Make Nice.

Finally, you can safely drink wine with your dogs, thanks to Denver-based pet wine company Apollo Peak. In lieu of alcohol or grapes — both of which are poisonous to pooches — the faux wine is made of beet juice, peppermint and chamomile, and is said to relax your pups much in the same way your own Jesus juice does this trick for you.

Then again, if you’re seriously considering wining down with your dog, there’s a chance you two are spending too much time together. You could probably use a night out on the town. Or three. And if we were you, here are a few places we would spend them. — Cory Graves

The Dixie Chicks at Gexa Energy Pavilion
You know you popular when you can piss off your entire fan base and still headline all manner of stadia a decade later. They’re not a part of the redneck agenda, unapologetically so. Anyway, just so you know, we’re on the good side with y’all, we’re not ashamed that this radical trio is from Texas. — CG

Culture Club at Verizon Theatre
The world ate the band up in the ’80s, giving them seven straight Top 10 hits in the UK and nine Top 10 singles in the US. Their success could be pinned to the band’s pretty frontman, Boy George and his gender-bending ways. But he can still take your chick, dude. — Sidney Johnson

Jerry Jeff Walker at Billy Bob’s
The country singer-songwriter wrote many songs in his day since beginning in 1967. But the one that really stuck is your grandparents’ favorite song back in the day, “Mr. Bojangles.” — SJ

A Giant Dog at Three Links
The holy-shit-what-a-stacked-lineup award for the weekend goes to Three Links for this rock bill. All four of these acts, from wild Austin garage rockers A Giant Dog and Drakulas to wild Dallas party bands Sealion and Party Static, could capably headline this venue on any given weekend night. — CG

Urban Cowboy at Texas Theatre
Prettyboy John Travolta was a boot-scootin’ Texan in this ’80s film. Delivered to you in 35mm, this is sure to bring out the country in all of us. A themed after-party continues in the lobby following the screening. — SJ

Vir Das at Addison Improv
He is a man of many talents: actor, musician, comedian and whatever else he wants to take up. As one of the most successful comedians in his native land, India, Das’ “Unbelievable” tour is back by popular demand. — SJ

QuakeCon at Hilton Anatole
id Software’s annual gaming convention/celebration of that time they invented DOOM, Quake and Wolfenstein goes down through the weekend. Expect panel discussions, tournaments and a BYO computer portion for the mother of all LAN parties. — CG

Kill Bill vol. 1 at Inwood Theatre
Tarantino really outdid himself when he created this ode to Japanese fighting films. It’s gritty, bloody, funny and full of cheesy lines. Now for you to get there, all you have to do is wiggle that big toe… — SJ

Tiger Sex at Crown and Harp
Tiger Sex is a Vegas-based, glammy, female-fronted take on the Stooges. Dallas’ Dead Mockingbirds opens. — CG

Tinderbox Circus Sideshow at Kessler Theater
Do we want Pennywise? No. Do we want Juggalos? Absolutely not. Do we want one of the last remaining “ten in one’s” in the country performing sword swallowing, glass/fire eating, body piercing and burlesque whilst painted up like clowns? Hell yeah we do. — SJ

K. Michelle at House of Blues
The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star isn’t just a pretty face with very nice “assets,” she’s also a pianist, guitarist, singer and amateur fighter. That last one is for those who’ve seen season one of the show, the woman can throw ’em. — SJ

88 Killa Album Listening Party at Spinster Records
On Friday, 88 Killa will release his sophomore EP, 88 BPM. The follow-up to December’s 88 Karats also marks the Brain Gang co-founder’s second project since signing with split Britain- and Dallas-based label DEFDISCO. We premiered one of the singles earlier this week, and you can hear the rest of the album at this listening party. — CG

Infinicon at Crowne Plaza
This con is sort of a general one with everything you would typically expect; loads of cosplayers, video game tourneys, artists, meet-and-greets and much more geekdom. — SJ

