Det Var Helt Texas!

As we recently feared, North Texas Man will soon take over Florida Man's “No. 1 spot in laughably anticipated anonymous jackassery.”

We just didn't see it happening quite so soon. Alas, Texas Monthly reports that Norwegians are now using the word “Texas” as a hip new slang meaning “crazy.” It's most commonly thrown out as part of the Tumblr-spawned phrase “det var helt Texas,” which translates roughly to something like “it was totally/absolutely/completely bonkers.”

In their defense, things are pretty quote-unquote bonkers around here. For one thing, there's like a bajillion things to around here this weekend. It's nuts! — Cory Graves

Murs at Dada
Even though the other Nick Carter is the no talent ass clown, this rapping Carter is the one that felt like he should change. He goes by Murs now and makes underground raw shit. Hence the acronym. He's a gay rights advocate, too, though his pro-same sex anthem “Animal Style” proved a bit too crazy to achieve Macklemore level success. — CG

Peelander-Z at Double Wide
For most bands swapping out members is a pretty big headache, and can even be viewed as a divisive action among fans (See: Van Halen vs Van Hagar). For Japanese comic book punks Peelander-Z, though, it's as simple as buying a new color pseudo Power Ranger costume and voila! And that's not intended as a slight towards the band in the least: Peelander's live shows are often as action-packed as the comic-style characters they emulate. — CG

Bob Moses at Three Links
He's the singer and he's the DJ. That's how Bob Moses operates. The Brooklyn-by-way-of-Canada duo of Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance make music that has dance happy bass and a sweet falsetto placed right on top of it. Dance the night away with these Godly funksters. — H. Drew Blackburn

Ben Rector at South Side Ballroom
Though some critics have pointed out the Tulsa-born singer-songwriter hasn't evolved much over the course of his six album career, we're guessing most fans of Rector's trademark positivity don't mind too much. A little sunshine and optimism backed by a solid soundtrack never hurt anyone. — Porttia Portis

American Werewolf in London at Inwood Theatre
Two years before killing Jennifer Jason Leigh's dad, John Landis directed this classic horror-comedy hybrid. Spooky! — CG

The Gooch Palms, BOYTOY at Crown and Harp
Straight ahead New York skate rock trio BOYTOY and kitschy, oft-nude, Aussie party band The Gooch Palms spice up Crown and Harp's Friday night, Parade of Flesh-booked offering. Waco's Loafers and Denton's Abacaba round out this solid rock bill, with not a Dallas band in sight. — CG

Dustin Ybarra at Hyena's (Fort Worth)
For its second season, Gotham added Dustin Ybarra to its cast as an Arkham Asylum resident with a taste for human flesh. When not playing a cannibal on TV, Ybarra gets his kick telling jokes. He'll be in town all weekend, folks. — CG

Frankenstein at Texas Theatre
Come see the classic, 1931 horror film of a monster brought to life as Halloween is creeping up on you. Just remember, Frankenstein is the name of the doctor, not the monster. Lauren Kuehmeier

Brew-Haha Comedy Series at Peticolas
Laugh until Velvet Hammer comes out of your nose as the brewery-set comedy tour hits one of Dallas' best breweries. — CG

30th Anniversary at The Prophet Bar
The Prophet Bar, it's about time for you to think about settling down. Time to start watching your health. You aren't old, no, not by any stretch, but it's about time for you to prepare for old age because we know those hangovers are starting to get serious. But, we're stoked to celebrate your 30th birthday with you. Your lineup with Ten Hands, Mike Dillon Band with Earl Harvin, Shallow Reign, Buena Vistas, David Mabry and Carty Talkington on Night 1 of your two-day party alone is worth celebrating. Happy 30th. — HDB

Matt Pond PA at Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill
Philly-born, New York-based indie rock forebearers Matt Pond PA will play some songs from its forthcoming, crowd-funded State of Gold LP. Says the band of its new material: “So far, the songs rhythmically shift from the past. We've been experimenting and orchestrating with delays and polyrhythms. Wilder sounds to reflect the wildnesses, inside-out.” Laura Stevenson opens. — CG

