Party On, Holmes.

After months of anticipation, that new Trader Joe's over on Lower Greenville finally opens its doors today.

What? They couldn't have picked a less crowded shopping time than tax-free weekend to open?

We digress.

While we admit the store does serve as a cornerstone to the sweeping changes currently happening in that area, we can't help notice that the more things change, the more they also stay the same.

Well, musically-speaking anyway. This weekend in particular looks to be a veritable showcase of North Texas' class of 2000. Out in Fort Worth, Reverend Horton Heat will be performing the first show of an upcoming tour. Out Denton way, Toadies frontman Todd Lewis will be performing one of his solo acoustic sets. Meanwhile, The Polyphonic Spree will celebrate the release of their new album over at Granada Theater. And Denton luminaries Slobberbone will be doing their thing over in Deep Ellum.

Not feeling the whole nostalgia thing? No worries. There's plenty else going on this weekend to suit your diverse tastes.

The Polyphonic Spree Album Release at Granada Theater
Every Polyphonic Spree show feels like a celebration. Whether its the sheer number of people on stage, the robes, or the soaring choruses, something during the band's set never fails to make one feel like they're attending a party thrown by the world's most innocuous cult. Tonight, though, there'll be an extra incentive to party as the band celebrates the release of its first non-Christmas LP in more than five years. Head over to Lower Greenville to check out the new material and grab a copy of the new record. — Stephen Young

Kathy Griffin at Verizon Theatre
She's won Emmys, written a New York Times bestseller, been nominated for Grammys and been on Broadway. But, most important, she's absolutely hilarious. No, Kathy Griffin never shies away from a joke — no matter how controversial or dirty it may be. You're sure to get a lot of glorious vulgar wit with this performance. Fun fact: Her 16 Bravo specials set a record for the most comedy specials that any comedian has ever recorded for a single network. Fabulous. — Jessica Petrocchi

Reverend Horton Heat at Live Oak Music Hall
For the moment, at least, longtime DFW psychobilly legends Reverend Horton Heat are taking a break from selling hot sauces and lending their name to tattoo conventions to do what they do best: tour the country, dazzling audiences with their blend of theatrics and virtuosity. Tonight's show serves as their tour kickoff, so help send them — along with openers Wayne “The Train” Hancock and Pinata Protest — off in style. — Cory Graves

Eddie Griffin at Arlington Improv
Eddie Griffin, the man behind legends like Grits 'N Gravy and Undercover Brother hits the Arlington Improv for a series of weekend sets. This one's just got to be good. I mean, what else would you expect from a man that rolled 77 sevens in a row? — SY

-topic, Vulgar Fashion, Blue the Misfit, Jenny Robinson and Def Rain at Sandaga 813
Best bill of the weekend? Here it is, as some of Dallas' finest up-and-coming rappers (-topic, Blue and Robinson) and a couple of Denton oddballs (Vulgar Fashion and Def Rain) hop on the bill at this monthly party, which also features DJs and a whole gang of visual artists painting right there on the spot. More than just a little something for everyone, this party actually has a little taste, too. — Pete Freedman

Oil Boom, Foxtrot Uniform and The Roomsounds at Kessler Theater
Although Oil Boom went through some serious setbacks in 2011 — including suddenly losing their frontman, Brian Whitten — the locally-based trio now seems more filled with guts and swagger than ever. In a few days, the band will make their first foray into the world of vinyl with a seven-inch followup to last year's Gold Yeller. Grab a copy of the aptly-titled 45 Revolutions Per Minute at this show, which will also feature locals The Roomsounds and Foxtrot Uniform. — JP

Vaden Todd Lewis at Dan's Silverleaf
Toadies frontman Vaden Todd Lewis does his solo thing at Dan's. Don't expect a tremendous departure from the Toadies' venerable alt-rock material. It's pretty much the same thing, just less rage-filled, with Lewis performing the songs on his acoustic guitar. Go get ready for next month's Dia de los Toadies Festival with this little warm up gig in Denton. — SY

