Let the Good Times Roll.

There's an old saying that everybody is only seven degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon. As part of its big Friends Day rollout, Facebook decided to study the validity of that statement. Their findings? In the age of social media, we're all even more closely connected than that.

For instance, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, on average, is separated by 3.17 degrees from any random stranger. Hell, you're only some 3.74 degrees of separation away from any given celebrity these days.

Also thanks to the Internet, there's even fewer degrees separating you from finding all the kick-A goings on this weekend — just one, to be exact. It's us! But we don't want to keep them from you. Here they are, less than a click away. — Cory Graves

Lamb of God, Anthrax at The Bomb Factory
This is a pretty stacked metal show. Lamb of God and Anthrax are both legendary metal bands at this point. Opening act Deafheaven is one of the most interesting, exciting black metal bands currently going, and Dallas thrash metal heroes Power Trip not only kick this show off, they're opening every show on this tour. — Paul Wedding

Yo La Tengo at Granada Theater
Yo La Tengo — or, I Have It, as the Granada calls the outfit — is one of the quintessential soft indie rock bands that people automatically associate with hipsterdom upon first listen. But the band's honestly really good in spite of that impression. they're one of the most consistently solid musical groups out there, and have a slew of great original works as well as cover songs. Their music gives off a vibe so sweet even the most jaded have to smile a bit hearing it. — PW

Bully, Diet Cig at Three Links
Nostalgia will be flowing out of Three Links' doors when Bully and Diet Cig visit. Nashville group, Bully, is fronted by guitarist Alicia Bognanno who brings a sort of whole, luscious vocalizing to their music. Critics the country over lauded the band as one of the best new rock bands around following its 2015's Feels Like LP. The New York City duo, Diet Cig, is just “two homies making tunes and eggs on the regs,” according to its Bandcamp page. Those eggs must be softies, or some kind of sloppy, moldy peach egg. Either way, you will fall in love with this show. — Roberto Aguilar

Clue at Inwood Theatre
You must have flames on the side of your face if you're ready to go see Clue at Inwood Theatre for probably the thousandth time. Or, you've drawn the short match, and have never seen the this 1985 classic comedy starring all-stars Tim Curry, Madeline Kahn, Christopher Lloyd and Michael McKean. This real who-done-it is as farcical as it gets. Who doesn't love a good joke about dancing with corpses? Afterward, you'll have no choice, but to go home and sleep with your wife. — RA

The Devil Makes Three at Trees
The Devil Makes Three has an interesting sound — part bluegrass, part vaudeville swing, but done with a fervor that is certainly devilish. Fronted by multi-instrumentalist Pete Bernhard he is joined by bassist Lucia Turino and guitarist Cooper McBean. Together the band has taken its Bob Wills meets Cab Calloway sound to the Austin City Limits Fest, Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza. Check them out at Trees with youngster Parker Milsap opening the show. — RA

LOUDPVCK at Lizard Lounge
LOUDPVCK is a pretty standard trap music producer. So if you want to hear some of that real trap shit and rage, this is going on all night. — PW

Kirk Thurmond & The Millennials at Double Wide (Free)
Kirk Thurman & The Millennials are a local R&B group that has a silky smooth sound made even better with Kirk Thurman's incredible vocal range. The band provides a unique mesh of soul, R&B and funk that is infectiously listenable. The band headlines Double Wide as part of its new “Free Music Fridays” series. — PW

Johnette Napolitano at Live Oak Music Hall
Johnette Napolitano is the lead singer of Concrete Blonde, best known for their hit 1990 single “Joey.” She's near 60 now and still kicking ass. Napolitano has a uniquely deep voice and evolve her style throughout the decades. — PW

Big Eyes, Mind Spiders, Pink Smoke at Rubber Gloves
Big Eyes is a New York-based punk band that features former members of Cheeky and Used Kids. The band is pretty traditionally punk, heavy, fast guitar riffs and pissed off singing. Denton punks Mind Spiders and Pink Smoke, both of which have the same old-school punk sound, open. Sad news, though, this one is Pink Smoke's last-ever show. Bum-mer. — PW

