Get Sauced.

Even with this week's National Coffee Day faux holiday squarely in our rearviews, those in the know say it's important to continue to drink the stuff on the daily.

Coffee purportedly helps with stress, liver health and may even make you smarter. Really.

One thing it can't do, though, is help you plan your weekend. I suppose that's where we come in. So pour yourself a cup and pore over the following list of happenings. There's a lot to get to this weekend, to be sure.

You might even want to go ahead and brew up another pot. — Cory Graves

The Decemberists at Majestic Theatre
On its way down to ACL, Portlandia indie-folk outfit The Decemberists will make a pitstop in Dallas, where it'll no doubt sing a bunch of literary-minded tunes, more than a handful of which will be about the sea. How jaunty! — CG

Nervous Curtains (Album Release) at Dan's Silverleaf
Since the band's first LP, Out of Sync With Time, Nervous Curtains has been adding some great music into the robust Dallas scene. The post-punk synth outfit heads to Denton for the release show of its record, Con, which frontman Sean Kirkpatrick recently spoke with us about. Also on the bill: Grave City and The Satans Of Soft Rock. — H. Drew Blackburn

Half Price Books Clearance Sale at Dallas Market Hall
As name suggests, the Dallas-headquartered discount book retailer hawks its wares on the cheap all year round. This weekend, as part of its annual clearance sale, there'll be 100,000 square feet of used books up for grabs, all of which will be moved at $2 or less. Books aren't just better than their movie counterparts, they're loads cheaper, too. — CG

In the Valley Below at Dada
Don't worry, Angela Gail and Jeffrey Jacob will play that hit niche single of theirs, “Peaches” that KXT has been spinning four-plus times a day the past few weeks. But, it'll definitely be the last, or nearly the last song the band plays. In the Valley Bellow, the duo from Echo Park, California is sure to bring a set full of melodic rock laden with notes of Americana, folk, and pop. It'll be sweet. Sweet as hell. — HDB

Unknown Hinson at Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill
It's hard to get to know somebody like Stuart Daniel Baker. Despite being one of North Carolina's most respected studio guitarists and touring with acts like Billy Bob Thornton's Boxmasters backing band, Baker almost always appears in public as his alter ego Unknown Hinson. And much like Andy Kaufman's Tony Clifton character, Hinson never breaks character in public. We couldn't get him to when we interviewed him a couple years back, anyway. The Hinson character is a sort of amalgamation of '50s country western troubadours with tinges of B-movie camp and elements of vampirism thrown in for comedic purposes. He first came to prominence as part of a mid '90s cable access television show. Since then, the hillbilly vampire with an affinity for party liquor and chasing fine “womerns” has been splitting time releasing albums, touring the country with his comedy-laced throwback western act and providing the voice of Early Cuyler, the main character from Adult Swim's Squidbillies cartoon show. — CG

Legacy Fighting 46 at Allen Event Center
For the second time this year, hulking MMA brutes with American Gladiators-like nicknames like Jason “Wild Thing” Sampson, Steven “Ocho” Peterson, Eli “Tomahawk” Tamez and Evan “The Titan” Thompson will duke it out for your pleasure. Before that, a bunch of other guys will pummel the living hell out of each other right in front of your very eyes. — CG

Albatross at Granada Theater
Kathmandu alt-rockers Albatross brings an updated take on its home country's native music to the States for a goood cause — to raise money for victims of this spring's Nepal earthquakes which killed 8,800 and left one of Asia's poorest countries even more economically devistated. Vinyl Laranja opens. — CG

Evil Dead 2 at Inwood Theatre
Most '80s horror flicks were sources of pleny unintentional comedy anyway, so with his sequel to 1981's Evil Dead, director Sam Raimi decided to go full on parody mode. The move worked, spawning a third installment a few years later, and a loose remake in 2013. It screens at midnight, like all cheesy old horror flicks rightfully should. — CG

Elevator to the Gallows at Texas Theatre
Adultery, murder and a Miles Davis score drive this '50s suspense thriller that was originally advertised as being “More Hitchcock! Than Hitchcock!” A live jazz set from Freddie Jones precedes the screening. — CG

“Hollywood Nocturne Burlesque” at Kessler Theater
In recent years, Michelle L'amour has racked up millions of views with videos of her twerking her butt to conservative tunes like Beethoven's 5th. Tonight, she joins the La Divina cast to salute old Hollywood. With its (mostly) bare butts. — CG

