Sail To The Sun.

Earlier this week, DoorDash announced a partnership with 7-Eleven to add something called “convenience packs” to its list of deliverables.

The Hangover Pack, for instance, includes a breakfast croissant, a large Gatorade and a pain pill, while the “Doordash & Chill” pack comes with some ice cream, a candy bar, a Red Bull, some breath-freshening gum and, of course, condoms.

Unfortunately, the program's currently only being pilot tested in five cities, none of which include the original convenience store's own backyard here in Dallas. That just means you'll have to put your Netflix on pause for a second and actually get off your ass to score those prophylactics, I suppose.

And, hey, as long as you're already up, here's some other stuff you may want to consider doing before resuming your chill. — Cory Graves

Garth Brooks at American Airlines Center (Sold Out)
After the artist formerly known as Chris Gaines sold 76,000 concerts to his Dallas shows in 90 minutes, he dropped something of a bomb, deciding to stick around for a string of seven sold-out shows at the AAC. Because he can. Screw comeback tours. We'd say Garth is pretty much all the way back. November's Man Against Machine was his first studio record in 13 years, but it's kind of like he never left. The thunder rolls once more, as it were. It should be noted, though, that this kind of thing isn't unprecedented for Brooks. In 1998, the singer sold 50,213 tickets for a three-night run at the old Reunion Arena. And he sold even more tickets to his legendary three-night Texas Stadium run back in 1993, selling 65,000 tickets in 90 minutes, and eventually selling out the Cowboys' old home all three nights. (Footage from those 1993 shows were later released as the This Is Garth Brooks II concert special for NBC.) Needless to say, Dallas has been good to Garth Brooks over the years. And after a nearly two-decade dry spell, it seems he's ready once again to treat us low-place friends of his. — CG

Twyla Tharp's 50th Anniversary at Winspear Opera House
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Tank Dive, her first choreographed dance, crossover ballet pioneer Twyla Tharp's been commissioned to create an entire evening of new dances, which she'll premiere with a two-night stand in Dallas. — CG

Titus Andronicus at Trees
One of his earliest and most grisly works, Titus Andronicus is also thought to be Shakespeare's first tragedy. Despite all the stabbings and murders that take place in the play, most versions don't actually feature any realistic depictions of blood, though some opt to substitute red ribbons in for stylist representations. Never ones to make such sacrifices, the New Jersey rock outfit of the same name makes no qualms about straight up melting the faces clean off those that show up to its rowdy live shows. Spider Bags and Baked open. — CG

Gardens & Villa at Dada
Chilled out, synth-driven Santa Barbara indie pop outfit Gardens & Villa began its life quite insistent on being able to pull off every last note on its records in its live offerings. By the time the band was ready to record its sophomore album earlier this year, the band brought in DFA producer Tim Goldsworthy to help kick things up a notch. Palehound opens. — CG

Cash Cash at The Bomb Factory
Anyone that can make the Goo Goo Dolls hip again deserves a freaking lifetime achievement award. New Jersey dance trio Cash Cash, which put John Rzeznik on its “Lightning” single, is such a group. In lieu of medals, they'll accept your presence at this show as consolation enough. — CG

Park(ing) Day 2015
In 2005, the San Francisco-based art and design studio Rebar converted a single metered parking space into a temporary public part for a single day in order to make the point that their city was dedicating 70 percent of their precious public space to private vehicle use. Dubbed Park(ing) Day, the movement has since spread to more than 140 cities in 35 countries worldwide. So far the mini “parks” that have been erected in Downtown since the city first started participating in the event back in 2011 have included a public beach, a massage parlor, an art gallery, a lawn bowling course, a public reading room, a dog park and a bike repair shop, among other things. — CG

Plano Balloon Festival
Balloonatics, listen up! It's the 36th annual Plano Balloon Festival this weekend! Check out some fireworks, play some games and watch as big balloons take to the skies. Fun fact: ballooning has been around since 1783. — Diamond Victoria

MST3K: The Movie at Inwood Theatre
In the world of Mystery Science Theater 3000, they say the worse a movie is the better. That's works out well, then, because when the cinema spoofers brought their television show to the big screen, they chose notably terrible This Island Earth as the target of their joke-filled wrath. The fact that Inwood's showing it at midnight, we're guessing, will only encourage even more audience participation. — CG

