Fuck Up Some Commas.

It's an even-numbered year, which means that 311 will once again celebrate this March 11th, aka 311 Day, with an epic two-night concert in New Orleans that will see the band will perform more than 80 songs. Depending on what time it is when you're reading this, you can probably still make one or both shows.

If not, no worries. There's plenty of places to get stoned and do stuff around North Texas the next few days, too. And if we've learned anything from our alt rap-rock heroes it's not to stay home this time. You don't have to, you don't want to. So don't stay home this time, no, don't say no. — Cory Graves

Future at South Side Ballroom (Sold Out)
This is pretty much the hip-hop show to be at this weekend. Future has been blowing up a lot lately, He was on SNL this past weekend, has released two albums in the past two years and has been collaborating with everyone from Kanye West to Drake to the Weeknd. Not to mention Ty Dolla Sign, another rapper receiving a lot of noise right now, will be opening for him. And not to worry if you didn't get tickets to this before it sold out, as he'll be back in a few months to headline this year's JMBLYA festival. — Paul Wedding

35 Denton
Really, this is the best you could do, Denton? Oaktopia was at least able to get Edward Sharpe and Minus the Bear to headline their fest this year — no offense to Charles Bradley, Biz Markie or Tacocat. Kinda. Other than that, the majority of the bands are from Denton or Dallas, bands I can pretty much see at least a few times a year anyway without having to front $65. But if you are planning on heading here at any point this weekend, here some facts about 35 Denton to know. — PW

Texas Furry Convention 2016 at InterContinental Dallas
The Dallas Regional Anthropomorphic Meeting Association (D.R.A.M.A.) is holding a convention for furries. For those unfamiliar, they're people that like to dress up like animals. Basically, they really liked those Disney cartoons from the late '80s/early '90s. Other than that, it's not much different from a normal comic book convention — there's cosplaying and artist alleys and dancing and videogame rooms. It's just a lot more, um, fetishized. — PW

Vance Joy at Verizon Theatre
Vance Joy is yet another talented Australian to invade the shores of our great country. The video for his single “Fire and Flood” has reached over 4 million views on YouTube. But when Taylor Swift covered his “Riptide,” that's when things really started to blow up. Later, Swift even had him open up one of her tours, which is an accomplishment in itself. A short while later and he's ready to headline big venues all himself. The wonderful Elle King — who might actually steal this show — opens, along with Jamie Lawson. — Roberto Aguilar

The Sklar Brothers at Hyena's (Fort Worth)
The twin brother stand-ups did their thing last night in Plano, so if you missed it then and want to check it out, here you go. And if you can't make it to this one, they'll do it all over again Saturday night in Dallas. — PW

Reagan James, Madi Davis at The Live Oak
Reagan James wholly deserves her Top 10 spot on Season 7 of The Voice. Her R&B style is so versatile and dynamic. She often covers songs, but she does it in a way that makes the song her own. Madi Davis is a hometown girl from McKinney, Texas, and she also made it big on The Voice. Davis' style is more of a contemporary, easy listening as compared to James, but her voice is so angelic and soothing it's incredibly captivating. — RA

Oliver Heldens at The Bomb Factory
Oliver Heldens is so young that he can't even drink at his own shows. That doesn't matter, because he is so well-liked and on top of his game that he probably gets high just being himself. The 20-year-old already owns his own record label, Heldeep Records, and is currently working with the great Tiësto on some pretty phat jams. As if Heldens wasn't enough, The Bomb Factory will going off with Throttle, Zanderling, Closed Caption and Dillon Nathaniel grooving all night long. — RA

Erik Griffin at Arlington Improv
Erik Griffin is incredibly funny as Montez Walker on Comedy Central's Workaholics. In his stand-up routines he is very literal and reveals some of his inner monologues in uncomfortable situations. Griffin, a child of a Latin American mother and father of European decent, has also found a niche making jokes about his perceived race. He'll be in town for three days, so be sure to catch him at some point this weekend. — RA

The Queers at Three Linnks
Three Links is turning three, and like all three-year-olds, they're putting on a badass punk rock show to celebrate. The Queers will be headlining, a pop punk band that;s been playing for more than 30 years. They're not interested in political statements, they just want to play fun, exciting music. Also playing will be Monkeysphere, Bullet Machine and The Lash Outs, which will be releasing its newest album, State of Excess. — PW