Kites and Boomerangs, Vodeo, The Southpaw Preachers, Hightower, Delmer Dennis at The Underpass
The Underground is putting on what is sure to be the most diverse lineup of the night. It's a mix of soul, R&B, indie rock, surf rock and country at this concert. There's something for everybody, and it all sounds pretty good. — PW

The Generous Pour at Twilite Lounge (Free)
Come catch Dallas' new “supergroup” of soulful Texas country players. The band featuring Texas Gentlemen Nik Lee, Daniel Creamer and Matt McDonald and Venetian Sailors' Robbie Saunders slanging that mighty fine ax. — CG

Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan at Winspear Opera House
Cloud Gate is a dance/martial arts performance group from Taiwan. They are putting together a performance entitled “RICE,” which is literally meant to portray the life cycle of rice. They're going to be showing how rice is grown, cultivated and harvested through the art of dance and martial arts. That sounds really weird, but it could be really cool, too. —PW

A Live One at Granada Theater
To think this Austin band chose the legendary jam band to pay tribute to speaks volumes about its members' collective talents. More power to 'em. — CG

Crooks at The Rustic
Where so many other southern-sounding bands try and do things like mix in a little trumpets here and there, the Crooks is one of the few acts that actually pulls it off without coming off too cutesy or like a bunch of hipster charlatans. We've been a fan of this Austin-based, outlaw country act and its tough and convincing brand of western-themed tunes for a while now, which makes tonight's stop somewhat bittersweet. It'll likely be the band's last-ever stop in town. Later this month, following one last blowout at Antone's, the band's parting ways to begin work on solo projects. — CG

Bryson Tiller
Bryson Tiller's ascent to stardom happened pretty quick. The R&B singer-songwriter from Kentucky's debut Trapsoul album debuted at No. 11 on the Billboard charts and helped him garner a large and rabid fan base. Tiller's music is reminiscent of other contemporary singers that mix elements of rap music, but opt to sing it instead, like PartyNextDoor and Ty Dolla $ign. — H. Drew Blackburn

Naughty by Nature at South Side Ballroom
Naughty by Nature is an old school East Coast hip-hop trio in a similar vein as N.W.A. They had a good amount of success in the early '90s due to some hit singles that had a large amount of crossover appeal. It's questionable as to how well they perform now as Vin Rock had been fired by frontman Treach a couple years ago and then let back in strictly for business. — PW

LoveBomb 2016 at Zippers
Nothing says love like glitter, sweat and heels. Zippers is doing their part by fundraising for QueerBomb Dallas by throwing a queer Valentine's dance. There will be live music by the likes of Johnny and Ashley Boucher, Charles Eldon Alexander and Mr. Pixie. Spoken word artists will also have their say, plus a drag and burlesque show featuring eight performers. Not to mention raffle prizes and an underwear auction. LoveBomb, however, is a benefit party, so bring $10 or so to help support the cause. — RA

Star Party at the Rafes Urban Astronomy Center
Every first Saturday of the month, the public is invited to a star gazing party at the Rafes Urban Astronomy Center on the outskirts of Denton. The view is astronomical through the lens of such a high powered telescope. Plus, you get to nerd out on all the knowledge doled out by the astronomy brainiacs running the show. Tickets are $5, or you can add a show at the University of Texas' planetarium for $9. Students get a discount, of course. There's a starman waiting in the sky. — RA

Cupid Shuffle Run at Rahr & Sons
Rahr & Sons is putting on a 5K run in accordance with the upcoming Valentine's Day. Even if you don't like running, you get a tour afterwards of the brewing factory, which is responsible for making some of the best local beer in the DFW area. Runners will also be treated to a pancake breakfast and a free pint glass, and you never have enough pint glasses. — PW

OCarnivale Masquerade Ball at Kessler Theater
Because there can never be enough Mardi Gras masquerade parties, the Kessler Theater is putting on one of their own. The party will feature the bands Ice House, Zydeco Blanco and Club Wood, with a New Orleans-themed buffet dinner provided by Chef Ivan Pugh. The event is being held as a fundraiser for the Mardi Gras Oak Cliff Parade taking the following day. — PW

