Get Lucky.

Lots of studies are coming out these days questioning whether or not there's a correlation between time spent on social media and one's overall happiness.

So far, the results have kind of been mixed. Spending too much time scrolling through pics of your friends that make them appear to be having more fun than you doesn't seem like it'd be a good anti-depressant but, at the moment, there's been no real definitive scientific conclusion one way or the other.

One thing that is pretty much guaranteed to put a little extra pep in your step is just going out and living the type of life would make all your Facebook friends jealous — that is, going out and having some actual fun of your own. — Cory Graves

Elm Street Music and Tattoo Festival at The Bomb Factory
Now in its third year, this weekend-long festival from the Elm Street Tattoo and Three Links crews, thrown in conjunction with the Reverend Horton Heat, will maintain the Bomb Factory as its hub. There, renowned tattooers from around the globe will ply their crafts under one roof, as attendees offer up their skins as canvases and take in music at both the Bomb Factory and Three Links stages. Friday's offerings can be expected to be especially action-packed as this event once again attempts to break its own records of most tattoos completed in a 24-hour span. But the party will go all weekend long — and, arguably, might even get better as it does, given how the rest of the weekend is so often dedicated to tattoo fans setting up advance appointments to get their dream tattoos applied by their dream tattooers. Want in on the tat action? Get to the venue early and make an appointment with your favorite artists earlier rather than later. Oh, and don't sleep on the music, either: In addition to Dallas' own Reverend Horton Heat, this weekend will see performances from Agnostic Front. Leftover Crack, The Bronx and many, many more. For a tickets and a list of tattooers and bands, here here. — PF

JFA, Negative Approach, Fang at Three Links
Jodie Foster's Army formed only days after Dallas' John Hinckley Jr. attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan in order to impress the actress back in '81. So many years later, the AZ skater punks hit Dallas to kill it atop a deadly Three Links bill in conjunction with this weekend's Elm Street Music and Tattoo Festival. Also on the bill is Negative Approach, Fang, The Swinging' Dicks, Hoodrat and the Punk Rock Altercation Comedy Tour. — CG

Brewer's Ball at Renaissance Hotel
North Texas Beer Week's signature event is this night of black tie “fun and frivolity” alongside the owners and brewmasters of every local brewery and 500 of Dallas' biggest hop heads. There'll be some vittles from a dozen local gastropubs, too. Cheers! — CG

Chance the Rapper at South Side Ballroom
It's easy to understand Chance's appeal. Not only is he obviously a talented rapper and storyteller with a unique delivery and infectious ad libs, but he does his thing in an endearing and charming sincerity that's equally hard to resist. D.R.A.M., Towkio and Metro Boomin open. — Mikel Galicia

Rambo: First Blood Part II at Inwood Theatre
Despite its awkward name — I mean, wouldn't Rambo: First Blood Part II just make it Rambo: Second Blood? — this is the quintessential film in the series, and probably the one you're actually thinking of when images of the John Rambo character come to mind. — CG

Giada De Laurentis at Majestic Theatre
Emmy-winning celebrity chef, and star of Food Network's Everyday Italian, among others, Giada De laurentiis drops by the Majestic on her latest cookbook tour. With a moderator in tow, she'll discuss the inspiration behind the recipes of her new Happy Cooking book before opening the floor for audience questions. — CG

The O's (Album Release) at Kessler Theater
Earlier this year, Dallas roots duo The O's holed up for a month in a cabin in New Braunfels to record its fourth full-length, its most distorted/rockin' collection of tracks to date. Grab a copy at this release show that'll also feature sets from Deep Blue Something and Matt Hillyer. — CG

Keep Shelly in Athens at The Foundry (Free)
A couple years after playing Coachella, the electronic outfit Keep Shelly in Athens brings its brand of melancholy disco to family-friendly Oak Cliff fried chicken spot The Foundry. And, hey, it's free. Different Sleep opens. — CG

Keller Williams at Trees
Lest you think Trees was playing host to some sort of real estate convention this weekend let us clear it up for you. Tonight Keller Williams the one-man jam band — and not Keller Williams the country's largest realty firm — performs tonight. I bet he hates that joke by now. — CG