The Lettermen at Uptown Theater in Grand Prairie
The American pop trio’s voices have been in unison for almost 60 years. They’ve taken the cheesy portraits and album covers, they’ve toured all over, now it’s time to condense it all for you youngsters to understand “real music.” — SJ

Larry League at Dada
Dallas Knight Life bring these guys in as part of the Weird Waves concert series. They are admittedly dirty and dingy, but their spin on rap is as clean as a whistle. They’re the life of the party. – SJ

Circus Xtreme at American Airlines Center
In an attempt to modernize the circus experience, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey are emphasizing the extreme — sorry, Xtreme — stupid human tricks and acrobats and relying less on four-legged performers. Overall, that’s a good thing, whether or not it actually makes for a more exciting show. It runs through the weekend. — CG

Social Science at Perot Museum of Nature and Science (Sold Out)
So here’s your chance to finally drag your old ass out of the house and for once get to enjoy the museum without having to hear screaming children — or the blathering of anyone under 21 for that matter. Grab a cocktail and a babysitter and head to this month’s edition of the Perot Museum’s monthly, after hours, adults-only programming. — Ashley Gongora

Blood Simple at Texas Theatre
Fans of film have most likely heard of the iconic Coen brothers and their knack for dark wit. Blood Simple is Joel and Ethan’s first film and is a twisted story of skepticism and betrayal — just how you like it. And now it’s been restored in 4K. — SJ

311 at Gexa Energy Pavilion
We begin with a moment of silence for Bradley Nowell… Amen. Now, both genre-bending groups will be front and center as you put your lighters up. — SJ

Local Brews, Local Grooves at House of Blues
Come out for some great beer and music. The event features over 25 local craft beers, 11 local bands — including Dead Flowers, Oil Boom and Parallel Play’s penultimate performance — chef-inspired pub food and much more. You know you want it. — SJ

That Time of the Month Comedy at Drugstore Cowboy
It’s a trap. The reigning funniest person in Austin, Lashonda Lester, will lock the doors and hold you hostage. With the content she’s been pushing out as of lately, maybe you’d be into that kind of thing. — SJ

Kill Bill vol. 2 at Inwood Theatre
It’s the same as the first, except Elle plays a dangerous game of peek-a-boo with Beatrix. And, spoiler alert, she loses, badly. — SJ

Jared’s Epic Super Soaker Battle at Toyota Stadium
Like all of Jared Guynes’ events, this one promises to be epic. And like his recent Nerf gun battle at AT&T Stadium, this will also be a Guinness world record attempt. It’s got all the makings to be the largest toy water gun fight in the history of earth! — CG

Most Excellent Fest IV at Lydon House
The fourth go-round for this house party/music festival is free to enter, but $10 gets you unlimited craft beer. Address in the link. Oh, but it’s in Fort Worth, Mr. Dallas Fire Marshal, so don’t bother. Saved you a click! — SJ

Community Beer Barge at Eagle Point Marina on Lake Lewisville
Beat that awful heat on a double-decker barge equipped with a waterslide, more beer than you can handle and savory barbecue. It really doesn’t get much more Texas summer than that. — SJ

“Just the Biggers Biggersing” at {neighborhood} (Free)
Individually, Dallas fashion designer/videographer/photographer/painter Jeremy Biggers and Dallas rapper/singer Sam Lao are among the city’s most compelling creatives. Add in the fact that they’re married, that this much creative energy is spilling out of one household, and their prowess gets a little mind-blowing. But never moreso than this weekend, when they put on their first joint art show. — Pete Freedman

Barks and Bikes at Crashed Toys
Get those pups out of that kennel for a day of canine love. Stay inside the clubhouse or go out to the “Boneyard” for live agility demonstrations, fun bags, food trucks and more. — SJ