20th Annual Lebanese Food Festival at Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Catholic Church (Free)
There's no booze at this thing — save for what you manage to sneak in — as it's in a church. But the stuffed grape leaves, falafels and tabbouli alone are worth the trip. — CG

Taste of the Anatole at Hilton Anatole Dallas
Cocktails crafted by mixologists — don't even think about calling them bartenders — along with grand tastings, cooking demonstrations, wine pairings and other classes are all available at this weekend-long event. Shell out the big bucks for a package that includes an overnight stay at the hotel, or just sign up for classes a la carte. It's up to you. — CG

Drew Kennedy at Three Links (Early Show)
New Braunfels country and western singer-songwriter Drew Kennedy starts his set at Three Links while there's still a little daylight. At least you should be able to find parking in Deep Ellum, something that's been getting increasingly difficult of late. — CG

Mynabirds at Three Links (Late Show)
Back in August, indie pop duo The Mynabirds released its first new LP in three years via Mike Mogis' Saddle Creek label. Bad Bad Hats and Moving Panoramas open, though if you show up early and there's country music playing it doesn't mean you're in the wrong place. This is the second show of a double-header. — CG

Whiskey Myers at House of Blues
This Tyler, Texas quintet is just as likely to score with the hard-drinking red dirt crowd as they are with the Zeppelin-adoring stoner set. That is to say saddle up if taking a bunch of downers and listening to a psych-tinged Americana jam session sounds up your alley. The band'll be doing plenty of that at this ACL warm-up set. — CG

Porn and Chicken at Lizard Lounge
If the blend of hard dub blaring from a dirty club stereo and live acts of sexually explicit content is something that tickles your fancy, then shell out the $10 to $20 on something called the Porn and Chicken dance party. Once exclusive to the clubs of Chicago, demand has brought P&C south to Dallas and beyond. All snark aside, it's actually quite the time. — Evan Henry

Deep Ellum Metal Festival
Here goes another festival. This one is a metal one that lasts for two days and takes place at the Curtain Club, the Liquid Lounge, Renos Chop Shop, Wits End and RBC. Over 45 bands will be shredding, including PROTEST, Interment, Low Gear, The Crimson Veil, The Return of Deaf Angel, Dead Rising, and more. — HDB

Shinyribs at The Rustic
According to Kevin Russell, there was a point somewhere around the mid-'90s when the focus of his band The Gourds began a steady shift away from creativity and towards how they could best feed their families. Fortunately for Russell, though, this has just helped him experience a renewed burst of musical freedom through his new Shinyribs project in recent years. — CG

Brew-Haha Comedy Series at TUPPS Brewery
Laugh until Cotton Mill Gold comes out of your nose at this historic brewery, where stand-up comedy will be performed. — CG

Rise&Talk : with Arturo Torres at Spinster
Local illustrator (and Central Track contributor) Arturo Torres will be featured at the third installment of the Rise & Talk series, which is geared towards interacting with local artists. Something you might want to ask him about? His new book, The Rap Year Book, which sees “the most important rap song from every year since 1979 discussed, debated and deconstructed.” Kirk Thurmond & the Millennials also perform. — CG

Smoked at Main Street Garden Park
The deliciously-curated, music-infused barbecue festival is back. Smoked Dallas will feature food offerings from 15 different pitmasters from across the immediate region and beyond, among them Lockhart Smokehouse. There'll also be a number of celebrity chefs on hand, and performances from bands like Asleep at the Wheel, The Suffers, Bobby Patterson, Pleasant Grove and barbecue-infused rockers Dean Fearing's Lost Coyote. — Porttia Portis

Brand New, Manchester Orchestra at The Bomb Factory
In some ways Manchester Orchestra has come a long way since forming as high schoolers a decade ago, most recently evolving from an alt-rock act to a more melodic, post-hardcore outfit. Then again, the band's most current album was recorded in frontman Andy Hull's parent's basement. At least they haven't let their success go to their heads. The band plays Deep Ellum's massive Bomb Factory venue tonight along with fellow big names Brand New and Kevin Devine & The Goddamn Band. — CG

Mike Watt + The Missingmen at Three Links
Punk legend, and Minutemen bassist, Mike Watt is still jamming econo all these years later. Far as we can tell, the only thing different these days is the fact that he's backed by The Missingmen now. — EH

