Feel Like Funkin' It Up.

OK, seriously, these past few days have been overwhelming. Here's a little recap if you've missed out on all the action.

First, sweet, young Emma Roberts got herself arrested on domestic violence charges after a fight with her boyfriend. Then there's Rolling Stone, which is getting all kinds of backlash from its most recent cover that features — and potentially glorifies — suspected Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Also? There's Cory Monteith's unfortunate overdose. Oh, and there's that whole Devin Harris situation, too. Is he coming back to the Mavericks or not, Mr. Cuban?

That's just way too much crazy for one week.

So let's all take a break from the chaos and make a point of getting out these next few days. Lucky us, then, that this weekend boasts more than its fair share of distractions.

CSS at House of Blues
If you're not sure if you know the Brazilian band, think again. They started to get popular after their song “Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex” was featured in an iPod commercial several years back. CSS, you should also know, stands for Cansei de Ser Sexy, which literally translates to “I got tired of being sexy.” That's a pretty killer — yet probably not entirely true — motto. We can dig it. — Jessica Petrocchi

Authority Zero at Trees
Want to hear something that will instantly make you feel old? Authority Zero has been around for 18 years now. After multiple lineup changes, the ska group just released another new album in April. Needless to say, they've been pretty busy. The likeminded Ballyhoo!, Versus the World and Smooth Choppy open. — JP

DJ Carnage at Lizard Lounge
Rising EDM star and Chipotle Gang leader Carnage has been making himself known in the DJ game with each and every single one of his festival appearances (see: Ultra, EDC Vegas and the upcoming Tomorrowland). Now, though, the festival trap icon takes a break from jet-setting to make an appearance in little ol' Texas. But be warned: His stuff is not for the faint of heart. — Zoe Mattioli

Estate Sale at 2650 Main Street
For the past year, our pal Melissa Mackaly has been hitting up local estate sales and selling her best vintage finds from her Sugar Derby Mobile trailer at music festivals and the like. Now that Mackaly has decided to repurpose her trailer, though, she's having an estate sale of her own and getting rid of all the vintage treasures she's amassed over the past several months. Find her all weekend long in the space next to Taboo Tattoo. — Cory Graves

Natural Child, Sealion and the 1969's at Double Wide
Parade of Flesh presents a damn good show tonight at Double Wide. Headliners Natural Child from Tennessee are touring behind their 2012 full-lengths Hard In Heaven and For the Love of the Game — and, gotta say, we find their wide range of influences quite intoxicating. This trio mix in bits Waylon-esque country, Stones-era rock and even some hints of The Stooges into their garage-ready sound, making them — in our eyes, at least — one of the greatest rock 'n' roll bands of the XY generation. — Nicole Arnold

S U R V I V E at Dada
Tonight's bill at Dada is a knob-twiddler's dream. Headlined by Austin's completely analog electronic four-piece, S U R V I V E, this show also features the always-interesting local outfits Vulgar Fashion and Corporate Parks. —CG

Rodrigo y Gabriela at Winspear Opera House
Rodrigo Sanchez and Gabriela Quintero have come a long way since starting out as young thrash fans in Mexico City 15 years ago. Since then, they've traveled the world, dabbling in metal, jazz, world music and soundtrack scoring for Pirates of the Caribbean and Puss in Boots. Tonight, though? They'll just be rocking a pair of acoustic guitars. — JP

Rebirth Brass Band at The Live Oak
Rebirth got its start on the streets of New Orleans' French Quarter in 1983. Last year, 29 years after the fact, they finally won themselves a Grammy. The onetime street performers' heavy funk sound has also fully become the sound of their city — especially in the wake of their being a focal point of HBO's Treme. — JP

George Quartz, Diamond Age and De Palma at The Crown & Harp
Fresh off his delightfully odd turn in a TXU ad, beloved Dallas weirdo George Quartz fronts a delightfully quirky Artist's Collective show at The Crown & Harp also featuring Matthew Leer's Diamond Age project and the like-minded experimental act De Palma. — Stephen Young

Auxiliary Voice at Prophet Bar
Get your art-music on with a pair of locals at the Prophet Bar. This one features the ambient post-rock haze of The Auxiliary Voice and the melody — and melodrama — of Bethan. You can't just rage your way through every weekend, y'know. — SY

Late Nights at the Dallas Museum of Art
Tonight's edition of Late Nights at the DMA features the launch of DallasSITES: Available Space which examines the current state of the artistic community in North Texas. The event also promises a live animation studio, a series of talks and an insomniac tour of the museum. Oh, and there'll be live music from Ashley Myrick, too. So go out and experience some culture, OK? It's free, remember. — SY

9 Beet Stretch/Music of the Spheres at The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
Ever wondered what Beethoven's 9th symphony would sound like if it were stretched out over a 24 hour period? Well, you can find out at The Modern in Fort Worth this and next weekend. Over the course of six days, for four hours each day, you'll be able catch performance pieces around the museum accompanied by Scandinavian sound artist Leif Inge's eerie take on Beethoven's 9th. — Elaine Sun

The Octopus Project at The Granada
Experimental indie-tronica Austin band The Octopus Project takes the stage at the Granada with locals Blackstone Rangers and Nervous Curtains in tow at this show. The headliners' unique amalgamation of noises, digital sounds and pop elements will wow you, we swear. So too will the locals. This is a solid bill, front-to-back. — NA

Girls Rock Dallas Showcase at Kessler Theater
Don't be confused: This event isn't named “Women Rock Dallas.” For good reason: Fifty talented girls ranging from aged 8 to 17 are going to perform original rock 'n' roll songs at this Kessler Theater show. To add to the challenge, these girls created their songs in just five days. — JP

