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The Drone Racing League recently held its first event — in Dolphins Stadium of all places — and it's already being hailed as the next big sport. With investors like Muse frontman Matt Bellamy (oh, so that's why they called their last album Drones), and buzzy YouTube clips likening it to the pod racing scenes from Phantom Menace, we could certainly be convinced there's some levity to that argument.

Still, these things take time. Meaning, there won't be any meaningful DRL races for a little bit. But, there's plenty of other, nearly exciting, ways to spend your time this weekend. Here's a whole bunch of them. — Cory Graves

Vanessa Carlton at Cambridge Room
What ever happened to Vanessa Carlton? She kicked off her career with one of the songs of the aughts. The single helped make her debut album platinum and has been played in countless TV shows and movies. Play “A Thousand Miles” at any party and it's almost guaranteed that everyone in the room is going to sing along. Flash forward almost 14 years later, Carlton is playing the B-room at a House of Blues and hasn't had a single hit since. Some of her later songs are pretty good, too. Hopefully audiences will be polite and let her play some of those and not just shout at her to “Play that song from White Chicks!” all night. — Paul Wedding

Christopher “Kid” Reid at Hyena's (Plano)
Christopher Reid aka Kid from House Party will be telling jokes at Hyena's in Plano. The son of an Irish mother and a Jamaican mother which means, as he says in one of his routines, “we got high and drunk.” Reid grew up in the Bronx where he started his rap career in 1988, and then graced the movie screen in 1990 with that forever memorable flat top similar to the one Iman Shumpert is sporting these days. The first show on Thursday is free! Friday and Saturday he'll be performing two shows at 8:30 p.m. and 10:30. Tickets are $12 to $17, so it is to your advantage to head that way tonight. — Roberto Aguilar

Ghostbusters at Texas Theatre
Who ya gonna call? Probably Texas Theatre, because they're holding a screening of Ghostbusters in 35mm alongside a charity art auction for Guardian Pitt Bull Rescue, a foundation advocating for the better treatment of pitt bulls. The art action will last from 8-11:30 p.m., while the film starts at 9 p.m. — PW

“I'm Lost Without Your Rhythm” at Zhulong Gallery
Zhulong Gallery is opening its first exhibition of 2016, “I'm Lost Without Your Rhythm,” with a reception with artist Johanna Billing. Originally from Sweden, Billing works primarily with video to bring together color and sound in various locales to shed light upon politics of place and people and ask complex questions to the audience. — PW

Guy Blakeslee at Double Wide
Guy Blakeslee took a break from The Entrance Band in 2014 to work on his solo album, Ophelia Slowly. The tunes move like an apparition through a sunken mansion. He combines guitar, drum loops and synthesizers to emit a pop-like haunting sound. The album was produced by Chris Coady who, of course, brings a similar sound to Beach House and Yeah, Yeah Yeahs. It's an intimate show with a wide range of influences, and well worth the $10 cover. Denton's own crooning songwriter Claire Morales opens. A perfect combo. — RA

Critical Mass at Main Street Garden Park (Free)
This group of cyclists are setting out to prove that two wheels are definitely a sufficient mode of transportation, despite the less-than bike friendly Dallas roads and monstrous SUVs that dominate them. But that's just what we need, right? Cars aren't all that great. I can store a bicycle in my apartment, but when I tried to do that with my car, all sorts of wreckage ensued. The group ride starts at 8 p.m., and, from there, costumed cyclists will dominate the roads, overturning every car in their wake and setting a new standard of road etiquette that demands bikes be taken seriously. Hey, they've got a costume contest to get to. — Chelsea Upton

Denton Black Film Festival at Campus Theatre
Lil' D's been going through a bit of a cultural renaissance lately. It's been known as a music town for years, but it's really starting to get some clout as a film town as well. One of several film festivals, the Denton Black Film Festival, is going on this weekend to showcase films of diversity and culture in an attempt to educate and entertain. The festival features 29 films, as well as an art exhibit, spoken word and music events. — PW

Ben Nicky at Lizard Lounge
Ben Nicky is a huge deal. Paul Van Dyk says Nicky is an “essential part” of his live sets. Armin Van Buuren claims he may be cheeky, but he's one of the “hardest working DJs in the scene.” All the more reason to grab your DayGlo and candy necklaces and head out to the Lizard Lounge for an all-night, sweaty dance-a-thon. Special guests Poston, Johnny Funk, Raydar, Shaolin and BBoy Morris help pump up the volume. — RA