Texas Beer Camp
Beer camp — it's kind of like regular camping, in that involves a trip out to Princeton, Texas and sleeping in tents and whatnot — but it also includes barbecue catered from some of the state's best joints, live music and, key to the whole thing, the sharing of homebrewed and other craft beers with your fellow beer lover. — CG

Bicycle Brewery Tour at Continental Avenue Bridge
The first of several scheduled bike-centric events in this month's seventh annual Cyclesomatic Festival, this bike brewery tour will get rolling at 11 a.m. from the Continental Bridge Park and hit up The Foundry, BrainDead Brewing and Cold Beer Company for tours and tastings throughout the course of the day. — CG

Daniel Romano at The Foundry/Good Records (Free)
Just last year, Sturgill Simpson was hailed by just about everyone as the quote-unquote savior of country music. Now, a mere handful of months later, people are quick to start dubbing anyone halfway decent as the “next” Sturgill. Top contenders thus far include Los Angeles' Sam Outlaw and Canadian product Daniel Romano. The latter plays a pair of free sets in Dallas this Saturday, where you can make that call for yourself. Stranger things have happened. Hey, even Sturgill played to about four people at The Foundry just a few months before he blew the fuck up. — CG

Fry Street Oktoberfest at Lucky Lou's
Like the famed Fry Street Crawl but faster, this celebration of German beers and sausages will be preceded by a Fry Street 5K. You don't have to run it in order to get schwasted on Fry, but it'll help you work up an appetite, no? — CG

Kenny Loggins at Levitt Pavilion
The “House of Pooh Corner” singer cuts footloose in Arlington with his four-decades of soundtrack hits. This is it. — CG

True Grit at Granada Theater
As drunken, hard-nosed U.S. Marshal and a Texas Ranger Rooster Cogburn, Jeff Bridges helps a stubborn teenager track down her father's murderer in Indian territory. It was a stellar film that was nominated for 10 Academy Awards, including “Best Picture.” — Lauren Rushing

Zero Anniversary at Noble Rey
Three months after opening, the Design District's newest brewery is hosting its Zero Anniversary Party to celebrate the beginning stages of the business. Specialty beers will be available throughout the day, as well as food courtesy of Red Beard BBQ, and commemorative Noble Rey zero anni glasses. Designated drivers have access to free tickets, but will be asked to leave if caught drinking beer. The event takes place from from 1 to 10 p.m. — PP

Oktoberfest at Community Beer Co.
We have it on good authority that Oktoberfests are better when they actually happen in October. Community's got the right idea. At this one they'll even be tapping a special edition Oktoberfest beer. — CG

Mondo Generator at Lola's
In '97, Queens of the Stone Age bassist Nick Oliveri founded Mondo Generator and, like many bands, it started out as just a solo project. The number of bands that start out this way is insane. Perhaps, it's “just a solo project” until the luxury of band mates come along. Anyway, the stoner rock band heads to Fort Worth with the Me-Thinks and Dagger Club as support. — HDB

HoneyHoney at Dada
Grasping exactly what alternative folk means is a difficult task. Apparently, HoneyHoney, out of Los Angeles is just that. But, I guess the title has its merit, as this duo of Benjamin Jaffe and Suzanne Santo make folk with a bit of a different edge, as Californians are wont to do. HoneyHoney's latest effort, III, has the structure of folk and yearns for something outside of the typical rumblings. The album achieves this, not without the help of producer Dave Cobb though, who also worked on Sturgill Simpson's Metamodern Sounds in Country Music. — HDB

Loretta Lynn at Choctaw Casino (Sold Out)
If you're looking at Loretta, well, you're looking at country — that is if you were lucky enough to score some tickets before they sold out. — CG

Lecrae at State Fair of Texas
While there are plenty of folks out there still trying to figure out whether Lecrae is a quote-unquote Christian rapper or just a rapper that happens to be Christian, the one thing that is certain is that the locally-tied, Grammy-winning rapper sold a few million copies of his last LP, which makes this free show a freaking bargain. — CG

“In/Verse: Looped” at Common Desk
Unlike most other WordSpace events, this one doesn't involve sitting in folding chairs in front of a bunch of people reading poetry. Here, the poems are pre-recorded, allowing you to take them in at your own pace. Authors include Courtney Marie, Lauren Belmore, Fatima-Ayan Malika Hirsi, Zach VandeZande, Kyle Vaughn and Tamitha Curiel. — CG

