Brave The Cold with Kanye West.

According to Dallas' go-to weatherman Pete Delkus, Icemageddon Winter Storm Cleon's descent on the city looks to make going out a risky prospect this weekend.

We're not saying there's no fun out there to be had — we can't let the gods of winter win, after all — but it's probably a good idea to place a phone call and double-check that the event your heading out to hasn't been cancelled before leaving the house this weekend.

Kanye West at American Airlines Center
Ever since Kanye West got his first taste of success after producing Jay-Z's 2001 single “Izzo (H.O.V.A.),” the Chicago native has carried a huge chip on his shoulder. And though he followed that No. 1 hit up with production work for Talib Kweli, Ludacris and Alicia Keys, among others, his true aspiration, all along, was to become a rapper in his own right. Hell, go back and listen to his 2004 debut album, The College Dropout. Kanye spends pretty much that whole LP boasting about how he'd proved that everyone who'd ever said that he was “just a producer” was wrong. Turns out, they were. — Cory Graves

Alejandro Escovedo at Granada Theater
Critical darling, cult favorite and Austin legend Escovedo arrives in town tonight. That news should excite Dallas resident and former president George W. Bush, who was known to rock Escovedo's song “Castanets” at the White House. Unfortunately, upon learning that tidbit, the left-leaning Escovedo stopped performing the song live for a spell. Now that Bush has long been out of office, the song's since made its return to Escovedo's set lists, and he'll likely pull it out tonight — unless Bush decides to show up, that is. — CG

Julianna Barwick at Sons of Hermann Hall
Much like comedian Reggie Watts, Barwick's bread and butter lies in her ability to create massive soundscapes using nothing but her vocal abilities and a looping station. While her tour setup is sparse, to say the least, the way she builds layer upon layer of angelic choral harmony is ultimately nothing short of mesmerizing, even if the end result isn't something you're all that into. This event has been canceled. — CG

Dead Milkmen at Trees
Lest you think that the jokey punk that ruled college radio in the late '80s and early '90s (see also: King Missile, Mojo Nixon) died when Dead Milkmen called it quits in 1995, you'd be wrong. The band reunited for a Fun Fun Fun Fest in 2008 and decided to give it another go, eventually releasing their first album in 16 years in 2011, as well as a handful of limited release singles in 2012 and the first half of this year. It's no wonder, then, that folks are so excited for Outkast to perform together again at the next Coachella. — CG

Pinkish Black at Lola's
It's been a hell of a year for the unconventional Fort Worth metal duo that finds themselves the subject of this week's Fort Worth Weekly cover story. Tonight, they'll headline a hometown club gig that also features Duell, Vulgar Fashion and Cutter. — CG

Said Cleaves at Kessler Theater
Like fellow Austinite Alejandro Escovedo, who is performing over at the Granada tonight, Cleaves' brand of southern-fried singer-songwriter fare has earned the musician his share of celebrity devotees as well, with Stephen King being among the biggest. His June-released LP, Still Fighting the War, was released on the Austin label Music Road Records, which is co-owned by Austin alt-country luminary Jimmy LaFave and Kelcy Warren, whose son is the one Klyde Warren Park was named after. This event has been postponed to December 14. Those unable to attend this later date can request refunds through Prekindle (by emailing here) by 5 p.m. on December 10. — CG

Home Alone at Magnolia Theater
Ah, the film that managed to combine the action, comedy and Christmas genres in ways that Arnold Schwarzenegger and his 1996 quest for a Turbo Man action figure never could. As timeless as this Christmas classic has become, two facts about the film are still rather surprising: Not only did the film prove so popular in its original theatrical run that it stayed in theaters well past Easter, but the Guinness people have proclaimed it the “highest grossing live action comedy” ever. — CG

Sasha at It'll Do
Welsh electronic icon Sasha has been in the game for years now, but that doesn't mean the dude isn't up on his shit. His most recent LP featured collaborations with The xx, Foals and Little Dragon, just to name a few. — Pete Freedman

Steven Michael Quezada at Hyena's Fort Worth
As somewhat serious as the wildly popular Breaking Bad proved to be in its five-season run, it's kind of wild to think about how many comedians played substantial roles in the series. Think about it: Bryan Cranston was primarily known for his role as Hal on Malcolm in the Middle; Bob Odenkirk, who played Saul, starred in Mr. Show; stand-up comedians Bill Burr and Lavell Crawford played Saul's con-man Kuby and bodyguard Huell, respectively; and DEA Agent Steven “Gomie” Gomez was played by Steven Michael Quezada, who'll be showing off his funnier side with stand-up sets all weekend long out in Fort Worth. — CG
This event has been cancelled.