Green River Ordinance at Billy Bob's
Green River Ordinance is a rock/country band from Fort Worth, and they're back to play in front of their hometown crowd on the heels of their newest album, Fifteen. The band's sound would best be surmised as some kind of unholy mixture of Matchbox 20 and the Zac Brown Band. It is what it is. — PW

Steve Hirst at Hyena's (Dallas)
Steve Hirst, now living in Dallas, is originally from Manchester, England and brings the uniquely dry style of British humor to local comedy clubs to make observations on American culture. — PW

Shinyribs at Kessler Theater
Shinyribs, or Kevin Russell as his parents call him, is taking a trip up I-35 to grace the Kessler Theater with his unwavering voice, skilled guitar picking and colorful lyrics. Russell has been making music since the tender age of 14 where he grew up in the bayous of Beaumont, Texas. He will always be recognized as the front man and mandolin player for Austin's own The Gourds where he has taken Americana to new levels and new places. The Grahams open. — RA

Grand Opening Party at RBC
It's no secret that we're pretty big Bobby Sessions fans around here of late. And duly so: The most-buzzing act in town is responsible for our favorite local album of 2015, our third-favorite song of 2015 and one of our favorite shows of the year, too. So when we were presented with the opportunity to work with him some, you know we jumped. On January 30, we're excited to be co-presenting a show from Bobby Sessions that will also double as the grand re-opening of Deep Ellum spot RBC. Additionally, Picnictyme and Blue, The Misfit will DJ the affair. Tickets to the 21-and-up show can be purchased here for $15 (plus $1.50 in processing) and come with a CD copy of the stellar Law of Attraction as well as a commemorative copy of the show poster. Ticket prices will increase to $20 on the day of the show. — Pete Freedman

The Buck Pets at Kessler Theater
The Buck Pets are back. Originally formed in the late '80s, the Dallas alt-rock/punk band found some success opening for Jane's Addiction, but never could never find any real long-term monetary success. With the band's last album released more than 20 years ago, The Buck Pets have decided to reunite once again in their hometown. Pinkish Black and Moon Waves open. For more info on this one, check out our interview with Buck Pets lead guitarist Chris Savage here. — PW

North Texas Comic Book Show at DoubleTree Dallas
Comic Books Dallas is hosting one of their quarterly comic book shows this weekend for comic book aficionados around DFW to gather together to talk with local artists, writers and collectors. Also featured is a cosplay contest with a top prize of $100. Several national artists and creators will be speaking at the event including Bob McLeod, co-creator of The New Mutants, and Randy Emberlin, inker on The Amazing Spider-Man. —PW

“A Brother's Harvest” at Ochre House
Brother's Harvest is a brand new musical comedy by Matthew Posey. It starts off with a typical story of a woman trying to escape from the drab life of her small town. Only this woman is a middle-aged hairdresser and her plot to get away is with the help of a group of elite cowboys riding across the Permian basin harvesting crops. — PW

Hypnotic Donut Dash at Fair Park
There's literally no way this event is going to finish without someone throwing up everywhere. There are actual stops for the runners to rest during their 5K run and eat doughnut holes, as well as a contest in the morning to see which competitor can stuff the most into their mouth. This is in no way a good idea. But hey, it's for a good cause. The money given to the event will be donated to the charity Carry The Load, which hopes to restore the true meaning of Memorial Day by honoring our veterans. It'll look something like this. — PW

War Party (Album Release) at The Under Where
Fort Worth garage quintet War Party has always been a pretty prolific outfit. Just take a quick look at the guys' BandCamp page and you'll see a pretty deep collection of singles, demos and splits in addition to more fully-realized efforts that flow just as freely. After releasing its first full-length in December 2013, the band released a trio of two-song EPs followed in 2015. And, come Friday, War Party will release its second full-length, an album called To Love and Fear It. These days, more than ever, the band can afford to keep up its pace in the studio, at least. In recent years, frontman Cameron Smith's Lo-Life Recordings has partnered with fellow Fort Worth label Dreamy Soundz to create the Dreamy Life umbrella. Together, that partnership was responsible for a handful of the best local releases of 2015, including records from Andy Pickett, Vincent Neil Emerson and Jake Paleshic. In addition to both labels, that collective also runs a small record store and its own recording studio. And not long after their new Cloudland Recording Studio opened its doors last year, War Party began making itself at home, writing, rehearsing and recording all in the same space. In the meantime, the band's stoked to show off its newly discovered voice, which it'll do this Saturday, January 30, at The Under Where (2261 College Avenue), the newest iteration of Casey Smith's The Where House venue, which is located just around the corner from the previous spot. Better still? Before Friday's show, War Party/Dreamy Life Records is letting us premiere a stream of its sophomore full-length here. — CG

