Don’t Be Blue.

The words “fire ant” carry with them some negative connotation, no doubt. They bring to mind painful stings and ruined picnics, for starters.

But not all fire ants are dickheads, we presume. So it’s kind of an unfair brush to paint the entire species with, don’t you think?

For the good of the species, a recent petition to President Obama is underway to change the bugs currently known as fire ants to “spicy boys.”

In that same spirit, what’s say we go ahead and change the word “weekend” as well? Personally, I’m not sure what buzzy new thing we should call it, per se. But I do think a change is in order.

Below, there’s like 50 reasons why these next few days feel more like where the week really begins. — Cory Graves

Miranda July at Winspear Opera House
July is now an award winning author (The First Bad Man) and filmmaker (Me You and Everyone We Know) that is taking the time to explain how she did it, from her earliest work, making books and shoes to movies to her life in the present. The talk should be insightful to all artists both young and not so young. — Sidney Johnson

Zakk Wylde at Gas Monkey Live
Zakk Wylde is a living legend in the hard-rock and metal scene the world over. He is the former guitarist for mumbling bat-biter, Ozzy Osborne and godfather of the Black Label Society. Metalheads rejoice; the black and white swirl has come to hypnotize you. — SJ

Craig Robinson at Addison Improv
Oh, hey, Daryl from The Office is in town doing stand-up these next few days. — CG

Richard Buckner at City Tavern
The multifaceted country/folk singer-songwriter hails from San Francisco, and has been in the business since the early ’90s. His first album, Bloomed was recorded in Lubbock with famed producer, Lloyd Maines and still jams. — SJ

DFW Nerd Night at Dallas Games Marathon
You used to play board games with your little sister, cheating her on Candyland and stealing in Monopoly, classy. Now that you’re grown up use that energy to help a cause. The event is free and guests will have access to over 1,000 different board games. Proceeds benefit a local charity (yet to be announced.) — SJ

Pageantry’s EP Listening Party and Coffee Blend Release
Beer and music just pairs well together. As does coffee, for that matter. In conjunction with the release of its new Vicious Wishes EP, Denton’s Pageantry is getting its own blend of coffee courtesy of Novel Coffee Roasters. It’ll first become available this Friday as part of a free listening party at Shift Coffee. — CG

Bart Crow at Billy Bob’s
Bart Crow may not ring a bell outside his niche fanbase, nor does he turn heads with his sound. That doesn’t mean he’s been excluded from the limelight, altogether. While occupying the Texas music scene with the chart topping “Saying Goodbye,” Crow toured on a consistent basis and still does today. He plays Billy Bob’s, the world’s premier honky-tonk venue, this Friday. — Calvin Cashen

Twenty One Pilots at Allen Event Center (Sold Out)
Twenty One Pilots’ restless plot for world domination continues at the Allen Event Center, where it’ll perform in support of its massive sophomore hit album, Blurryface. — CC

Zane Williams at Rockin’ Rodeo
Did you know local country musician Zane Williams recently helped bring down a giant ring of music instrument thieves in Houston, resulting in over 130 arrests? Hell yeah! That deserves a hero’s welcome. — CG

Roger Creager: “Behind the Songs” at Kessler Theater
The award winning Texas country singer has a love of salt water. He frequently snorkels with dolphins, spear fishes, scuba dives and a load of other adventurous stuff we wish we could do. He often puts that spontaneity into his tunes, which he’ll explain in detail at this “Behind the Songs” show. — SJ

Jared Caraway, Pearl Earl at The Foundry (Free)
Jared Caraway has been performing primarily as a solo artist since 2005. He’ll serenade The Foundry, yet again, with the charm and humility he’s known for. Pearl Earl, meanwhile, provides the soundtrack for your chicken dinner. — CC

’90s vs 2K Party at RBC
In a world of fleeting trends that change as fast as they’re born, the ’90s stand as a time all its own. We had Nirvana, 2Pac, Jurassic Park, Jncos’, Playstation, Nickelodeon (when it wasn’t trash) and a ton of other gems that are being recreated for further regurgitation. If you’re like many and miss those times, this event will transport you back faster than DJ Jazzy Jeff being thrown out of the mansion. Come ready to leave it all on the floor. — SJ

Start of Summer Watergun Fight at Klyde Warren Park (Free)
We all remember hitting our siblings with water balloons, or hearing the crack of the water against their back as we squeezed the trigger of the super soaker. Now, as adults, we can relive those mischievous days and shoot each other again. Just don’t aim for the eyes and we’re all good. — SJ

Moon Boots at It’ll Do Club
When speaking of Moon Boots, one would likely think of footwear for astronauts, or those hideous UGG boots that will be returning in the coming months. But this is an entirely different, record-spinning figure. With influences such as funk daddy, Bootsy Collins, Boots is sure to entertain. — SJ

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and After-Party at Texas Theatre
It is a trek into the past within a trek into the past. Bill and Ted go way back, back to a time when Keanu Reeves wasn’t portrayed as melancholic or confused. He and Alex Winter all but popularized the “Suh Dude” before those guys were even thought of. Joey Seeman will be DJing the after party and guests are encouraged to dress the part of either sir Preston or Logan. Excellent! — SJ