Cedric Gervais at Lizard Lounge
French house DJ Cedric Gervais — known most notably for his remix of Lana Del Rey's “Summertime Sadness” — is an appropriate get for this early autumn party. Don't be afraid to sing along and toast the end of your quote-unquote best summer ever. And don't worry: It's cool if you happen to mark the occasion by shedding a few tears. Hey, that's what sunglasses are for. — Zoe Mattioli

Third Anniversary at Revolve Brewing
Revolver is probably most well-known for the crowd-pleasing wheat beer Blood & Honey. And, frankly speaking, it will be difficult for Revolver to top an award-worthy beer like that — not that it'll stop them from trying at this anniversary shindig that'll include seven limited edition tappings and live music from the Jack Kerowax. — Ben Smithson

Lake Highlands Oktoberfest w/ Old 97's at Lake Highlands Town Center
With so many drinking songs in its catalog, the Old 97's are the perfect outfit to help ring in the drinking holiday. In the words of the immortal Rhett Miller, “Let's get drunk and get it on,” eh? — CG

Ricky Martin at Gexa Energy Pavilion
Martin should be remembered for a lot more than his 1999 breakthrough single “Livin' la Vida Loca,” or for his sexuality, for that matter. Earlier this year, his most recent LP, A Quien Quiera Escuchar (To Those Who Want to Listen), hit No. 1 on Billboard' Latin pop charts. It also spawned the 24th Top 10 “Hot Latin” single of Martin's career, setting a record. — CG

Dallas at 508 Park Ampitheater
For three decades, Warner Brothers operated a film exchange and distribution hub out of this building. The film being screened there this Sunday, the 1950 Gary Cooper western, Dallas, was distributed by Warner during that time, which is pretty neat. — CG

Dallas Cowboys Watching Party at The Bomb Factory (Free)
The Bomb Factory's big screen might not be as big as the one in Jerryworld but, hey, at least it's actually located in Dallas — zing! Sports radio 1310-AM The Ticket is holding its official Cowboys watching party here, too, with its personalities on the premises. Are youready for some football? — CG

Flea Market at Double Wide
There are plenty of flea markets that happen every Saturday and Sunday, so what makes Double Wide's flea market — which only happens the first Sunday of every month — special enough to make it to our events page? Well, for one, Easly Slider Truck will be there. And there will also be some pretty interesting drinks served at the market, including a jerky-infused Moonshine Bloody Mary. So, yeah. May be worth checking out. — Carly Seitz

Hippie Sabotage at Dada
The Sacramento sibling duo got its start producing tracks for several other rising artists before deciding to start keeping them for itself. But it wasn't until Ellie Goulding posted one of Hippie Sabotage's remixes to her Instagram account that they finally took off. Such is the time in which we live, I suppose. — CG

The Wind + The Wave at Cambridge Room
Not sure if it's fair to call this an ACL spillover show, as this duo hails from Austin, but the fact remains these guys are playing that fest this weekend. For whatever that's worth. Tickets are just $10, and the drive's a hell of a lot shorter, to boot. — CG

George Ezra at House of Blues
Earlier this year, English singer-songwriter George Ezra played this same stage, opening for Hozier. Now, on his way down to play ACL, he's primed to return you to church once more. Fellow ACL spillover act Charlotte OC opens. — CG

Parasites, Stymie, Loafers at Three Links (Free)
So-Cal pop punkers Parasites close out the weekend with gusto. Yeah, they realize the Cowboys game is on, which might be at least part of the reason this one's free. At any price Opening sets form Denton punks, Stymie, and Waco buddy rockers Loafers are worth it. — CG

Kelsea Ballerini at State Fair of Texas
Kelsea Ballernini's is one badass lady, as evidenced by the fact that her 2014 single “Love Me Like You Mean It” was the first song from a female artist to reach No. 1 on Billboard's Country chart since 2006. And this Sunday you can watch her for free. P cool. — CG

World's Largest Game of Knockout at AT&T Plaza
The Guinness World Record for the “World's Largest Game of Knockout” is currently set at 629 participants. The Mavericks not only want to break that, they're offering season tickets to the winner of the contest as an incentive to make sure it happens. — CG

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