Chemicaust at Reno's Chop Shop
A Chemicaust, which is assumed to be some sort of a chemical holocaust, will fall upon us at some point in the future. And you can feel its caustic wrath at Reno's when Chemicaust takes the stage. Beware, you might actually get singed if you stand too close to guitarist Ernie Jaramillo, because his solos are on fire. Exploder, Enemy Reflect, The Scourge, Wake The Fear and Blackstone fill out the crazy night metal. The cover is $10, but only $5 if you come in wearing a DMS Productions shirt. — RA

Turnpike Troubadours at Billy Bob's
Turnpike Troubadours are not hokey. They are not glamorous. They are gritty and pained by life's arrows. These boys from Oklahoma are honest Red Dirt musicians. The band's self-titled album in 2015 reached the No. 3 spot on the Billboard Country charts. Turnpike Troubadours has definitely turned a corner. — RA

For the Love of Kettle at Kettle Art
Each year, the Kettle Art gallery organizes a fundraiser to help their Deep Ellum space stay afloat. And who can blame them? Now in their 10th year of existence, they want to be around for 10 thousand more. Fortunately, the artist community steps up and helps that cause at this annual event, where artists on the come-up and other established ones will be displaying their work. This year, some 250 pieces will be for sale. 250! Check out the Facebook event page for the extensive list of artists participating in the event. — RA

Raw Elementz at Trees
Raw Elementz is a Dallas rapper who sticks to the original principles of rap. His name emphasizes this, as Raw is meant to be an acronym for “Rhythm and Writing.” Other local hip-hop artists performing at the event include Devy Stonez, MGA-CZAR and Lord Byron. — PW

Max Graham at The Prophet Bar
You think a two-hour movie is long, try a four-hour set of Max Graham's techno-trance beats. Unless, you're accustomed to all-night raves. In that case, there is never enough beats and hi-hats to go around. Remember, drink plenty of water, and try not to fall asleep next to the sub-woofer. Graham will get some local help from Poston and Alexandro C. Glow sticks and gloves are permitted.– RA

Starship Troopers at Texas Theatre
Starship Troopers is pretty much the ultimate litmus test to determine if one of your friends supports fascism. It's a classic political satire from the same guy that brought you RoboCop, the greatest action movie ever made. Along with the movie, Radio Relay League and DItch Prince will be playing all night behind the screen. — PW

Nervous Curtains, Ghost Bones, Seres at Crown and Harp
Can you say, “Yes, please make my ears bleed joyful blood?” That will happen during this brain-buzzing show. Dallas band Nervous Curtains are on that post-punk-synth tip that gets your feet moving and fists pumping like an oil derrick. Also on the bill is Seres, which in Spanish translates to “beings.” You can't be too sure of who they are, but know that they are frenetic as hell and resemble the Power Rangers on DMT. Included in this awesome show is Ghost Bones from Hot Springs, Arkansas. The band's female vocalist can be soothing and piercing, and the boys groove on their instruments. Just say yes already, it's only a $5 cover. — RA

Jack Kerowax at Harvest House (Free)
These young men sure are full of vigor, talent and songwriting prowess. Singer-songwriter Johnny Beauford's handwritten lyrics can be found on the band's website. It truly is a comparable scene to the band's namesake, Jack Kerouac. Their Americana-rock sound is comforting and pensive. Plus, Harvest House in Denton is a fantastic outdoor venue with great drinks, plenty of beer and a righteous taco truck. So, that's a bonus. — RA

Jonas Martin, The Canvas People, Siamese at Double Wide
Jonas Martin is a hard-working dude. He recently won a round of MTV U's The Freshman, where people voted to keep his band's video, “Let Them Drown,” in the full rotation for a whole week. His is definitely a catchy band, and one that pulls off that whole piano-driven indie-rock thing to a T. The Canvas People, another quintessential modern indie band, are coming from Austin to share their tunes. Self-proclaimed avant-glam band, Siamese, has been getting a lot of airplay on KXT with its single “Savage High.” They open the show. Tickets are $5. —RA

Dead Flowers, K Phillips, Vandoliers at Three Links
K Philips is a country/Americana singer-songwriter from Nashville, and he sounds like he's from Nashville. He'll be sandwhiched between The Replacements-esque rock stylings of Dallas' Dead Flowers and self-proclaimed Ameri-Kinda of Vandoliers. — PW