Spiderweb Salon Presents: “Lazers of Sexcellence” at Rubber Gloves
Amber Tamblyn is a multi-talent. She's an actress and a poet and she's the one who snagged David Cross. Derrick Brown himself is a revered poet. The duo combines to put on a show they call “Lazers of Sexcellence.” It's a rollicking smorgasbord of comedy, music and poetry. Pretty sexcellent if you ask us. The Spiderweb Salon, with its own roster of poetic and musical talent, hosts and adds to this one. — HDB

Pin Drop Disco at Strauss Square
Like most everybody no doubt does, we like to play a fun game when we go to silent discos. We take our headphones off, do a quick scan of the room and try to guess which people are dancing to the same music. To those who have never been, everybody who comes gets a pair of headphones with which they can switch between three separate live DJs.As far as silent discos go, this one is the mother of them all, featuring DJ Spinderella, Sarah Jaffe, Taylor Rea and EMPTYCYLINDER cutting it up one time. — CG

Arsenio Hall at Addison Improv
Anyone know if Arsenio's still encouraging that whole barking-at-him-like-a-dog thing, or is that considered rude these days? — CG

Arts District Fall Block Party
Late nights at the Dallas Art Museum are always a good time — and, better yet, they provide you with a night for flaunting all of your newly acquired knowledge of the DMA. These nights only come on the third Friday of every month and are a melting pot of newcomers and pros. If you're beginning your pilgrimage toward eventually becoming an Arts District pro, we'd suggest starting your trip this weekend, where the Mavs Drumline will be just one of the entities getting in on the action. — Lauren Kuehmeier

Barbarella Party at Texas Theatre
Objectively, Barbarella is not a good movie. But like a lot of cult movies, it's got style to spare and there's a great deal of fun to be had. Jane Fonda is legendarily sexy in the title role. The Texas Theatre aims to make the screening even more out of this world with a costume contest and dance party afterward. — Kip Mooney

Dezi 5 Presents: “Dallas Bitch” at RBC
The trending and eclectic Dezi 5, a collective fusion of R&B, funk and soul for the modern age, celebrates its newest single “Dallas Bitch” with this dance party. It comes from his Crucifixion on the Dancefloor record, which earns its release in October. Keeping the party vibes rolling are DJs Shooknite and B3. — EH

Laetitia Sadier at Three Links
Whether or not Sadier's name necessarily rings a bell, pioneering '90s English post-rock outfit Stereolab is a name with which you're no doubt familiar. Yeah, that's the band she used to co-front. She's been on her own since 2010, releasing a handful of critically adored albums. And now she's here. — CG

“Converge” at WAAS Gallery
In 2016, WAAS Gallery will welcome a new curator, Emma Saperstein , who plans on largely exhibiting works from female artists and a few male artists who “share the same thoughts on gender equality.” To make room, the gallery will mark its fourth anniversary with a celebratory art sale this weekend, where Saperstein will also be on hand for meeting and greeting purposes. Turn the page. — CG

Bret Michaels at Billy Bob's
A decade before former rockers Steven Tyler, Darius Rucker or Staind frontman Aaron Lewis decided to go country, it was Bret Michaels who first donned a flame-emblazoned cowboy hat to judge Nashville Star and release 2005's country-flavored Freedom of Sound. It was only a matter of time before the “Every Rose Has its Thorn” singer tried to step his game up a notch and put one over on the Billy Bob's crowd. — CG

Cloak & Dagger Music Festival at Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill
For just $10 you can catch sets from A-Trak, Black Frames, Branchez, Cache Money B2B DBA REN, Christian Martin, Destructo, Golf Clap, Goshfather & Jinco, Matthew Dear, Option4, Pomo, Touch Sensitive, Treasure Fingers, Trillwave, Two Fresh, Wolf, Lamb and XXYYXX at this all day fest. That's, like, a lot of folks getting paid to make you dance for not a lot of dough. Thanks a lot Richard Rawlings. — CG

Charlie's Angels at Granada Theater
Bill Murray could never make another movie and his status as The Coolest Guy on Earth would be cemented. The comedy pro has never won an Oscar, but he's one of the most dedicated and selective actors in Hollywood. Actors of his age are known to phone it in, but Murray always goes for it, even in misguided efforts like Garfield, Hyde Park on Hudson and Charlie's Angels, the last of which you can catch tonight for $3. — KM

Slum Village at The Prophet Bar
Was Led Zeppelin's reunion somehow more complete because it was John Bonham's own son the band tapped to fill in for its late drummer? With only one original member remaining, Detroit hip-hop group Slum Village once brought in the brother of deceased super producer J Dilla into the fold to add “a Dilla effect,” though now even he's no longer with the outfit. I guess in a roundabout way, we're bringing up the age old argument whether it's better to burnout or fade away? — CG

