Go All Out.

Per the Canadian government, its immigration website experienced an absurd spike in activity following Donald Trump's performance on Super Tuesday. It's not the simplest process, but should you feel the need to flee Trump's evil regime, you can read up on the necessary steps here.

And since election day isn't until November, you've got a little while left to enjoy yourself in the good ol' U.S. of A. It's a simpler process than you think, just follow the steps below. — Cory Graves

Andra Day at Granada Theater (Sold Out)
Andra Day is easily recognized as the woman singing “Someday at Christmas” with Stevie Wonder in an Apple commercial this past December. Yet, she's much more than that. She commands the room with her voice that sails on a sea of pink diamonds. Her style is impeccable, and her infectious optimism is authentic. Her debut album Cheers to the Fall was Grammy-nominated for Best R&B album this year. Quite the feat for a rookie, but not surprising at all. — Roberto Aguilar

Mavis Staples, Nick Lowe at Kessler Theater
It's pretty fucking remarkable that, for a mere $35 bucks, you can catch Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Mavis Staples in as intimate a setting as The Kessler. Outstanding, really. Flat out, her family's gospel-tinged group was one of the most socially significant, if not most popular, bands of the '60s. Even cooler than the fact that she's doing two shows there over the weekend is the fact that she'll be joined at both by Nick Lowe. Send-ups of artists like David Bowie and The Jackson 5 on his '78 debut album Jesus of Cool would have earned Brit-pop icon an entire career's worth of indie-cred. Add in songs he penned like “(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding?” and credits on Elvis Costello's first five albums, and it's easy to see how this 67-year-old performer has found audiences many decades his junior. — CG

Sam Lao (Album Release) at RBC
There's fire, there's lava, there's the sun and then there's Sam Lao. She has taken Dallas by storm since her West Pantego EP dropped like a bomb two years ago, and she's on the verge of dropping her new full-lenth album, SPCTRM. At our recent four-year anniversary party, she was tasked with working the crowd up at peak time, and she nailed it. Club Dada was live by that point, and her album release show is sure to be even more lit — if that's even possible. Blue, The Misfit DJs and 88Killa open. — RA

Tribute to Elvis Festival at Southfork Ranch
There's not many other artists, if any at all, that can attest to having a three day festival dedicated to them. The King of Rock n' Roll Elvis Presley is one of the most prolific acts in music history. His music, his movies, his style are all still heavily emulated today. More people probably impersonate Elvis than anyone else in history. In fact, there will be a contest held at the festival for best Elvis impersonator. As well as multiple concerts, and interviews with those that were close to the man himself. —Paul Wedding

E.T. at Inwood Theatre
If you were able to watch this movie as a kid and not tear up just a little bit, there's probably something wrong with you. Anyway, go check this out to relive a part of your childhood. —PW

Godfrey at Arlington Improv
Godfrey is a notable stand-up comedian that's been working for 20 years now. You're bound to have seen him in something, he's been in everything from Zoolander to Louie to @Midnight and his own Comedy Central special from a few years ago. He'll be playing several shows here for the next few days. — PW

Pieces at Texas Theatre
Pieces is good, shlocky, old school horror fun. A mad man runs around cutting up people into, you guessed it, pieces. It's basically a Texas Chainsaw Massacre rip off, except more violent. — PW

Laughs for Genesis Women's Shelter at Drugstore Cowboy
This charity event gathers six of the top comedians in Dallas — Diane Michelle, Sunanda Katragadda, Mona Del Priore, De De Theriot, Katy Evans and Jasmine Ellis — to help raise some cash for Genesis Women's Shelter. The shelter has been serving the Dallas area since the late '80s, and is integral to helping abused women and their families. Bring plenty of cash for donations and cocktails. The show will be hosted by Hungover with V and Jasmine Ellis of Let's Go DFW. — RA

Beauty and the Beast at Texas Theatre
This isn't the Beauty and the Beast you grew up with. This is the Beauty and the Beast your great grandparents grew up with. This black and white french film from the '40s is well-known for its beautiful set and costume design and zero talking teacups. It is often considered one of the greatest films of all time. — PW