Pretty in Pink at Texas Theatre
For those that can't seem to keep John Hughes' two Molly Ringwald-starring flicks straight, this is the one where she rejects the loveable, comic relief-providing nerd in favor of a makeout sesh with the hunky, but slightly hateable douche nugget. Not specific enough? Um, well this is the one that plays OMD's “If You Leave” at the end, whereas Sixteen Candles which ended with the Thompson Twins' “If You Were Here.” In any case, you're likely to hear both at the John Hughes-inspired dance party that's set to follow tonight's screening. — CG

Kevin Fowler at Billy Bob's
Fowler describes his own works as “country with attitude” or “beer drinkin', hell raisin' music.” All we'll say is one doesn't necessarily have to think too hard about songs like “Hell Yeah I Like Beer,” “Beer, Bait and Ammo,” “Beer Season,” “Beer Money,” “The Lord Loves the Drinkin' Man,” “Ain't Drinkin' Anymore,” “I Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink” or “All the Tequila in Tijuanna.” For better or worse, songs of that ilk make up the bulk of the Panhandle native's catalog. — CG

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin at Rubber Gloves
Does someone still love Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin? Their indie pop perfectionism momentarily taught us how to live in a post Shins apocalypse, but is there still a place for them in this increasingly electronic word? I suppose that question will be answered for more than a few folks tonight. This show has been canceled. — CG

Netherfriends, Heavy Boots, Half Truths, Jeta Grove at 1919 Hemphill
Unlike Sufjan Stevens, who gave up on his 50 states project only two albums in, Chicago native Shawn Rosenblatt saw his slightly less ambitious 50 Songs 50 States project through to the end. Rosenblatt, who tours almost continually under the Netherfriends banner, wrote and recorded a song and performed a live show in every state during a one-year period between 2010 and 2011. Sure, his Texas song might be about a show he played in Austin, but try not to hold that against him. When we caught him at a DIY space in the mid-cities during that 2011 tour, we found Rosenblatt's use of multiple looping pedals to create massive-yet-intricate soundscapes pretty remarkable. Check out his most recent material in this exclusive stream for Spin Magazine. — CG

Mustache Envy at Sue Ellen's
Since 2011, the minds behind Dallas' Mustache Envy collective have aspired to bring the art of the drag king to the forefront. And with just a $6 admission to their winter-themed “Kiss Me Under the Mistle-Stache” show, you should be left with plenty of extra dough to throw at the performers as you catcall and otherwise egg them on. Don't worry, says host Lillith Grey, they love it. — CG

Aaron Behrens (of Ghostland Observatory) at Three Links
This April, Austin electro-funk duo Ghostland Observatory posted an update to their Facebook page that read: “Yes it is true. We are on hiatus right now. Bathing and relaxing in the cosmos. Rejuvenating our spirits and soaking in the cosmic rays. Much love to all our GLOheads out there. See y'all in the future.” The future is now, at least as far as singer Aaron Behrens is concerned. His new blues rock outfit, The Midnight Stroll, headlines tonight's Three Links bill along with Nic Armstrong and The Thieves and Leo Rondeau. This event has been canceled. — CG

Holiday NTFB Benefit Show at Dada
No one can ever say that the darker side of the Dallas music scene doesn't have a heart. When local promoter Parade of Flesh and a conglomeration of dark electro, post-punk and sludge metal bands get together to benefit the North Texas Food Bank, perhaps it gives a bit of hope for the secret holiday cheer in the bleakest of crowds. As such, The Black Dotz, Vulgar Fashion, Pinkish Black, cygnus, Nervous Curtains, Cutter and Silk Rodeo will all take the stage tonight. — Porttia Portis

Brutal Juice's Brutal Fesssst at Lola's
Since reuniting in 2012, Brutal Juice has yet to release an official album. And, with the exception of a couple of new songs performed at various Texas locations, the band hasn't released any leaks of information on the new album they're supposedly working on. But that hasn't stopped the iconic '90s group from doing shows and teasing the fans who've waited more than a decade for a new project. This weekend, they'll continue the long tease with local compatriots The Phuss, The Dangits, The Me-Thinks, Curvette, Fogg and Analog!, all of which will join them in this heavy mini-metal fest. — PP

Doug Burr and Kristy Kruger at AllGood Cafe
On this eve, This American Life-approved singer-songwriter Kristy Kruger and Denton folkster Doug Burr share the stage once more, swapping songs sure to conjure up images of times past. They couldn't have picked a place with better chicken fried steak to hold this one. —CG

The West Windows, Red Like Heat, Magnet School at Three Links
The $10 cover not only gets you into this dual album release show, but also copies of the debut LPs from Dallas bands The West Windows and Red Like Heat, the latter of which used to perform under the Noonday Morningstar moniker. Austin's Magnet School opens. — CG

Masks of Humanity at Robert Hold Photography
After opening his own studio, Robert Hold will be having his first solo show to present his Masks of Humanity project. The show will feature more than 100 photographs and represent more than a year of Hold's attempt to capture as many of the faces individuals use to interact with each other on a daily basis. — PP