Kid Rock at Gexa Energy Pavilion
This show is what it is. If you like Kid Rock — and we're not here to judge — go check it out. The interesting thing about this one — and it's of importance to all regular showgoers — is the ticketing policy. All seats at this show are $20, regardless of location, and totally non-transferable. It's basically an even stricter version of the Granada's system, which is to say that it's good for fans, and bad for scalpers. That's something we definitely hope catches on. Now, if we could just get something done about all the horrible service fees… — SY

Dallas Bull Run Pub Crawl
This pub crawl does its best to emulate — or at least imitate — Pamplona, Spain's traditional running of the bulls. Participants get to dress up in white with red sashes and be chased from bar to bar by folks in bull costumes. Sound cheesy? Perhaps it is. But the event does benefit a terrific cause, too. Proceeds go to Camp Moss — an annual week-long camp at Camp John Marc for pediatric heart patients from Metroplex hospitals. Have a few drinks, grab a bull by the horns risk-free and help out some extremely deserving kids in the process. — SY

Foxtrot Uniform at The Common Table
Polyphonic Spree members Kenny Upton and Kelly Test bring their genre-hopping alt-folk project to The Common Table for a couple sets as part of the gastropub's indie music/indie beer series. The act's been adding members — including Venetian Sailors guitarist Robbie Saunders, Descender bassist Zach Busby and Vanillaface Jones keyboardist Katie Robertson — like wild over the last eight months, so if it's been a while since you've seen this band, you might want to give them another go. — SY

Design District Gallery Day
With 17 participating galleries in and around the Design District, Gallery Day is bigger than ever. If the opportunity to see a wide variety of local and international contemporary art doesn't attract you, maybe the food trucks and free drinks will? — ES

Deep Nights at Circuit12
Dallas' growing love for house music — and deep house in particular — has given birth to yet another night devoted to the electronic subgenre. Deep Nights, the first in a series of upcoming shows presented by Chasquis and Deep Solace, will perhaps be the place to be following the Design District's Gallery Day festivities. Local DJs Gina G. and Bon will be spinning sexy beats all throughout the night. — ZM

Declutter for a Cause at Life in Deep Ellum
Declutter for a Cause is Deep Ellum's first city-wide garage sale, festival and fundraiser. The event is helping raise funds for Beats for Beckham, a group invested in the life of five-month-old Beckham Moreno, a child diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Ten bands and the Mavs ManiAACs will perform throughout the day, too. — JP

Big Sean and Roscoe Dash at Dr. Pepper Arena
Detroit native Big Sean heads to the Dirty D of the South for this one, where he'll accompanied by his clique, Roscoe Dash, Yung Nation and hopefully a little bit of Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay. We haven't heard much from the G.O.O.D. rapper since his appearances on Cruel Summer beyond his latest, more toned-down track, “Beware,” which features Jhene Aiko and Lil Wayne. Nonetheless, the rapper tweeted the following just this past Wednesday: “I'm a have the time of my life @ The Dr Pepper Arena #GOOD Texas I can't wait !” Well, neither can we, Big Sean. Neither can we. — ZM

Homer Henderson and Dim Locator at Fred's Texas Cafe
Homer Henderson sets himself apart from other one-man bands with the of help of a self-designed contraption that allows him to play the snare drum with his feet. He's most famous for his country songs, “Lee Harvey was a Friend of Mine” and “I Want A Date With A Cowboy Cheerleader.” It's positively weird and undeniably interesting. — SY

Singles Night at West End Pub
Whether you're really out to meet your future boo or not, we can promise you a good time as the Central Track crew and some of our closest friends take over West End Pub for this affair. Don't worry: If you're more into the single-dollar Cosmo shots instead of meeting other singles, that's totally OK. Plus, there will be a ton of other drink specials, so enjoying the Motown and classic soul vibes from DJ Niro and dancing the night away with that cutie who was eyeing you across the room will be no problem. Let's get down, y'all. — JP

The Maine at Trees
Arizona pop-punk quintet The Maine hits Trees in support of their June release, Forever Halloween. Although the band has toured with the likes of Good Charlotte, you shouldn't expect a polished, generic show. Since splitting with their label before their previous release, 2011's Pioneer, The Maine has attempted to cultivate a more rock-influenced, dynamic sound, going so far as to hire Brendan Benson to produce their latest LP. Expect them to show off that sound — and to lean heavily on their new material — at this show. — SY

Peep Show at the Webb Gallery
The Webb Art Gallery in Waxahachie hosts the opening of owner Bruce Lee Webb's latest exhibition this weekend. Peep Show will feature burlesque and vintage girlie images, plus artwork from Bale Creek Allen and Allison Watson. On this opening night, things go from 5 to 8 p.m. — JP

Dorrough Mixtape Release Show at Prophet Bar
Doesn't it feel like Dorrough's been around, like, forever? Well, though it has indeed been a while since “Ice Cream Paint Job” came out — way back in 2009 — the man's still just 26 years old. So here's to the mixtape — May's Shut the City Down — being celebrated at this one. It's just the latest in a long string of releases that we're sure will extend well into Dorrough's old age. —SY

Sonny Vincent at Rubber Gloves
New York City punk legend and Testors founder Sonny Vincent turns up at Rubber Gloves on the heels of his spanking-new EP, Totally Fucked. Expect to hear the three cuts off the new record, plus work from the breadth of his generation-spanning career, which includes multiple collaborations with the likes of Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore and the Velvet Underground's Mo Tucker. — SY

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