Tricot at Rubber Gloves
It's no secret the Japanese are better at math than us American idiots. Tricot makes the case that the Japanese are also better at math rock than us, too. Tonight marks the band's first swing through the U.S., where locals Biographies, halfsleep and Moon Waves open. — CG

Jake Paleschic, Daniel Markham at Fred's Cafe
Already responsible for some of our favorite local albums in recent years, Fort Worth's Jake Paleschic and Denton's Daniel Markham are each wrapping up new LPs at the moment. In the meantime, they'll do the solo thing while you try to eat a greasy Fred's burger without having to ask for a fork. — CG

Gorgon City at House of Blues
Gorgon City is a purveyor of deep house. It's a beautiful rave type of situation going on in the City of Bass. If you're into all of that shuffling, neon light twirling and most importantly drugs like ecstasy , this is your Heaven. — HDB

Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Rusted Root at Granada Theater
Four decades running New Orleans second line, Dirty Dozen Brass Band and Pittsburgh world music outfit Rusted Root will co-headline this long and jammy evening. Local NOLA-infused favorites The Freeloaders open. — CG

My Morning Jacket at Verizon Theatre
Bring your My Morning Jacket jacket to see My Morning Jacket perform. The seasoned rock band out of Louisville, Kentucky released its seventh studio album, The Waterfall this year. It's garnered a great deal of acclaim for being a roots rock album that grand and expansive. — HDB

Karen's Treehouse of Comedy Vol. V at Trees (Free)
Arguably, Dallas' hottest comedian at the moment is 10-year-old Saffron Herndon, with her delightfully inappropriate set. She'll be performing at this showcase along with the rest of the city's top comedians, including Clint Werth, Paul Varghese, Dante Martinez, Asher Allen, Kerry Smith, Michele Benson and Byron Stamps. All for the low, low price of free. — CG

Dallas CF Climb 2015 at Bank of America Plaza
You're typically not allowed to just waltz into the Bank of America Plaza and climb to the top just for an old looksee. During this event, they'll let you climb 70 floors' worth of stairs in order to raise money to fight CF. — CG

Noah Gundersen at The Loft
At age 24, Noah Gundersen as already somewhat of a veteran in the music industry. His music career began through touring his home state of Washington and Oregon with string accompaniment by his sister in their band The Courage, eventually pushing him forward on his solo artist evolution of spirituality and romantic dogma. — PP

Luke Bryan at Gexa Energy Pavilion

Denton's Day of the Dead Fest
Picture this: an epic hill; nearly 1,000 spectators; copious hay bales; intricate coffin soapbox derby cars; a very lively group of Denton's finest business owners and residents, all dressed up in their Halloween get-ups; oh, and almost no rules whatsoever. That'll be the scene this Saturday afternoon when the City of Denton hosts its annual Day of the Dead Festival in its historic downtown neighborhood on the Square. And, in addition to the area's usual perks, crowds will also able to enjoy some added art, vendors, live music and live screen-printing. — Nicole Arnold

Butcher Block Party at The Eye at the Joule
Come hungry, because 16 of Dallas' best chefs will be slanging meets and fine wines under the watchful eye of Instagram's favorite local landmark. Heck, maybe even skip dinner the night before. — CG

Best Maid Dill Dash at Coyote Drive-In
Dress up like the pickle you've always wanted to be, as you and fellow pickles race for at- risk children in the Dallas- Fort Worth area. Also keep in mind the more pickled you are, the greater chance you have of taking home a prize. — LK

Black Swan at Texas Theatre
In his feminine companion piece to 2008's The Wrestler, 2010's Black Swan finds Natalie Portman losing her grip on reality under the pressures of the demanding Black Swan ballet. Following a screening of the Oscar-nominated film, the Dallas Neo-Classical Ballet will premiere a couple of new works of its own. — CG

“JW+WS” at Beefhaus
JW? That'd be experimental violinist Joshua Westerman. As for WS? That's visual artist and video collage maker William Sarradet. More important is the plus sign, which means these two will be teaming up for an immersive audio-visual experience at the Expo Park art space. — CG