Pleasant Grove (Album Release) at Fred's Café (Free)
Pleasant Grove is a Dallas band that specializes in the melancholy. The music is all about soft, somber sounds both sad and comforting. The event coincides with the release of their new album The Contortionist Heart, its first in 12 years. Also playing will be Wire Nest, featuring Chris Plavidal of of Stumptone. — PW

Wizards of Gore at Gas Monkey Live (Free)
In what looks to be a line-up of the least subtle band names of all time, Wizards of Gore, aka the surviving members of Rigor Mortis, will play a free show in front of images of gore, blood and violence. Evil United and Horror Cult will be doing the exact same thing beforehand. Afterwards, there will be a showing of the new Rigor Mortis documentary, Welcome To Your Funeral: The Story of Rigor Mortis. — PW

The Work of Tyler Wolf and Travis Randall Sykes at {neighborhood}
Tyler Wolf and Travis Randal Sykes are two local artists that specialize in ugly. Most of their work consists of elaborately constructed portraits, drawn both crudely and complexly in a myriad of colors. Their works gives a unique perspective that is worth a look at. DeeJay CeePee will be playing music at the event. — PW

Excision at South Side Ballroom
If you're on the fence about going to this concert, please check out the promo video for The Paradox Tour on Excision's Facebook page. It just doesn't seem real. It seems like an acid trip, but supposedly that's the appeal of EDM and especially dubstep. It will probably be comparable to an outer body experience mixed with sensory deprivation. In other words, a totally boss rave. FIGURE and Bear Grillz will contribute in the sonic onslaught. — RA

Jeff Parrott at The MAC
The name of Jeff Parrott's exhibition is genius: “The Universe Is a Room We All Live In and I Am a Modern Shaman and We Are All Aliens.” And, you know what, he's probably right. More and more, in the modern world, the unexplained has become explainable and the outlandish is right up everybody's alley. Parrott will be opening up his studio for patrons to experience his abstract paintings where “microscopic organisms manifest as obscure shapes, creatures morph, and contours, colors, textures and shapes evolve on the canvas,” according to the Facebook event page. The opening and closing events will include audio and video performances from Parrott as well. You can also view the exhibition by appointment through February 20. — RA

Ms Pattycake's Trailer Warming Party at Double Wide
Ms Pattycake will be throwing a party for the grand opening of her very first nail-art trailer. The night's festivities include nail art from 6 p.m. to 10, music from Booty Fade starting at 10, baby burgers from Easy Slider, photo-ops from Photo Wagon and skin art galore from Jeff Brown and Christopher Breland (that means onsite tattooing). — RA

Native Fox at Josey Records (Free)
These boys just want to hold your hand, kiss you goodnight and treat you like the lovely person that you are. You could say that they play sentimental pysch-pop, because, boy is it catchy and cute as hell. You'll probably walk out of this intimate show with a lilt in your voice and song in your heart. Aww! — RA

Tecmo Texas III at Three Links
After traveling to Madison, Wisconsin, a few years back to compete in the nation's biggest and longest-running Tecmo Super Bowl tournament, they figured something similar might work well in Dallas. For the third straight year they'll be throwing a 32-person tournament at Three Links. It's a good excuse for day drinking, and a nice way to pre-game for Sunday's Super Bowl. Just know, the competition is pretty fierce. I've gotten my ass severely kicked in this thing two years running now. — CG

Amtrac at Lizard Lounge
Caleb Cornett from Morehead, Kentucky is probably better known as Amtrac. That's because he's one of the hottest DJs and producers on the planet. He's known for his wide range of musical stylings from deep house to funk to indie dance. He's also got his remix game turned up to 11. He's currently on a North American tour spanning 17 cities, so be sure to catch him when he zooms through Dallas. Joining him is Hotel Garuda whose remix of Lana Del Rey's “Ultraviolence” has 994,000 plays on Soundcloud. Local DJs Trillwave will help out in the mix as well. — RA

Hayes Carll at Dan's Silverleaf
OMG, you never see Hayes play at venues this small. JK, he does it literally all the time. Still the drunken poet's always worth catching. Tonight he does his thing solo acoustic. — CG