Dallas Comic Show at Richardson Civic Center
This comic show returns, bringing you the best in comic culture from across the nation. Snap a few photos beside the stuff of legend, such as Speed Racer’s Mach 5 or the Blues Brothers’ Bluesmobile before wandering off to the assorted vendors’ booths. — SJ

Dan Lam: “Coquette” at Fort Works Art
In her first large-scale solo exhibition, Lam’s trademark drippy sculptures will melt along the walls nearby a couple giant installation pieces. The seven-week show runs through September 17, and Ronnie Heart will be playing the role of DJ at this opening reception. — CG
Whitey Morgan at Billy Bob’s
Whitey Morgan ain’t your granddaddy’s country singer. Wait a sec, yes he is. That’s precisely what makes his beer-soaked, Waylon-esque honky-tonk anthems so damn appealing. They don’t make ’em like Whitey no more, and that’s a damn shame. Cody Jinks co-headlines. — CG

The Battle for the Alamo at Three Links
Shaka, American Shit Storm, Dead Words, From Parts Unknown, Revolucion Oi! and The Brokes will compete in this battle of the bands. Two will move on to a second round, where the eventual winners will join the Remember the Punks Music Fest lineup in San Antonio to perform alongside acts like The Vandals, MXPX, and T.S.O.L. among others. — CG

Bart Crow at Trees
Bart Crow is a country artist who sings songs about love, lost love, and God. If that sounds familiar to you, it’s because he’s completely unremarkable and blends in with dozens of other country artists. Still, with the help of Pat Green, he’s found enough success to warrant playing 150 shows a year, most of which are in his home state. — Paul Wedding

Slobberbone at Lola’s Trailer Park (Free)
Just the name alone is enough to make a middle-schooler crack a grin, or, in our case, laugh out loud. Around these parts, the Denton alt-country luminaries need no introduction. — SJ

Nina Diaz at The Prophet Bar
When not touring Morrissey-loving, alt-rock sister trio Girl in a Coma, the band’s vocalist/guitarist Nina Diaz does the solo thing. Scarlet Sails also performs. — CG

Masters of Funk at Fair Park
The name speaks for itself. If you love funk? You’ll love the chance to catch The Bar Kays, Con Funk Shun and The Ohio Players in Dallas. They were even nice enough to send you a message: “Dust off your bellbottoms and starch those collars — the Masters of Funk rolls into town.” Well alright then. — SJ

A Conversation with Roy Clark at The Live Oak
Listen to the country legend spill the beans with intimate stories about his life as well as a few performances of some of his greatest works. — SJ

DFW Cruise Night and Pin-Up Girl Contest at Mother Truckers
Take that sheet off that old school car, truck or bike and hightail it out to the Northwest Highway bar. You’ve seen the lines of classic cars if you’ve been around the area, now you can be a part of the action. Don’t forget to dress the part, too. — SJ

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas at Texas Theatre
Time to get hippy-trippy with this cult classic about that one time Hunter S. Thompson went to bat country and went bat-shit crazy. The man was still a total badass. — SJ

Hot Chip (DJ Set) at It’ll Do Club
Hot cheetos, Takis, hot fries, turbos flamas, whatever your fancy, Hot Chip has a fire DJ set that may melt the needles. — SJ

Siamese at Double Wide
Word round town is these four put on one of the best live shows in the city, chalk full of energy and ego, props and costumes. They’ll be joined by Summer Salt, Triathlon and Native Fox at this welcome-home-from-tour show. — SJ

Megafauna at Dan’s Silverleaf
Defined as large or giant animals in terrestrial zoology, Megafauna is also an apt descriptor for the giant, guitar-heavy sound of the Austin band headlining Dan’s on Saturday . The Megafauna playing this particular evening is touring on its third full-length entitled Maximalist, an album that pushes the boundaries previously set by the outfit, or so we’re told. If expansive, over-the-top rock ‘n’ roll gets you going, well by all means, this might be your place. — Evan Henry