Grand Opening at Local Hub Bicycle Company
At the heart of Deep Ellum is a close-knit group of cyclists, and to expand on that community, Local Hub Bicycle Company is opening to provide bicycles for sale and rent, as well as repairs and community rides. The event is kicking off at 10 a.m. with a free yoga session and a community bike ride at 4:30 p.m. The actual party will commence at 6 p.m. with food and drink provided The Tamale Company, Shinola Cola's and Community Brewery Beet. They will be raffling off a Brooklyn Bedford single-speed bike, a Raleigh Cameo bike and a Giro helmet. — PW

Mardi Gras Gala Masquerade Bal at The Bomb Factory
You really don't need to go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. It's loud, crowded and there's a pretty good chance of you getting robbed. There are plenty of better options for celebrating Fat Tuesday this year in Dallas. The Bomb Factory is holding a masquerade ball in the name of the holiday tonight, so put on your best dress/tuxedo and mask and celebrate the coming of Lent. Playing at the event will be saxophonist David Carr Jr., Jay B and the Zydeco Posse, Unfaded Brass Band and DJ DaddyFats. The gala will also be showcasing the charities Operation Smile and Community Partners of Dallas. — PW

Rise & Shine, Natural Anthem at Three Links
There's few shows, if any, that are this good for just $2. Rise & Shine is a local blues rock band very much in the same vein as bands like The White Stripes and the Black Keys. Opening for them is another great local band, Natural Anthem. They are a throwback to the psychedelic rock of the '70s with a thick reverb and atmosphere in their music. — PW

The Van Sanchez at Double Wide
The Van Sanchez blends together punk rock and soul music. Even more impressive, it sounds pretty good. Opening for them are blues rock band The Sideshow Tragedy, as well as The Heavy Hands and The Dolly Llamas. — PW

John Wesley Coleman, Cory Patrick Coleman, Mountain Air at Dan's Silverleaf
Self-described “Trash Poet Songwriter” John Wesley Coleman III is an Austin musician focused on mixing oft-drunken storytelling with his own twist of indie-psychedelic rock. Also playing is the non-blood-related Cory Patrick Coleman (of Hares on the Mountain/A.M. Ramblers), a Denton musician who brands to his solo sets as “Bootgaze,” which I would imagine is some weird country version of My Bloody Valentine. Mountain Air opens. — PW

Lometa at 2921b Commerce St.
Lometa is a local rock band whose album is on sale at Bandcamp for $713. A far cheaper way to hear their music is going to their concert this weekend. Mister Morgan opens. — PW

Heater, Bulls, Tame Tame and Quiet, Hate Your Friends at Sunshine Bar
If you're in Arlington, there's a good chance you're probably pissed off about being there. The Sunshine Bar is giving you a chance to channel that aggression as four solid local punk and rock bands are playing one of the smokiest rooms in town. — PW

Shooter Jennings at Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill
Unlike some of his past swings through town, Jennings actually provides a pretty compelling case for making the drive out to Gas Monkey tonight. For this show, his Waymore's Outlaws backing band will feature the original surviving members of the outfit that used to back his dad Waylon in the studio and on the road. — Porttia Portis

Horace Bray at Josey Records (Free)
Horace Bray is a local jazz guitarist and composer that went to UNT. He was the first undergrad guitarist in UNT's One O'Clock Lab Band in the last 15 years. In case you were unaware, the One O'Clock Lab Band is known across the nation as one of the top jazz ensembles in the country, so this guy is a really big deal. — PW

Don't Swap Believin' V at The Lost Toys
The Lost Toys is holding their fifth swap meet today for collectors around town to get a chance to sell, buy, and trade some collectible toys and figures. There are going to be some rare classic toys showcased here. You may even be able to find that Transformer you always wanted as a kid but your parents would never buy because they said you had enough or you were too old for. — PW

