Do The Evolution With Pearl Jam.

There seems to be an unspoken fashion rule for this generation: If enough people haven't seen you in an outfit (or if it's not dirty), save it for another day.

Let's be real: There are multiple reasons why a person may want to re-wear an outfit, from saving money to laundry day to just sheer laziness.

But then there's the case of Britney Spears. She recently explained why she's been caught by the paparazzi in the same outfit multiple times; says Spears, she attempts to ward of the press by becoming uninteresting via wearing the same clothes.

Although it's good rationale from the megastar, that may not translate so well for the average person. So, if you're going out this weekend, try not to get caught wearing the same clothes twice.

You may not be a paparazzi magnet, but that's no reason to get sloppy.

Pearl Jam at American Airlines Center
Lace up your Docs and throw on a pair of unseasonably ripped jeans, because Eddie Vedder and Co. are returingn to the region that inspired “Jeremy” for the first time in over a decade. Guess the fact that they sold out the AAC in a matter of minutes is a pretty indicator that grunge is, in fact, not dead. Denton favorites Midlake open. — Porttia Portis

An Evening With Bob Schieffer: Remembering JFK at Fort Worth Central Library Gallery
These days, Face the Nation figurehead Bob Schieffer is one of the most recognizable and well-respected journalists in the country. In 1963, however, the recent TCU grad was just a young, cub reporter for the Star-Telegram working the night police beat. He's often said in the 50 years since, however, that the events of November 22, 1963 forever changed his life. Tonight, in his hometown, he'll recount many of the details he shared in this feature story in the current edition of AARP magazine, like how he gave Lee Harvey Oswald's mother a ride to Dallas on the day of the assassination, and how he took her to the prison where he also very nearly got an interview with Oswald himself before the authorities finally figured out who he was. — Cory Graves

John Vanderslice at Three Links
Vanderslice is widely known as a studio tinkerer, laboring over his albums for months at a time, endlessly tweaking tones and structures. To say his songs are well-crafted would be an understatement, but he's also a charismatic enough figure to start a dance party, even after performing a set of somber breakup songs. — CG

Smokers Club Tour at South Side Music Hall
What started as a group of friends looking to share their love of weed culture and music with the masses has grown into a fourth annual US tour, a clothing line, a record label and a soon-to-be line of high-end smoking products. Featuring a lineup of hip-hop's most indulgent smokers (read: Ab-Soul, Joey Bada$$, Pro Era, Chevy Woods and The Underachievers) there should be something for every connoisseur to appreciate on this bill. — PP

Berlin at Trees
Probably best known for the “Take My Breath Away” song from Top Gun, New Wave veterans Berlin recently reunited after a 15-year hiatus for a new, Lady Gaga-esque album released back in September. Yes, really.– PP

Live and Let Strip at Kalita Humphreys Theater
As implied by the title, this affair is a burlesque tribute to James Bond. Sounds plausible enough. Sexy Bond themes like Shirley Bassey's “Goldfinger,” Tom Jones' “Thunderball,” and Adele's “Skyfall” are probably used in their fair share of non-Bond-affiliated burlesque performances already. — CG

Kurtis Blow at The Boiler Room
In honor of the “Genius of Rap” coming to town, a few fun facts are in order. Blow, whose 1980 single “The Breaks” uses the word “break” 84 times, was the first rapper signed to a major label. His eponymous debut album also earned gold status en route to becoming one of the first commercially successful records in the genre. These days, Blow spends most of his time as a minister in the world's first hip-hop church. Them's the breaks, I guess. — CG

The Head and the Heart at South Side Ballroom
These guys and gal have been through a lot within the past couple years: From selling homemade CDs at local shows to getting signed to Sub Pop to touring for what seems like forever with no breaks, they've finally had a chance to get some new material out in the last month. Now these indie minstrels have a long road of continued success ahead of them, but, considering the hectic and starry-eyed road they just crossed, they seem game. — Jordyn Walters

Things Do Not Happen. Things Are Made to Happen. (Opening) at The Safe Room
Tonight is a great night to visit Texas Theatre's newish little upstairs gallery space. That's because, a week before the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination, the theatre where Lee Harvey Oswald was captured is hosting the opening of a free, presidential-themed exhibition titled “Things do not happen. Things are made to happen.” which is a free presidential-themed exhibition by Tom Sale, Randy Murphy, Bruce Lee Webb, Chuck & George (“The Brians”) and Homer “Lee Harvey Was a Friend of Mine” Henderson. — Jordyn Walters

Brian McKnight and Music Soul-Child at Medusa
We're not going to lie, we've been pretty impressed — and at times even a little surprised — at some of the big name performers who've in recent months played the still-young downtown space that was once home to Cirque. But, unlike some recent big names that were scheduled to come through (we're looking at you Cameo and Common), McKnight's performance seems like it actually might go down. — CG