Tribute to The Beatles at Meyerson Symphony Center
The Beatles were a revolutionary band that most people would agree changed rock and roll forever. The band's music was deep, meaningful, and fantastically arranged. Naturally, this would go hand in hand with classical compositions, as the Dallas Symphony Orchestra will be covering some of The Beatles' most beloved songs of all time. There'll be no better place in town to pay your respects to recently passed producer George Martin. — PW

Remix: Arron & Bryce Dessner at Dallas City Performance Hall
ReMix is a new concert series for the less serious fans of classical music. You can sit back, enjoy a beer, and enjoy some good music with some special guests. This time around, the DSO brought in Aaron and Bryce Dessner from The Nationals to play alongside them. —PW

The Room with Tommy Wiseau at Inwood Theatre
Every final Friday of the month, the Inwood Theatre in Highland Park presents The Room, a film that's widely considered to be one of the worst (if not straight up the worst) movie ever made. The theater allows for audience participation during the film's showing, which usually means that a bunch of patrons cackle and yelling at the film and throwing objects at the screen when it's shown. It's a pretty good time. This upcoming weekend, however, should be an even grander time. Not only will the Inwood be playing the film at midnight, but they'll also be welcoming in a special guest. That's right: The Room's director and star, Tommy Wiseau, will be at the theater. It's tearing us apart. — Trace McCaslin

NX377 Presents: Big Hand//Big Knife, Boat Drinks, The County Lines, Wolfs, Vile and Devoid at Sprockets Bicycle and Coffee Shop
This non-35D-affiliated show is a mix of heavy metal, experimental rock and indie rock all inside of a bicycle/cupcake shop. Plus there's free beer. And honestly, it's probably going to be more fun than 35 Denton. Hey, just calling 'em like I sees 'em. — PW

Charlie Puth at Trees (Sold Out)
Marvin Gaye would kick the shit out of this little YouTube imitator if he was alive. — PW

Downtown Boys at RBC
Downtown Boys describes itself as a “bi bilingual political dance sax punk party.” Basically, imagine if Operation Ivy was still a band, and they're about as good. Smear, Eat Avery's Bones and Aztec Death open. — PW

The Mavericks at House of Blues
Sure members of Dallas' NBA franchise have been known to hit the town and party late into the night, but no, that's not what's going on here. Rather, the country-steeped garage band of the same name plays Dallas, just down the street from where those sports ballers play. Take dat witchu. — Ashley Gognora

Mike & the Moonpies at The Rustic
Austin's Mike & The Moonpies like to refer to their sound as “outlaw country,” but it's far less dangerous than it sounds. Of course, in the modern climate when bro “country” is so mainstream, all it takes is a few traditional country instruments and a friendly, Pat Green-like sound to be considered outside the norm. It's a sad state of affairs, indeed. — CG

Oneman at Red Light Lounge
DJ Oneman is an EDM artist that makes the music you pretty much expect him to play. It's dancey club music meant to appeal to the people that like to go out and rave with their friends. Also spinning is My Nu Leng, Zander and Left/Right. — PW

Ron Pope at Granada Theater
Ron Pope is a Nashville independent musician who has been featured on several TV shows the past few years, from The Voice to The Vampire Diaries. The pop-folk musician is comparable to Ed Sheeran in sound and Taylor Swift in songwriting, the lyrics are often hokey and groan-worthy, but they are sung with such sincerity that it still manages to work a lot of the time. Jonathan Tyler and Truett open. — PW

UFO at Gas Monkey Live
UFO has been around since burgers cost a nickle and bubble gum was free — OK, none of that is factually accurate, but you get the point. These British space-rockers have been through many changes throughout their 47-year history, but they have kept that saucer in the sky the whole time. Legacy and Mothership open. — RA

Hell TX, The Warden at Double Wide
Hell TX, as evident by the name, is an Americana band that wears Texas Pride on its collective sleeves. The band's music is meant to capture the spirit and sound of past Texas country, with songs title such as “Cold Beer.” With The Warden opening, you can bet quite a few of those will be consumed at this one. Miller Lites and shots and fights, anyone? — PW

Subset at It'll Do Club
Subset is a DJ and music producer who, as the name suggests, focuses heavily on bass. Like, it's the biggest component of his music. So if that's your thing, he's gonna be playing bass-heavy dance music all night. That is, after all, what it's all about. — PW

