Suck Down Some Corny Dogs.

Happy State Fair of Texas Day, y'all.

If you're a blue-blooded Texan, we're guessing that Big Tex-gawking, fried food-devouring, Ferris wheel-riding times will consume the bulk of your free time this weekend. As, far as all that goes, we can't really blame you: The fair is only here for 24 days.

Just remember: If you are planning on heading out to the fair this weekend, be sure to read up on some ways to save a few bucks in the process.

Oh, and if you're the type that's planning on waiting a few days for the crowds to die down before you head out to the fairgrounds this year, no worries; we've got you covered there, too.

To that end, there's plenty of other things worth checking out this weekend.

Yellowcard (Acoustic Set) at House of Blues
What better way is there to kick off your weekend than with an aggressively mediocre pop-punk act performing a set on an acoustic-only vanity tour? Well, any number of ways, really. But this one will probably sell better than it should. — Stephen Young

Imagine Dragons at South Side Ballroom
Inescapable Las Vegas indie-rockers Imagine Dragons play the first of back-to-back shows at the South Side Ballroom on Friday. Both shows are sold-out, so if you just really, really need to hear “Radioactive” because it's just not played on the radio enough, be prepared to pay through the nose on StubHub. — SY

Madeon at Lizard Lounge
At 19, French house/nu-disco DJ Madeon may seem young to be such a globally-recognized name in the EDM world. But this ain't exactly his first rodeo, either. In fact, his current moniker is just an anagram of the DJ Deamon name he began DJ-ing under at age 11. It really is a young man's game. — Cory Graves

Wanda Jackson at Kessler Theater
Ease your restless country heart with country music and the undying rock 'n' roll spirit of Wanda “The Queen of Rockabilly” Jackson. The groundbreaking performer returns to the venue she once famously showed up to nearly three hours late to because “real rock 'n' roll doesn't start until after 10:30.” Any fan of Jackson's, rockabilly, Elvis exes or surly seniors is sure to be pleased. — Trace McCaslin

Windhand at Double Wide
Like Dallas' own True Widow, Windhand recently released its Relapse Records debut as well. Similarly, the Richmond, Virginia, quintet's sophomore album finds the band drifting in that dark region between stoner rock and doom gaze as well. — CG

A Taste of the Fair at Pegasus Plaza
This is exactly what it sounds like. The Taste of the Fair at Pegasus Plaza gives a sampling of some of the Fair's best faire, starting at 11 a.m., right in the heart of downtown. And, yes, that includes Fletcher's corn dogs. Admission is free, and there will be live music, a parade and plenty of food stands to choose from. Consider it a pre-game. — Jordyn Walters

El Cento at Twilite Lounge
Even though the once-local trio likes to consider Austin its home base these days, the band still makes it up to DFW for shows on a fairly frequent basis. Few are as intimate as tonight’s offering will be, however. — CG

Ink (Opening Reception) at White Space
For this exhibition — which opens tonight and runs through November 1 — 42 well-known local artists will forego the media in which they're most comfortable working so as to better find some common ground. Tying all the pieces together is the use of Literati paint by each artist. You know the stuff; it's the type of ink most associated with East Asian Calligraphy. Hardcore math-rock outfit Rocket Arm also performs at tonight's opening reception. — CG

Peelander-Z at Three Links
For most bands, swapping out members is a pretty big headache and can even be viewed as a divisive action among fans (see: Van Halen vs. Van Hagar). For Japanese comic book punks Peelander-Z, though, it's as simple as buying a new color pseudo-Power Ranger costume and — voila! — the band's back in business. We should note: This is not intended as a slight towards the band at all: Peelander's live shows are often as action-packed as the comic-style characters they emulate. — CG

Meanwhile… Back in Dallas at RO2 Gallery
When viewed flip-book style — like so — the 50 individual paintings that make up Brian K. Jones' newest exhibition play out like one of those fancy new 360-degree slow-mo playbacks the NFL has been ramming down our throats this season. Only, the moment captured here isn't a 35-yard TD strike, but that unforgettable day when Big Tex met his untimely, fiery end. — CG

