Play The Game.

Welp, WrestleMania is in town this Sunday, and it’s still real to me, dammit. That means beefed up wrestlers will be all but unavoidable all weekend long. Aside from the Grandaddy of Them All, the so-called Super Bowl of Wrestling also brings with it dozens of other related events. Seriousy, spandex as far as the eye can see.

But just because sports entertainment will dominate the North Texas landscape this weekend, that doesn’t mean that’s all there is going on. Here’s a whole bunch of ways to keep your shirt on and have fun at the same time. — Cory Graves

Big Texas Beer Fest at Fair Park Automobile Building
Big Texas Beer Fest is an annual festival featuring live bands, food trucks, and obviously, a lot of beer. The event brings together 500 different beers from 140 different breweries. The event focuses mostly on the Texas craft beer scene, and if you haven’t been drinking good beer recently, the Texas craft beer scene has been great the past few years. Some of the local breweries featured at the festival include the Deep Ellum Brewing Company, Revolver Brewing, and Rahr & Sons. — Paul Wedding

Snoop Dogg at Avenu
Snoop Dogg is one of the most prolific and well-known rappers of all time, and this weekend he’ll be formally inducted into the celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of Fame. Before that, the wrestling great will appear at Avenu Lounge of all places. So sip on some gin and juice and relive some of the most memorable rap music of the ’90s. — PW

10-Year Anniversary at City Tavern
Downtown Dallas Bar City Tavern is turning 10, and they’re partying the whole weekend to celebrate. Tonight will feature Ricki Dererk &the Big Band, while Saturday will host local country act Whiskey Folk Ramblers, Bad Mountain, and Greg Schroeder. They will end things on Sunday with the swing-style big band Swingshift, featuring Donnie. So raise a Dirty Dusty or three — or, hell, 10 if you’re feeling extra dirty. — PW

Johnny Beauford, Laura Harrell, Nash Griggs at Spinster Records (Free)
Johnny Beauford and Nash Griggs are two members of the Dallas band Jack Kerowax, one of the better local bands, with a strong rock sound with Americana influence. Laura Harrell contrasts with the two, as her band, Party Static, is aggressively punk. Regardless, all three musicians are solid members of the local Dallas music scene, and it should be cool to see them doing something completely different than their main gigs — and in such an intimate space, too. Oh, and it’s free! — PW

Arts All Night at Greater Denton Arts Council
This is the second annual installment of Arts All Night. Basically, it’s an old fashioned lock in Denton-style. The night will feature musical performances from Brave Combo and Jessie Frye, gallery performances like Celtic dancing and storytelling, karaoke, flashlight gallery tours, food trucks and a marathon of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. There will be plenty of art exhibitions on display, some print making workshops and beer, lovely Audacity Brewery beer. Tickets are a mere $10 for an all-night artstravaganza. — Roberto Aguilar

Deep Ellum Arts Festival
Returning for the 22nd year is the oft-criticized Deep Ellum Arts Festival. Perhaps the first sign that Deep Ellum has enough cool shit going on of its own for an out-of-town fest to come in and clog up traffic to peddle dentist office paintings is the fact that this year’s incarnation has been moved over and down several blocks to a less-busy couple of blocks than years past. This one will go down on the stretch of Main Street between Malcom X and Exposition all three days this weekend and feature more than 100 original bands including Charley Crocket, Parallel Play, Northern National, Dezi 5, Valise and Brave Combo. — CG

The Labrynth at Inwood Theatre
Labyrinth (1986) will probably be screened at theaters for hundreds of years to come. For real, who can’t appreciate a movie directed by Jim Henson, produced by Lucasfilm, starring Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie and about a baby stolen by a wizard? Plus, Bowie sings and wears super tight pants. So glorious it is. The imagery is amazing from the puppet work to the special effects. It’s a super silly kids movie, but will astonish people of every age. You know, as long as they have a heart and imagination. — RA

Dallas Uber Alles at Three Links (Free, Early Show)
Dallas Uber Alles is a local Dead Kennedys cover band. If you’ve ever seen videos of them perform or watched them live, these guys don’t phone it in. They capture the same punk energy as The Dead Kennedys, which makes for a great live experience. There’s no cover at the door, and it’s an early show, so if you’ve got plans later in the night, this could be a good way to kick off the night. — PW

Mothership at Three Links (Late Show)
Hard-rocking locals Mothership and Wo Fat are on their way to rock out Europe, but first they want to blow up Three Links. Mothership is heavy as hell, rock a mean Flying V guitar and head bang like a conniption fit. Wo Fat throws all caution to the wind playing some ugly stoner-doom that sounds like a scrap yard caught up in a tornado. Dead Hawke opens the show. — RA