“Bardoment” at CentralTrak
For his MFA project at the no-“c”-all-one-word artist residency, Tony Vincenti’s “Bardoment,” is a “collage of experience,” incorporating still images, moving images and sound. — CG

Royals at RBC
Master of the Mic mastermind Callie Dee and Dezi Love are throwing a joint b-day bash. The Bodega Brovas, Fab Deuce, Ekzile and DJ Sean P are all invited. You are, too. — CG

22!: The Church Anniversary Party
On any given Sunday night, while many of us are immersed in our stories on the TV, a few hundred greater Dallasites are preparing to head to that small corner of outer Deep Ellum that shares a zip code with Uptown. At the very end of the short, orphaned block of Swiss Avenue lies their destination, a painted-black building with a neon lizard on an exterior wall and an interior that looks an awful lot like it might’ve been a strip club once, long ago. In 1995-ish, some filmmakers thought it looked a little like a strip club too, and so it’s in this building — as the “Sixty-Six Club” — that you can find the scenes in Keys To Tulsa, where characters played by Eric Stolz and James Spader engage a raven-haired stripper named Cherry played by Joanna Going. Cherry dances to a Golden Palominos song (“Little Suicides”) on a raised, round, pole-centered side-stage that could still be found in the club until quite recently. These days, dancers who want a little extra attention — or maybe just a space that’s a little separated from the crowd — step up on low rectangular risers that approximate where the round side stage and the old DJ booth used to live. It’s not quite as dramatic, but they still use it, Thursday through Sunday. Which brings us back to Sundays at the Lizard Lounge, where club-within-a-club The Church has been running every Sunday since 1994. In fact, its birthday is this very weekend. — Allan Hayslip

Mystery Lights at Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill (Free)
The secular New York garage rockers perform a pair of free shows in town tonight, first at Good Records, followed by another at Gas Monkey. — CG

Conor Wallace (Album Release) at Dan’s Silverleaf
The former Ella Minnow frontman is relasing a batch of catchy, ear-wormy pop rock songs to which you’ll have little trouble latching onto immediately. They real good. Buy one. — CG

Periphery at House of Blues
The Noise brings you the six-man metal group on their Sonic Unrest tour. They’re legit, supporting powerhouses like Veil Of Maya, The Dillinger Escape Plan and Between The buried And Me. — SJ

12th Planet at SiSu
No other genre of music was the subject of more debate in ’11 than dubstep. 12th Planet, one of the preeminent producers in the ever-polarizing genre, will be doing his thing at the Uptown pool resort. — CG

Thrill Bill at Lola’s Saloon
Sometimes you need some rock and roll that throws you back into those weekly underage parties in college with a tapped keg and pissed off people so mad they thrash in the garage while the band plays. Thrill Bill is that band, riling them straight to the county jail after the cops come knocking. — SJ

Return of the Trilogy at Majestic Theatre
The original three Star Wars flicks screen back-to-back-to-back. Live long and prosper. — CG

The King of the Streets at Gas Monkey Live (Free)
Leave it to Richard Rawlings to host the biggest car show in Dallas, featuring evertying from motorcycles to big rigs, and a $2K cash prize. Start your engines. — CG

BT at Bungalow Beach Club
Grammy-nominated producer and composer, BT, has written tracks for the likes of Paul Van Dyk, Peter Gabriel and ‘N Sync and provided music for films like The Fast and the Furious, which is to say he’s got some skins on the wall. He returns to Bungalow for this week’s Sunday pool party. — CG

Transformers: The Movie at TX Theatre
No, not the Michael Bay explosion-o-rama bullshit, this is the 1986 animated Transformers flick with the killer soundtrack. — CG

Backyard Story Night at The Wild Detectives
It’s a night of good, wholesome vibes as members of the Peace Corps and AmeriCorps share their stories of working within communities both here and abroad. Grab a cup of coffee and be sure to get there a little early. — SJ


















































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