North Texas Irish Festival at Fair Park
This thing calls itself an Irish festival, but there isn't nearly enough focus on alcohol for our liking. Other than a whiskey tasting, it's mostly centered on music performances, sheep herding, and Deloreans. Expect a lot of bagpipes. Expect a lot of pipes in general. — PW

Matthew McNeal, Wesley Geiger at Crown and Harp
Matthew McNeal is a singer-songwriter who plays super chill Americana music. At only 22-years-old, he has a voice that emanates wisdom beyond his years. His 2015 Daytrotter Session is extremely moving yet haunting. Playing with McNeal is Leon Bridges' buddy Wesley Geiger, whose sound is full, harmony-rich and more on the honky-tonk side of Americana. The compositions of each song are very intricate, which is impressive considering he's only released one album so far. — RA

Burgess Meredith at Three Links
Burgess Meredith, named in tribute to the famous actor, is an garage pop band from Austin that brings back the sound of the '60s, y'know, back when the real Meredith was at his peak. That includes a lot of Beatles-esque harmonies, and a lot of piano and guitar, combined with some blues here and there as well. This marks the release of the outfit's latest album on vinyl. Dallas bands Classic Cult and The Happy Bullets open. — PW

Nick Carter at South Side Music Hall
Nick Carter is probably the most famous Backstreet Boy. Little did you know, he's kept at it since leaving the group with a solo career, acting and competing on Dancing with the Stars. He's even starred in two reality television shows. Well, he's back alright. This time, he is on a nationwide tour dubbed The All-American Tour named after his latest release. As long as you love Carter, you'll attend this concert. — RA

The Relatives, Bobby Patterson, Wanda Davis at Fred's Texas Cafe (Free)
The Relatives are Dallas' one and only psychedelic-gospel band. The group is releasing a new 45 at this show along with Bobby Patterson who is celebrating his 72nd birthday. He's also releasing a new vinyl issue of his 2014 album I've Got More Soul. Joining in the soul revue is the “Minnesota Queen of Soul,” Wanda Davis. Marcos Prado, George Rodriquez and Gabriel Mendoza will spin records before and after the show. This is a true git' down. Some real local soul legends, and its all for the low, low price of free. — RA

Mavs Ball: A Blue Tie Affair at Omni Hotel
The Mavs Ball is a formal fundraising event held to benefit the Dallas Mavericks Foundation, a charity fund used to help women, children and families in need. The event includes cocktails, a live auction and live entertainment. — PW

Pearl Gem, Nervana, Stone Temple Posers at House of Blues
And I feel it. And she feels it. And it smells like a tribute show to me. Bet you can guess which '90s grunge bands they're taking on, so we won't demean you by spelling it out. — CG

JagoeFest at The Jagoe House
The Jagoe House has been slowly taking over the house venue scene in Denton. Why not celebrate its meteoric rise with a two-day, 22-band festival? Yes, please. So far, the lineup includes The Groovebumps, Felt & Fur, Criminal Birds, Fun Buttons, The Boombachs and so, so many more. Check out the Facebook event page for more details, duh. — RA

All Out Trinity at Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge
All Out Trinity is annual outdoor and fitness festival held around the Trinity River and its adjacent bridges. This year will feature a run across the Trinity River Levee, biking, yoga on Large Marge, and a mass dog walk to end the event. There's also going to be an outdoor market and several other cool happenings, so get out of the house for a while over the weekend, the weather is great. — PW

Jessie Frye at Three Links
Following the recent trend of music and beer collaborations (see: Toadies and Martin House), local pop darling Jessie Frye teamed up with Noble Rey Brewing Company on a beer affectionately named Boss Bitch. The limited release beer is a pecan porter, fermented with cherries and raspberries, sitting at a surprising 7.2-percent ABV. “It never specifically crossed my mind that I would have my own beer,” Frye says about the opportunity. “But it's definitely at the top of my list of things I am proud of. I am passionate about branding myself with an honest image that my fans feel they can relate to, or at least be a part of. So having a beer that people can enjoy with my name attached to it, as well as an amazing local brewery like Noble Rey, it's humbling and makes me feel very connected to my audience!” The inaugural tasting will be held during this Three Links show, which also features performances from Sudie and Birds of Night. — Porttia Portis