AMFMS, PVC Street Gang, Dead Singer's Party at Crown & Harp
King Camel has put together a nightmarish show with this one. AMFMS is coming in from Florida to share its haunting rock that sounds like the soundtrack of being dragged to your shallow grave. PVC Street Gang is a frantic mess of energy, and Dead Singers Party is so melancholy it sounds like a depressed call for help. Yet, this show is poetic and entertaining to say the least. — Roberto Aguilar

Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown at Texas Theatre
Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown is a Spanish black comedy that follows a complex and confusing plot of a woman trying to find her former lover. The film is highly regarded and was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards. — PW

Trollphace at Lizard Lounge
If you've ever been to a recent show at Lizard Lounge, this isn't much different. Standard EDM meant for very late night, very non-sober dancing. — PW

Michael Martin Murphey at Kessler Theater
Oak Cliff native Michael Martin Murphey comes home for a Friday night double header where he'll be singing, “Wildfire,” and a bunch of other cowboy songs he wrote. — CG

Public Launch at House of Blues Foundation Room
The Foundation Room at the House of Blues is coming into a new era of extending their luxurious private club to the public for the first time ever. Basically, the place is a swank club with all the amenities like exotic decor, a perfect sound system and fancy drinks. The HOB is, however, enhancing their menu to include small plates of dishes from around the world, like green papaya salad, Korean fried chicken buns and Vietnamese meatballs. Word has it that VIP members get access to beverage and cigar lockers. Talk about luxury. And now you, too, are invited to bask in it. — RA

Kirk Thurmond at Spinster Records
If you're in need of some rest and relaxation, or if you need to get out some pent up emotions, this is a necessary show for you. Kirk Thurmond & The Millennials are a highly evolved band that reaches down deep into R&B to dredge up some fine soul music. Becky Middleton is a master at bedroom folk, meaning whether you're getting busy or going to sleep, she will get you there. Wesley Geiger is a great songwriter who carries a dusty country tune that tastes like a beer full of tears. — RA

Madea on the Run at Verizon Theatre
Once again, Tyler Perry is Madea in Tyler Perry's Madea on the Run. You remember her. Come on, it's Madea from such movies as Tyler Perry's Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail and Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas. These movies are always critically panned, but judging by the box office numbers and the sheer number of them, they definitely have an audience. — PW

Mini A-Kon 9 at Lewisville Premier Event Center
This isn't some sort of tiny version of the rapper Akon, unfortunately. A-Kon is an annual anime convention held in Dallas, and every year they also hold a Mini A-Kon, a smaller one-day event for a more intimate experience while still having all the fun of a normal A-Kon. This convention will have several panels featuring voice actors like Clifford Chapin, Kristen McGuire and Jeremy Inman, as well as an artist alley and several Japanese vendors and food trucks. — PW

The Music Run Dallas at Fair Park
Running really sucks. It's exhausting and hot and it's embarrassing when everyone else is faster than you. The Music Run is attempting to make it a little better though through, obviously, adding music to the mix. During the run, there will be music playing through concert-quality speakers placed every 50 yards. The 5K run features five different zones, featuring five different genres of music. Also, you get to play DJ by going on the event's Spotify playlists and picking which songs to play. After all of that, there's a huge music festival featuring artists Ishi and Colly T. — PW

The Roomsounds (Album Release) at Three Links
The Roomsounds is a Dallas band releasing its first new album in four years. The band earned a lot of buzz after releasing the first eponymous single off the new Elm Street album from last month, and will be playing the rest it for everyone at the show tonight as the Three Links anniversary weekend rolls on. They'll be joined by special guests Somebody's Darling, Blackfoot Gypsies and Rise and Shine. — PW

The Rocket Summer at The Prophet Bar
The Rocket Summer is pop rock girlcore bullshit complete with a whiny male singer, painfully cringe-worthy lyrics and generic guitar riffs and choruses. But, hey, he's from here, and he just put out a new record, so let's support! — PW

Thelma & the Sleaze, Birdcloud at The Foundry (Free)
Thelma & The Sleaze is a Nashville punk trio with some really heavy hitting songs to rock along to. Birdcloud is a female country duo with songs such as “Fuck You Cop” and “Boy,” a song that starts with a line about waking up cumming — y'know, just the thing you wanna hear about while you're eating fried chicken. — PW