A Spune Christmas at Dan's Silverleaf
The first of Spune's annual year-end holiday shows is kind of like the office party you wished you had: There's live local music, culture, community, free tacos and, perhaps most important, no co-workers. Holding down the musical portion of the evening will be Chambers, Robert Gomez, Moonbather, The Days, Savage & The Big Beat and Camp David. — PP

Bob Newhart at Bass Performance Hall
Most comedians outlive their careers after releasing their first family-based buddy comedy. After that, it's a slow decline from the stand-up days of their prime. So it says a lot that, at age 84, Bob Newhart is still going strong — even winning an Emmy for his recent stint on The Big Bang Theory. You've just gotta hand it to him for keeping up the deadpan, stammering-on-the-phone schtick for all these years. — PP

Grupo Fantasma at Trees
Grupo Fantasma is loosely translated into English as either “phantom group” or “those who have won a Grammy.” No, this Latin funk group has received no shortage of praise since their inception, and their relentless tour schedule doesn't seem to be wearing them down, either. Hell, even Prince is a fan, as he's been known to use the group as his backing band. This concert, which is presented by the Agua Vida organization, will be helping to raise money to provide clean drinking water for low-income families in Mexico. — Chelsea Upton

Yo Gabba Gabba and Biz Markie at Verizon Theatre
Although a lot of rappers go into other forms of media after a certain point in their careers, not too many choose educational pursuits. Even fewer go on to teach something useful, like beatboxing to toddlers. Just imagine if we'd had Biz Markie teaching us beatboxing in between trippy sketches of foods dancing around inside a digestive system when we were growing up? We might've turned out to be a much better generation.PP

Comedy at The Kessler with Paul Varghese
After winning a few awards for being the best comedian in Dallas in years past, Paul Varghese has added a lot to his resume. Years of touring has close to perfected his outsider-looking-in insight. Years of drunkenly eating fast food late at night has made him just like us. — PP

Andrew W.K. at Hailey's
Andrew W.K.'s Party Hard Holiday solo tour pairs the rocker's aptitude for hard-rocking, high-energy performances with more “intimate” settings. And, after breaking a world drumming record in June, you can expect a high-octane holiday party for the ages, full band or not. — PP

Holiday Presence at Kettle Art
Let's face it: Holiday shopping is a pain in the ass. Not only do you have to deal with hoards of people all fighting for the same over-priced gift, but the gifts often lack a sense of personality or creativity, making it seem like you put no effort into finding it. For the ninth year in a row, Kettle Art provides an opportunity to find one-of-a-kind, affordable gifts from an array of artists without the painful trip to the over-packed retail jungles. — PP

Second Anniversary Party at Single Wide
Celebrate Single Wide's second year of life with cheap drinks, DJ sets courtesy of Gabriel Mendoza, Sam Ramirez, Jeff Dashley and Taylor Rea, plus a visit from the Photo Wagon Photo booth. — PP

Santa Shindig 2013 at Prophet Bar
In the spirit of helping those who have fallen under hard times, this event will benefit the Austin Street Center for the homeless. There will be live music provided by Kirby Brown and The Texas Gentlemen, and a bar tab that should provide every attendee with at least three free beverages. Attendees are also encouraged to wear the best Santa suit they can find, or their holiday best to better get into “the spirit.” — PP

Wayne Static at Trees
Rarely do tours featuring the individual members of long-established bands ever quite hit the mark for fans of their previous projects, and Wayne Static ain't exactly Morrissey or Paul McCartney. Though he may not be able to bring back all of the evil, disco-sounding elements he conjured up in his Static-X days (or even use the name thanks to his former bandmate Tony Campos), you can bet he'll damn sure try to tonight all the same. — PP

Flo Hernandez (Free Show) at Hyena's Dallas
This North Texas native has most frequently drawn comparisons to Latin-American comedians such as George Lopez or Freddy Soto. Unlike either of those guys, though, you can catch one of Hernandez' sets this weekend for free. — PP

When Dallas Rocked at Dan's Silverleaf
In his new documentary — which makes its Denton debut tonight — former Buddy magazine editor Kirby Warnock makes a case that, in the '70s, Dallas was considered the music hub of the entire southwest. Check out the trailer — which immediately comes out of the gate questioning Austin's self-proclaimed status as “the live music capitol of the world” — here. — CG

The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told at Kalita Humphreys Theater
Paul Rudnick's 1998 controversial play — which centers around the question of “what if God made Adam and Steve, not Adam and Eve?” — has caused a stir just about everywhere that's managed to stage it over the past 15 years. Hopefully, the Uptown Players' flamboyant take on this Old Testament-lampooning play will be met with a bit more open mindedness this go 'round. — CG

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