John Waters Theme Party at Texas Theatre
Get that creepy, pencil thin stache ready to go: All week they've been showing John Waters flicks over at Texas Theater, but tonight they're going all out with this John Waters-themed party, which will feature the DJ Wild in the Streets on the decks. Attendees are highly encouraged to come dressed as their favorite character from Waters' films, like Tracy Turnblad from Hairspray or Waters' biggest muse, Divine. Just go with what you feel. — JP

Slobberbone at Twilite Lounge
Deep Ellum retro spot the Twilite Lounge celebrates co-owner Jess Barr's birthday with the bar's first full-band show. Fittingly, that performance comes from Slobberbone, Barr's longstanding alt-country project. Go wish Barr a happy birthday and catch a free set from the act behind “Gimme Back My Dog,” which author Stephen King called one of the three best rock songs of all time. — SY

Friday on the Green at Magnolia Green Park
Out in Fort Worth this weekend, Magnolia Park's fall-to-spring Friday on the Green concert series features local rockers We'rewolves, Hanna Barbarians and the Phuss. Not a bad lineup at all. There'll be plenty of food trucks and Rahr beer, too. So don't worry about going hungry — or thirsty. Just don't forget to pack a lawn chair and/or umbrella for this one. — SY

Kixpo at Irving Convention Center
What's new in the world of sneakers? It's a question we often ask ourselves. But with no good means to find out the answer, we at times admit to feelings of hopelessness. The Kixpo 2013 Sneaker and Streetwear Expo aims to help in this regard. It's the largest event of its kind in the world. The seventh annual shoet-tastic convention will feature 50,000 square feet of sneaker and streetwear culture under one roof. Can you kick it? Yes you can! — JP

Design District Market
This week, on a very special episode of the Design District's semi-regular market, expect the festivities to include a better-than-average music bill featuring locals The Effinays, The Birds of Night, Robbie Saunders and Ronnie Heart, as well as the usual food trucks, free drinks and vendors. Oh yeah, there'll be a dumpster pool, too. Hmm, where have we seen that before? — SY

Melvins at Trees
Hugely influential grunge progenitors the Melvins hit Trees again after playing a wild, almost sold-out show at the venue last May. Anyway, know this: Without the band's slowing — and sludging up — of the '80s dominant hardcore sound, Nirvana never would have happened. Thank your lucky stars that it did, then go sing King Buzzo and the boys. — SY

Sausagefest at Main Street Garden Park
Sure the word “sausagefest” is right in the name, but expect at least a few ladies to show up to this meat-lover's paradise just the same. Local sports station 105.3-FM The Fan celebrates summer with BBQ and cold brews among other quote-unquote manly things. Other festivities include the crowning of Ms. Sausagefest, performances by A.Dd+ and the Mullet Boyz, and playing “sausage-themed” games. We're sure it's not as greasy as it sounds. Then again… — JP

Monte Montgomery Birthday Bash at Granada Theater
So there's no mention of cake, and that's a bit of a bummer. But Montgomery really knows his way around a guitar, and taking in his awe-inspiring axmanship is pretty much gift enough. Wish him happy birthday at this one. — JP

Pete Holmes at Texas Theatre
First of all, this guy is the voice and writer of the E-Trade baby commercials. So you just know that his stand up is going to be pretty hilarious, if not a touch creepy. He was also recently featured on Conan and released a one-hour Comedy Central special a couple months back. You've probably heard him on every comedy podcast you've ever heard, too. — JP

Juan MacLean at It'll Do Club
The last time we saw Juan Maclean of DFA Records at It'll Do, it was truly a disco dream. Now, with a BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix under his belt, the producer is back and bringing plenty of vinyl with him. There will be wax. Oh, yes. There will. — Zoe Mattioli

Regional Quarterly Vol. 3 at Circuit 12 Contemporary
The third iteration of Circuit12's Texan-centric quarterly program features Dallas artists Kendra Briscoe and Marilyn Jolly. Titled “Repetition. Ritual. Memory.” the two-person show will feature paintings and sculptures that explore notions of comfort and familiarity. Make your trip out to the Design District worthwhile, too: You can check out openings at PDNB, Red Arrow, Cohn Drennan, and Craighead Green on this night as well. — Elaine Sun

