Embrace The Madness of 18 Awesome Events Going on Across The City.

We've made it folks. The weekend is finally here.

So it's time to party hard, time to forget about the work week and time to forget about the Defense of Marriage Act for at least two seconds.

Fill your weekend with some fun. Rid your mind of your troubles. For Monday is the first of the month.

Might as well have some fun while you still can.

March Madness Regionals at Cowboys Stadium
This is the first time a Texas team has failed to make the March Madness tourney since 1977. Some perspective: That was the year that Star Wars opened in theaters. Yeesh. Still, Texas will have a little something to do with March Madness this year as, starting tonight, Cowboys Stadium is hosting three games for the South Regionals. It's kind of a murderer's row of contenders coming through the region this weekend, too. Kansas, Florida and Michigan will play in Arlington this weekend. So, too, will Florida Gulf Coast University, the whole country's new favorite college.

Burning Hotels, Ice Eater and Analog Rebellion at the Kessler Theater
Happy Birthday, Kessler Theater! We hope you have a good one. Actually, we pretty much know you will, given the lineup of bands you're offering up in your theater tonight as part of your third anniversary. The Burning Hotels are headlining, and they're pretty cool — a great band that slightly just a nice spot on The Wedding Singer soundtrack by releasing their music 30 years too late. Analog Rebellion, the “stadium lo-fi” project from the prolific 21-year-old University of Texas at Arlington student Daniel Hunter, is playing, too. So is Fort Worth;s Ice Eater. Not bad, not bad. Way to go big, Kessler. You are totally about that life.

Dallas Comedy Festival at the Dallas Comedy House
Check out Keegan-Michael Key's improv comedy troupe tonight at 10:30 as part of this fourth annual affair. Need some convincing? Here's a clip from Key and collaborator Jordan Peele's aptly titled Comedy Central show, Key & Peele.

Rodney Parker and 50 Peso Reward at Billy Bob's
David Allen Coe couldn't make it, so local twang stars Rodney Parker and 50 Peso Reward are filling in.

Critical Mass at Main Street Garden Park
The last Friday of the month means it's Critical Mass time. So head on out and ride your bike around Dallas with some friends. All cyclists are welcome all — beginners, intermediates, pros and even Lance Armstrong if anyone out there has an in with him.

Blackstone Rangers, Hormones, Skeleton Coast and Spookeasy at the Double Wide
It’s all about local music at the Double Wide tonight. And, hey, four bands for five bucks is a pretty good deal, even if they weren't good, which these ones are.

Track Meet at Crown and Harp
Major props to the Track Meet crew for being clever enough to align this event's description with March Madness. Here it is, verbatim: “It's March Madness on Lower Greenville when undefeated Track Meet DJ Crew returns to the Crown & Harp with its three NBA-ready first-round prospects and first-team All-Americans AiR DJ (sophomore/6'7″/SF), Ynfynyt Scroll (senior/6'10″/PF) and Shooknite (junior/7'0″/Center).” None of those heights are accurate, but it's a nice job regardless.

Brain Gain, Jenny Robinson, SamLao, B. Dogg and Av The Great at the Prophet Bar
Deemed “25 to Life,” this event rings in Brain Gang member Killa MC's 25 birthday. Help him celebrate by stopping by this solid all-around local hip-hop offering.

The Travoltas and Kristy Kruger at Sons of Hermann Hall
Some of Dallas' most-talented and time-tested musicians join forces on this bill. The Travoltas are the new, good-time lounge act from long revered local singer-songwriter Salim Nourallah (bonus: all-around genius Paul Slavens is his keyboardist), and Kristy Kruger's about as close to a 1920s singer as this city boasts.

William Shatner Hosts The Guinness Book of World Records Attempt For The Most People in Star Trek Costumes at the Dallas Convention Center
It's exactly what it sounds like, and it's being put on by the Texas Lottery because there's a new Star Trek scratch-off ticket game coming. Which might explain why one lucky costumed fan will walk with $50,000 from this affair.

Gloria at the Conduit Gallery
Each event the Green Bandana Group puts together is an attempt to blur the lines between parties and art. Suits and dresses are preferred for this particular one, which will feature music, art and poetry, and introduce Green Bandana's new concept, The 500, which, the group says, will try to figure out how to monetarily support the arts on a monthly basis in the future.

Hoodie Allen at House of Blues
Does Hoodie Allen have the most post-modern rap name of all time? He might.

Sinatra at Circuit12 Contemporary
No, Frank Sinatra will not be here. Instead, the Caviar Club is helping host this rat pack-themed bash at Circuit12 to help celebrate that Design District spot's one-year anniversary.

Big Folkin' Festival at Prophet Bar
So many festivals. So little time. This one here is for the folk fans. The lineup is pretty stacked with locals, too. Also, one of the guys from The Academy Is… is playing.

The Mud Bug Bash at Main Street Garden
You don't generally have the opportunity to get your country living on in Dallas proper, but the Mud Bug Bash at Main Street Garden is here to change all that, offering up 4,000 pounds of crawfish, live music and evens some crawfish races.

Bob Schneider at the Granada Theater
Long a mainstay in the Austin's music scene Schneider genre-bending ways to Dallas this weekend. You should check him out. He's known for being a great performer. And for dating Sandra Bullock.

Rangers' Opening Day on Your Television
What do y'all think of the Texas Rangers starting this 2013 season against the Houston Astros, their new in-league foes? We love it. Because the Astros? They. Are. Bad.

The Walking Dead Easter Egg Hunt and Finale Watching Party at Sundown at Granada
Do you like The Walking Dead? Are you a fan of Easter? Do you enjoy all things related to rising from the dead? How about egg hunts? And free T-shirts and posters and Walking Dead swag? What about specialty zombie-themed mix drinks? This event, truly, has it all.


















































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