Jared's Epic Nerf Gun Battle at AT&T Stadium (Sold Out)
Hey, remember Jared Guynes? He thinks you do. For those blanking, he was the big ol' manboy that threw that “epic” Ninja Turtles and Vanilla Ice reunion party at South Side Ballroom a few years back. In spite of the $50 ticket price to see Mr. VanWinkle and a handful of other past-their-prime performers of hip-hop's past, Guynes somehow managed to raise more than $72,000 via crowd-funding to put the thing on. Welp, he's back up to his old tricks once again, this time reserving AT&T Stadium for a few hours so that he and his friends might set a new Guinness record for the world's largest Nerf gun battle — and once again via an event named after himself. With 2,701 tickets sold, though, it's at least guaranteed to break the current record of 601. — CG

Polica at The Loft
Last week, Polica released its third album, one that was recorded in Texas, no less. Dallas audiences are no doubt familiar with the album, though, as the band made a special stop at The Loft last spring to rehearse its new album the night before the recording sessions went down. — CG

Nevada Hill: A Celebration of Life at Fort Worth Botanic Garden
Nevada Hill was an inspirational musician and an even more brilliant artist. He touched many people's lives who now want to celebrate their friend after his passing on Feb. 18. The memorial will be held in the Japanese flower garden at the Forth Worth Botanic Garden. The event organizers ask for patrons to donate to charities in lieu of bring flowers. The charities include the Patient Advocate Foundation and Camp Kesem. — RA

St. Patty's Day Dallas Leprecrawl at British Beverage Co.
You're probably not Irish, but you're still going to celebrate St. Patrick's Day anyway. And what better way to do that than by the national tradition of getting rip-roaringly drunk? The Dallas Leprecrawl will be going to 10 different bars throughout Dallas that day to enjoy the miracle that is beer. There's also going to be a contest for best leprechaun costume, and seeing people blackout drunk in leprechaun costumes sounds hilarious. — PW

The Floozies at Trees
The Floozies is an electronic duo from Kansas of all places, that managed to combine the sound of funk with electronic music, and honestly, it works really well. The band's music maintains the grooves of classic funk with a modern update of electronic sound that sets it apart from every other electronic producer out there. Sunsquabi and Flamingosis open. —PW

Larry & His Flask at Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill
Larry & His Flask is a band that's kind of hard to pin down to just one genre. It kind of combines multiple different genres from folk, punk, bluegrass and ska. But it just kind of works. It's energetic and well-orchestrated between the harmonized vocals, horns and banjo that make for a unique listening experience. The Moncho Ponch and The P-Town Skanks open. — PW

Making Movies at RBC
Making Movies is an indie/Latin rock band from Kansas City that is playing as part of this year's Indie-Rock Latin America festival (IRLA). It's a pre-SXSW festival meant to showcase the best of exactly what the name of the festival suggests. Other bands playing include Los Nastys, Miss Garrison and MAYTA. — PW

Terri Clark at Billy Bob's
Terri Clark is a Canadian country star who has been playing music since the mid-'90s. She is currently on her 10th studio album, and many of her other ones have made the Top 5 on Billboard's charts. In Canada, she has taken home a plethora of awards that probably encompass her entire mantle. —RA

The Quebe Sisters at Eisemann Center
The Quebe Sisters are one outstanding trio of fiddlers. They play western swing like barn burning was still thing. These girls are so talented that this country's most entertaining president, George Dub-Ya, invited them to play the White House. You better hope that there's room to dance, because sitting for this concert would be incredibly hard to do. —RA

Tooloji at Gas Monkey Live
There's no way to be sure if a tribute band is better than the actual band unless you see both with your own two (or three) eyes. Now is your chance to see some of the best rock bands of the '90s in tribute form. First, there is Tooloji, which pays homage to Tool. Second, is Rise Against The Machine, which shouldn't be too hard for you to figure out who they're covering. Finally, there's Fantones that — you guessed it! — pay tribute to Chino and The Gang aka Deftones. — RA

The Aquaholics, Hawk Vs Dove, Creepeth at Double Wide
What do you think of when you read the word Aquaholics? Besides liquor, you might be thinking about water or the ocean and all of its glory. The Aquaholics band is just that, a liquored up surf rock band that shreds the sands. Then there's Hawk VS Dove that a sludgy, cramped and noisy. Sounds terrible, but it's not. It's exactly how stoner metal should be played. Lastly, there's Creepeth, which has a sped-up doom sound going on. It's a little bit '80s metal with the jaded experience of being alive in the 21st Century. — RA

P-Town Skanks at Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill
P-Town Skanks is some serious punkabilly stuff — upright bass, pompadours and old-school microphones, etc.. The band plays super tight, fast and loud as advertised. The Monco Poncho and Larry and his Flask open the show. — RA

