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After years of only being able to cancel classes at his school on bad weather days, a headmaster at one Georgia school cancelled classes today because it is “just too nice for students and staff to be cooped up all day.”

Of course, it's easier to get away with such shenanigans when you've already announced your retirement, as this principal has done.

Still, one doesn't have to have a reason to ditch a few responsibilities this weekend and enjoy some nice weather. Life's too short to be cooped up at school or work this weekend. More importantly, there's too much rad goings-on this weekend to be forced to miss a second of it.

The Eagles at American Airlines Center
After three years off, The Eagles are finally back on tour again and will be playing in Dallas the next two nights. Like the History of the Eagles documentary on the band that was released earlier this year, tonight's setlist and between-song story-telling offerings are intended to take fans on a trip through — you guessed it — the band's history. And, like most Eagles tours the past couple of decades, there are rumors that this one might be the band's last. If you can't get, or simply can't afford tickets to this one, there's always the Eagles tribute band Fastlane that'll be playing out at Tolbert's in Grapevine tonight, too. Hey, you tried. — Jordyn Walters

Toro y Moi at House of Blues
If you've played GTA V this month, you've jammed along with some Toro y Moi. Even if you haven't, though, just know that Chazwick Bundick, the guy behind the moniker, is exceedingly hip. Hell, he can't even eat his pizza unless the cheese is hardened and his girlfriend cleans his glasses for him. More than that, though, he's into giving audiences the best possible performances on a nightly basis. To that end, he doesn't drink or smoke on tour, so you know his head and vocals will both be crystal clear and on point. And on point it is: His voice meshes perfectly with his ambient, stream of consciousness, chillwave tunes. — JW

Wavves, King Tuff, Jacuzzi Boys at The Prophet Bar
If post-punk and surf rock had a little hipster kid, it'd be Wavves' Nathan Williams. Also, he dates Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast, so he's basically the king of the lo-fi indie prom. His likeminded cohorts in Jacuzzi Boys and King Tuff make this one of the most stacked lo-fi bills that'll roll through town all year. — H. Drew Blackburn

Friday on the Green at Magnolia Green Park
Bring your blanket and set up on the grassy knolls of Magnolia Green Park for the last edition of Fort Worth's Friday on the Green of the year. Cozy Hawks, Foxtrot Uniform and the Ellen Degeners-approved Josh Weathers will hold things down on the music end, and there'll be food trucks and craft beer vendors on hand as well. Oh, and don't forget to bring the dog. — JW

Sign Painters at Texas Theatre
Sign Painters is more than just a compilation of individual stories about the men and women who provide the unique signs you see all over your town. It's the story of growing technology, dying technology, and how it's phasing out the artistic and local side of towns, something we're seeing less and less of. There's a lot of history and personal stories that make a town, a street, a building what it is, but it's slowly being replaced and everything is becoming commonplace and uniform. So, next time you're driving around, instead of seeing those tacky and peeling signs all over the place, keep your eye out for hand-painted murals and extravagant, one-of-a-kind signs that represent local artists of a dying art. — JW

Brian Posehn at Hyena's Fort Worth
I'm pretty sure that Brian Posehn is very familiar with people stopping him and saying, “Oh, you're that guy! From that thing!” Chances are, if you've ever picked up a remote control in your life (excluding the “I don't even watch TV” crowd, who you know are all up on Hulu when nobody's watching), you've seen his bespectacled visage doing bit parts and cameos. And this is a good thing, because Posehn's deadpan delivery is hilarious. You might remember him from The Sarah Silverman Show or possibly from his role as Cousin Larry on the Disney Channel show Kim Possible. (Don't pretend you didn't watch it. Oh, you really didn't? I'll just sit in this corner, then.) — Chelsea Upton

Burnt Orange Bash at Fashion Industry Gallery
This shindig is the kickoff of the Texas/OU weekend. It's a true party night complete with local eats from places like Urban Taco and The Social House, a full bar, and live music from bands like The King Bucks. And, after ticket purchase, all of it is free! If you know any young 'uns who want to celebrate, you can bring them by earlier in the day for games and such. All proceeds go to Dallas Texas Exes Scholarship Fund, so feel good about partying with UT fans and others before the games begin. Hook 'em! — JW

Heritage Appraisal Day at Heritage Auctions
All weekend long, you can bring in all your antique valuables into Heritage Auction for a free appraisal. It's kind of like like Antiques Roadshow, except that it's in Dallas and you get to actually be a part of it. Heritage is the third largest auction house in the world, so even if you don't actually want to part with any of your valuables, you just know there's going to be a lot of neat stuff to browse through. — JW

George Lopez at Verizon Theatre
The former talkshow host, sitcom star, author, NFL commentator and comedian is in town tonight performing some of his ethnically-centered stand-up. Do what that information what you will. — CG

Rodney Parker & 50 Peso Reward (Album Release) at The Live Oak
Tonight, the Denton alt-country outfit will celebrate the long-awaited follow-up to its 2010 album The Apology: Part One at this show. The aptly-named The Apology: Part Two explores much of the terrain found on the band''s previous four releases, but that's certainly a skillset the band has honed after ten years of playing shows both around town and throughout the country. — CG