Mudhoney, Cheap Time at Dada
Celebrate the 25th anniversary of Sub Pop and Mudhoney at this Dada showcase. Unlike much of the Seattle scene they helped start, Mudhoney is still going strong, bringing a new album, Vanishing Point, along for the ride on this tour. For being the grunge pioneers that it was, the band never really got as big as it should have, but its members have kept chugging along for a quarter century nonetheless. Go give them their due and rock out at Dada tonight. — SY

Corvette/Chevy Expo at Dallas Market Hall
This indoor event is sure to excite car lovers with thousands of Chevy's from all over the U.S. Not only is it the biggest swap meet and car show this side of the Mississippi, but the top vendors from across the country will be selling accessories and those of-so-hard-to-find parts at this one. There are also activities for children, plenty of food stands for your appetite, and, if you make it to Sunday, there's even a bikini just because. — JW

Why?, Astronautalis at Trees
The highlight of most Astronautalis sets has to be the point where the emcee takes several suggestions of topics from audience members and then weaves them into a ingeniously-crafted freestyle just moments later. Of course, we're by no means trying to take anything away from his catalog of equally entertaining, hard-hitting originals, but that moment always kills. Similarly, tonight's headliners, the California indie-rock/hip-hop hybrid Why? based its latest album on the social media feeds of a small selection of its fans, which is just awesome. Also awesome: -topic and his teamfromnowhere crew open this bill. — CG

Porcelain Raft at Prophet Bar
The output of Mauro Remiddi's one-man band project is sleepy bedroom music, ideal for those rainy days when you sit on the porch drinking tea while writing in your notebook. His starry-eyed piano plays over hazy guitar riffs, captivating drum beats, and transports the listener into a spellbound world that can't be more accurately described without seeing Remiddi play in front of you. — JW

WWE Live at American Airlines Center
Finally, an opportunity to catch out some raw, professional, “real-life” fighting action right in front of your very eyes. Yup: WWE is in Big D tonight with some of the biggest superstars, including Seth Rollins, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and Randy Orton. — JW

Imagine Dragons at South Side Ballroom
The second date of the band's two-night stand at the venue. —CG

A Day to Remember’s House Party Tour at QuikTrip Park
A Day to Remember has tapped Pierce the Veil, All Time Low and The Wonder Years as openers for their current House Party Tour. Although this “house party” is played at amphitheaters and arenas, not houses, it's bound to rock the proverbial house just the same. And, like any good house party, this one is bound to leave you boozed up, sweaty and with a throat sore from singing. — JW

Texas Teezilla at Irving Mall
Do you ever get really upset that your clothes are super mainstream? Like that the JCPenney shirt you're wearing is screaming “CORPORATE.” and everyone else is wearing your same pair of Urban Outfitters shoes? Yeah? Then you should check out Texas Teezilla today. It's a gathering of independent clothing brands offering up designs you probably won't see anywhere else. — Chelsea Upton

Daniel Johnston at Kessler Theater
Denton luminaries the Baptist Generals aren't just opening this show, they'll also serve as the backing band for their Sub Pop labelmate Daniel Johnston, too. But make no mistake: The eccentric and often idiosyncratic Johnston is most definitely the primary focus here — and quite deservedly so. Though his output has been sporadic at best, he's remained a creative force to be reckoned with throughout his 20-year career. — CG

Hazardous Dukes at All Good Cafe
The local Americana-based supergroup promises a “floor-stomping, roof-hanging, hell-raising good time” at the Deep Ellum eatery tonight as it pulls from a list of influences that includes everything from Bob Dylan to Buddy Holly and Waylon Jennings. As with most shows at All Good, this one doesn't cost anything to attend, but a donation of at least $5 to the band is strongly encouraged. — JW