ROWYMO at Granada Theater
Unlike all the facial hair you'll see at the Granada tonight, we'll keep this write-up short and sweet: Proceeds from this Rock Out With Your Mustache Out show will go to support men's health. Pro tip? The promo code “MOV2” will get you 30 percent off rides from Uber to and from this show, which will be headlined by The Roomsounds and Goodnight Ned. — JW

Shaolin Death Squad at Lola's
One of two quote-unquote Death Squads performing in town this weekend, this Denton-based prog metal outfit is most certainly the heavier of the two. Austin weirdo rockers The Invisible Czars open. — CG

Hell's Angels (35mm Print) at Texas Theatre
What better place is there in the entire country to catch a fully-restored version of Howard Hughes' Hells Angels on the 83rd anniversary of its original release than in a theatre once owned by the director himself? A live performance by Singapore Slingers caps things off. — CG

Blackstone Rangers, Vulgar Fashion and Hex Cult at Dada
Last summer, with the release of its debut Into The Sea EP, Dallas' Blackstone Rangers immediately became an integral part of the North Texas music conversation. That five-song short-player, we said at the time, added a “much-desired” element of distorted electro-pop to the area's sonic landscape. Not only that, but the material they've written since has furthered their case as not just one of the best Americana electronic acts in town, but one of the best bands in town, period. — Pete Freedman

Pancakes and Booze Art Show at Quixotic World
Come for the $5 pancake buffet, stay for the art show which features works from 75 emerging and underground artists from the region. — CG

Oaktopia in Denton
Oaktopia is an eight-stage (six indoor venues, one small set-up on the Square and a large, outdoor stage set up in the Wells Fargo parking lot at Williams Square), 50-plus act music festival also featuring art installations and a scavenger hunt. There are a couple notable names on the bill — namely hip-hop favorites Del The Funky Homosapien and Astronautalis, who will serve as the festival's main draws — but, mostly, it's four dozen acts from across the region that will fill the festival's stages out. — H. Drew Blackburn

Chili Cook-Off at City Tavern
This weekend's much-talked-about Meat Fight event may be long sold out, but it's not the only meat-based competition in town this weekend. Before heading out to some of the other of the evening's many offerings, head downtown for the City Tavern's third annual chili cook-off, where you'll be serenaded by Madison King, Grant Jones, Greg Schroeder and The BoonDangles (read: The O's) as you chow down. — CG

Pink at American Airlines Center
Despite cancelling a handful of concerts earlier this month, tonight's stop by Pink at the AAC (her second this year) appears to be a go. The Dallas Morning News' review of her sold-out performance back in February focuses pretty heavily on the performer's love affair with sophisticated aerial acrobatics, so perhaps an ailing set of vocal chords aren't as big a deal as they might be for another artist. — CG

Polica and Marijuana Death Squads at Trees
While sophomore albums have a high tendency flop, Polica mostly avoids the proverbial slump with its just released Shulamith. What the album lacks in the hazy, alt-R&B elements so prevalent on their debut, it makes up for in lyrical depth and an overall clearer sound. It's a slightly disturbing change — but in the best way possible. Polica side project Marijuana Death Squads opens. — PP

Art Conspiracy 9 at 500 Singleton Blvd
For the past decade, one of our favorite art events — and, we think it's pretty safe to say, one of the entire city's favorite such events — has been Art Conspiracy. Not only is it fascinating to discover what dozens of local artists can create in a 24-hour period, but it's also interesting to see how wide-ranging these final products are, especially given that everyone starts on a level playing field after being provided the same 18-by-18 inch piece of plywood to use as their canvases. This year's event will feature performances from New Fumes and Zhora, plus a DJ set from Sarah Jaffe. Proceeds will benefit My Possibilities, a secondary education program for adults with special needs. Bring cash; you'll surely want to drop it on the awesome art up for auction. — CG

American Ham at House of Blues
Though his wildly popular character on NBC's Parks and Recreation may be called Ron Swanson, it's become more and more apparent over the years that Nick Offerman is, basically, just playing himself. Meaning? Fans of meat and scotch won't want to miss the opportunity to hear Offerman offer up humorous quips tonight at House of Blues. His wife, Megan Mullally, and Stephanie Hunt will be joining him as well, performing as the singing duo Nancy & Beth. — PP

The Silver Saint Guitar Army, Unconscious Collective at Double Wide
Sitting in with Unconscious Collective during its set will be violinist Leonard Hayward, who, along with Unconscious Collective's Greg Prickett previously played together with recently departed jazz drum legend — and Fort Worth resident — Ronald Shannon Jackson in his band Decoding Society. Fittingly, Prickett, Hayward and Unconscious Collective drummer Stefan Gonzalez had the distinction of playing together at Jackson's recent memorial services. The occasion will also mark the debut of The Silver Saint's 15 Guitar Army. Inspired by New York No Wave pioneer Glenn Branca's 100 guitar ensembles, which Silver Saint mastermind Wanz Dover has been known to perform in from time to time, The Silver Saint's leader will play conductor to a who's who of more than a dozen local guitarists at this one. It'll be a spectacle, no doubt. — CG

