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If we're being honest here, we've all definitely had the urge to completely devour an entire shelf of tasty-looking doughnuts at some point in our lives. But, see, here's the thing: For most of us, when those delicious little rings of dough call our name, logic tends to kick just in time for us to forgo our urges to make completes fool of ourselves.

When this happens to grownup infant Ariana Grande, on the other hand, she just tells logic to get lost. The mini-diva was recently filmed licking doughnuts on display at a store in California recently before weirdly uttering “I hate America.”

Pretty gross stuff. On both counts, really.

Much less gross is the following list of happenings going down this weekend, none of which involve a stranger's saliva. Well, not if you don't want them to, at least. — Diamond Victoria

Anthony Bourdain at Majestic Theatre
Famous for his snarky criticism of the young and illustrious, internationally renowned author, chef and television show host Anthony Bourdain takes to our great city as part of his Close To The Bone live tour. Reservations required. — Evan Henry

Bob Newhart at Verizon Theatre
Bob Newhart has been cracking audiences up with his satirical and stammer-filled deadpan comedy since the '60s. He's voice acted in some '90s Disney films and most recently appeared in The Big Bang Theory. He's got a show tonight at The Verizon Theatre, one of only about 30 he'll do all year. — DV

Forbidden Zone at Texas Theatre
Director Richard Elfman was either high on something illegal or just feeling really imaginative when he created the story behind Forbidden Zone, a 1980 film that was adapted originally from the stage. It was immediately shunned and reduced to midnight showings but its back in all its glory at Texas Theatre tonight. Originally shot in black and white, this cult classic, which has recently been restored to color, tells the tale of a heroin selling junkie discovering a hole that leads to the sixth dimension. Then basically, all hell breaks loose. Texas Theatre has local, trippy artists Pinkish Black, Unconscious Collective and Siamese playing in the bar after to keep the experience going. Elfman himself will be in attendance, too, offering up a live performance of his own before the show. — DV

Red Bull Sound Select Presents: Ishi at Trees
For this month's Sound Select show, we're eschewing the whole buzzy national headliner formula in favor of a (mostly) local bill, each of which has previously appeared on a previous Sound Select show. Heading things up is Dallas electro-dance outfit Ishi, margarita punks Sealion, local producer/hip-hop sensation Blue, the Misfit and Houston dance duo Wrestlers. As is the case with all of these shows, this one will cost $10 at the door, but discount $3 tickets will be available for those that RSVP in advance right here. Just remember: An RSVP does not necessarily guarantee entrance; as ever, admittance to this show will be afforded on a first-come, first-served basis. Needless to say, it's always a good idea to show up early for these things. We'll also have some other perks that we'll announce closer to the show date. — Cory Graves

Friday on the Green at Magnolia Green Park (Free)
Reoccurring monthly, weather-permitting, is Friday on the Green a local summer concert series gracing Fort Worth's Magnolia Green Park. For this installment, Salim Nourallah & the Travoltas, close out an evening of fine folk and business sure to be fun for the whole family. Lucky for you, the whole night's free. Bring your own lawn chair, pets and cash for the food trucks. — EH

The Ton Tons at Bar Louie's (Fort Worth) (Free)
With performance at the recent Free Press Summer Fest behind in its rearview , Houston indie rock outfit The Ton Tons make yet another return trip north, this time as part of Good Records' free Live At Louie's summer concert series, which in all continues to free and first-come-first-served. — EH

Tony Rock at Addison Improv
When your sibling is one of the best at what they do, it can be easy to stick to another line of work. But, in the case of folks like Brent Gretzky, Eddie Payton, Frank Stallone, Don Swayze, Charlie Murphy and Solange Knowles, it's sometimes the markedly more difficult task of trying to make a name for yourself outside of your sibling's shadow that proves much more worthwhile. Chris Rock's younger brother Tony does his thing tonight in Addison, and tries to prove that he's more than just a sibling of note. — CG

Hard Charger at Three Links
Canadian thrash outfit Hard Charger has been raging in and out of Canada for the last eight years. For a change of pace, the band's headed south to close out a giant mess of area punk and hardcore. Through it all, Hard Charger stays true to its influences and oft-gasoline-soaked efforts. Tolar and Steel Bearing Band open. — EH