Israel Nash at Dada
Missouri-born Israel Nash, is out on tour promoting his latest Americana album Rain Plans. It's not just straight up Americana, though, as the now-Dripping Springs-based musician mixes a fair amount of Crazy Horse-style pysch rock into his alt-country offerings. Fort Worth's own Jake Paleschic opens. — Lauren Rushing

Breakfast Club With Molly Ringwald Live at Alamo Drafthouse (Sold Out)
Hey, hey, hey, hey! Oh, Breakfast Club, how could we ever forget about you John Hughes' tale of teen angst and destiny during a Saturday detention session is a classic only made more bitchin' when you see it on the big screen with a member of the cast in attendance. So go — and with your fists raised high in the air. It doesn't matter if your'e the brain, the athlete, the basket case, the princess or the criminal. Actually, if you're a criminal, you're probably not welcome. But the rest of you are fine. — James Wallace

Concert on the GeO Deck at Reunion Tower
How's this for cool? Northern National is holding the official release for its new “Love is Fire” single at Reunion Tower's GeO Deck on Friday as the boys will play a show 500 feet in the air, overlooking the Downtown skyline. We even hear concerts in the GeO Deck might henceforth become an ongoing series. Let's hope so, anyway. — CG

Bill Bellamy at Addison Improv
Relive the '90s with Def Comedy Jam and MTV alum Bill Bellamy. Of note: Bellamy is credited with creating — or at least being the first to say on TV — the term “booty call.” C'mon, Dallas. We owe him at least a few ticket sales for adding that bit of shorthand to the lexicon. — Stephen Young

Dallas Fetish Ball at Lizard Louge
At this year's Dallas Fetish Ball, participants will quest for an answer to that somewhat frightening, age-old question, Rope vs Rubber. Whether you find that more terrifying or titillating will probably play a factor on whether you end up at this DFB pre-party which features performances from Japanese rope artist Otonawa among others. — CG

Friday Night Drags at the Bridge at Continental Avenue Bridge
Friday night's drag race at the bridge is the next race of the #JustRideDallas 2015 Race Series. Just to be clear, this is a drag race for bicycles, not motorcycles or cars. But there's separate divisions for fixed and geared bikes and both men's and women's. — Carly Seitz

“Sticks” at CentralTrak (Free)
Armed with instruments ranging from oboe to the radio, Dallas and Denton musicians will play an improvised set described as “any number of musicians making sounds with sticks of various kinds.” — CG

Creepy Cat Benefit Show at Rubber Gloves
The Denton Humane Society has so many cats on hand at the moment — reportedly over 200 — that it's lowering adoption costs and looking for whatever help it can get. You can contribute to the cause online here. Or, even more appealing, is this cat-themed concert with sets from Rat Rios, Future Self, A Smile Full of Ale, Ethics and Trick Burn, live cat-themed screen printing, cat goods for sale and lots of cat lovers, some in costumes. See, crazy cat people do sometimes leave the house. Only kidding, of course. — CG

ATAMA Presents: “Texidermy” by Wheron
The lines over at Elm Street Tattoo/The Bomb Factory too intimidating for you? For the same lucky $13 (plus $7 tip) they'll be inking some 13s at ATAMA, too. Will Heron's new cactus-themed street art and home goods will be up for grabs, too. — CG

Kastle at It'll Do Club
Last time the L.A.-based dub/deep house master known as Kastle was in town, we said of his It'll Do set: “It was a 10 out of 10 night, no doubt.” Check out some pics and relive that night here. And maybe get there a little earlier this time — not only to ensure you'll make it in before the club hits capacity, but so he'll have time to finish his second DJ set. — CG

“The Illusive Goose Man of Bardwell and His Chicken Miracles” (Opening Reception) at {neighborhood}
Outsider artists Tom Sale and Andy Don Emmons will have some new works on display in Bishop Arts, and with a title with that combination of snark and zaniness has just got to be sort of interesting. Drinks and live music will be on hand at this reception for the artists. — CG

Clint Niosi (Album Release) at Lola's
In order to keep things spontaneous, Fort Worth's Clint Niosi decided to write and record his third LP in just one month. Tonight, the minimal, meditative result of that time will be relased as Captives of Sense. Sarah Ruth and Triangulum open. — CG