Ranch Bash at Panther Island Pavilion
Ranch Bash celebrates its 10th anniversary with its biggest one-day festival yet, and a change of venue. Join 95.9-FM and sister station 106.9-FM as they showcase all those country artists we Texans are supposed to know and love like Reckless Kelly, Cody Jinks and Mike Ryan to name but a few. — LK

Dallas Brew Bus Great White North Tour at Community Beer Co.
You drink, they drive. It's that simple. This month, the Brew Bus will take you to visit 903 Brewers, Tupps Brewing and Community Beer Co. — CG

Soul Asylum, Meat Puppets at The Prophet Bar
True story: Back in 1992, Soul Asylum's video for “Runaway Train,” which featured pictures of child runaways and the days they disappeared, used to give the eight-year-old me nightmares. I was frightened that my parents would lose me in the mall or something and that I'd end up family-less in some less-than-glorious Lost Boys scenario. On the other hand, “Somebody to Shove” always made me laugh. So, y'know, it's a trade-off. This weekend the band plays The Prophet Bar's 30th anniversary weekend along with Meat Puppets. — Pete Freedman

Back in Time: A Back to the Future Documentary at Alamo Drafthouse
Can't swing an early exit from work on a Wednesday or a late arrival to work on Thursday? The Alamo Drafthouse has you covered on Saturday, October 24, too. At 4 p.m. at its Richardson location, the theater will be screening this documentary film about Back to the Future on Saturday. — HDB

Muffinmeow Pop-Up Cat Café at Richardson Civic Center
The Internet's favorite animal is increasingly becoming known as a coffee drinker's best friend, too. Since the first cat cafe in Taiwan opened up in 1998, the phenomenon has quickly spread through Asia. But perhaps due to more stringent health codes, the practice of filling one's coffee shop with a herd of adoptable felines didn't hit stateside until last fall, when Cat Town Cafe opened in Oakland. And with this pop-up event, Muffinmeow looks to prove the concept could work in Richardson, too. — CG

“Zine Society Library” at CentralTrak
In recent months, Dallas is increasingly showing an interest in zine culture. Here, frequent CentralTrak (one word, no “c”) collaborator Taro-kun will turn the artist residency into a reading room featuring over 100 DIY zines he's collected from all around the globe. — CG

Pitbull Pride at Main Street Garden Park
Bring your well-mannered, pacifist American Staffordshire Terriers to the park this afternoon for all sorts of pit-related shenanigans, vendors and maybe even a kid-eating demo or two. You might want to keep your little ones on a leash this weekend just in case. — CG

Oaklawn Halloween Block Party
Happening on the 3900 Block of Cedar Springs (a.k.a. The Strip), this event is free for any and all. Expect plenty of scary rainbow paraphernalia and drag queens. Event starts at 7 p.m. and runs through closing time. It's one of the best Halloween events in the Metroplex every year. — Trace McCaslin

Improvised Horror Movie at Dallas Comedy House
You've never seen a horror movie like this, but that's mostly just because this one doesn't exist yet. Tonight at the DCH — and every Saturday through Halloween — crews will improvise live, cabin-in-the-woods-style slashers based on audience suggestion. Seating is limited, and advanced tickets are strongly recommended. Believe us, though, it'll slay. — CG

One-Year Anniversary at Josey Records
It's hard to believe considering all the cool parties, in-stores, and awards Josey Records has earned itself right out the gate, that the store doesn't even turn a year old until Saturday. To celebrate, your favorite DJ's favorite record store will be holding its first-ever sidewalk sell, offering up steep discounts and hosting performances from Delmer Dennis, Malandros, Eerily Similar Beings, Lord Byron and Fogg. — CG

Modern 'til Midnight: Beats and Baroque at The Modern
Ending promptly at midnight, this after-hours shindig at Fort Worth's Modern art museum features performances from Ronnie Heart, Valise, Sam Lao, Kaela Sinclair and Kirk Thurmond. And lots of art, of course. The impetus for this whole thing is to celebrate the new Kehinde WIley exhibition. — CG

Tobias Jesso Jr. at Granada Theater
Indie rock's “new piano man” has co-written songs with Sia and Adele, been nominated for a Polaris Prize, and frequently covers D'Angelo, the Weeknd and Haim in his live sets. He's also headlined festivals and played all the late night programs in this, his big breakout year. Catch the rising superstar while he's still playing 1,000 cap rooms. — CG