Pee-wee's Big Adventure at Inwood Theatre
Before Pee-wee returns to Netflix with a brand new feature film next March, the hyper-active man-child we all knew and loved during the '80s is having his big (old) adventure at Inwood Theatre this weekend. Pee-wee's Big Adventure is playing as part of their Midnight Madness series. — DV

Quiet Company at Kessler Theater
Quiet Company has been described as a blend of The Beatles, Death Cab For Cutie and Arcade Fire. Sounds pretty good, right? The Texas-based outfit released its latest album last year and it has been getting rave reviews since. The band's playing tonight at The Kessler, with indie-pop act Knox Hamilton opening. — DV

Wayne Hancock at The Live Oak
Wayne “The Train” Hancock's blend of western swing and old-time honky tonk are the closest thing you'll find to the sounds of Hank Williams Sr. these days — especially now that Hank III's begun to lean so heavily on his punk side. The inimitable Greg Schroeder opens. — CG

New Bohemians at AllGood Cafe
The members of the once-popular '90s one-hit wonders not spending their time writing musicals with Steve Martin and/or sleeping with Paul Simon will be playing a low-key set at this Deep Ellum diner. It's really a less depressing prospect than it sounds, promise. — CG

Runner of the Woods (Album Release) at Double Wide
With his debut Thirst Valley being released, singer-songwriter Nick Beaudoing, better known as Runner of the Woods, is able to put the trying year that was 2014 behind him and celebrate not only a new son, but a new album too. See him come back home to a loving Dallas crowd and endure it all. The Jack Kerowax and Robert Cody Maxwell open. — EH

Nowitzki: The Perfect Shot at Texas Theatre
Anyone who follows the NBA knows Dirk Nowitzki. His basketball talents are revered nationally and internationally alike. Locally, though, he's a legend, the unquestioned brightest star on the Dallas Mavericks' roster. And why not? Nowitzki's story is a fun one on the surface. He appears to be an all-around nice guy plucked from relative obscurity in Germany to come and play for the Dallas Mavericks. But with his new documentary, Nowitzki: The Perfect Shot, director Sebastian Dehnhardt aims to show how calculated Dirk's career path has been. To do so, the German documentarian explores the Dallas Mavericks hero's relationship with his mentor, shooting instructor Holger Geschwindner, and how it shaped Nowitzki into the player he is today. — Angela Jones

Mo'Nique at Arlington Improv
Mo'Nique had a late night talk show back in 2009, and she starred in the film Precious, which you may recall was based on the novel Push by Sapphire. These days, she's touring the country doing her stand-up thing, which brings her to Arlington this weekend. — DV

Dallas Stars Party in the Park at Klyde Warren
Party in the Park is hosted by the Dallas Stars hockey team today at Klyde Warren Park. Enjoy some live music from Dallas' rock-blues darling Jonathan Tyler & the Northern Lights and eat some local grub from food trucks. It's a party for the whole family with games and even a chance to chat with the team. — DV

Mountain Kid (Album Release) at Lola's
As of late, Fort Worth's Mountain Kid is making waves locally with its blend of ambient wash and angsty vocals. So much so, in fact, that with the help of land-locked surfers Animal Spirit, Party Static and Trai Bo, that the outfit is releasing its debut album at this very show. Grip one of those suckers and bathe in a light of pure sound. — EH

Ease Them Pistols at Good Records
If George Strait and Yes were invited to jam at a Manson Family Picnic, we're sure you'd have something like Ease Them Pistols on your hands. Them's a country-tinged rock 'n' roll outfit from Austin that, lucky for you, is playing live from Good Records' lovely green Astroturf prior to a performance at Fred's in Fort Worth later in the evening. Both shows are free. — EH

Vertical Horizon at Granada Theater
Perhaps if he even tried to make sure any of the rest of his band was in focus in Vertical Horizon's current press photo, frontman Matt Scannell wouldn't come off as such a joke. Instead, the '90s alt-rocker continues to draw smaller and smaller audiences. Oh well; his loss. The actually relevant Kaela Sinclair opens. — EH