Texas Ink and Art Expo at Will Rogers Memorial Center
The Texas Ink & Art expo has you covered, in ink and events. There are 57 tattoo artists listed on the website along with a host of different tattoo contests, pin-up modeling shows and suspension — you’ll definitely want to hang around for that. Sideshows and aerial dancers are also listed on the event list. — RA

WordSpace presents Karen Finley: The Jackie Look at Kessler Theater
Karen Finley is a performance artist who got her start in the ’70s San Francisco punk scene. Her performances capture this by creating political discussion and controversy. She’s discussed various topics from her father’s suicide to the female body. This time around, she’ll be performing a monologue as Jackie Onassis. As the former first lady, she’ll be looking at the cultural fascination with images of trauma. — PW

Eleven Hundred Springs at Lola’s Trailer Park
Eleven Hundred Springs is an outlaw country band that really doesn’t give a shit. The band makes the music it wants to, which is old-school style country with a lot of swearing and lyrics about drinking. Unlike a lot of country acts, these guys have the missing element: Authenticity. — PW

Shibboleth at AllGood Cafe
Shibboleth is a local instrumental rock band that plays music with a sound akin to that of something you would hear in an elevator if they played more Spanish-sounding music, or the loading screen of a Nintendo game. Not that that’s a bad thing. — PW

Repo Man at Texas Theatre
You can count the amount of good movies Emilio Estevez has been in on one hand, and right next to Mighty Ducks, this is one of his best. Repo Man is an ’80s cult classic that follows around Emilio Estevez and Harry Dean Stanton as repo men, they repossess cars and vaporize people with their trunk. It’s weird. funny, and worth watching. There’s also going to be a punk rock show afterwards with Radioactivity, Bad Times, The Noids and DJs Travis Box and Benjamin White. Because why not. — PW

Ghost Note at Dan’s Silverleaf
Ghost-Note is a Grammy Award-winning duo centered around pushing the limits in regards to drums and percussion instruments. The combination of electronic, funk and world music uses creates an eclectic sound that expands the range of what can be done with rhythm and drums. It’s also funny that they’re playing in Denton, because there’s actually a drum store on the square called The Ghost Note. — PW

Big Smo at Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill
You know those country songs that get shit for being really generic sounding and only singing about trucks and beer and blue collar work? It’s just like that, except with rapping over offensively bland country music. — PW

K104 April Fool’s Comedy Jam at Verizon Theatre
Relive the ’90s with Def Comedy Jam and MTV alum Bill Bellamy. Of note: Bellamy is credited with creating — or at least being the first to say on TV — the term “booty call.” C’mon, Dallas. We owe him at least a few ticket sales for adding that bit of shorthand to the lexicon. Corey Holcomb and Michael Blackson also perform at this big April Fool’s comedy show. — Stephen Young

Kirko Bangz at Gas Monkey Live
Houston rapper Kirko Bangz first broke out in 2011 with his hit song, “Drank In My Cup.” He then released his debut EP, Playa Made, five years too late when people stopped caring about him. — PW

Swimming With Bears at Rubber Gloves
The Austin alterna-soul quartet compares itself to “Kings Of Leon, Band Of Horses, and Temper Trap,” and sites “Explosions In The Sky, This Will Destroy You, Phoenix, The XX, Modest Mouse, Muse, Death Cab For Cutie, and Mumford & Sons” as additional influences. Yup. Fun Button, Mink Coats and Mother Tongues open. — CG

Sandra at House of Blues
In the ’80s, German New Wave singer Sandra caused a bit of international stir. In 1985, her song “(I’ll Never Be) Maria Magdalena” was No. 1 in 21 countries. In spite of her several follow-up hits, she remains something of a cult figure on this side of the pond. — CG

Yonder Mountain String Band at Granada Theater
You say “progressive bluegrass,” I say “poor man’s Bela Fleck and the Flecktones.” Let’s call the whole thing off. — CG

Kool Keith at The Rail Club
The self-proclaimed inventor of horror-core rap, Kool Keith has floated between several alter egos throughout his long career (See also: Dr. Octagon, Dr. Dooom, Black Elvis, Mr. Gerbik, Rhythm X). These days, though, Kool Keith performances are an off-the-wall blend of attention-deficit hip-hop and weird diatribes that illicit a Kaufman-esque is-he-a-crazy-genius-or-just-crazy vibe. Devil Doll Burlesue, the now-solo Slim Gravy and Lean Out Boys open. — CG

Del Closed Fist Presents: WrestleMania at Dallas Comedy House
So you like to laugh and you’re a wrestling fan? This even promises an hour’s worth of improv comedy featuring a roster of as-yet-unnamed professional wrestlers. Past performers have come from the ranks of WWE, NXT, Lucha Underground, ROH, NJPW and Dragon Gate, so your guess as to who shows to this thing is as good as ours. — PW