Marty Haggard at Stagecoach Ballroom
You guessed it, Marty is the son of the late, but absolutely legendary, Merle Haggard. Marty even toured with his father and picked up a few things from his old man along the way. The event is a tribute to Merle and the accomplishments of the country icon. — SJ

Book of Love at Granada Theater
The American synth-pop and electronic band has been playing since the early ’80s. Their song Pretty Boys And Pretty Girls was a trailblazer as it was one of the first songs to address the AIDS epidemic at a time when it wasn’t cool to do so. They look straight out of an Adams Family picture and it couldn’t be more dark and awesome. — SJ

They Say the Wind Made Them Crazy (Album Release) at Ochre House
The experimental Dallas duo is having an album release party for its newest entry into the vault, Far From The Silvery Light. They’re dark and deep, like that kid that sat at the emo table by himself. — SJ

Deep Ellum Social at Trees
What better way to socialize than with an assortment of alcoholic drinks, 30 musical acts, a water pong tournament and a free-to-play arcade room? I sure can’t think of many. — CC

“Reciprocated Salvage” at CentralTrak
The all-one-word-with-no-“C” artists residency and gallery will host artist Cynthia Ann Miro’s latest exhibition. Miro once worked as a code writer and that has influenced her approach to art in an expressive philosophy. She is engaged and believes in preserving the diversity of Dallas. — SJ

Grand Opening at Benny Jack Antiques
What’s old is new again. “Thrifting” and finding old things seems to be a trendy past time now. Kids used to make fun of those who wore the thrift store clothes, but now, those poppin’ tags are now the cool and cost sensible shoppers, go figure. This is the grand opening so if you frequent antiques, this shop has all of your nostalgic needs and wants. — SJ

Panther City Panic at The Live Oak
The sounds of Texas’ alternative rock scene will be the main attraction at this upcoming Live Oak show. Austin’s Alpha Rev will headline, along with lo-fi rockers Ringo Deathstarr, Denton’s Birds of Night, Fort Worth’s Joe Gorgeous and many more. — CC

You Can Pickle That With Yims Foods! At The Mix Coworking Space
Hone your pickling skills at Good Local Market’s Summer Homesteading Series. Time to prove what can and can’t be pickled. The answer may surprise you. — CC

V Market at Shipping and Receiving
The best way to sustain the economy is by supporting local businesses. I’m not trying to impart my financial wisdom here (I have none); I’m just subconsciously convincing you to go to V Market. So do it. — CC

D-Town Beatdown at Versus Gameplay
This series of oldschool videogame tournaments includes showdowns in Street Fighter V, Mortal Kombat X and Super Smash Bros among others. It’s $10 per game to enter, and you gotta bring your own controller. — CG

North Texas Comic Book Show at Double Tree Hotel Dallas Market Center
Comic book and party enthusiasts are encouraged to get their butts to this one. Carl Potts, former Marvel Comics editor and artist, Doug Hazelwood, artist on The Flash and Superman and more than enough cosplay will keep you entertained. Admission is $10 at the door and children under 11 years old get in free. — SJ

Charley Pride at Arlington Music Hall
Charley Pride is RCA’s second best-selling recording artist only to Elvis Presley. This is an impressive feat, considering America’s racial partiality in the ’30s. The undeniable legend performs in Arlington this Saturday. — CC

Winery Dogs at Gas Monkey Live
Radio spots advertising this show have been pretty heavily driving the point home that The Winery Dogs is a quote-unquote supergroup. Real talk, though: to how many people are Richi Kotzen, Billy Sheehan and Mike Portnoy household names? Sure Kotzen was a member of Poison for a while, Sheehan was in Mr. Big, and, most impressively, Portnoy co-founded Dream Theater. But still. — CG

The Vagabonds at Double Wide
Alabama jam band The Vegabonds weaves gentle threads of folk and soul into its sound. Though prevalent, these calming elements are offset by the band’s rootsier edge. The outfit will bring that meticulous craftsmanship to Double Wide. The Mammoths and Ryan Berg & the Velvet Ears opens. — CC

Don’t Think Twice w/ Mike Birbiglia Live at The Magnolia
Mike Birbigila’s latest cinematic endeavor, Don’t Think Twice, revolves around a close-knit comedy troupe in New York City. The film, hits The Magnolia a month before its proper release for an exclusive screening and Q&A. Starring Keegan-Michael Key, Don’t Think Twice explores the trappings of fame and friendship with a narrative that’s as funny as it is touching. — CC

Halsey at Allen Event Center
After attaining a bona-fide radio hit with “New Americana,” enthusiastic pop icon Halsey, underwent a big aesthetic change. She cut her hair! Aside from that, nothing’s changed. She’s still indulging in pop stardom, but mind you, she’s not the least bit apologetic about it. — CC