DAMN VIII at Crown and Harp
For its eighth installment, Dallas' regular night of ambient audio-visuals becoms a multi-storied affair, taking over both floors of Crown and Harp. It might get trippy. — CG

“Flux Capacitor: Art Inspired by Back to the Future” at Epocha
Not a screening, but rather a showcase of local artists who are just as obsessed with this franchise as you are, this exhibit — called “Flux Capacitor: Art Inspired by Back to the Future” and hosted at Deep Ellum streetwear shop Epocha — will feature works from Preston DeAnda, Justin DeAnda, Nick Quintero, Mike Herrera, Jeremy Biggers, Sam Lao, Brad Albright, Mario Sanchez and Ben Lewis of The Lost Angles. Says event coordinator Preston DeAnda about putting this show together: “This series has a special place in the hearts of everyone involved, so getting them to participate was not difficult at all. For me, it was great reason to watch all three movies again back to back.” — HDB

Reaper Madness Alleycat Race and Fundraiser at Chimera Brewing Co.
To celebrate the release of Chimera's new Reaper Madness Black IPA, teams of two will compete in this charity bike race. Even if it rains or you're just going for the beer, they ask you to bring along sweaters and jackets to donate to SafeHaven. Winter is coming. — CG

First Annual Psychic Fair at Denton Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
Come, find the answers that you seek. No need to RSVP, they already know whether or not you're coming. — CG

The Goddamn Gallows at Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill
If ever there was an occasion to mix Adderall and booze it's a show like this one. From hobocore headliners Goddamn Gallows, whose biggest hit is “Y'all Motherfuckers Need Jesus,” to openers Black Irish Texas and One Red Cent, each of these acts combines country and punk in one way or another. — CG

Gilby Clarke at Gas Monkey Live (Free)
Clarke's biggest claim to fame is the three-year stint he spent playing rhythm guitar in the post-prime Guns N' Roses and playing on its covers album. It's a fact he's let nary a soul forget in the two decades since. I guess it beats being known as the guy from Rockstar Supernova. — CG

Back to the Future Trilogy Feast at Alamo Drafthouse
One ticket buys you access to screenings of all three Back to the Futures, each with its own full course themed menu. It's the “Nobody Calls Me Chicken” Biscuit event you've been waiting 30 years for. — CG

Hanson at House of Blues
Two years after launching their hilariously named Mmmhops beer, the brothers Hanson return to the venue where guitarist Isaac almost died to play a concert celebrating the beer's coming to town sometime by year's end. Tonight's set is an all cover thing, and then they'll return tomorrow they'll be playing the hits. — CG

Norma Jean at The Rail Club
Two decades, six studio albums and 11 band members later, and guitarist Chris Day is now the only remaining original member of the Atlanta metalcore outfit. The replacement rockers headlinen a bill that also includes Sleepwave, The Ongoing Concept and Belle Haven. — CG

The Beautifully Dead Fashion Show at The Church
This (unofficial?) Dallas Fashion Week event will feature zombified fashions from pinup clothier Billie Jo Retro and alt-girl retailer Zombie Gear. Satan will host and Scary Cherry & the Bang Bangs perform afterward. — CG

Master Pancake at Alamo Drafthouse
Double your pleasure with two opportunities to catch Austin's MST3K-loving Master Pancake crew mock films this weekend. At 5 p.m. they'll riff on The Sound of Music and, at 8 p.m., they'll be joined by MST3K's Jo Pehl to mock a mystery movie with a set of jokes they're still perfecting. Oh, you thought this stuff was all off the cuff? — CG

Josh Groban at Music Hall at Fair Park
Theater geeks rejoice. This time through, the popera-loving cherub will be performing cuts from his new Stages LP at this tour, an album full of musical-theater songs. — CG

Expanded Cinema at Omni Hotel (Free)
Closing out this year's Dallas VideoFest, local artists will, once again, do something really cool. Just as they've done in year's past to open previous years' fests, artists will be taking control of the lighting at the Omni Hotel, while simultaneously broadcasting a soundtrack that they made on KXT for a mesh of visual and audio art. — Chelsea Upton

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