Foam Wonderland at QuikTrip Park
Because some people like to have a legal excuse to get covered in frothy, white liquid surrounded by underage girls. — PW

Dallas Roughnecks Inaugural Game at Five Star Sports Complex in The Colony
As we told you last month, Dallas will be adding this weekend a professional ultimate frisbee team called the Dallas Roughnecks to its roster of pro sports franchises. The Roughnecks will play in the American Ultimate Disc League as one of 26 teams spread throughout the U.S. and Canada, and in their inaugural season, the Roughnecks will boast a stacked roster that includes three of the most well-known and downright badass players in the sport. Welcome to town as they take on the Austin Sol. — Hayden Bernstein

Peelander-Z at Rubber Gloves
For most bands swapping out members is a pretty big headache, and can even be viewed as a divisive action among fans (See: Van Halen vs Van Hagar). For Japanese comic book punks Peelander-Z, though, it’s as simple as buying a new color pseudo Power Ranger costume and voila! And that’s not intended as a slight towards the band in the least: Peelander’s live shows are often as action-packed as the comic-style characters they emulate. — CG

Art + Autism at UNT ArtSpace Dallas
“Art + Autism” is a fantastic exhibition displaying work of artists living with autism from all over the country. The artwork is outstanding and varies in media from poetry and painting to collage and drawings. Some works included in the show are by the honorable Temple Grandin and an artist, Stephen Wiltshire, who draws perfect sketches of landscapes based on his photographic memory. The opening reception of “Art + Autism” will feature talks from some of the artists on display. — RA

Little Guy Movers Crawfish Boil at Dan’s Silverleaf
The Brown-eyed Susans are peeking out. Songbirds are chirping sonnets of love. Millions of crawfish are boiling in a mix of dried herbs, red spices and garlic. It’s finally Spring! Dan’s Silverleaf is one of the many places looking to throw down the mudbugs, but it will be packing a Canjun punch with guest performers Jay-B & The Zydeco Posse. Crawfish and Zydeco, a match made in humid heaven. — RA

Grand Opening at National Videogame Museum
Having lived through the inception of video games into pop culture and their subsequent integration into everyday life, Joe Santulli, John Hardie and Sean Kelly know the history of the gaming industry better than most. After starting in the ’70s and ’80s as both home and arcade players themselves, they collected peripherals and games looking only at the time to improve upon their already amazing collections. As time progressed, their collections became markers of the progress of technology rather than just bragging points. Together their memorabilia comprises the new National Videogame Museum in Frisco, which celebrates its grand opening this Saturday. The museum will hold not only odds and ends of electronic pop culture, but also the world’s largest Pong console, as well as an authentic ’80s style arcade. — Brian Knowles

Michael Palma at Twilite Lounge (Free)
The Michael Palma New Quartet is an old-fashioned jazz group that just released its debut CD, Broken Roses. And they’re really good, their technical prowess is impressive to listen to, as each member of the band works their instrument perfectly. The piano and drums keep tempo flawlessly as the trumpet goes every which way on the staff sheet. This is jazz for real fans of jazz. — PW

Texas Chick-O-Rama Festival Event at Camp Crucis
Texas Chick-O-Rama is for all the chicken lovers out there. This family oriented and educational event highlights the benefits of the little cluckers and how to preserve all the different species of chickens. Entertainment includes hay rides, chicken games, crafts, a somewhat morbid egg & chicken cook-off, and live country and rock ‘n’ roll music. The HWY 80 Band, Morgan Lindley, Mark Trimmier Band plus many more are set to perform. — RA

Friends of the Santa Fe Trail Pub Ride at Fresh Market
Get some immediate reward by joining in a pub ride on the Santa Fe Trail. Take in a beautiful view, some fresh air and exercise then fill your gullet with cold beer. The ride takes off from Arboretum Village and heads down the trail to Deep Ellum and stops at The Lot, Cold Beer Co. and Goat Ranch. A small $10 donation gets you free first rounds at each location. — RA

Weatherford Comic Con at Texas Pythian Home
The cosplayers of Weatherford are convening for a cause, to raise funds for the Texas Pythian Home orphanage. The Home, which is a giant medieval-esque castle, is the perfect location for a comic convention if you think about it. The special guests on hand will include the actor who played Zordon on The MIghty Morphin Power Rangers, author and actor Ken Sagoes, and Funimation voice-actor Brina Palencia. There will also be professional wresting from Central PA Wrestling and Big Time Wrestling, as well as live-action role playing games. Check out the after party at Antebellum Ale House, too.RA