Cody Canada & The Departed at the Granada Theater
For better or worse, alt-country figurehead Cody Canada pretty much single-handedly helped kick off the red dirt country scene. Now, backed by the harder-rocking Departed, he's pretty much picked right back up where his previous outfit, Cross Canadian Ragweed, left off. Rodney Parker & 50 Peso Reward and J. Charles & The Trainrobbers open. — CG

Lil Durk at The Prophet Bar
For someone whose rap career has only spanned the course of two years and who has been in and out of jail for the majority of it, Lil Durk isn't doing too bad for himself. He signed to French Montana's Coke Boys label, beat a few legal cases, and landed a tour at the end of it all. If that doesn't scream street cred, we don't know what does. — PP

City Lights at Downtown Dallas
The annual tree-lighting is one of those events that truly ushers in the holiday season — whether anyone's actually ready for that reality or not. After the tree lighting will be a slew of holiday festivities backed by Christmas music. Hey, at least it's free. — PP

Twinkies and Tallboys at Truck Yard
If a small piece of your heart died when Hostess briefly took Twinkies off the market, then this event is likely right up your alley. Ten contestants will get the opportunity to eat as many Twinkies as possible in three minutes, while downing a free Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and getting contest swag. To sign up as a contestant, visit the Truck Yard's Facebook page. Those with high blood sugar need not apply. — PP

In Memory of Man at Lucky 7 Cycles
Though they're not calling it their official album release party, the members of local outfit In Memory of Man passed along word that they'd have some copies of their upcoming album available at this free event. Even better? There'll be plenty of free beer on hand as well. — PP

Univision Tamale Festival at Dallas Market Hall
What better way to spend the end of the weekend than filling up on meat-filled, corn goodness? With live entertainment, cooking competitions, samplings and seminars, there's a little bit of something for everyone at this one. But, let's face it, you'll mostly be going for the food. — PP

A Prairie Home Companion at Music Hall at Fair Park
Who doesn't have a soft spot in their hearts for the Garrison Keillor-led down home radio drama and folk music extravaganza that is A Prairie Home Companion? Sure, you can always listen to this one for free on Saturday night (and again on Sunday morning), but how often do you get a chance to witness the typically Minnesota-based spectacle in person? Answer: Not often at all. — CG

Kate Nash and La Sera at Trees
For her third album, Kate Nash opted to ditch her major label deal in favor of a self-release deal so she could “find herself” musically. We don't blame her; the move is one that's become increasingly popular in the industry. And, on her latest effort, Nash begun to make a name for herself as a pseudo super heroine for the modern day feminist crowd: Girl Talk's lyrics may be straight out of a gender studies course, but, hey, that stuff works wonders in the name of equality! — PP

Bill Maher at Winspear Opera House
Test your limits with the boundary-stretching comedic stylings of Bill Maher at this one. Notorious for his political commentary and cheeky observations on his HBO show, Real Time with Bill Maher, he's sure to make you laugh, think and take an honest look at life. He'll probably even manage to push a few of your buttons in the process. — PP

Meat Fight at Four Corners Brewing Co.
Three short years ago, a small group of Dallasites started a BBQ competition in their backyard, and, already, the event has grown into one of the most anticipated competitions of its kind in the nation. Last year, in the first publicly-held Meat Fight, organizers even managed to raise $20,000 for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in the process of downing delicious, barbecued meats of all kinds. This year, 12 meat fighters — most of them counting among Dallas' hottest chefs of the moment — vie for the approval of a panel of judges that includes Nick Offerman and a handful of the area's top pit-masters. Expect that aforementioned $20,000 figure to be shattered, too. Here's hoping, also, that this isn't the first you're hearing of this event; it's been long sold out. — CG

Hopper Drawing: A Painter's Process (Opening) at Dallas Museum of Art
Edward Hopper's Nighthawks painting is hands-down one of the most famous pieces of American art ever produced. And not only will this special exhibition at the DMA feature some of Hopper's most well-known works, but they'll be accompanied by suites of preliminary drawings and sketches he drew in prior to painting them. Any way you slice it, it's a cool look into Hopper's creative process. — CG

17th Anniversary Party at Crown & Harp
Going back to its Cavern days, the Lower Greenville bar has been at it for 17 years now. For most of that time, they've hosted regular performances by local and national musicians, as well as DJs. So it's pretty fitting that they'll celebrate this anniversary with a free, day-long run of live music featuring locals The Chloes, The Roomsounds, The Venetian Sailors, Madison King, Drug Animal and Dead Mockingbirds. — CG

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