Jack Oblivian at The Where House
Earlier this year, Jack “Oblivian” Yarber reunited with his old Oblivians bandmates Greg Cartwright and Eric Friedl to record their first new album since 1997's …Play 9 Songs With Mr. Quintron. In the 16 years since, Cartwright went on to form garage rock outfit Reigning Sound and Friedl formed Goner Records. As for Yarber, he's continued to tour in support of his 2011 solo effort, Rat City, which rolls on tonight in Fort Worth. Local punks War Party, Casa Magnetica and Doom Ghost open. — CG

Dallas VideoFest
Among the films being shown around tonight as part of VideoFest 2013 include You Don't Need Feet to Dance, a documentary about an African musician and street performer who struggles to overcome his disabilities and eke out a life in New York. For a full schedule of tonight's screenings and events, check here. — Cory Graves

Pusha T at The Monroe
In a recent interview with New York's Power-FM, Pusha T admitted that he doesn't always turn in the best guest verses or sell the most copies of his album. He said these things not to downplay his skills or to come off as overly modest, though. When he comes out and says his recently released My Name Is My Name is the best hip-hop album of the year, he wants to make damn sure people believe it. — CG

Texas vs. OU at The Cotton Bowl
This Red River Rivalry has been going on for over 100 years — since 1900! — and this year it won't be any different. Over 90,000 UT and OU fans will be walking through Fair Park, clogging up our roads and filling up the 50-yard-line split-fan seating arrangement of the Cotton Bowl. If college football is your thing, you already know you'll either be making a trip out to the Fair or any number of sports bars around town showing the game today. Otherwise, it'll be hard to avoid the burnt orange- and maroon-clad masses in town for this afternoon's game should you opt to leave the house. — JW

State Fair Polawalk
Time to break out that Polaroid camera you bought at Urban Outfitters, but still haven't used, and head to the State Fair of Texas. The Instant Film Society will be hosting its second annual State Fair Polawalk. Come rain or shine, the IFS, including some international members, will be walking the State Fair taking instant photos on the widest range of Polaroid cameras you'll probably ever see. It is a ton of fun, and there's nothing quite like sharing photos with everyone at the end of the day to see what everyone's shots look like. Don't have a camera? Just grab some film and they'll have some loaners out for people to share. The IFS loves to introduce new members into the world of instant photography. Meet up with the group by Big Tex at noon and enjoy the fair in a whole new way. — Jeremy Hughes

The Eagles at American Airlines Center
Because you don't become the highest-selling band in US history without being able to do a two-night stand in any size arena in the country. — CG

The National, Tame Impala at South Side Ballroom
It was clear when Australian psych-rock outfit Tame Impala sold out Granada Theater earlier this year well in advance of that show's actual date that there are clearly more folks in this town that are into the band than will safely fit inside that venue. Back then, our own Karlos X. Ramos, who was at that show, called that performance “one of the year's best.” Good thing, then, that they'll be performing in the much larger South Side Ballroom this time around. Although, with co-headliners The National in tow, they probably won't have an issue selling out this sucker either. — CG

STRFKR at Trees
Between the time STRFKR dominated so much of our electronic conscious following 2009's Jupiter LP and this year's Miracle Mile, the outfit has evolved from the solo project of Joshua Hodges into a full-blown band. While Hodges has relied on live instrumentalists for his live shows for awhile now, his current bandmates helped shape the band's output this go 'round. — CG

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari at Texas Theatre
Unlike the notoriously awful, similarly-titled 1989 flick that screened at Texas Theatre a couple weeks back, tonight's film is actually the original 1920 silent German expressionist horror flick. Tonight's showing will be enhanced by a live score by Two Star Symphony. — CG

Owen at The Prophet Bar
Owen is the singer-songwriter solo project of Chicago's emo “it” boy Mike Kinsella, who also fronts the bands American Football, Cap'n Jazz, Joan of Arc and Owls. Unlike those projects — most of which featured his brother Tim — Owen pretty much abandons many of the odd time signatures, weirder structures and otherwise experimental aspects. — CG

Hormones' Farewell BBQ Mini-Fest at Dada
While somewhat cumbersome, the title for this one is, at least, packed with all sorts of useful info. After a handful of advertised “farewell” shows, we hear this one might really be the last Hormones show in town for awhile on account of drummer/vocalist Jordan Williams' decision to skip town. Also? There'll be barbecue cooking out back, and a bunch of other Artist Collective regulars performing on both the venue's indoor and outdoor stages. To that end, Here Holy Spain, Bad Design, Sealion, PVC Street Gang, Spookeasy, The Phuss, Street Arabs, Arson States and Deadmoon Choir round out the rest of the lineup. — CG

House Harkonnen (Album Release) at Three Links
Has local rock been getting a little too quiet and slow for you as of late? These hard-rocking Dallasites will celebrate their latest album, Vol. 7, with a set filled with riffs that are thunderously loud and lightning fast. Local rockers Honey, The Spectacle and Duell open. — JW