Avatar, September Mourning, RIVETHEAD and I Am Man I Am Monster at Trees
For your metal fix, Trees is the place to be this weekend. Avatar is a Swedish metal band with a focus on the theatrical. The band's music and performances have the vibe of something you would see at a sideshow circus with the sound of an old school metal band. In the same vein, September Mourning is a band focused on storytelling in various formats, from songs,to music videos to comic books, The band wants to showcase an unforgettable musical and artistic experience. Also playing are local metal bands RIVETHEAD and I Am Man, I Am Monster. — PW

All Them Witches at Dada
All Them Witches is a rock band from Nashville with a layered, ominous sound that the name of the band is meant to forebode. The songs are densely composed with no one clear genre influence in their music. The band is known for its lyrics as well, focusing on a narrative structure on songs that engross the listener into every facet of its music. Megafauna opens. — PW

Brillz at Lizard Lounge
Get into some thrillz with Brillz and Party Favor at Lizard Lounge as part of the Twonk Di Nation Tour. There's sure to be plenty of drinkz and girlz and sick beatz. — PW

Dave Mason at Granada Theater
Dave Mason is a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and has worked with some of the best in music, including founding Traffic with Steve Winwood, and playing with bands such as The Rolling Stones and Fleetwood Mac. Now he's back and playing some of the songs that gave him and various other musical groups fame around the world. — PW

Europe at House of Blues
Does anyone know any songs by Europe other than “The Final Countdown?” If you do, you've probably already got tickets to this one. — PW

“Pushing Boundaries” at Site131
“Pushing Boundaries” is a new exhibition pairing the work of artists Paul Kremer and Eduardo Portillo. The two create art at opposite ends of the spectrum: Kremer making large, in-your-face abstractions, while Portillo creates more subtle, smaller-scale art. The juxtaposition the two create could daresay be “pushing boundaries.” — PW

G-Eazy at The Bomb Factory (Sold Out)
Have you heard the one about the white rapper that sampled Grizzly Bear, LCD Soundsystem, and The Kinks and then sold out The Bomb Factory? Oh, then we won't bore you with it again. A$AP Ferg opens. — CG

Pasties With a Purpose at Trees
The astounding burlesque performers Bang Bang Lulu and Malintent are putting on one hell of a benefit show, Pasties with a Purpose, featuring over a dozen performers. All the proceeds will go to help the area's tornado victims. Performers include great names like Carmel Sutra, Pixie O'Kneel and Victoria Viking to name a few. Hosted by Appaloosa Red and Lillith Grey who brought you Tuesday Tease and Glitterbomb. Oh, also there are raffle prizes. — RA

Girl Scout Cookie & Beer Pairing Flight at LUCK
Chances are Girl Scout Cookies were an annual highlight when you were a kid, they probably still are, because they're delicious. But now that you're an adult, an entirely new frontier of possibility has opened up. You can enjoy these cookies with any alcohol of your choosing. LUCK is pairing together some of the most popular kinds of Girl Scout Cookies with the best craft beers in North Texas. There will also be girl scout troops at the event selling cookies for you to stock up before they go away. — PW

One Night with Seth Meyers at McFarlin Auditorium (Sold Out)
Seth Meyers is taking a break from destroying the reputation of Late Night by speaking on behalf of the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas for their annual campaign. The event is technically free but those attending are requested to donate to the campaign, which is put toward supporting the local and global Jewish community. Nobody tell them Seth Meyers doesn't consider himself Jewish.– PW

Emergence 1.5 #TheDayParty at Cafe Salsera
First off, do you know what a Conscious Cypher is? You will by the time you're done with this day party. Basically, people who come together and share their collective, creative mind in a way that spreads the open consciousness. That's what will be going down, plus a Latin-Soul Fusion brunch, tunes curated by DJ Mike B, spoken word from Tro'juan and Princess and a final music performance from Trina Mai, That Kid Cam and StanDroid plus others. The cover is $10. — RA

Cookies and Dark Beer Class with Justin Bonard at East Side Denton
East Side Social Club is a beer drinker's paradise. They have around 90 different beers on tap to choose from and 60 brewed in Texas. They're looking to expand the selection of beer for locals to choose from and one of the ways they go about this is with their various courses on different types of beer. This time around, they'll be covering dark beers like stouts, porters and black ales. — PW


















































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