Tacky Crafts III: Macrame Magic at Double Wide
Tacky Crafts is back to get you into the groove of crafting while drinking. It’s totally safe, don’t fret. This time they’re working on teaching you macramé, which is like knitting for the non-dexterous. Enjoy $2 drink specials all day, too. What a delicious twist. — RA

Hares on the Mac at Dan’s Silverleaf
In celebration of Slobberbone guitarist Brian Lane’s birthday, Hares on the Mountain will play Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors in its entirety. The birthday boy himself, along with Petra Kelly and Isaac Hoskins will open. — CG

Herb Alpert and Lani Hall at Majestic Theatre
The Tijuana Brass trumpeter and the Sergio Mendes lead vocalist are teaming up to put a jazzy, Brazilian-flavored take on a bunch of classic tunes. Whatever, if you don’t have at least a few of this pair’s respective vinyls you’re doing something dreadfully wrong. — CG

Calhoun, Gollay at Lola’s Trailer Park
Have you not swung by to check out Lola’s cool new back patio yet? Fix that shit, Rich! It’s really nice back there. It still has that new bar smell and everything. — CG

Baltimore hardcore outfit Mindset is calling it quits at the end of its spring tour. So its first-ever Dallas show is, in all likelihood, also its last. If you haven’t seen them, it’s now or never. Praise is also from B-more, and features members of Turnstile, Angel Du$t and, yes, Mindset. Free at Last opens. — CG

Dave Barnes at Granada Theater
Barnes’ biggest hits might be songs he’s written for country stars like Blake Shelton, Billy Currington and Tim McGraw, but he’s actually put out eight albums of his own. That should at least serve to make them slightly more honest/less douchey sounding. One would hope, anyway. Lucie Silvas opens. — CG

Lee Fields & the Expressions at Dada
If you’re looking for something on the more soulful end of your Saturday night spectrum, then Lee “Little James Brown” Fields and The Expressions are more than capable of fulfilling that need. Fields’ long spanning career increases the sense of anguish to those lost lover ballads that have no doubt inspired many a drunken, 3 a.m., post-breakup text. So, you might want to go ahead and delete your ex’s number prior to the show. Y’know, just in case. — Porttia Portis

Let’s Dance at South Side Ballroom
Silento, iLoveMemphis, DLOW, We Are Toonz, 99 Percent, Team NueEra and DJ Double J intend to make you, well, dance. So get a move on. — CG

No Holds Barred at Alamo Drafthouse (Dallas)
Another WrestleMania-inspired event, this 1989 wrestling movie attempts to capitalize on Hulk Hogan’s Rocky III appearance by putting him in a no ring/no ref/ no rules situation. — CG

Beaver Trilogy Part IV at Texas Theatre
A movie about a movie about a movie about a movie, this documentary is some real inception shit. In 1979, Trent Harris made a short documentary about a weird smalltown dude that called himself Groovin’ Gary. It was subsequently remade with Sean Penn starring as Gary. Then the remake was later remade with Crispin Glover playing Penn. And this one is a documentary about those three films. — CG

WrestleMania 32 at AT&T Stadium
Come on. We’ve been talking about this in advance for weeks, you should know at least a little about this by now. It’s the biggest wrestling event of the year. It’s breaking the WWE attendance record with more than 80,000 people attending. Hell, they’ll probably claim something like 100,000. The pageantry alone is worth checking out for. There’s not much out there more incredible to see than 80,000 people losing their minds in one concentrated area. — PW

Beat Swap Meet at Dada
Buy/sell/trade rare, old school vinyl at this cratedigger’s paradise while DJs spin some wax from their personal collections. Admission is only $3 with a canned good, too. — CG

2016 Spring Fort Worth Tweed Ride at Trinity Park Duck Pond
Don your tweed suit — no, for real, it’s a thing — then hop on an old timey bike and meet at the Duck Pond for a nice, leisurely ride over to Magnolia Street, where they’ll be having another of their Open Streets parties. — CG

La Santa Cecilia at Kessler Theater
Best Latin Rock Grammy winners La Santa Cecilia’s sound runs the gamut of Mexican-influences from cumbia, mariachi, bolero, and rancheras. Alex Ruiz & the Night Mothers opens. — CG

The Sandlot at Alamo Drafthouse (Richardson)
Has it been 20 years already since we first rounded the bases with Smalls, Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez and the rest of the backyard baseball gang? Apparently so. Crazy to think that it’s been two full decades since we battled The Beast for that Babe Ruth-signed ball we stole from Denis Leary. Still, embrace this opportunity. Relive the nostalgia, grab some kids (ones you know, we hope) and go enjoy this flick. — James Wallace

Dog Bowl at The Cotton Bowl
The Cotton Bowl is turning into a massive dog park for this one. Just be sure you pick up after your dog so football players don’t step in any poop. — H. Drew Blackburn


















































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