Saturday Nudie Live at The Live Oak
Saturday Nudie Live is a burlesque show hosted by Fort Worth's most prominent burlesque troupe, Créme de la Créme. Here, they'll be putting their own sexy spins on some of Saturday Night Live's most famous characters and bits. Can you say, “Schwing!” — PW

Eleven Hundred Springs at Granada Theater
Eleven Hundred Springs is an outlaw country band that really doesn't give a shit. The band makes the music it wants to, which is old-school style country with a lot of swearing and lyrics about drinking. Unlike a lot of country acts, these guys have the missing element: Authenticity. Buffalo Ruckus and Vandoliers open. — PW

Parallel Play (Album Release) at Sundown
Parallel Play is a Dallas roots band releasing its newest EP, Bucket of Lies. The band is musically very skilled, featuring an arrangement of banjo, five-string guitar, bass and drums, a fresh twist on old sounds combined with solid songwriting and some bluegrass spins on '90s alt-rock songs. Loyal Sally opens and, unlike many a Sundown show, this one won't be free. — PW

Audien at Lizard Lounge
Nate Rathbun aka Audien hails from a small town in Connecticut called Mystic. He's a progressive-house producer/DJ and has made some pretty OK remixes — if Coldplay and Lady Antebellum are your thing. Pass the 40 will join the fun along with all the Lizard Lounge regulars Shaolin, Johnny Funk and Raydar. — RA

Reza Sadehgi at Music Hall at Fair Park
The Iranian population in the DFW area is strong, and it's only fitting that one of the most popular singers in Persia would perform here. Reza Sadehgi is one of Iran's most prolific artists releasing 17 albums since 2015. His voice is velvety and powerful, and his competence in musical composition is astounding. The Persian community of Dallas is thrilled to have him here. — RA

Blade Runner: Final Cut at Texas Theatre
If you've yet to see this Harrison Ford-led adaptation of Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep yet, you've only got a short while longer before its meaning totally shifts. The '80s-made film which depicts the futuristic dystopian society of America circa 2019 is going to seem pretty silly four years from now when things look nothing like they do in the cult classic. Of course it'll be all the more chilling if it was right on the money all along. — CG

XXYYXX at Green Elephant
Marcel Everett, better known as XXYYXX, is a phenomenal producer from Orlando, Florida, and he's only 20-years-old. His beats dance around the entire spectrum of hip-hop, trip-hop, trap, future funk and pseudo-house. He's a fan of the 808 for sure, but it's not overt like an electro set. His debut, self-titled album will chill you out, get you hyped and then stick you on a journey across the astral plane of hand claps, hi-hats and arpeggio synths. Left/Right opens the show. — RA

Harmony in Hell at Brass Tacks
Harmony in Hell is an album recorded by phenomenal Denton musicians Daniel Markham and Claire Morales about Halloween. The album is very folky and somber, atmospheric and beautiful. With spring right around the corner, what better time is there to listen to an album about Halloween? None we say. Moon Waves' John Kuzmick and Leah Lane perform as a duo to open the show. — PW

Lord of the Dance at Verizon Theatre
A couple weeks after performing Riverdance up in Allen, Michael “Lord of the Dance” Flatley returns to DFW for what he says will be his last ever tour of this show. — CG

The Work of Jeremy Biggers at {neighborhood}
Jeremy Biggers is one of Dallas' premiere graphic artists. He's also a painter who focuses on vibrant portraits and nostalgia. He's more than dabbled in music video direction working with the likes of Bobby Sessions and Blue, The Misfit. He's a pretty strong photographer, too, and one that's even shot for this site on occasion. Biggers will be showcasing his work in this event called “New Art Show, Who Dis?” You really should find out who he is. — RA

American Dirt at The Reading Room
There's a lot to find in dumpsters, other than garbage. There's remnants of everyday life, unused or broken toys, old paperwork, but what photographer Jeff Farrell focuses on is photographs. Lost or discarded photographs found in the trash that tell stories. Farrell has found thousands of these over the years, and will be sharing them to show a unique side of American culture. — PW

One-Year Anniversary at On Rotation
For three days, On Rotation will be celebrating its first birthday by releasing a few special taps and house brews. Their will be 39 beers on tap and cask, which include a café au lait milk stout, a citrus imperial and a single-hop amber. Their guest taps include DFW faves like Peticolas, Revolver and Community. Check out their live tap list to keep up with any super special brews coming in. — RA

