Bettie Page documentary. And. tonight, before the film makes its official Dallas premiere, burlesque performers Black Mariah, The Dirty Blonde and Vivienne Vermuth will warm up the audience with showings of their own. — CG

The Holophonics (Album Release) at Andy's
It's hard to know whether Denton band The Holophonics — a band that describe itself as “kinda like Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, but ska.” — genuinely believes that a Fourth Wave ska revival is just around the corner or if they're actually just the region's biggest trolls. More than half of the tunes on their MaSKArades Vol. 3 album, which is being celebrated tonight, were selected by backers to the Kickstarter account made to fund the new disc. After seeing the album's tracklist — which includes songs by Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Robin Thicke, and Lorde — it's hard to say who is really trolling who. How's My Driving, The Infamists, The Vatican Press, Darlington and Austen Roye open. — CG

Youth Brigade
It's an old-school punk history lesson this weekend in Deep Ellum. Aside from Saturday night's rare-ish set from The Murder City Devils, tonight's Three Links bill features four generations of punk acts, most notably Los Angeles perennial brats Youth Brigade. Lower Class Brats, Pinata Protest and Dog Company open. — CG

Predator at Inwood Theatre
Your only chance this weekend to see the former governor of California, the former governor of Minnesota and the gubernatorial candidates of Kentucky and “whatever state” would have him all on screen at once — and battling a largely unseen foe, no less. — CG

The Derailers at Gas Monkey Bar & Grill
Though the Austin-based band's recorded works don't necessarily carry quite the level of clout that they did a decade ago, it makes sense that two of their best-known albums would be live recordings. Ten years removed from losing their original vocalist and primary songwriter, Tony Villanueva, the Bakersfield sound-adoring honky-tonk outfit has remained something of a force to be reckoned with — in a live setting, anyway. — CG

Viva Dallas Burlesque: That '70s Show at Lakewood Theater
For the first of the burlesque company's monthly first Friday offerings at the theater in 2013, Viva Dallas Burlesque performers like Honey Cocoa Bordeauxx, Divertida Devotchka, Pixie O'Kneel and others will take most of it off to Motown, disco and classic rock hits of the '70s. — CG

The Murder City Devils at Trees
Though the Seatle-based garage rockers are going on their 18th year together — if you include their brief split in the early aughts, at least — their tours have become increasingly sporadic in recent years. In fact, the band's current tour includes just six dates, three of which are in Texas. Crooked Bangs and Dead Flowers open. — CG

Son of Stan, Pageantry and War Party at Dada
Like the Friday night edition of the weekend-long Dada three-year anniversary celebration, the artists performing tonight each received their share of shine on our 2012 and 2013 local albums and songs lists, which is to say we that really dig this lineup from top to bottom. Oh, and as was the case with Friday show, this one will only set you back $3 and will include free beer. — CG

Parables at Sons of Hermann Hall
Depending on who you ask, this is either a reunion show from the former Dallas Christian metalcore outfit Parables, who haven't played a show in more than two years, or a formal farewell show. In either case, you can bet that if the band ever does decide to play another show together after tonight, it'll probably come much longer than two years down the road. Half-a-dozen similarly heavy outfits, each with logos more illegible than the last, make up the undercard. — CG

Sci-Fi Spectacular at Bass Performance Hall
Tonight, George Takei will narrate a space-centric concert by the Fort Worth Symphony that includes three pieces from Star Wars movies, songs from Close Encounters and 2001: A Space Odyssey, and pair of tunes from Star Trek. Oh myyyy. — CG

Hypnotic Polar Plunge at Fraternal Order of Eagles
We already knew the guys over at Hypnotic Donuts were crazy — it takes little more than taking a gander at their massive chicken biscuits or doughnut offerings, which are topped with things like bacon and crumbled-up Pop Tarts, to construe as much — but this event really takes the cake. We get it: Their idea to have folks swim the length of the FOE's pool — on a day when the high temperature will only reach the low 40s — will help raise funds for the North Texas Food Bank. But wouldn't it be wiser to have folks pay their $10 to avoid taking the icy plunge? — CG

Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School at Three Links
A good old-fashioned life-drawing session is a necessary staple for artists of all types — and drawing from observation is a classic technique for improving your skills and increasing your technical abilities to perceive form and function. Unfortunately? That sounds totally boring and academic. The idea between these regular Dr. Sketchy's events is to come up with a more relaxed lesson in the art of life-drawing. Hey, it doesn't get much more relaxed than being held in a bar! And, whereas anyone who's ever done an actual, serious life-drawing or figure-drawing session has that, “Oh, you wouldn't believe what the model looked like!” story, Dr. Sketchy's does it right, bringing burlesque performers in to hold court. These models are always in costume, and there is a theme every month. This month's model is Blaze, the Red Rose of Texas. — Jeremy Hughes

Raging Bull at Alamo Drafthouse
Timing really is everything. Just think: If they had made a Rocky vs Raging Bull movie 30 years ago, the results would have wound up closer to the Die Hard end of the testosterone-fueled guy flicks out there. As it is, the just-released Grudge Match leans closer to the Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot side of things. Point is: You should probably just catch De Niro in his fake-boxing prime on the big screen while you still can. At this one, not the other one. — CG

Too Futuro at Slip Inn
Trillwave's DJ Trailer Swift celebrates his birthday at this classic, dance-happy Henderson Avenue dive. Helping him celebrate will be DJs Titan and S.O.U.L.JAH. — CG

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