Live Out Your Lifelong Dream of Seeing Neutral Milk Hotel.

It's the weekend! Congratulations! That's another week in which you've successfully survived the usual ways that people lose their lives in Dallas!

Some other potential ways to bite the big one in Big D:

• stomach explosion after too many Griddle Toasts from Cafe Brazil.
• being moshed to death at a metal show at Trees.
• maced too much after offending a Highland Park socialite.
• stumbling into traffic after being blinded by mace from a Highland Park socialite.

We live in a thrilling city — much more thrilling than you'd think (I mean, you can die from french toast!). And this weekend brings plenty of thrills for thrill-seekers like you.

Ishi at the Perot Museum
Is it sacrilegious or awesome that Ishi singer John Mudd sometimes wears a Native American headdress when he performs and now he might do so inside a natural history museum? We can't decide.

Blackstone Rangers, Zhora, Vulgar Fashion and Cutter at Hailey's Club
If you're in the mood to have some new wave and progressive rock blow your mind, Hailey's Club in Denton is the place to be. Tonight, Hailey's brings you an impressive line up, and also gives you your last chance to catch Zhora before they go on hiatus for a bit. You might want to wear a helmet.

Black Gold Soul Club at Texas Theater
Deemed a “soul dance party” by the folks at Texas Theater, tonight's affair will feature DJs spinning the greatest obscure soul, R&B and Motown hits — the likes of which have not seen the light of day in years. The party will pop off following the premier of Thunder Soul, a documentary presented by Jaime Foxx. The film follows the life of proficient Jazz instructor Conrad “Prof” Johnson.

Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo
Yes, it’s that time of year again, so grab a pair of cowboy boots and your favorite beer. This year, the rodeo goes digital with an all-knowing app for iPhone and Android users. The app promises to ease the planning process for maximum enjoyment.

Diamond Age, Eyes, Wings and Many Other Things, Everywhere and Lily Taylor at The Crown and Harp
Get your local experimental music on.

Red Bull Thre3style at It'll Do
What's more ambitious than a competition that dares to use a “3” as an “e” in its title? The DJs who actually compete in the event, that's what. Head out to It'll Do for this event and catch the region's top DJs performing 15-minute sets of three different genres. Person who gets the most people to dance wins.

Ed Sheeran at The Palladium Ballroom
Those who are delighted by the melodies and pleasant voice of a mid-twenties singer-songwriter will indeed find themselves covered in delight by Ed Sheeran's melodies and pleasantries tonight at Palladium Ballroom.

Gary Owen at Arlington Improv
BET comedy star and actor in such films as Daddy Day Care and College, Gary Owen stops in Arlington tonight to make you laugh.

Keane at House of Blues
“I am so ready for this Coldplay concert!” you think before heading out tonight with a group of friends for the House of Blues. You go to the concert, genuinely enjoy the opening performance of Youngblood Hawke, and then sing passionately as the headliner of the night comes on. Afterwards, you think to yourself, “Man, Coldplay knows how to put on a show.” Only you didn't see Coldplay. You saw Keane.

Bottoms Up Fridays at Foundry
DJs Hammertimez and Joe Butcher will be spinning at The Foundry instead of at the Red Bull Thr3estyle event tonight, probably because they don't like the idea of a “3” replacing an “e.”

Crack Pipes, Fungi Girls, and Oddlot at The Grotto
If you're worried that bands these days don't talk enough about drug usage, maybe the show at The Grotto headlined by garage-weirdos Crack Pipes and Fungi Girls will change your mind.

Electric Run Dallas at Fair Park
The Electric Run event comes to Dallas, and here is how it works: A set path in Fair Park will be lit up with lights and displays (created by lighting professionals), and anyone can run along it and enjoy the night. Make sure to wear something reflective and sparkly!

The Diabolical Machines at AllGood Cafe
The Diabolical Machines will be in Deep Ellum tonight, and this performance happens to be a name-your-own-price event. Just donate what you can to the band to get through the door. The proceeds will go towards funding a new EP. You want to be charitable, right?

The English Beat at Granada Theater
Ska heroes The English Beat will be ripping up Bob Marley posters performing tonight at the Granada Theater, with ska-backups (an industry term that was just created) Rude King and The I-Drenz opening. Bet you they play “Mirror in the Bathroom.”

First Stars Game of the 2013 Season
Dallas Canadians will finally have their chance tonight to be truly happy this weekend as the Dallas Stars kick off the lockout-shortened NHL season by facing the Phoenix Coyotes tonight.

Lunar Polarity at Kirk Hopper Fine Art Gallery
Can you think of anything better/delightfully modern than a fashion installation by Edward Ruiz with Ynfynyt Scroll providing the music? No. You cannot.

An Evening with Joel Hodgson at the Texas Theater
Creator of the offbeat (and hilarious) Mystery Science Theater 3000, Joel Hodgson, will be signing autographs and presenting his new routine this weekend at the Texas Theater. And, of course, you'll get a screening of a MST3K episode as well.

CADD Art Bus Tour
The Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas (CADD) will be having a bus ride today, with stops at The Reading Room and the Barry Whistler Gallery. What will they be doing on that bus ride? This.

Stalley at The Prophet Bar
Headlining tonight at The Prophet Bar is Stalley. Supporting tonight is a whole lineup of hip-hop and soul artists including Dustin Cavazos and Ace Mitch that are sure to accommodate your need for good flow.

Rob Swift at Bryan Street Tavern
Sick of having spent the weekend watching DJs reach for glory? Well, you can also watch a real-life DJ legend performing at this show, as Rob Swift returns to town to wow you with his turntablism abilities.

Pratty at the Crowbar Tattoo Salon
What's more punk than getting a tattoo while Pratty, Bear Suit Sucker Punch and The Kremlings rock out in the salon you're in? (Hint: Nothing.)

Heartless Bastards at Trees
Alt-country-cum-garage outfit Heartless Bastards return to Dallas tonight to sing sultry songs about mountains and oceans. If you missed them last year at Index Fest, here is your chance to redeem yourself.

MLK Birthday March and Parade
“But mom, why are we at this parade? Martin Luther King Day isn't until Monday. I wanna go home!” “Shut up,” she replies. “Just watch the damn floats.”

Tequila Tasting at Blue Mesa
Dallas never yields to provide a chance to be altruistic while also presenting the chance to get your drink on. For $25 at the Blue Mesa in Addison this weekend, you get premium tequilas and appetizers, plus most of the proceeds go to Operation Kindness to help sheltered and homeless animals.

Jeff Mangum at the Majestic Theater
Elephant Six collective member and the man behind Neutral Milk Hotel grants everyone's with of “just seeing Mangum live even once!” at the Majestic Theater this weekend. Go and sing along with everyone else, you two-headed boy, you.

Metalachi at Trees
Claiming to be the world's first and only heavy metal mariachi band is pretty ambitious (and probably true.) The only way this group could be any more ambitious is if they spelled their band's name with a “3” instead of an “e”. Check them out and see how on earth those two genres could come together. (My guess? It'll be pretty rad.)

Sundress and Skeleton Coast at Dan's Silverleaf
Along with the popular local bands Sundress and Skeleton Coast, tonight you also get performances by Sacco and Vanzetti, along with Biographies. That's a pretty good lineup, and definitely worth the drive out to Denton.


















































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