Mad Hatter's Ball at Empire Room
This is the 18th year the Mad Hatter's Ball has been supporting the Resource Center. Incredibly important to the Dallas area, the Resource Center is at the forefront of providing services to the LGBT community and education about HIV/AIDS. DJ Lady Bunny will be at the helm spinning all the bootylicious tunes for the party, and there will be food, glorious food. — RA

Lumberjack Fest at Dan's Silverleaf
The Lumberjack Fest started out as a way to raise money for a small literary magazine. Twelve years later, the magazine is gone, but the Lumberjack Fest stays strong. The fest is a celebration of rock 'n' roll in Denton, Texas, and a wonderful time to embrace spring. This year's lineup includes Daniel Markham, Future Self and Isaac Hoskins. The Nice Up Crew will be on hand playing some choice records as well. And don't forget about Kody Jackson, Chris Welch and PVC Street Gang. — RA

TexFest at Downtown Carrollton (Free)
TexFest in Downtown Carrollton, Texas is a celebration of Texas Independence Day, which went down earlier this week. What does that mean? Probably barbecue, beer and hoedowns. Not to mention large grazing cows that would love to pose for a picture with you. Throw in a field of bluebonnets and you've got one hell of a Lone Star hootenanny. The O's and Aubrey Lynn England will perform for all your dancing needs. — RA

Rock and Roll Garage Sale at Good Records
Like your neighbor's garage sale, only a lot more kickass, Good Records' sale includes at least 20 percent off all goods, $4 used CDs, $2 7-inches and other assorted instruments and other gear all priced to sell. — CG

Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School at Three Links
Those of you that have taken figure drawing classes have been in that awkward situation of looking at someone's naked body for an hour under fluorescent lights. Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art school takes the figure drawing premise and turns it on its rear. Bring your drawing pad and some drawing utensils, and get ready to be introduced to a gaggle of burlesque performers, roller derby babes and contortionists. There are even games, contests and lots of alcohol. There's no need for drawing straight lines with all these curves. This session will feature Kimber Lee for all your sketching needs. — RA

One-Year Anniversary at BrainDead Brewing
Braindead, aka Deep Ellum's first brewpub, and crafter of such concoctions as cream ale and oatmeal-flavored stout, is turning one. It's important to support your local brewery, because they sure as hell make better beer than Budweiser. So come out and show some love. — PW

Gary Clark Jr. at House of Blues
Gary Clark, Jr. is a blues rock guitarist from Austin on tour after the release of his latest album, The Story of Sonny Boy Slim. Clark combines a classic blues singing and instrumentation with a modern update to give it a more mass appeal. Which isn't a bad thing, the music is still impressively arranged and he has an old school soul sound in his voice that really completes the songs. — PW

Mickey Avalon, Dirt Nasty at Trees
It is, perhaps, Avalon's backstory that makes the rapper so popular — even more so than his often satirical brand of pop-rap. Or maybe it is because of his backstory that he has so many interesting things to say. Really, though, how could a teenager whose grandparents were holocaust survivors, parents were drug dealers and addicts, and who had previously prostituted himself to fund his own addictions not have a lifetime of material to draw from? — CG

Harvest America at American Airlines Center (Free)
Harvest America is born out of the Harvest Christian Fellowship in California, and they are taking over AT&T Stadium to simulcast the event of music and prayer. The interesting aspect is that the bands involved in this event are some pretty big names: Chris Tomlin, Switchfoot, Lecrae and MercyMe. Harvest America is hosted by Greg Laurie the senior pastor of the Harvest churches in California. — RA

Dallas Kosher Chili Cook-Off at Tiferet Israel
This Kosher Chili Cook-Off is all about community mixed in with delicious food. For 23 years, the cook-off has been bringing the Jewish community of North Texas together to socialize and contribute to charity. This year, the proceeds will go to support the Dallas Holocaust Museum and the Abuse Support Group for Women. In the event, 40 to 50 teams compete for the prize of best chili. This is a family-friendly event, of course, so there are plenty of rides, games and music for all to enjoy while they scarf down some spicy chili. — RA


















































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