Sally Glass Presents: “Am I Still Ill” at The Safe Room
Sally Glass is an artist-in-residence at CentralTrak, founder and editor of semigloss. Magazine and a recent Dallas Observer cover girl. Now her intriguing solo exhibition, “Am I Still Ill,” opens at The Safe Room, located upstairs at the Texas Theatre in Oak Cliff. — ES

D Fashion Week at Station 4
It may not be New York fashion week, but we'll take what we can get, even if it is only for one night. Designers like Gasolina Wear, Raul Rulli Torres, Ju'els Corine and more will be featured in the S4 show. All proceeds of the DFashion Show benefit the Life Walk Organization, an agency invested in AIDS and HIV prevention. — JP

Dana Falconberry at Dan's Silverleaf
Austin-based orchestral-pop singer extraordinaire Dana Falconberry brings her distinctive voice to Denton to promote her new full-length Leelanau. She cites influences as diverse as the works of author Willa Cather and the Swedish horror film Let the Right One In for shaping her music, which should make for an interesting, and perhaps a bit offbeat, set tonight. Danny Rush and the Designated Drivers and Ari Robins open. — SY

Eyes Wings and Many Other Things, Technicolor Hearts, Frauen, Spacebeach at Amsterdam Bar (Free)
Local masters of atmosphere Eyes Wings and Many Other Things headline a free show at the Amsterdam Bar featuring Austin psych-pop act Technicolor Hearts, who claim that they are “An art project for lovers a discourse between friends, an interactive expression of memories, happiness and a celebration of life.” Hey, it's good for a band to have ambitions, right? Check them out, along with locals Frauen and Spacebeach. — SY

Lady Misfits' Lucky 7 Year Anniversary Party at Studio 410
The loose collection of “bad bitches” and stylists who work at Miriam Ortega's Studio 410 salon in Oak Cliff refer to themselves as the “Lady Misfits,” which is at once somewhat charming and intimidating as hell. But they're nothing if not a welcoming bunch: At this celebration of Studio 410's seventh anniversary, the shop-runners will be hosting a free bash featuring four Houston DJs and some hosting action from Booty Fade's Picnictyme. It's free to attend and a BYOB affair. Folks of all kinds are welcome. It's a misfit party, after all. — PF

BYOB Pool Party With Twin Peaks at the Mockingbird Station Lofts
Yes, it's very weird that local breastaurant chain Twin Peaks has opened up a location in Mockingbird Station, which for all its prefabricated flaws actually does boasts a fairly quirky list of proprietors on its roster. Alas, it's happened and there's nothing we can do about that now, except maybe go with the flow and check out this fee-to-attend, BYOB pool party hosted by the restaurant — and, yes, its staff — at the pool in the residential lofts of this spot. It can't be all bad: DJ Blake Ward is running the tunes. — PF

Breaking Bad Premier Watching Party at Granada Theater
Are you Team Jesse or Team Walt? Or Team Skyler? Totally kidding: Skyler might be the most annoying character on any TV show in the history of ever. Either way, the season premiere is bound to be exciting and full of drugs and violence. The Granada is one of many places around town hosting watching parties this weekend. Share a few beers with some fellow Breaking Bad die hards tonight. — JP

The Young Dubliners at Kessler Theater
Expect to say, “Hey, this sounds like U2, or maybe The Pogues, I'm not really sure,” more than a few times at this show featuring singer Keith Roberts and his revolving cast of backing musicians. Local rock-opera auteurs Home by Hovercraft open. — SY

Psycho Screening at Sherlock's Baker St. Pub and Grill
Each Sunday this month, Sherlock's is screening a different Hitchcock film. This weekend, it's Psycho, one of the first true horror films. It's interesting, in retrospect, to watch the film and ponder how the Master of Suspense was able to weave such terrifying yarns with almost zero special effects. It was better times when you didn't need to have little girls with black hair over their face crawling at you on screen in 3D to feel scared, no? Test your skills and see if you can spot where Hitchcock puts himself into this one. — JP


















































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