ArtCon 11 at 1450 Browder St
This weekend, more than 150 area artists will gather in a vacant warehouse and put their works up for auction in Dallas' eleventh annual Art Conspiracy. It's an amazing event, Art Conspiracy, which is why it's not even the least bit surprising that a) the event has lasted as long as it has, or b) that it's only grown with each passing year. Launched in 2005, it's the Dallas art community's biggest annual show of support to those in need around the city. But it's much more than that: It's a great time for one thing, but also an easy way for art collectors to affordably bolster their collections, seeing that each piece starts off with an auction price of $20. — PF

Leon Bridges at Majestic Theatre (Sold Out)
Just 12 months back, Leon Bridges was unknown to most folks. No, really, even Today host Harry Smith says so: “Except for a handful of people in a few tiny bars in North Texas, until a year ago there was no way you had heard of Leon Bridges.” But, these days, Leon Bridges is enough of a household name that uncool and out-of-touch old dudes like Smith are into him! Which is why Smith featured Bridges on his “Sunday's With Harry” segment on NBC this past weekend. Take a look-see. This weekend, Bridges is coming home to headline a show at The Majestic and, as Smith points out in that linked clip, the show, like the rest of his tour dates through the end of the year, is sold out. — CG

Leftover Crack, The Bronx, Riverboat Gamblers at The Bomb Factory
Leftover Crack is a band that tried and failed to release an album called Shoot The Kids at School in the wake of the Columbine massacre. And you thought Foster The People were subversive. This especially loaded punk bill also includes the likes of The Bronx, Riverboat Gamblers, Biters, Dirty Kid Discount. — PF

Mind Spiders, VIDEO (Album Release), Sealion at Three Links
VIDEO's about as strong as live act as you'll ever see — just as you'd expect it to be, really, considering the band's pedigree. Daniel Fried/TV's Daniel, stalks stages like a satanist possessed as his band (Greg Rutherford, Payton Green, Harpal Assi) lets loose a sonic assault behind him — can attest to the fact that VIDEO is an act that's difficult to not watch. This weekend, in conjunction with the Elm Street Music & Tattoo Fest, the band celebrates the release of the new LP it put out via Third Man Records, along with Mind Spiders, Sealion, Fungi Girls, Slimy Member and Punk Rock Karaoke. — PF

Last Show at Macaroni Island (Sold Out)
It's not only the last show at Denton house venue Macaroni Island, but the last show for Denton's Anger House, too. Two Knights, Dust Congress, New Science Projects and Bukkake Moms also perform, but this thing's way sold out. Meaning, you've got one last time to not be a jerk. If you ain't on the list, don't show up, y'know, that way the cops don't come and shut 'er down. It'd sure suck to go out on a bad note. — CG

Diana Krall at Verizon Theatre
Five-time Grammy-winning jazz singer/pianist Krall is currently touring in support of her new album, Wallflower, a collection of pop covers from the likes of Dylan, McCartney, Elton John and Randy Newman, to name a few. — CG

Health at Trees
Health is no stranger to Dallas. Last April when the noise-pop trio melted Three Links' stony interior, we were left with something perhaps we'll never see, or unfortunately experience in a venue that size. This time around, touring on Death Magic, the band's latest has them stepping up to Trees' 650-person capacity space, this time in mid-November as opposed the mild mid-April we once saw. If and when this sells out, expect that pit to only grow larger in size. — Evan Henry

Jay Farrar at Kessler Theater (Sold Out)
It's hard to believe Uncle Tupelo split up 21 years ago, or that its offshoot projects Son Volt and Wilco put out their first albums 20 years ago. Here, Uncle Tupelo/Son Volt singer-guitarist Jay Farrar performs Son Volt's debut LP Trace in full at this solo gig. Andrew Duplantis opens. — CG

Hibou at The Foundry (Free)
For the first time, former Craft Spells drummer, Peter Michel, took his Hibou project on the road earlier this summer. Pronounced “ee-boo,” the Seattle-based swim-gaze band hit town a couple months back in support of Cali indie-pop duo Cayucas at Three Links. For the band, it's new van proved a worthy purchase, too, not only helping the promising new act take its compelling live show on the road this summer for a string of sold-out dates, but a return trip back to Dallas just a few short months later. — EH