U.S. Bastards at The Rail Club
Riding on the cult success of monstrous shock-rock collective GWAR, comes U.S. Bastards, a metal outfit that, since 2014, has regrouped itself in search of even less class than even before. Raw and dirty U.S. Bastards make an appearance at the Rail Club with locals the Swingin' Dicks, Electric Vengeance and plenty more. — EH

Heavy Baby Sea Slugs, Ugly Children, Flesh Narc, Sexual Jeremy at Rubber Gloves
If minimal, punk musings keep you going, and you also don't mind the immense droning of poorly tuned guitars, then perhaps Rubber Gloves on this particular Friday night is the place you'll want to be. If it's not, well, we're not sure what else to tell you. Immensely entertaining and cleverly-named acts Heavy Baby Sea Slugs, Ugly Children, Flesh Narc and Sexual Jeremy all perform at the spot tonight, where it'll cost you just a buck to get inside. — EH

Vincent Neil Emerson (Album Release) at The Chat Room
Vincent Neil Emerson wears his influences on his sleeve. It's a fact the Fort Worth-based songwriter doesn't shy away from, either. Rather than reinvent the wheel on his upcoming debut LP, East Texas Blues, which earns its release at this show, Emerson steers hard towards the sounds of his honky-tonk heroes. All this isn't to say there's not plenty of Emerson in this debut batch of tunes, though. Over the course of the album's 10 tracks, Emerson drops plenty of wisdom, culled from life experiences beyond those of most 23-year-olds. Even better? Jake Paleschic, Chucho and a solo set from Quaker City Night Hawks' Sam Anderson start things off. — CG

Ira Glass at Winspear Opera House
Usually one to paint pictures with his vivid storytelling, This American Life's Ira Glass' return to the Winspear this weekend will find the National Public Radio host relying on dancers Monica Bill Barnes and Anna Bass to help him merge two art forms that, as he puts it, “have no business being together.” — CG

The Deep End at Bungalow Beach Club
Hey, remember that pool party we threw last summer? Sure, you do — it ruled. So, yeah, of course we're doing it again. Albeit with some changes. For one thing? We're not doing it at the same place. Well, OK, we kind of are. It's just not called Salt any longer. With the new name brings a new attitude, too. Namely, this: Every Saturday, Dallas DJ Colton Carlyle and the rest of his AfterDark Entertainment crew are taking over the Bungalow space for a weekly party called The Deep End. Now, here's where we come in: On Saturday, we're invading The Deep End and bringing acclaimed, Los Angeles-based producer Salva with us. Yeah, it's gonna be dope. — Pete Freedman

Tedeschi Trucks Band, Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings, Doyle Bramhall II at Gexa Energy Pavilion
You could go see Amy tonight, sure, or you could see the horn section from her groundbreaking album live in person instead, as Sharon Jones will have her Dap Kings backing outfit in tow. They'll be playing with the Tedeschi Trucks Band. Formerly known as the Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi Band, the Grammy-winners have expanded to a full 10-piece band in recent years. Noted Austin bluesman Doyle Bramhall II also performs. — EH

Bob Schneider at Granada Theater
Bob Schneider is no stranger to Dallas. And with a sound not unlike Tom Waits or Charlie Mars, he usually plays to a packed house all the same. Expect tonight to be no different. Graham Wilkinson and Wesley Geiger open. — DV

Free Slurpee Day at 7-Eleven
We must say: Over the years, 7-Eleven's annual birthday celebration has become one of our absolute favorite manufactured holidays — if only, yes, because it means free Slurpees. This year, as the locally-founded company celebrates its 88th birthday on the on-brand date of its choosing, it'll be handing out roughly seven million free small Slurpees to anyone who wants one. — CG

Dallas Derby Devils at NYTEX Sports Centre
It's game four in the Dallas Derby Devils' 2015 season. That means it's halfway to the championship game! They play at the NYTEX Sports Centre tonight. After party at ZuRoma's with the girls. — DV

DJ Pierre at It'll Do Club
Nathaniel Pierre Jones is proclaimed as the quintessential dance producer. With his pulse on what's hot, Pierre takes acidic overtones and melts them into his futuristic textures, of which to only blaze at clubs across the globes. Feel DJ Pierre's heat in the intimate It'll Do after resident DJ Redeye warms things up. — EH

