Prepare to Pop That with DJ Sega.

According to wine economists — a job title we admittedly just made up — we're headed towards a global wine shortage.

The cause? It's pretty simple, actually: Since the '90s, wine's popularity has skyrocketed on an annual basis. But global production hasn't really increased. In many places, it's even decreased. And, as of now, we can't say for certain how much longer companies like Trader Joe's and 7-Eleven will be able maintain their selections of under $4 wines.

Fortunately, for those of you that have somehow recovered from two weeks' worth of Halloween parties already, you won't need any wine to have fun these next few days. There are plenty of cool events taking place this weekend that will help you out in that regard.

Pop That! with Special Guest DJ Sega at It'll Do
Though DJ Sega's currently one of the hottest “party music” DJs in Philly, it's hard to really lump the relative youngster's sound into any one genre, time period or geographic location. From a young age Sega's father, DJ Brother Rob, raised him on a healthy dosage of classic soul. Pretty soon, he discovered the B-more club music and New Jack Swing beats that began to influence his own original compositions. These days, the DJ's pretty much into everything from classical to metal — and it definitely shows. In another DJ's set, a Mudvayne remix featuring Lil Jon samples might stick out like a sore thumb. With Sega, though, it's not even be the biggest bombshell. Instead, it will be handled with same precision as the dubstep track before it or the experimental electro one that follows. At this bash, as with every edition of our monthly party, Dallas DJ icon DJ Sober will make sure things are turned up appropriately before Sega gets his turn to showcase his varied talents on the decks. — Cory Graves

Frank Turner at Granada Theater
Just about every article you read about Turner finds it pertinent to mention the English-born folk/punk musician's relentless touring habits. But never has this been more apparent than with a recent back injury he suffered, after which a doctor told him he'd have to leave the road for a time so he could heal. Instead of cancelling this tour as recommended, though, Turner struck up a deal with his docs that allows him to finish out the rest of his 2013 dates — so long as he doesn't play any guitar. In any case, it'll give the lyrics from his big hit, “Recovery,” a whole new meaning. It's a long long way to recovery from here, indeed. — CG

Mo'nique at Addison Improv
How often do you get the chance to see an Academy Award-winner do stand-up? Mo'Nique, who won her little gold statue for her villainous turn in 2009's Precious, goes back to her comedy roots with two shows in Arlington this weekend. — Stephen Young

RL Grime, Tony Lanez at Trees
At RL Grime's last gig in town, he shared an insanely stacked Jambalaya Festival bill with Big Boi and members of Odd Future. But that didn't stop him from stealing the show. Imagine every popular hip-hop song from the last two years — the DJ/producer probably worked it into his hour-long trap set at that show. This strategy paid dividends, of course, turning the show into an all-out party and starting the crowdsurfing that would continue throughout the rest of the night. — Mikel Galicia

WinStar World Casino 350 Camping World Truck Series at Texas Motor Speedway
Come for the insane new beer, bacon and ice cream concoction, stay for the hours of watching trucks drive around in circles. — CG

Spooky Folk at Dan's Silverleaf
For the first time since the band's “farewell for now” show back in May Spooky Folk will play a show in Denton, thanks in part to the group's now Colorado-dwelling frontman Kaleo Kualoku's participation in this year's Rock Lottery on Saturday. If the reception the band received at that farewell show last spring was any indication, this homecoming show should be one for the books. — CG

Something Strange Halloween Party at Strangeways
Looking to get some bonus mileage out of your Halloween costume? This vaguely Smiths-themed bar is holding a post Halloween costume contest tonight, the winner of which take home $500. The $200 and $100 prizes for second and third place, respectively, aren't too shabby, either. — CG

Sir Sly, Ice Eater and Magic Man at Lola's Saloon
LA-based indie rock trio Sir Sly has been called a “chillwave Coldplay” in the British press. Is that a good thing? You decide! — Erika Lambreton

IAmDynamite at Three Links
We can almost guarantee that this Detroit-based drum and guitar duo hates it when critics refer to them as the pop-punk White Stripes, but that's not to say that descriptor isn't an apt one. — CG

A Panoptikon Halloween
Here's your second post-Halloween costume party of the weekend. At this one, though, everyone's a winner. Even if you don't land the top prize in this contest — tickets to see Beats Antique — you'll get a free consolation Jell-O shot at the very least. DJs Lord Byron and Son of Sam will provide the tunes. — CG

Straight No Chaser at McFarlin Auditorium
The shine may not fully have faded from Halloween yet, but billboards and big box stores have already gone full-on Christmas mode. Likewise, the world's most famous instrument-free band this side of Rockapella released a Christmas EP this week that features guest vocals from artists like Paul McCartney and Cee-Lo Green. — CG

Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage, Huntress and Testament at the Verizon Theatre
Famous as Lamb of God might be for its critically lauded, bone-crushing brand of metal, the band may be even more famous for the “Wall of Death” pit that takes place at the band's shows, in which the crowd is split into two factions and then sprints toward one another upon the band's cue. Generally, the ploy results in complete mayhem. Doubtful that will be the case at this show, which goes down in a largely seated venue, though. Maybe it's for the best. — Pete Freedman

Uhh Yeah Dude at Texas Theatre
Now in their eighth year of podcasting, Seth Romatelli and Jonathan Larroquette — better known collectively as Uhh Yeah Dude — use their American mindbrains to breakdown all things America and the goings-on therein. They're funny guys, and tonight they're in town doing their thing live and in the flesh. — CG

Rock Lottery 12 at Dan's Silverleaf
One of our favorite local bands from the past few years — a Denton supergroup of sorts called Rape Casserole — sadly only played one show before breaking up. It wasn't because things went badly during that sole performance. Quite the opposite, actually: Despite only hearing it once, we couldn't get their song about the truck driver with a box of dicks and a bottle up his butt out of our heads for weeks. And that's the charm with this event: Knowing that you'll only hear the songs at Rock Lottery once makes this event super cool and, in a way, highly disappointing at the same time. Though the songs are fleeting, the magic of this one night in Denton somehow always lives on. — CG

Aaron Carter at Cambridge Room
Two of Carter's biggest hits as an adolescent pop star, 2000's “Aaron's Party (Come and Get It)” and “That's How I Beat Shaq,” were near carbon copies of Will Smith's 1989 tunes “Parents Just Don't Understand” and “I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson,” respectively. Unfortunately, he never managed to parlay his early success into the kind of career Smith's eked out for himself. Shocker, I know. — CG

The Polyphonic Spree's Halloween Hootenanny at Lakewood Theater
It was back in July of last year when we first learned that the Polyphonic Spree had shoved a new, decidedly theatrical trick up its collective robed sleeve — a new set added to its repertoire in which the massive outfit performs songs from the 1975 cult musical Rocky Horror Picture Show. To date, the band has taken its Rocky Horror shtick all across the world — to London, to Australia, to Bonnaroo. But never, not once, not yet at least, has the band performed such seminal songs from that film's soundtrack as “Time Warp” and “Dammit Janet” here in the band's North Texas home. That all changes as the Spree takes to the stage at the Lakewood Theater to host its first-ever Halloween Hootenanny, which promises not only a set of the band performing Rocky Horror songs, but a requisite costume contest and shout-along to a midnight screening of the film, too. — PF

North Oak Cliff Music Festival at The Lake Cliff Park
Bob Schneider, Ian Moore, Ruthie Foster, Seryn, Daphne Willis, The Band of Heathens, The Relatives, Jason Eady and The Black Lillies will each perform at this Kessler-sponsored festival. — CG

Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcases in Deep Ellum
Sixty or so of the biggest and best bands in town will attempt to show how they earned their nominations in this year's Dallas Observer Music Awards — and maybe lobby for a few last minute votes as well. The real winners here, though, are definitely local music fans, who'll have the opportunity to catch a few dozen of their favorite acts playing across eight stages throughout Deep Ellum. — CG

MiMOSA at House of Blues
Back in 2011, Los Angeles-based electronic musician Tigran Mimosa created his own record label, False Idol Music, as a means of distinguishing himself from similar-sounding artists in the genre. Fortunately, his nearly un-Google-able name, which also happens to be one of the nation's most popular cocktails, hasn't stopped him from standing out and/or otherwise achieving enough popularity to perform in rooms the size of House of Blues. — CG

Tenth Anniversary Party at Double Wide
Everyone remembers their first Yoo-hoo Yeehaw. On the other hand, very few people remember their third Yoo-hoo Yeehaw — or just about anything else they may or may not have done the rest of the night. But the Double Wide's frozen, white trash take on the White Russian is just one of the things that make the bar one of our very favorite spots in town. Maybe it's just because the Double Wide's regulars are so loyal to the place. Or maybe because their drinks really do hit harder than dad, as the bar's slogan proclaims. Regardless, everybody seems to have some sort of crazy story that's taken place there. And as the bar celebrates its tenth anniversary, the stage appears to be set to add a few more of those memorable moments to the bar's history. — CG