BrickUniverse Dallas at Irving Convention Center
Y'know what's awesome about Legos? Everything! The company's been called the Apple of toys and for good reason: Everybody loves Legos. As explored in the recently released Lego Brickumentary, the world's most popular plaything is also an architectural tool, a video game empire, an Academy Award-nominated film and one of the biggest pop cultural phenomena in decades. Yup, people really fucking love that shit. So it's no surprise to learn that, come this November 14 and 15, thousands of master builders with, literally, millions of Lego bricks will converge on the Irving Convention Center. Much awesome! According to a press release announcing the event, there will be all manner of Lego builds on site, including a 40-foot-long city and a 14-foot-long replica of the Manhattan Bridge. Also? A “Brick Print Shop” where they'll print your name on custom bricks, tutorials on how to become a better builder and a “Building Zone” where you can tinker around on your own. You might even find that rare brick you've long been seeking. You guys: Everything is awesome about this convention. — CG

Trinity River Half Marathon
It's like a real marathon, only shorter. Just because you ran half as far, though, doesn't mean you can't still drink the same amount of Michelobs at the post-race party. — CG

Dallas Fetish Ball at Lizard Lounge
Rope artists and fetish performers from all around the world will strap it on at this annual gathering. This event is strictly intended for fellow fetishists, though, and rubber/leather/latex/etc. gear is required just to get in. Or as organizers say, “No effort, no entry!” — CG

Brew Mile at Globe Life Park
Earlier this year, a Canadian man reclaimed the Beer Mile World Record for his home country when he drank four beers — one every quarter-mile — and ran a mile in four minutes, 54 seconds. That just won't do, people. Being the best in the world at stupid things is about as American as it gets. Go for the gold — or amber, as it were — at this Globe Life Park-set event. The post-race party also features an open bar, so, y'know, win-win. — CG

Mashin Monday Denton Ride from BrainDead Brewing
The Mashin Monday crew is foregoing its regular day of the week for this ride, and for good reason — at precisely 8:30 a.m., the group will ride from Deep Ellum all the way to Denton. Some 40 miles. After doing a little bar-hopping, they'll be taking the train back home. — CG

Rebirth Brass Band at Granada Theater
Rebirth got its start on the streets of New Orleans' French Quarter in 1983. More recently, and 30 years after the fact, the outfit finally won its self a Grammy. The onetime street performers' heavy funk sound has also fully become the sound of their city — especially in the wake of their being a focal point of HBO's underrated Treme, may it rest in peace. — Jessica Petrocchi

Molly Ringwald at Hill Performance Hall
When pretty much anyone hears the name Molly Ringwald, they think Pretty in Pink (or another John Hughes movie from the '80s) and little else. But the actress is actually an accomplished author and, now, a jazz singer. Her father was something of an accomplished jazz musician himself, so we suppose it makes some sort of sense. Today, she'll be performing selections from her 2013 collection of jazz standards, and maybe even a jazzed up version of “Don't You (Forget About Me)” if you're lucky. — CG

Stoney LaRue at House of Blues
Some argue that country music doesn't need saving. LaRue, on the other hand, begs to differ. — CG

Suicide Girls: Blackheart Burlesque at Gas Monkey Live
Many of the tattooed, “alternative” models who pose for the Suicide Girls website and/or books like to think of the company as feminist-friendly and otherwise view its focus on non-traditional subjects empowering. The company's owner, Sean Suhl, has said on record before, though, that he started the site “just to see hot punk rock girls naked.” The trick here, then, is figuring out where attending tonight's burlesque performance stops being a showing of support for a positive subculture and talented performers and starts being a form of financially supporting a misogynistic and ultimately pretty harmful company? — CG

Travis Tritt at Billy Bob's
In his “Here's a Quarter” days there weren't many names in country music as big as Tritt's. In recent years, though, he's turned to primarily touring solo acoustic and covering songs by bands like Nickelback. I wish that was a joke. — CG

Wayne “The Train” Hancock at Gas Monkey Live
Wayne “The Train” Hancock's blend of western swing and old-time honky tonk are the closest thing you'll find to the sounds of Hank Williams Sr. these days — especially now that Hank III's begun to lean so heavily on his punk side. Dank opens. — CG