Deep Inside at Crown and Harp
As mentioned in the inaugural episode of our new Burning Bridges podcast, this week's Deep Inside is one you probably don't want to miss. Flying in to keep the dancefloor hot at this one is Chicago's Dee Jay Alicia. — CG

“By Way of Dallas” at Lab Art Texas
This art show, which features works from Blue the Great, Erykah Badu, DJ Sober, Joonbug, The Sour Grapes, Jeremy Biggers and Hindue, promises to be really spectacular on its own, sure, but its after-party will turn things up even further. Moving things over to Random Art Gallery, Dr. Dre co-writer Justus will be in the house at the after-party, where he “might” perform. — CG

Wavves, Twin Peaks at The Prophet Bar
The last decade has seen Wavves evolve from a '90s influenced lo-fi project releasing albums recorded on a Tascam tape recorder to Billboard-topping mainstream fuzz rock pillars. Ahead of the release of its upcoming fifth album, V, the band hits The Prophet Bar with Chicago's Twin Peaks, a band that's own remarkable trajectory is one only a few years behind Wavves'. — CG

Guns and Hoses at Allen Event Center
Who would win in a fight: Ken or Ryu? RoboCop or The Terminator? A gorilla vs a bear? You won't learn the answers to any of those queries at this weekend's 15th annual Guns & Hoses boxing tournament. You will, however, discover whether cops or firefighters are better pugilists. — CG

Lydia at Trees
Though these guys have been a band for 12 years now, they're still barely old enough to drink at their own shows. Whereas other people their age grew up, went to college, etc. — see former tourmates PlayRadioPlay!, for example, that dropped the whole mall punk schtick in favor for the more “grown up” stadium lo-fi sound of Analog Rebellion — they've clinged tight to the kind of poppy indie-rock that brought them to the dance. Seahaven, Turnover and The Technicolors open. — CG

Tamia at House of Blues
Hey, Grant Hill's wife is in town to sing Canadian R&B. In all seriousness, the “Slow Jams” singer recently signed with Def Jam, which released her first LP in 11 years. — CG

Great TX Food Truck Rally at Reunion Tower
The best of the best food trucks are coming out at the lawn of Reunion Tower. That means every category of food you can imagine and live music to accompany your choice of truck. If you're feeling too lazy to get trucked up in the heat but suck it up anyways, you can feel good in knowing your green will be benefiting the charity Executives in Action. —LK

Shine // Dallas Pride Pool Party at SiSu Uptown Resort
Fall is fast approaching, which means there's only so many opportunities left to party poolside — or hangout in public clad so scantily — in 2015. Don't let this one slip away. — CG

Austere Magazine Issue Release/Anniversary Party at Circuit 12 Contemporary
There's a bit of a rebellious spirit behind everything the magazine does, starting with its landscape-oriented layout and heavy focus on appealing visuals. To hear Austere Magazine's founder/publisher Natasha Brito tell it, it's because the company likes to think of itself as more than just a magazine. “The main thing that makes it a culture and not just a magazine is the fact that we don't just publish the magazine,” Brito says. For instance, tonight's throwdown in honor of the magazine's third anniversary includes live music from Sudie, art installations, a photo booth and $10 copies of its 15th issue, MADE. — Chrissi Chetwood

Fur Ball at Omni Dallas Hotel
This is a fur ball you won't get mad about! The SPCA is hosting their annual Fur Ball Gala at the Omni Hotel Dallas. It's a benefit to raise money for injured, homeless and abandoned animals around town. They'll have live music from Haute Chili, dinner, live and silent auctions. It's your chance to donate to a good cause and have some fun! — DV

Design Walk in Dallas Design District
Every third Saturday for the foreseeable future, the art galleries, restaurants and retail shops on Dragon, Slocum, Hi Line and Levee will stay open late and serve up free wine to all the neighborhood's classiest drunks. — CG

The Baptist Generals, Bosque Brown at Dan's Silverleaf
So very Denton. Much, long-proven, talent here. — CG

Doyle Bramhall II at Granada Theater
Growing up the son of bluesman Bramhall Sr., who was lifelong best friends of the Vaughan brothers, Bramhall II was pretty much surrounded by amazeballs musicians from birth. It's a role he's grown into quite nicely, too, having previously toured in Jimmie Vaughan's band, and starting his own band with former members of Stevie Ray's old band. He's also the 224th most famous person that's ever lived in Dallas, and one of the ax-slingers chosen to honor Stevie Ray at this year's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, so there's that. — CG