Grand Opening at CuRiOuS Garden
Curious Garden is a new gardening shop from the folks behind Lakewood's Curiosities antiques and oddities shop. Their new White Rock offshoot opening up this weekend offers various sculptures, antique garden elements, furniture and more to put in your garden. Considering the fact that Dallas has been nearly flooding for several days now, this is probably the best time to start a garden. — PW

360 Speaker Series: Mai-Thu Perret at Nasher Sculpture Center
Mai-Thu Perret is a sculpture artist that has been working on her fictional feminist art commune The Crystal Frontier. The alliterative art project is set in New Mexico and follows a woman making art from paintings to sculptures. If that makes sense to you, she'll be talking about it and showing off her newest performance, Figures. — PW

¡Paletas y Bicicletas 2016! at Lake Cliff Park
¡Paletas y Bicicletas is a family event that includes bike riding, a park cleanup, as well as pinatas, mariachi and, holy shit, luchadores! That will probably be entertaining whether or not they're actually good. It's a free event so if you need something to take the family to, check it out. — PW

Dubs by the Bridge at Trinity Groves
Dubs By The Bridge is described as a “Top ten VW air-cooled and water-cooled show.” Despite the vague and confusing description, it's a car show. If old Volkswagen Beetles are your thing, check it out. It's in Trinity Groves, so there will be plenty of weird gimmick restaurants around as well to check out. — PW

Hidden Oak Cliff at Dallas Historical Society
Hidden Oak Cliff is a tour held by the Dallas Historical Society to explore this famous district of Dallas, including a trip to Dallas Baptist University, Rumbley Library, the National Cemetery, the Audobon Center and others. See a different side of Oak Cliff. — PW

St. Pat's Trolley Bar Crawl in Uptown
This event, put on by My Drink On, looks interesting. You and your friends pack into trolleys for a tour of green beer, whiskey and more beer. Strut your stuff around town acting like a drunk leprechaun, and attempt to take cohesive photos as part of the photo hunt. For all the info about the tour and photo hunt, check out the Facebook event page. There's a ton of stuff. — RA

Hello Kitty Cafe Truck at The Shops at Willow Bend
The Queen of Cuteness is rolling into town, and sharing all of her goodies with you good folks. The Hello Kitty Cafe Truck has made stops all around the U.S. gifting people with cookies, mini cakes and macarons. They are decorated with Hello Kitty, bows, princesses and sprinkles. D'aww! Get there early, because the lines get long. — RA

Flea Style Dallas at Fair Park
Flea Style is a giant showcase of handmade goods, vintage clothing and artisanal goodies. Over 100,000 square feet of Fair Park will taken over by more than 200 vendors selling all sorts of things from art, paper goods, candles, food and drinks. The event also includes live music, of course, and is kid friendly. — RA

Jacob Vaughn and Friends at Josey Records
Jacob Vaughn is joining his friends in a jam packed show of free-spirited folks. Vaughn is a singer-songwriter that composes melancholy, personal songs akin to Destroyer and Bright Eyes. Sons of Sol is a psych-jam band from Denton best described as space funk. Also from Little d, is Pine Martyn, a solo project from guitarist Brandon Harris, that is a mathy take on improv-jazz. Then there's Citrus who may be the only straight forward pop band, although they play some alternative punk stuff. Grain Fed Gypsies is a singer-songwriter duo from Plano. Finally, Kia Murray will be creating live art alongside all this music. — RA

Dusky at It'll Do Club
Dusky is a dynamic dance music duo from the United Kingdom. Nick Harriman and Alfie Granger-Howell have been busting out techno and house jams since 2011, and are one of the biggest acts to come out of the UK underground. Their tracks are super clean and infuse some Kraftwerk sensibilities into their beats. Playing with Dusky is resident deejay, DJ Red Eye. — RA

Beer and Taco Pairing at 903 Brewers
Eating right is all about getting the best out of each flavor, and pairing beers with your meal is a great start. 903 Brewers in Sherman is giving you the opportunity to pair three of their beers with tacos from Sherman's best taquerias, Mariachi's, Tacos Pacheco and La Placita. Fifteen bucks gets you three 8-ounce pours, three tacos and a commemorative pint glass. — RA

Open Carry Guitar Rally III: Bowie On The Bridge at Continental Avenue Bridge
You know those assholes that walk around outside with assault rifles trying to make a point that it should be OK to carry around automatic weapons wherever they want? This is basically making fun of that by carrying around guitars instead. And guitars are better than assault rifles every time, especially when they're playing David Bowie music. — PW

