Feel On Fire Tonight.

We may not have actual real life working lightsabers in 2015, but we can't say we're totally lacking for new technology. Like, just the other day somebody came out with socks that sense when you fall asleep and automatically pause your Netflix for you.

Cool as they are, there's no reason to don those suckers this weekend. Even in the typically slow time winding down the year, this weekend's still a pretty packed one in Dallas. Like those socks of yours, we've got the pulse below. — Cory Graves

Ruby Rose at It'll Do Club
You may know her from that weekend when you binged watched Orange Is the New Black or from all the Tumblr posts written by people who clamored over her true beauty. Aside from being an actress and model, Ruby Rose is also a singer and a DJ touring the country. Thankfully, after a pair of postponements, she'll finally be stopping by Dallas this Friday. —Lauren Kuehmeier

Penn & Teller at WinStar World Casino
Outspoken libertarian/bullshit detector Penn Jillette and his silent little buddy Teller bring their 40th anniversary magicomedy tour just north of the border. It's really not that far a drive to catch two of the best. — CG

Daps, Hugs and Mugs at 3014 Canton St
Like their annual Cake Jam, -topic and Joonbug are bringing the treats and beats to this hip-hop holiday party. Herrick & Hooley will perform, ugly sweaters will be worn and, yes, you'll take home a mug. — CG

Coats, Cans and Kicks at Epocha
OK, campers, rise and shine, and don't forget your booties 'cause it's cold out there today — and everyday for the next couple months. What is this, Miami beach? And some folks have to sleep in this. Keep them in mind this weekend and maybe swing by and drop off a coat some time during Epocha's 24-hour Christmas party/coat drive. — CG

The Holiday Party at Club Dada
Thrown by Do214 and Prekindle, you can get in free with an RSVP at Do214.com or $5 at the door for the laziest among us. Take advantage of their generosity by enjoying a night of performances by excellent local artists such as Blue, the Misfit, Sudie and The Misteries, plus DJ sets by the Son of Stan and Color TV. Bonus: Stoli Vodka is a sponsor, so be on the lookout for free drink opportunities during the night. Even bigger bonus: Santa will be there, so rejoice like Will Ferrell in Elf and go get a picture with him of you and your date. You can show it to your kids someday, because this date is going to go great. — Hannah Steiner

Toys for Tots: Drowning Pool at Trees
Has there been a more polarizing local band to achieve mainstream success than this one? Really, just as many folks love the band as find listening to their songs a legit form of torture. That much makes sense: Back in 2001, Drowning Pool broke through with their smash hit “Bodies,” which, remains the band's most recognizable song even a decade after the track's lead vocalist passed away. In 2003, the song was used by the military at Guantanamo Bay to interrogate suspected terrorists, so there's that, too. Love 'em or hate 'em, though, I think we can all agree that collecting toys for kids in need this time of year is a p cool thing to do. — CG

BBQ & Bluegrass Bonanza at Shipping & Receiving
The barefoot Arkansas boys in Mountain Sprout are about as authentic a bluegrass outfit as they come. Unlike many of their contemporaries that just take off their shoes when they go on stage to better look the part, we're pretty sure they just tour without any. Not at all bluegrass outfit Bad Mountain and new Fort Worth bluegrass all-star outfit Panther City Pickers open. The latter features members of Armadillo Creek, Walker & the Texas Dangers, the Driftin Outlaw Band and Luke McGlathery's band. — CG

Bar Betties Holiday Hoorah at Pastime Tavern
Before one of Dallas' oldest bars closes at the end of the month, the Bar Betties crew is holding one last holiday shindig. Raise a glass, then pour one out before it's closing time for good. — CG

Pop-Up Holiday Party at DEC on Dragon
No matter how many holiday parties you've been to already this year, this one's a sure bet. The location boasts views for days, plenty of booze and none of your weird uncles and/or overly inebriated co-workers. — CG

Mayhem x Antiserum at Lizard Lounge
Three years into its collaboration, pioneering bass music DJs Mayhem and Antiserum bring their “Seven Deadly Sins” tour and a bunch of new tunes to Deep Ellum. — CG

Star Wars Toys for Tots at Twilite Lounge (Free)
Newish local due Hella Zealous (Lee May from Stew! and Jon Biggs from Bizarro Kids) are playing two hours of electro pop tunes at this free show. Bringing a new, unwrapped toy is encouraged. It doesn't have to necessarily be a Star Wars toy, but it'd be a whole lot cooler if it was. — CG

Holt & Stockslager at AllGood Cafe
When not touring the country as Don Henley's guitarist, Chris Holt comes back home to play Simon & Garfunkel covers with his longtime pal Chad Stockslager. Now that's what I call chicken-fried steak music. — CG

Wreck the Halls at Dark Hour Haunted House
The Germans have known for centuries what we ethnocentric Americans have only caught onto in recent years, the Christmas season can be plenty terrifying. You know what Krampus does to naughty kids? Hint: It's a hell of a lot more hellish than leaving coal in a sock. So it makes sense that he'd be the primary source of horror when the Dark Hour haunted house opens back up for the holidays this weekend. — CG

Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis' Holiday Shindig! at Kessler Theater
We wonder how long ago these married country performers got tired of being called things like “adorable” and/or “sweethearts.” Their relationship status aside, these two are pretty qualified songwriters in their own right, penning hits for acts like The Dixie Chicks over the years, as well as a 2006 Christmas album that they'll be drawing heavily upon during a pair of shows at the Kessler this evening. — CG

Steel Panther at House of Blues
Tony Romo's favorite '80s cover band Steel Panther plays the House of Blues this Friday. For awhile there it seemed like the “if this is the worst thing that happens to me I've had a pretty good life” era Romo was jumping on stage with the guys every time he was in L.A. — CG

Alejandro Escovedo at Poor David's Pub
“Old, cool Austin is officially dead,” or so tweeted longtime Statesman contributor Michael Corcoran earlier this year. “Alejandro Escovedo has moved to Dallas.” The hip singer-songwriter performs tonight in his new hometown, which we've got to admit feels a little cooler since he got here. — CG

The English Beat at Granada Theater
Ska heroes The English Beat will be ripping up Bob Marley posters performing tonight at Trees with likeminded Dallasites Rude King. I bet they play “Mirror in the Bathroom.” — Trace McCaslin

William Clark Green at Hank's McKinney
Long hailed as Red Dirts next big for so long that his critically hailed 2015 disc, Ringling Road actually has a song called “Next Big Thing.” Still, he represents Texas Country's next generation and one of its brightest stars. — CG

Downtown Wander Walk
Downtown is always nice this time of year. Hit one of the Park-It-Pop-Ups in Downtown to grab a wristband, then wander around the neighborhood looking for all kinds of sales, specials and pop-up events. Search the #DowntownWanderland hashtag for clues on where to look. But don't miss it, because it's the last one of the year. — CG

The Hazardous Dukes at Double Wide (Free)
The local Americana-based is sure to make for a “floor-stomping, roof-hanging, hell-raising good time” in Deep Ellum as it pulls from a list of influences that includes everything from Bob Dylan to Buddy Holly and Waylon Jennings. This one doesn't cost anything to attend, but we encourage you to buy the band a round just the same. 'Tis the season, and all. — Jordyn Walters

Trombone Shorty at South Side Ballroom
Born into a well-known New Orleans jazz family, Troy Andrews began cutting his brass chops since the age of six, and spent his formative years as a member of several prominent NOLA brass bands. The outfit he now fronts, Orleans Avenue, fuses contemporary jazz with funk and R&B. He's a versatile performer — enough so that he's collaborated with a wide-ranging batch of performers, such as like Jeff Beck, Kid Rock, Warren Haynes, and the Rebirth Brass Band, and opened for Weezer at that Reunion festival earlier this fall. — CG

Broken Gold at Rubber Gloves
If Austin-based punk band Broken Gold comes off as a more obscure version of the Riverboat Gamblers, it's because two-thirds of its members come from that other group. The always fun Party Static, pop punk revivalists Hate Your Friends and Codetalkers open. — Porttia Portis

Sander Van Doorn at Lizard Lounge
Lights All Night veteran Sander Van Doorn makes his Dallas visit a couple weeks early this year, this time bringing his Dutch-flavored dance music to Deep Ellum. — CG

Sin Motivo (Album Release) at Bobby on Drums
Sin Motivo, which we never write about because we don't ever write about punk at all ever on this site, releases its new LP at this show before heading off for tour. Maybe bring some donation cash to help them on their way. Gas ain't cheap. Oklahoma City punks American Hate and Cherry Death also perform, and SSTD opens. — CG

Nearly Naked Nutcracker at Trees
I'm not going to take a cheap shot at the weird implications of the title “Nearly Naked Nutcracker” (wait… oops), but this Broads and Panties event is part titillation and part and part, um, OK so maybe it's mostly just titillation. — Chelsea Upton

Here Holy Spain at Double Wide
Might this be it for the “Goddamn This Christmas” outfit? If this doesn't wind up being the last-ever show from Dallas punk trio Here Holy Spain, it'll likely be the last in a good long while. Just putting that out there. West Windows and Red Like Heat open. — CG

Zhora EP Listening Party at Off the Record (Free)
It's been a longtime coming, but after releasing a few singles here and there since forming a few years ago, Dallas electro-pop outfit Zhora is set to finally release its debut EP. Hear it before everyone else at this listening party where the band will also perform. — CG

Randy Rogers at Billy Bob's
Fresh off one of the best country records of 2015, his joint effort with Wade Bowen, Cleburne's Red Dirt hero Randy Rogers brings his solo material to the world's largest honky-tonk. — CG

Roy Davis Jr. at It'll Do Club
Chicago house DJ Roy Davis Jr. will spin for a full three hours at this, the official It'll Do holiday party. — CG