With the release of THRWD magazine's latest issue, the mind's behind the local publication celebrate a year of mining and highlighting the best underground visual artists and musicians the region has to offer. A wristband tonight will grant you access to free beer from Four Corners Brewery and performances from -topic, Fungi Girls, Dustin Cavazos, George Quartz, Pierre Bürger, Def Rain and Jenny Robinson. — JW

American Werewolf Academy, Happy Bullets, Cliffs of Insanity at Double Wide
While working on a follow-up to his John Singer Sergeant debut from last year, Deathray Davies frontman and Apples in Stereo drummer John Dufilho somewhat quietly debuted yet another new project last week at the Double Wide. Backed by Andy Lester and Bill Spellman — better known as the rhythm section from The Blurries — Dufilho describes the sound of his new Cliffs of Insanity trio as “fuzzy + reverb + punk rock + surf beat.” Fortunately for those of us that missed that band's debut last month at Double Wide, they'll return to the venue tonight to open for American Werewolf Academy and The Happy Bullets. — CG

Fort Worth Rock Assembly Redux at Lola's
A few weeks back, 30 Fort Worth bands played cover sets over the course of Fort Worth Rock Assembly's three-day gathering. Tonight, five of those bands will repeat the feat as We The Sea Lions take on The Cure, Panic Volcanic do Deep Purple, Lindby do David Bowie, War Party do The Kinks and The Diabolical Machines do The Beach Boys. — CG

Tierra Sur Festival at Jefferson Tower
While most Americans are enjoying Columbus Day — well, while they're enjoying the day off from work anyway — most Latin countries around the globe are celebrating the related Dia de la Raza. Whereas Columbus Day is celebrated from the perspective of Europeans making their first encounter with the native peoples of America, Dia de la Raza is a sort of celebration/observation of the Native Americans' initial resistance to European influence. This event, on the other hand, is more or less a block party celebrating Latin-American culture. As such there’ll be plenty of good Latin eats, music and art on hand. — CG

Dallas VideoFest
Among the presentations being shown around tonight as part of VideoFest 2013 include Hal Samples' documentary short Something for Nothing, a documentary about the Rolling Stones' Fort Worth tour stop in 1978, and special talk on the Sex Pistols by radio legend George Gimarc. For a full schedule of tonight's screenings and events, check here. — CG

When Dallas Rocked (Encore Screening) at Texas Theatre
In his new documentary — which will receive a pair of special encore screenings this weekend — former Buddy magazine editor Kirby Warnock makes a case that Dallas in the '70s was considered the music hub of the entire southwest. Check out the trailer, which immediately comes out of the gate questioning Austin's self-proclaimed status as “the live music capitol of the world,” here. — CG

Pat Green at The Rustic
Though Pat Green won't officially celebrate the formal opening of his new Uptown bar and venue until October 16th, that won't stop him from throwing a Texas/OU after-party and playing some tunes at his new home base. — CG

Lance Letcher's Pregunta Numero Uno (Opening) at Conduit Gallery
Lance Letcher is known for making massive and mechanistic collages that are more than just pretty colors and shapes. According to Letcher, there's a psychology to them, and one really has to look at them for a while to see their hidden meanings and humor. The pieces in this exhibition are going to be part of the biggest Conduit Gallery opening ever, literally. Not only does Letcher's work take up all three exhibition spaces, but he has giant 2-D and 3-D works as well. Admission is free and it will run until November 16. — JW

Judy Jashinsky's “JFK” (Opening) at Cohn Drennan Contemporary
While the city gets ready for the upcoming 50-year anniversary of the Kennedy assassination in November, there will be a lot of JFK-themed events and art exhibitions popping up around town. This exhibition of historical and interpretive art based around the Cuban Missile Crisis and JFK by Chicago-based artist Judy Jashinsky opens today, and will run through November 16. — JW

Marshall Harris (Opening) at Red Arrow Contemporary
Harris' primary mediums to work in are life-size charcoal drawings and stand-alone sculptures that incorporate lights and sounds, motors and whatever else he can get his hands on. Plenty of both types of work will be on hand at this exhibition which opens today and runs through November 16. — JW

Dallas VideoFest
Among the films being shown around tonight as part of VideoFest 2013 include a special preview of Quin Mathews' City of Hate: Dallas and the Assassination documentary and a documentary about Hassidic punk rockers. For a full schedule of tonight's screenings and events, check here. — CG

Migos at Club Onyx
Ever since a Drake cosign on their track “Versace,” these guys have been on a meteoric rise. But Drake's remix — in which he added a verse of his own into the mix — was just one of many times the track has been reworked this summer. In fact, back in July, Spin put out a list of the 40 Most Fascinating “Versace” Remixes. — CG

The Walking Dead Premiere Watching Party at Granada Theater
I started watching The Walking Dead last season, and now I'm hooked. It's such an intensely emotional show that it really does seem better when you're in the company of others. That's why this Granada thing is so awesome — because you don't want to be alone while dealing with zombies. Oh, excuse me: “Walkers.” — CU

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