James Zabiela at It'll Do Club
James Zabiela has been doing his thing for over 15 years. He's got all sorts of clout in the world of house and breakbeat music. He doesn't do things the easy way either. He's usually spinning on some Pioneer CDJs, knocking out beats on drum machines and looping effects to bring together a sound that is fully developed like a bouquet of summer roses. He's unstoppable and unmissable. DJ Red Eye will be joining the fray. — RA

Ray Johnston Band at Cambridge Room
Ray Johnston either has the confidence of a jungle cat or the luck of an Irishman. Beyond being a reputable country musician, he is also an outstanding basketball player. So much so that he walked on to the University of Alabama's basketball team without a scholarship, and then as an undrafted free agent for the Dallas Mavericks. Unfortunately, Leukemia cut his career short, but he beat that and is now making it in the Texan country music scene. — RA

Pleasant Grove at Twilite Lounge (Free)
The longtime Dallas somber rockers play their second free, intimate record release set of the weekend. We hear the band plans on playing its first new album in 12 years in full at this one. — CG

Super Bowl Watching Party at The Bomb Factory (Free)
Celebrate a Tom Brady-less Super Bowl 50 by going nuts at The Bomb Factory watching grown-ass men touch each other and play with a ball. No, but really, it's going to be an exciting game between the old standard of Peyton Manning's Denver Broncos versus the hybrid-freak Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers. Also, this is probably Manning's last game, and Newton's first Super Bowl. Who will dance last? — RA

Endless Night: Dallas Vampire World Salon at The Church
World-renowned fangsmith and author Father Sebastiaan is hosting this fantastic event celebrating the magical, sensual world of vampiric immortality. The cup runneth over with performances from Honey Hula-la, Miss Malicious and Jai Le Bait; a best-dressed contest for a chance to win tickets to the New Orleans Vampire Ball; Dj Virus spinning wretched vampire tracks; and Bloodbath drink specials all night long. Tickets are $10 for the over-21 hemovores and $15 for the underage nosfertus. — RA

Super Chili Bowl at Three Links
Do you have what it takes to put your chili recipe up for judgement? If so, give Three Links a taste of your chili stew on Super Bowl Sunday. There are two categories: Texas chili (no beans!) and the other guys (beans and vegans allowed). Winners will get prizes like free drinks, cash or concert tickets. Bring your Crock Pot in by 4 p.m. and be ready for judgement from your peers. Check out the rules on the Facebook event page. Matt Hillyer will provide the tunes. — RA

Puppy Bowl Watching Party at Sundown (Free)
Every year, the Animal Planet channel puts on the cutest show on earth. The Puppy Bowl! This is the 12th year of the fur-ball showdown, and this time there will be over 80 puppies in the big game. Sundown is pairing up with Uptown Dog Service to host this year's festivities. There will also be half-price flatbreads and $3 Moscow Mules and domestic beers. Not too shaggy. — RA

Oak Cliff Mardi Gras Parade
Come all ye holy rollers, rock 'n' rollers and parade floaters. Oak Cliff is doing it up all green, purple and gold for another celebration of life New Orleans-style. The parade will start at Windomere and Davis Streets, head over to Bishop Avenue and conclude at Melba Street. Those interested in participating in the event, check out the link in the Facebook event page for more info. Also, I know you're ready to rip your tops off and get wasted in the streets, but Oak Cliff will have none of that. So behave yourself, please. — RA

Bloodshot Bill at Fred's Café (Free)
Bloodshot Bill is a magnet for unbelievable circumstances. Not only does he play a frenetic style of psychobilly as a one-man band, but he's seen some crazy shit in his life. He was banned from coming into the U.S. from his homeland of Canada, because of issues with travel documents; he played a show surrounded by frolicking, naked women in a Tucson, Arizona; and he once played a venue in Winnipeg where they found a dismembered body in the wall along with a bunch of Susan Sarandon's stolen jewelry. So, yeah, come see him play, because you never know what other crazy shit is going to happen. Also, he's got some help from Bobby Trimble on drums and Todd Wulfmeyer on bass. — RA


















































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