Toons and Tease Burlesque at Three Links
This evening's all about reliving the Saturday morning glory days of your childhood — albeit with a decidedly adult twist. As such, feel free to show up to watch popular dancers like Femme Vivre LaRouge and Taffetta Darling with your pajamas still on. After the show, local band Iron Belly OD will take the stage to keep your energy high and start the crowd dancing. — JW

35th Anniversary Party at Fred's Cafe
Fort Worth restaurant Fred's Texas Cafe celebrates its 35th successful year in business with a special anniversary shindig. The lineup of performers includes: Mike Sempert (Birds & Batteries), Chris Johnson (Telegraph Canyon), Dove Hunter, The Cush and Slobberbone. Order up a famous burger and a round of drinks and cheers to 35 more. — JW

One by One at WELD
Hosted by InstaDFW, this event is showcasing 36 of the top DFW artists on Instagram. The night will also feature a locally-made Instagram documentary from Paul Tellefsen that will play during the evening. In conjunction, Lyft, a community-powered transportation service similar to Uber, will celebrate its Dallas launch at the event, and attendees will get $50 worth of Lyft credit just for showing up. — JW

Beer, Bourbon and Brisket Festival at Panther Island Pavilion
This festival has the works: good food, good drinks, and good music. Bourbon and craft beer sampling tents will be placed throughout the festival, and the music artists include Somebody's Darling, Whiskey Folk Ramblers and Jace Everett (True Blood theme song, anyone?). It's at Panther Island Pavilion, right by the Trinity River, so festival-goers are encouraged to take a break and take a free tube down the river after you're full of that famous Texas barbecue. — JW

Far East Movement, Play-N-Sillz at Winston’s Supper Club
Before the groups most well known track, “Like a G6,” began to take over the world, Far East Movement’s original claim to fame was its single, “Round Round,” which appeared on the shows like Gossip Girl and CSI and eventually wound up becoming the official song for The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. In recent years, the group toured with acts like Rihanna and Lil Wayne. Drop by Winston’s and get a view of the first Asian-American group to fly down and receive that No. 1 hit. — JW

Lewis Black at Bass Performance Hall
Piss and vinegar is just kind of Black's thing. To wit: This is a guy that can get fired up and scream rant about just about any subject. Hell, in an anger-filled diatribe about how superior New York is to our beloved Texas, he even had the hubris to brag about how his home state's urine smell is part of what makes it great. For what it's worth, even we found that a bit funny. — CG

Alt-J at House of Blues
Forever buzzy electro-indie English band Alt-J hits Dallas for its second show in the less than a year at this one. The act sold-out the Granada in March and has already sold-out a venue three times as big — the House of Blues — this time around. Perhaps it shouldn't come as too much of a shock: The band's An Awesome Wave album has been, like, everywhere as of late. — SY

Yip Deceiver, Fishboy at The Foundry
Somewhat quietly over the past couple of months, this West Dallas night spot has been turning itself into a destination for live music, as opposed to simply a place that often hosts live music. Make no mistake, that's a huge distinction. More and more often these days, the venue is hosting touring acts, big name locals and multi-band bills. At this show, Athens' of Montreal off-shoot headlines a billl also featuring Denton favorite Fishboy. — CG

Rahr & Sons Oktoberfest 5K
Don't worry how out of shape you think you are: This is a 5K run/walk just about anyone can handle. Case in point? Males weighing 250-plus pounds and females weighing 175-plus pounds with the fastest times in the race are eligible for the 2013 Beer Belly award. A polka-filled celebration in the brewery's biergarten follows. — CG

Breaking Bad Finale Watching Party at Granada Theater
So is Walt's meth lab going to blow up tonight or what? The only things that we really know for certain going into tonight's Breaking Bad series finale is that Saul's not going to die (AMC has already revealed he'll star in his own spinoff series next season) and that, starting next week, we're going to have to find a new way to spend our Sunday nights. Whatever else happens between Jesse and Walt — and whether or not the show ends the way you want — it's probably best to watch it in the company of some fellow die-hards you can commiserate with after the fact. — CG

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