Adventure Club at SiSu
If you’re well-versed in Dallas nightlife, you’d be hard pressed to think of a better way to spend a Sunday than at Disco Donnie’s weekly Aqua Series pool parties. Adventure Club will entertain the EDM bro in you from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. whilst you splash about. — CC

Hard Days Night at The Majestic
The Majestic Theater and the Texas Theatre are collaborating this summer for a four part series that surveys the most coveted rock ‘n’ roll films of the ’60s. Four historic films will be screened this July, which will start at The Majestic and swap to the Texas Theatre, respectively. The series kicks off with the the Fab Four’s cinematic opus, A Hard Day’s Night. — CC

Wordspace Presents: Looped at The Wild Detectives (Free)
The event will feature six artists, all with different talents, ranging from poetry, visual installations to sound design. It is a break from the typical show, with poetry played through headphones then translated through visual interpretation. This should be an interesting approach to artistic expression. — SJ

Silas Nello (EP Release) at Vickery Park
Silas Nello likes to lament over the trials of the human condition, whilst touting a cowboy hat atop his head. The singer-songwriter’s forthcoming EP Daingerfield will give him a chance to test-run some new live material and, of course, entertain. Jenna Clark and Robert Cody Maxwell open. — CC

Christmas in July at Dan’s Silverleaf
It’s a day dedicated to appreciation for the Denton Holiday Lighting Festival by the good folks at Dan’s for the community and its sponsors. Bring the entire family for live music by Marathons and Unicorns, High School Cesar and Joe Pat Hennen. Texas weather is crazy so you may need to bring an umbrella and swimming attire. — SJ

Sam Gellaitry & Friends at Trees
Back in the early 2000s, you could support a fully-fledged tour just by the amount of plays your music has on MySpace. With the prolonged popularity of platforms like SoundCloud, it seems that anyone with a laptop and editing software can do the same thing. Scotland born producer, Sam Gellaitry, is pushing this scheme as far as it can go. After initially releasing material online, Gellaitry amassed over 100,000 follows on SoundCloud. The producer is setting out on a round of dates, where he’ll ignite Trees with his selection of synthetic beats. — CC

Colours at The Prophet Bar
The two-man mood makers have no desire to bring in more band members, stating it keeps their sounds more free. With a quick listen, one can see exact;y what they mean. This melodic wave comes to town with a small fee of $14. Sir, Clover The Girl will also be in attendance. — SJ

Denton Comedy Collective at Mable Peabody’s
Denton is a place all its own; Art kids smoking their Spirits barefoot at the “Bumhole” (beside Voertmans) while the long-boarders race down Fry St. to the watering hole. Given these, and countless other examples we can’t get into, it can be assumed that comedians hailing from Little D would have a flare all their own as well. Seven different comedians will make that small trek to Dallas for a night of laughs. — SJ

Pinegrove at Three Links
Pinegrove headlines the event along with Sports, Half Waif and Lomelda. Each group has a different approach so contrast between sets should be fairly stark. So be sure to link up with some friends to enjoy the festivities, three isn’t a crowd in this instance. — SJ

Chino y Nacho at House of Blues
Pop tag-team, Chino Y Nacho, is temporarily leaving its Venezuelan homeland for a North American trek this July. — CC

Lake and Bake at Lake Grapevine
DFW NORML will host its third annual event dedicated to marijuana reform and boating. Vendor booths will be selling items and, since the event is free, you can re-up on whatever you need. Please don’t bring your stash with you to be the cool guy, you’ll ruin it for everyone. It will be hot so stay toasty my friends. — SJ

Acosta at Bungalow Beach Club
Bungalow Beach Club’s summer DJ series, Splash, is just getting warmed up; in both a literal and figurative sense. George Acosta will serve as the pool party’s special guest DJ. — CC

Too Hot To Handle 15K at Norbuck Park
It’s hot, but it’s a little better when you’re running in the sun. OK, maybe not, but the event is for a good cause, so suck it up. There will be a 5k as well as a 15k for the real MVPs. Come enjoy the live music, food and a beer garden. Because nothing quenches your thirst after you’ve thrown up half way through like a glass of empty carbs. That’s just how we Texans roll, son. — SJ

Private Property at Texas Theatre
Lost films are a freaking anomaly. Before Universal Pictures got its hands on the property rights, Merry Shelley’s Frankenstein was adapted into a short-film in 1910. The film was believed to be a lost relic, until a working print was purchased by a film collector in the ’50s. The film was released publicly, shortly after; and it’s really, really weird. Leslie Steven’s, Private Property, is the latest film revived into working condition from the trappings of time. The film, which follows two lethal travelers in Beverly Hills, will be screened at the historic Texas Theatre this Sunday. — CC

Summer Sale at Stag Provisions
Not just a sell, but Brass Tacks will be there cutting hair, and there’ll be cold beer in addition to the 20 percent off all apothecary goods you’ll enjoy from noon to 5 p.m. — CG

American Fetish Story at The Church
If you’re coming to the club within a club for its weekly appearance, you might want to just go ahead and come dressed as your favorite character from any season of American Horror Story.

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