Jason Elmore & Hoodoo Witch at Kessler Theater
In 2012, Jason Elmore was voted “Best Blues Act” by the Dallas Observer. Since then, Elmore's continued to rock his blend of of the blues and rock 'n' roll throughout the city he calls home. With his band, Hoodoo Witch, it's said he only knocks things up to 11. — EH

Symbol, Silent Land Time Machine, Black Taffy at cOoompound
Building upon it's DIY ethos, Evan Gordon's cOoompound house in North Dallas is quickly becoming the “house” to see shows in these parts as he continues to bring avant and experimental acts the likes of Symbol and Black Taffy who commonly relinquish in This Will Destroy You and Silent Land Time Machine who in half runs Austin's Holodeck Records. Locals Lily Taylor, Deflowered Electric Flesh Bride, Pine Martyn and Bare Mountain complete this ever-droning dream. — EH

The Urban Slide at 3400 Sylvan Ave
Making it's way to Dallas as part of a nationwide tour, is the Urban Slide. Similar to the one that made camp in Fort Worth a few weeks back, here's another opportunity to try your hand at surfing along a 1000-foot Slip'N Slide across Downtown for two days straight. The family-friendly venture is set to even include food, cool gear and music with prices varying at $10 to $30 a ride. — EH

Future Death, Innards, Clear Acid at J&J's
Such few shows can be as solid throughout as the combination of the noise-oriented freakout of Austin's Future Death, the raw grinding of Fort Worth's Innards and Clear Acid's resilient and transcendental gazing of effects. A show this on-point ought to be one for the books. — EH

Flea Harvey's: Vinyl Edition at Lee Harvey's
Relieve your need for new wax as Lee Harvey's converts itself to a flee market, of sorts, with a variety of vinyl pop-ups under it's roof. Open to all, DJ Cameron Brand will spin your new purchase as you endlessly search for more.. So find something new at an affordable price. — EH

817Watts Launch Party at Lola's
While starting your own music magazine can be fun and beneficial to a scene, nothing says it'll last. But for the time being, Fort Worth music blog, 817 Watts is drifting into physical form for a monthly release, which you can pick up at this show for a cool $15. To further help them celebrate, 10 of their favorite area bands are playing all night at Lola's, where they can be seen endlessly reviewing shows from. — EH

Spectacle (Album Release) at Three Links
With a new album out this weekend, Dallas hard rock outfit, The Spectacle has a disc it calls Burn The Evidence ready for all those interested. Experience the musics live in person and such at this release show. Raven Charter, Vinyl and In Memory Of Man round out “one rocking line up.” — EH

Rat Rios, George Quartz, Bukkake Moms, Thor Johnson at Crown and Harp
In order to challenge the thought process, you've got to somehow immerse yourself in the unfamiliar, whether it's all that great or not. Sometimes though, the latter is enough to scare you away and into something more comforting. In all, this show as it's happening should challenge you and your beliefs. It's worth mentioning though for fans of George Quartz, this will be his last show for a good while. — EH

The R&B Music Fest at Verizon Theatre
Folks, I must warn you… of a rhythmic, R&B sensation throwback concert you can't miss out on! '90s hip-hop trio Bell Biv DeVoe is back on the road, hungry to hit the stage and drive you out of your mind with a selection of songs both old and new. With BBD being joined on this bill by Keith Sweat and SWV, this night is your chance to take your old skool dance moves, vintage bucket hat, and boo thang out for a night to remember. — Zoe Mattioli

Pussy Factory at The Prophet Bar
Headlining something called the “Rock's Not Dead” tour is Austin, well, rock outfit Pussy Factory. Known for blending a buffet of genres with the overbearing sound of heavy metal, the band takes to Deep Ellum with a series of other pop and punk outfits who call the area home (Read: Ravencroft, Allison Red, A Beautiful End). Best of all, ten whole american dollars pays for the entire night. — EH

“GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS (An '80s Burlesque Tribute)” at Trees
In an effort to provide compassionate, comprehensive services to those impacted by rape, sexual abuse and domestic violence, Denton County Friends of the Family have teamed up with Broads and Panties Burlesque's 5th annual installment of “GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS (An '80s Burlesque Tribute).” It'll be a night of hair metal, pop, new wave and very little clothing. — EH

The Birds of Night, Mink Coats at The Foundry (Free)
Two of the area's finest rock 'n' roll outfits, both hailing from Denton, The Birds of Night and Mink Coats trek south to The Foundry's palette stage. For Mink Coats, this is the band's first show since 35 Denton in March, so if you're not already out spacing things elsewhere, The Foundry, of all places is where it's at. On top of that, it's free. — EH

ABACABA, Pearl Earl at Bryan Street Tavern (Free)
With more and more talent budding in Denton, it's no wonder some of makes its way into Dallas every now and again, as the sweltering Pearl Earl/ Abacaba combo roars through once again following the Nite Comedy show at Bryan Street Tavern. The free party gets going at 10 and wraps itself around midnight, a night of which should be pretty alright, as Pearl Earl's Karaoke Superstar EP made its way into our recent Best Local Albums of 2015 (So Far) list — for good reason, too. — EH

The Aart of Bruce Lee Webb “Metamorphosis” (Opening Reception) at {neighborhood}
As part of their second go at an art reception comes new Bishop Arts-based furniture store, {neighborhood}, which will be home for the next month to the art of Bruce Lee Webb, a Waxahachie-based conceptual visual artist. As part of the opening reception, The Angelus' Emil Rapstine and True Widow's Dan Philips both perform solo at this absolutely free event. Oh, and it's also Gallery Day, meaning there will be cool art events all over town worth checking out, too. — EH

SZA at South Side Music Hall
In the last few years, Solana Rowe has been making quite the name for herself under the name SZA, a hip-hop project of hers that continues to take her New Jersey-via- Missouri southern flare by storm. On this night, she brings with her, YGTUT and Tommy Swisher to fill the swell that is South Side Ballroom. — EH

Shuggie Otis at Dada
Otis has lead quite the interesting life, picking up the guitar at age two, performing often sexually explicit material as a teenager as part of his legendary father Johnny Otis' band, writing and releasing the song “Strawberry Letter 23” at age 18 and writing and arranging every instrument on his masterpiece Inspiration Information at age 21. Though his endless touring has helped him retain a cult following to this day, Otis remains a far unappreciated talent. — CG

The Casualties at Three Links
Perhaps with all that money the members of The Casualties spend on hairspray and dye to keep their locks all colored and spikey, the '90s punk quartet could have saved its way into some decent living, but instead chased their dreams and into the most punk bar Dallas has to offer. The Bad Engrish and Sniper 66 open. — EH

Lake and Bake 2015 at 9600 Watercress Dr.
For the last decade, the people behind DFW NORML have been host to “Lake and Bake,” a day spent on area lakes promoting that of marijuana law reform in the state of Texas. This June just marked the Bake's 10th anniversary, so at house in Lake Worth, attendees are set to celebrate accordingly live music, a public auction as well as a panel on the reform. Free and open to all. — EH

Sweet and Sour at East Side
And up in Denton, East Side is hosting a Sweet and Sour event this Sunday, July 12. The bar will feature a bevy of sours, ciders and more that they've hoarded over time for your enjoyment. The event starts at 2 p.m. — Porttia Portis

Tyler Oakley at Majestic Theatre
For the past 10 years, YouTube has reigned over the online video world. It seems anyone with a good idea and a camera can cultivate a following with a channel. Tyler Oakley is no exception. His channel of witty banter has over 7 million followers, and he's bringing his comedy to the Majestic Theatre tonight. He's not only hilarious but his activism has been dedicated to LGBT youth and gay rights, earning him a lot of respect IRL, too. — DV

Superjoint Ritual at Gas Monkey Live
It's been 11 years since metal alums Superjoint Ritual have played Dallas, mostly because the hard-rocking supergroup has been broken up for the better part of a decade. After reuniting for a one-off show at frontman Phil Anselmo's Housecore Horror Film Festival last year, the group's finally embarking on a proper reunion tour. Don't miss it, as it might be another decade before the band comes back to town. — DV

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