Alan Doyle at Kessler Theater
Quick quiz: Where in the world is Newfoundland? You guessed it, Canada. What else is Newfoundland famous for producing besides gorgeous, hairy dogs? Alan Doyle, of course! Doyle is a life-long musician who was the lead singer of Canandian folk band, Great Big Sea. He's even had a hand in Russel Crowe's music as producer and songwriter. He even landed a role in Ridley Scott's Robin Hood. Doyle mixes traditional Newfoundland music and folk-pop to get across a sound that is very positive and powerful. — RA

Joe Jack Talcum (of The Dead Milkmen) at The Prophet Bar
This is a pretty weird mix of bands. You have Joe Jack Talcum, of the infamous Dead Milkmen, playing a solo acoustic set. Then you have an indie-folk band in Moonlight Native that has mastered the camping-under-the-stars sound. And then there's Coolzey, a Midwest rapper who is a bit corny but only the best sense of the word. You know, that early '90s kind of corny like De La Soul or L.L. Cool J? Either way, this will be a fun, if rather diverse, show. — RA

Metalachi at Trees
Metalachi is not your typical mariachi band. Metalachi, as its name implies, is a mariachi band that covers metal songs — the first of such group of its kind, or so the band's press materials insinuate. They do more than just that, of course. Over the course of one of their numerous previous stops through town in the past year or so, the band sprinkled in its takes on such traditional mariachi standards as “Volver Volver,” “Mariachi Loco” and “La Bamba” among its expected covers of Guns N' Roses' “Sweet Child O' Mine” and Bon Jovi's “Livin' on a Prayer.” It was an infectious offering, for sure. As always, Mad Mexicans opens. — Erika Lambreton

Michale Graves at Three Links
For the final round of Three Links' third birthday, they must be feeling like digging graves and spewing blood, because this bill is downright murderous. Michale Graves, formerly of The Misfits, will be performing with a full band, which is great because you might get a few Misfits songs out of it. Who knows? Dallas' own Just Another Monster will be playing its nightmarish death-punk and From Parts Unknown will shred the blood from your veins. —RA

Third Annual Jazz Age Sunday Social at Dallas Heritage Village
Have you ever wanted to go back in time to the days of flappers, zoot suits and Tommy guns? OK, maybe not the guns part, but you can at least experience the Jazz Age through an event like no other in Dallas. Be prepared to wear your best white outfits, and have a picnic in the lawn. The Singapore Slingers and Razzmajazz Dixieland will perform classic hot jazz numbers while you learn to do the foxtrot and Charleston. Amelia Fox Trot will be spinning vintage 78 rpm phonographs for your listening pleasure as well. If there ever was a way to travel back in time, this is it. — RA

The DJ Whiz T Record Collection Sale at RBC
Just over a year ago, the affable turntablist born Anthony Johnson, who has served as the official DJ for the Dallas Mavericks since 2007 and was a fixture performer at games and events for the Cowboys and the Stars, passed away. Local DJs will be paying homage to the legendary Whiz T by selling records from his massive collection for $2 a pop. — Pete Freedman

Aaron Gonzalez + Sarah Ruth = Love4ever, Haunter, Sleep Colony at Pariah Arts
Aaron Gonzales and Sarah Ruth are coming together to create an emphasis on vocal intimacy, which sounds like something you should sit cross-legged on the floor to enjoy. Haunter is a project from Arthur Miller of Iowa City, Iowa. His extended pieces are definitely haunting, but simultaneously calming like laying in your grandmothers' bed years after she's passed. Sleep Colony is a solo project from Sean Connolly who's played music forever from the East Coast to Texas. Sleep Colony sounds like a corrupted file of music from Splatterhouse ran through a filter of crushed rocks and iron bars reconfigured by aliens. — RA

Mind Spiders (Album Release) at Double Wide
New this weeks is the fourth Mind Spiders record. Said to be inspired by the Fort Worth-filmed Logan's Run, the record will sound instantly familiar to anyone that's heard any of the projects this group of guys has ever worked on, with the added bonus of some synth and drum machine work this time around. “If anything,” says NPR of these new additions, “Mind Spiders uses them as pace-setting devices for the guitars and live drummer to outrun, in sprints of strident downpicking and on-the-beat hi-hat/snare work.” — CG


















































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