Godfather Double Feature at Alamo Drafthouse
The Alamo folks are doing it right, showing all the films in The Godfather series at this double-feature. Yes, we said double, and we're sticking to it. — CG

Dallas Tomato Battle at Fair Park
Sorry if you were planning on going to this one, it's been cancelled due to an insufficient tomato supply. True story. — CG

Hug Life at It'll Do Club
Dance DJ Hug Life is the 507th best DJ in the world according to DJ-Rankings.com. That's pretty good. — CG

Dallas Whiskey Fest at Status Jet Hangar (Addison)
There will be over 150 different kinds of whiskey available for sampling at this celebration of '60s-era Vegas-style decadence. Before you get too crazy, just remember what Mark Twain used to say: “Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.” — CG

Merle Haggard at Gas Monkey Live
Some argue that country music needs saving. Merle Haggard on the other hand, begs to differ. — CG

Revolution Mother, Jim Heath, Tiki Bandits at Three Links
Closing out this year's Elm Street Music and Fest will be Mike Vallely's Revolution Mother, The Reverend Horton Heat's Jim Heath playing solo, not acoustic, Tiki Bandits (members of Voodoo Glow Skulls), Matt Hillyer and a strip tease from the Elm St. Tease burlesque crew. Out with a bang, we say. — CG

The Fall of Troy at The Prophet Bar
On this tour, Washington mathcore outfit The Fall of Troy is performing its sophomore LP, 2004's Doppelganger in full. Fun fact: the album has a song called “Tom Waits,” while one of Tom Waits' albums has a song called “The Fall of Troy.” Kylesa and Powwers open. — CG

That 1 Guy at The Live Oak
How do you feel about one-man bands? Good, we hope, because Vegas performer and virtuoso musician That 1 Guy is in town this weekend. He's known for his quirky, homemade instruments such as the Magic Pipe, a 7-foot-tall collection of plumbing tubes, bass strings and electronics. Just pretend the other two blue men are home sick. — CG

Deafheaven at Trees
Deafheaven can be described in any number of ways. The band itself seems most keen on a generic “metal” label — even as most critics tend to categorize it within the more-specific black metal subgenre. Still, there are many other mentions that the band earns. Among them? Post-rock, shoegaze and hardcore descriptors that in fact all work, at least in some capacity. But subgenre semantics and buzzwords aside, the general thought on Deafheaven is this: Its sophomore album, Sunbather released summers ago, is an all-out gem — one that borders on becoming a modern masterpiece. Tribuation opens. — MG

Evanescence at South Side Ballroom
Wake up inside that part of you that died in 2003, and save yourself from the nothing you've become. Or something like that. — CG

Troublemakers at Texas Theatre (Free)
In conjunction with the Oak Cliff Film Festival folks, this documentary about earth artists like Walter De Maria, Michael Heizer, Robert Smithson, Nancy Holt and Charles Ross screens for free at Texas Theatre. A Q&A with director James Crump follows. — CG

Meat Fight at Trinity Groves (Sold Out)
By making giving fun again, Laussade's managed to start one of the food world's most anticipated annual events from the ground up. To wit, tickets to this month's “Merry Meatmas”-themed sixth offering sold out in a matter of minutes, although donations to the MS Society can still be made here. — CG

Joey Knelser + Kelly Smith (of Glossary) at Twilite Lounge (Free)
Earlier this year Glossary members Joey Knelser and Kelly Smith released a live album featuring a decade of Knelser's tunes, spanning from Glossary's catalog to his solo stuff. Tonight the pair performs for free at this intimate little Deep Ellum spot. — CG

Glady Knight at Verizon Theatre
Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Chicken and Waffles restaurateur, seven-time Grammy winner and the reigning Empress of Soul, Gladys Knight rolls through Grand Prairie on a midnight train. Did you know she's working on new material with local producer Symbolyc One? That's a neat aside, me thinks. The O'Jays open this show. — CG

RAC at Granada Theater
Remix artist RAC turns the Granada into an 1,100 cap dance club with its laptop full of reworked classics. Big Data, Karl Kling and Filous open. — CG

Rocky Triple Feature at Alamo Drafthouse
In order to build up a little promo for the upcoming Creed, the quick-witted folks over at the Alamo are showing Rocky's II through IV, y'know, the three with Apollo Creed. Get ready for the next world war. — CG

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