Mike & the Moonpies at Magnolia Motor Lounge
Austin's Mike & The Moonpies like to refer to their sound as “outlaw country,” but it's far less dangerous than it sounds. Of course, in the modern climate when bro “country” is so mainstream, all it takes is a few traditional country instruments and a friendly, Pat Green-like sound to be considered outside the norm. It's a sad state of affairs, indeed. Charlie Shafter & the Gnomes opens. — CG

Cody Canada & the Departed at Shipping & Receiving
For better or worse, alt-country figurehead Cody Canada pretty much single-handedly helped kick off the red dirt country scene. Now, backed by the harder-rocking Departed, he's pretty much picked right back up where his previous outfit, Cross Canadian Ragweed, left off. Chad Sullins and the Last Call Coalition kicks things off. — CG

Charlie's Bow Tie at Three Links
Old-timey sounding, Dallas-based Texas soul band CBT headlines a pretty nifty little all-local bill at Links this Saturday. West Texas Mammoths, The Azalea Project and Jake Odin & the Marching Band open. — CG

Mushroomhead at Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill
California industrial metal band Mushroomhead has been around for 20 years from now. Certainly, then, someone else has done a better job of making fun of their name than I can here, so I'll give them a pass. (Seriously: Is it a penis joke? I really don't know.) — Pete Freedman

“Cure for Paranoia” at WAAS Gallery
ThatKidCam, will release a new single called “Normal Person” as part of WAAS Gallery's “Cure for Paranoia” exhibition this Saturday, where Herrick & Hooley will also perform. Art so hard. — CG

Little D Market at Main Street Garden Park
It's not just big things that happen here. Little D is a new pro small business campaign that's been highlighting and promoting all sorts of local businesses of late. Here a bunch of them will come together for a little holiday market Downtown. — CG

Daniel Markham & Claire Morales at J&J's
Back in October, the hella-prolific Claire Morales, released a new duet album with Daniel Markham called Harmony in Hell that was written and recorded entirely that month. The album's 10 Halloween-themed tracks find the pair leaning hard on the harmonies that have so defined their respective solo projects, while still representing somewhat new territory for each. Here, they'll perform the thing live for the first time. Brooklyn dream pop outfit Ziemba and Austin cowpunks Rattlesnake Milk open. — CG

Benefit for Howard Kelley at Lee Harvey's
It was a pretty big bummer a couple weeks back when we learned that Howard Kelley, the longtime Lee Harvey's/Three Links bartender and frontman of Dallas' best tribute band, was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer of the tonsil, for which he's already gone an emergency tonsillectomy. There'll be a benefit for Kelley at Lee Harvey's this Saturday, with performances by The King Bucks among others. You can also help Kelley with some of his mounting medical bills by chipping in here. — CG

Home Alone Party at Crown and Harp
You've seen Home Alone at least once every Christmas season since the '90s. But you haven't seen Dallas' artist Thor Johnson's own special cut of the film, which he'll screen upstairs at Crown and Harp at this themed party. Problem Dogg will also perform unrecognizable versions of improv'd holiday classics and donations will be collected for the Genesis Women's Shelter. Take that, ya filthy animals. — CG

It's a Wonderful Life at Majestic Theatre
Does the impending arrival of Christmas make you suicidal? Don't worry, you're not alone. Folks have been struggling with the true meaning of Christmas since the Depression era, when retailers like Montgomery Ward were busy inventing marketing gimmicks like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. We could all stand to take a step back and reevaluate our lives from time to time, though, just as George Bailey is forced to do in this classic Christmas flick. Catch it on the big screen tonight — especially if a lack of funds this time of year has you questioning whether you are, in fact, the richest person on earth. — CG

Classic Cult, Siamese at Three Links
Two of Dallas coolest/newest lady-fronted rock bands share one of the best bills in town this weekend. With only a handful of shows under each of their belts, the St. Vincent-esque Siamese and glammy grime of Classic Cult are already super fun to watch live. Houston's Mantra Love holds down the middle slot. — CG

Curren$y at Gas Monkey Live
Being known as “New Orleans' hardest working stoner” may sound like a pretty contradictory descriptor, but, in Curren$y's case, it is entirely fitting. The Lousianna rapper has released a handful of studio albums and 17 mixtapes since 2008. His prolific output is all the more impressive when one considers how much of his catalog is comprised of songs mentioning the amount of marijuana he smokes. — CG

Trans-Siberian Orchestra at American Airlines Center
Are there multiple versions of Trans-Siberian Orchestra? If not, how does this outfit manage to tour basically the entire country in the span of the holiday season? I don't really get it. But, hey, we'll all have a chance to ponder that on tonight as the group takes its totally epic Christmas music to the AAC. — CU

Mannheim Steamroller at Verizon Theatre
What's the difference between Mannheim Steamroller and Trans-Siberian Orchestra? Which is which? Which is the better one? I suppose it doesn't really matter. Christmas! — CG

#WeAreDallas at Bungalow Beach Club (Free)
Holding down this weekend's edition of Red Cup Sundays is the heady collective of G.U.N., Saint Clair and special guest DJ Esco. Best free party all weekend? Yeah, probably. — CG

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