Go Festing With Your Mom.

Six years after their initial formation in 1898, the Fraternal Order of Eagles began advocating for the U.S. government to officially designate a national day to celebrate mothers. Ten years later, President Woodrow Wilson finally signed a proclamation to enact the first ever Mother's Day here in the States.

If you haven't caught on yet: This Sunday will, in fact, be the 99th such celebration. Whatever you do — and we cannot stress this enough — do not forget this fact. By all means, do something nice for the woman whose loins from which you sprang. Maybe make her feel young again by sharing with her some Jell-O shots at the Dallas location of the FOE's pool.

C'mon, what's more appropriate than celebrating the occasion with the holiday's founders? Or, if the pool isn't exactly your mom's thing, consider the other tons of cool happenings going on this weekend. There's plenty you guys could do together.

For the love of God, though, just do something. Mom's, like elephants, do not forget these things.

(This is not to imply that your mother is an elephant. We're sure she's quite a lovely woman. Really.)

The Whitest Kids U' Know at Sons of Hermann Hall
While an early incarnation of The Whitest Kids U' Know was once deemed too hot for Virginia public access television, the comedy troupe eventually earned itself the “Best Sketch Group” at the Aspen Comedy Festival in 2006, and ultimately was able to parlay that success into five seasons of their self-titled television show on IFC. In between working on feature films these days, the troupe is returning to their roots for this current tour, which finds the group performing in front of live audiences, much in the way it did a decade ago.

24-Hour Video Race at the Angelika
With new categories this year and everything!

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. at The Loft
How about some DEJJ fun facts to get you pumped for tonight's show? OK, here are two about the indie-pop duo: 1.) Band member Daniel Zott is also fronts the band American Secrets, but you probably know them better by their other name, the Freecreditscorereport.com band; 2.) The band counts their racecar-driving namesake among their fans, as the real-life Earnhardt has even gone as far as to wish the band luck via a letter he mailed them a couple years back.

Bill Callahan at Prophet Bar
It's been over two years since the artist formerly known as Smog released his most recent LP, Apocalypse, but that shouldn't stop you from checking out the talented performer's soothing, baritone vocals at this show.

Bonobo and El Ten Eleven at House of Blues
Not to be confused with men's clothing retailer Bonobos nor the pygmy chimpanzees from which he derived his stage name, English DJ Simon Green has been performing under the Bonobo moniker since 1999 and blending world and electronic influences into his downtempo stew ever since.

The Virgin Wolves and Here Holy Spain at The Foundry
Still need an excuse to check out perhaps Dallas' best patio and the incredible stage housed within it? This free show featuring two of the area's more high-energy rock outfits provides a perfect excuse.

Royal Comedy Tour at Verizon Theatre
This self-proclaimed longest-running urban comedy tour counts Sommmore, Earthquake and former Comic View host Bruce Bruce among the stand-ups assembled for the current leg of its tour.

Homegrown Festival Kickoff at Granada Theater
In keeping with the theme of the larger event on Saturday, the folks behind the Homegrown Festival have put together yet another batch of Texas-grown talent to kick off the weekend's festivities. Austin's Sons of Fathers, Fort Worth's Telegraph Canyon and Dallas' Goodnight Ned round out this heady Americana lineup.

Com Truise, Ishi, Ice Eater and Ronnie Heart at Lola's Saloon
Fresh of packing out the Granada last weekend for their sophomore album's release show, Ishi (previously listed only as “Surprise Guest — It's a Good One” on this bill) should set the much smaller stage at Lola's quite nicely for chillwave heavy-hitter Com Truise.

Bad Design, Senor Fin, Blessin' and Kaleo Kualoku at The Fin House
In just a few days, Kualoku's main project, Spooky Folk, will perform their final show for the time being while the frontman relocates to Colorado. The other quality Denton band's on this bill should make for one hell of a house show/going away party-type thing, too.

THE MIDNIGHT RAMBLE: A Sex, Funk & Rock'n Soul Revival at The Boiler Room
More than just your typical burlesque venture, this show is one that touts itself as a mix of circus-style performances, go-go dancing and live music. Oh, and a little fire for good measure.