French New Wave: Last Year at Mariebad at Alamo Drafthouse
The 1961 French film has been hailed as a masterpiece thanks to a hazy method of storytelling that makes it difficult to distinguish between what's real and what's a dream. It's one of the Frencg New Wave films being screened as part of a new partnership with Dallas Video Fest. — CG

Beats Antique at The Bomb Factory
Electronica meets world music through the Middle Eastern-inspired sounds of Beats Antique. The show features a mixture of modern technology, live instrumentation and sultry dance routines from celebrated belly dancer/producer Zoe Jakes. Lyrics Born opens. — Porttia Portis

Tuck & Patti at The Guitar Sanctuary in McKinney
According to Episode 559 of WTF with Marc Maron, St. Vincent credits her start back to the days when she was traveling around as a teen, working as a roadie for her aunt and uncle, AKA jazz duo Tuck & Patti. No wonder she shreds so hard. — CG

“The Janus Switch” at CentralTrak
CentralTrak (no space, no C) presents a performance work that “merges real-time generative animation and electronic music into a poetic form of live cinema.” It's equal parts highly composed and improvasational. — CG

Beer, Bourbon, & Brisket Festival at Panther Island Pavilion
Over in Fort Worth, the third annual Beer, Bourbon and Brisket event takes place this Saturday, September 19 at Panther Island Pavilion. Sample wares from local and regional breweries, distilleries and barbecue joints and enjoy live music in a kid- and dog-friendly environment. The event will run from 4 to 9 p.m. — Porttia Portis

Chelsea Wolfe at Kessler Theater
The musical equivalent to an episode from True Detective's first season, Wovenhand weaves plenty of deeply religious subtexts into its eerie brand of old-timey, southern gothic songs. Tonight the group opens for Chelsea Wolfe, whose critically hailed 2015 LP features contributions from True Widow's Dan Philips, among others. That said, maybe the Dallas crowd will get a special little cameo at this one. We can hope, anyway. — CG

Mickey Avalon, Dirt Nasty at Trees
It is perhaps Avalon's back story that makes the rapper so popular — even more so than his often satirical brand of pop-rap. Or maybe it is because of his back story that he has so many interesting things to say. Really, though, how could a teenager whose grandparents were holocaust survivors, parents were drug dealers and addicts, and who had previously prostituted himself to fund his own addictions not have a lifetime of material to draw from? — CG

Beat Swap IV at Dada
Buy/sell/trade rare, old school vinyl at this cratedigger's paradise while DJs spin some wax from their personal collections. Admission is only $3 with a canned good, too. — CG

PAPTSD Social Ride at Main Street Garden Park
It's pretty simple; bring $10, ride from Main Street Garden over to the after-party at Lee Harvey's and know that your day's exercise also helped a local charity's battle against PTSD. — CG

Itzhak Perlman & Emanuel Ax at Winspear Opera House
Words can't express the immense talent possessed by violin prodigy Itzhak Perlman. Some of the classical and jazz virtuoso's accolades? He appeared on the same episode of The Ed Sullivan Show as The Rolling Stones, and he was a featured performer on the Schindler's List soundtrack. Of course, these are but the tip of the iceberg as far as the renowned musician's accomplishments go. He'll be joined by Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Competition winner Emanuel Ax. — CG

Bobby Duncan, Owen Temple at The Live Oak
Following in the footsteps of guys like Robert Earl Keen and Guy Clark, Austin-based folky Owen Temple has taken up the Texas country torch. It's both nostalgic and unforgettable. This weekend, he joins Bobby Duncan for Sunday brunch. — Lauren Rushing

Dallas Cowboys Watching Party at Granada Theater
Booing Cowboys expat Demarco Murray and the rest of the Beagles is a lot more fun with a lot of other drunks around. — CG

Thelma & the Sleaze at Three Links (Free)
Not ready for the weekend to end? OK, then listen; just keep goin'. Ice Cream punks Street Arabs headline a free Sunday show that also includes performances from Nashville rock trio Thelma & the Sleaze and buzzing, upstart Dallas outfit Classic Cult. — CG

Sheer Mag, Glue, Sin Motivo, Cat People at Rubber Gloves
DIY Philly punks Sheer Mag have been called “perfectly poppy” and likened to King Tuff just before his breakthrough. That is to say, there's a greater than zero chance that they got next. Catch them before the blow the fuck up and move on to the mid-size indie rock clubs. Locals Sin Motivo and Cat People open. — CG

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