Mr. Nuro's Birthday with J. Phlip & Worthy at Sandaga 813
Since moving to Dallas a few months back, formerly Kansas City-based DJ Mr Nuro has already completed work on a handful of new tunes, which you can check out here. And, for his big Expo Park-set birthday bash this year, a slew of nationally recognized DJs such as J.Phlip & Worthy, Jwho, DBA Ren, DJ Black Frames, Amanda and Andrew Boie, will be helping the recent transplant celebrate. — CG

The Price is Right Live at Eisemann Center
Come on down to Richardson for a live version of the world's greatest pricing game, which will feature Jerry Springer filling the Bob Barker/Drew Carey role as the host. We're told that prospective contestants should show up at least three hours before the 8 p.m. start time to throw their hats in the proverbial ring. — CG

Bob Jackson: Iconic Photographs From November 1963 at Barry Whistler Gallery (Artist Reception)
This exhibition will feature works by photographer Bob Jackson, who is, of course, most famous for his Pulitzer Prize-winning shot of Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey Oswald. Working for the Dallas Times Herald at the time, Jackson also rode in the JFK's Presidential motorcade during that fateful trip to Dallas, and this exhibition, which runs through the 30th, will show many of his photographs from that experience. — CG

The Dallas Flea at South Side on Lamar
The quarterly market will play host to loads of local designers and feature jewelry, candles, artworks and other crafts, all at lower-than-usual prices. Oh, and unlike most flea markets, The Dallas Flea accepts credit cards. — CG

Chili on the Green at Magnolia Green Park
Come out and judge 40 teams of Fort Worthians as they compete in a chili cook-off of grand proportions. A ten spot will get you admission and the right to taste and judge all of the chilis. — CG

Boneless One 3 at Overground Project
For the third year in a row, Boneless One presents this skateboarding, music and art event, which also stands as a tribute to legendary Dallas skateboarder and skate park owner Jeff Philips, who notably defeated Tony Hawk in an '86 skating competition before tragically taking his own life in '93. As such, proceeds will benefit The Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas. — CG

Selena Gomez at American Airlines Center
Selena Gomez has come a long way since her Disney days. Hell, she's come a long way since her Justin Bieber-dating days, too. Her July-released, debut solo LP, Stars Dance is a shimmering pop record that capably stands toe-to-toe with the rest of the stuff you hear on pop radio these days. That's not to say it's especially great, of course. But, hey, she was pretty good in Spring Breakers. — PF

AAA Texas 500 Sprint Cup Series at Texas Motore Speedway
Come for the insane new beer, bacon, ice cream concoction, stay for the hours of watching cars — as opposed to trucks, this time — drive around in circles. — CG

Dir En Grey at Trees
Visual Kei is a Japanese genre of music featuring androgynous costuming and makeup, and Dir En Grey is one of the more famous to come from the second wave of Visual Kei bands. The band's toned down its onstage theatrics in recent years, but don't be fooled: This group rocks just about as hard as ever. Oh, and don't let the lack of English lyrics in the band's songs scare you away, either. Just come for the progressive metal licks and stay for the perfect flowing hair. It's a glorious thing to witness, we swear. — Jeremy Hughes

Concert For Uncle Curtis at Lola's Saloon
Curtis Heath of Fort Worth band The Theater Fire was recently diagnosed with melanoma, and, much like Bludded Head musician Nevada Hill, who was diagnosed with the disease earlier this summer, Heath is also currently without health insurance. Also, much like Hill's friends and bandmates, who have been organizing benefit concerts on his behalf to help relieve some of the mounting treatment costs, Heath's brother has organized this benefit show, which features Telegraph Canyon, Mara Lee Miller, Pablo and the Hemphill 7, Henry the Archer and The Apache 5. — CG

The Florence Project at Webb Gallery (Opening)
This exhibition contains an extensive collection of “artifacts” from the life of Florence Nightingale, as “collected” by local artist Tom Sale. It runs through January 29. — CG

The Casualties at Dada
Now in their 23rd year together, the New York natives in The Casualties are just the latest in a long list of heritage punk act to play Deep Ellum this year. Negative Approach, Krum Bums and Tolar kick things off. — CG

Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School at Three Links
A good old-fashioned life-drawing session is a necessary staple for artists of all types. Drawing from observation is a classic technique to improve your skills and increase your technical abilities to perceive form and function. Unfortunately, that sounds totally boring and academic. The idea between these regular Dr. Sketchy's events is to come up with a more relaxed lesson in the art of life-drawing. Hey, it doesn't get much more relaxed than being held in a bar! And, whereas anyone who's ever done an actual, serious life-drawing or figure-drawing session has that, “Oh, you wouldn't believe what the model looked like!” story, Dr. Sketchy's does it right, bringing burlesque performers in to hold court. These models are always in costume, and there is a theme every month. This month's model is local drag king Buck Wylde. —JH

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