MILFest 2013 at Andy's Bar
It's a pageant. For moms we'd like to fest.

Kenny Chesney at Cowboys Stadium
You had us at hello.

Homegrown Music & Arts Fest at Main Street Garden Park
Much has been written about the way the festival, now in its fourth year, is looking back to its origins to sort of re-emphasize the locally-grown aspect the event was named after in the first place. To that end, local heavyweights like Polyphonic Spree, Larry g(EE), A.Dd+, and Somebody's Darling figure heavily into the festival's main selling points. Not to be overlooked, though, is the first Dallas appearance by the Britt Daniel-led supergroup Divine Fits. Same goes for the fest's first ever live yoga session courtesy of Datahowler and Super Yoga Palace.

Sleepy Dan presents: Monsters Under the Bed at Circuit 12 Contemporary
While some folks, like a young Fred Savage, were fortunate enough to have had a booger-eating, Howie Mandel-type monster yukking it up under their twin beds once the lights went out, most of us weren't so lucky. In his latest solo exhibition, Sleepy Dan Bemis capitalizes on these fears, incorporating these nightmarish images into his latest batch of art. Just remember: Tonight's show is a one-night-only, cash-and-carry event, so it's best to hit up those ATMs beforehand.

Scene of the Crime II at Photos Do Not Bend Gallery
Tonight is also the last chance to catch PDNB's current exhibition, which is filled with vintage mug shots and gory black-and-white crime scene shots. Warning: This show might not be for the faint of heart.

That Mortal Coil: Rebuking the Ideal in Figurative Art at CentralTrak
For their latest exhibition, the UTD artists residency (no relation) will be hosting works from artists around the country that question/confront western society's preoccupation with so-called physical perfection. The works on display seek to explore physical beauty across the “varied spectrum of the human condition.”

Dogfishtival III at the Common Table
A whopping 22 taps at the Common Table will feature Dogfish Head brand brewskies. And all different flavors, no less.

Official Homegrown After-Party at City Tavern
Sponsored by the North Texas Chevy Music Showcase, this official HGIV after-party will feature performances from D. Anson Brody, Hares on the Mountain and The Effinays. Even better? Cover is free when you show up still sporting your Homegrown wristband.

“Secret” Homegrown After-Party at Three Links
This unofficial Homegrown after-party features Ishi (performing their second supposedly secret set of the weekend) on a bill along with The Phuss and PVC Street Gang. Tickets to this one are $12 — or just $5 with the Homegrown wristband.

The Decibel Magazine Tour featuring Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death, Immolation and Kill the Client at Trees
Earlier this week our fearless editor quipped that thrash bands “don't die, they just keep on keeping on until some writer someone mistakes their longevity for legend.” Now in their 25th year, it is safe to say death metal outfit Cannibal Corpse has entered that same territory.

Beard Fest at Sons of Hermann Hall
The Dallas Facial Hair Club presents their second annual old-fashioned beard and mustache contest. Categories this year include styled mustache, natural mustache, womens fake beard, groomed, freestyle, full beard with styled mustache and partial beard, and the costs range from $5 for gawkers to $10 for participants. Also, the simple fact that Dallas has a facial hair club alone should make you feel at least 15 percent more manly.

Mother's Day Diamond Dig at Lone Star Park
If you're reading this right now and you happen to be our mother, please close your browser window immediately so as not to spoil your Mother's Day surprise. Everyone else should check this out: The folks at Lone Star Park have buried a $2,500 diamond ring somewhere along their horse track, and after a day of getting trampled and pissed on by dozens of thoroughbreds, 500 mothers brave enough to try will be given the chance to dig through the muck and find it.

Zombie Prom at Lizard Lounge
Formal attire and non-slip shoes are highly encouraged. It is prom, after all. But unlike your last prom, you can expect plenty of blood on the dance floor at this one.

Kvelertak, Cancer Bats, Black Tusk and Mothership at Dada
Black Tusk is a metal band. Cancer Bats is a hardcore band. But pairing them together on a bill that finds them opening for Kvelertak actually makes perfect sense, as the Norwegian headliners work along some fairly interesting metal-meets-punk lines. Bring earplugs to this one. Oh, and get there early, too: Doors open at 6 p.m.


















































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