Rise From The Grave.

As per annual tradition, this weekend has all the makings to be one of the busiest, most alcohol-fueled party binges of the year. And with 35 Denton making its big return and Dallas hosting the puke-fest that is the big Greenville Avenue Saint Patrick's Day Parade, that's pretty much to be expected.

If you do partake this weekend, just know that the DPD will enact a no-refusal DUI test stretch from 6 p.m. Saturday to 6 a.m. Wednesday. While it's never a good idea to follow up any type of drinking by getting behind the wheel, it's an especially boneheaded maneuver this weekend, when officers will secure search warrants to acquire blood samples from any persons suspected of driving while intoxicated.

Be safe. You won't want to miss any of the festivities because you're locked up in the pokey. — Cory Graves

35 Denton
This weekend, following a one-year absence, 35 Denton makes its triumphant return. That's good news, sure, but make no mistake: Much has changed for the fest since it lost so many of its key figures back in 2013. In many ways, 2015's three-day offering marks a whole new beginning for 35 Denton, with a new booking philosophy, new venues, fewer days and other changes afoot. Worry not: here's everything you need to know about the new-look 35 Denton heading into this weekend's rebooted fest. — CG

The Districts at The Loft
Listening to Fat Possum Records signees The Districts on record, influences like Dylan's early electric stuff are pretty readily apparent. And when you see the Pennsylvania-based teenagers perform live, it's hard not to really respect what these guys are doing.Or, more accurately, it's hard not to be floored that this group of relative youngsters is able to create tunes that have such a level of maturity and earnestness to them. The batch of tunes on their most recent LP employs the type of dynamic range and intense emotional builds that players twice their age often struggle to find. And, what's more, they manage to evoke a set of influences that, let's face it, many other folks their age have likely never heard of. That's all to say these guys aren't just good for their age, they're just good. Period. — CG

24-Hour Tattoo Marathon at Elm Street Tattoo
Getting a “13” tattoo during one of Elm St. Tattoos' regular 24-hour Friday the 13th marathons is unlike the experience of getting tattooed under almost any other circumstances. Most years, the experience goes something like this: Interested parties start lining up in front of Elm St. well before the shop opens its doors at midnight, eventually stretching down the block and often well past Cafe Brazil; then folks start being ushered into the shop a handful at a time, where roughly a dozen artists are busy cranking out as many “13s” as they can as fast as they can. It is most definitely a numbers game. That's no knock on the shop; when 300-plus would-be clients are all clamoring for work the same day it has to be that way. But, in the end, that long-ish wait and chaos of fighting through the crowd, most would agree, is kind of what makes the whole ordeal a worthwhile and memorable endeavor. — CG

Charlie Wilson at Verizon Theatre
Charles Kent “Uncle Charlie” Wilson is, perhaps, best known for his stint as the lead singer for '70s funk outfit The Gap Band. Since then, he's kept on trucking along, earning nine Grammy nominations for his solo work. And he's arguably more relevant than ever. That is to say, his No. 1 song “There Goes My Baby” was Billboard's top “Urban Adult” song of 2009. — Lauren Rushing

Demonic Chronic 48-Hour Film Race at Wit's End
You know those 24-hour video races that the Dallas VideoFest often throws, in which teams have a single day to write and film short movies that all feature a common character, item and line of dialogue given to them the day-of? Yeah, this is kind of like that, but with exponentially more drug use. — CG

Aesop Rock at Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill
San Franciso-based producer and emcee Aesop Rock has had a turbulent ride over the last several years. After emerging as one of the preeminent artists in the world of underground alternative hip-hop in the late '90s, signing with El-P's Def Jux label in the early '00s and releasing his breakthrough album Labor Days in '01, his life began to unravel. In the five years between his Skelethon LP and its predecessor, Def Jux went on hiatus, he and his wife went through a divorce and he experienced the death of a close friend — all of which played into the creation of his current material. To hear him tell it, though, what doesn't kill you doesn't necessarily make you stronger. He'll be joined at this one by his frequent collaborator and fellow throwback emcee Rob Sonic. — CG

Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet at Meyerson Symphony Center
You've read the story — you may have even seen one or more of the movie renditions — but have you ever heard a symphony based on Romeo and Juliet? Well, if your answer is no, you have a chance to when the Dallas Symphony Orchestra performs Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's orchestral work Romeo and Juliet through Saturday at the Meyerson. Dallas composer Chase Dobson's Piano Concerto No. 1 and Robert Schumann's Symphony No. 2 will also be performed. — Carly Seitz

Dee-1 at House of Blues
A couple years back, 29-year-old New Orleans rapper, Dee-1, quit his teaching job to focus on his music career full-time. Since then, he's toured with the likes of Killer Mike, Lil Wayne and Big Boi, pulled down the “Artist of the Year” award at the NOLA Underground Hip-Hop Awards and released his debut EP via RCA. Now the quickly-rising emcee will hit Dallas' House of Blues this weekend. — LR

Heaven Adores You Screening + Concert at Texas Theatre
Heaven Adores You is a new film about the life and music of Dallas-raised music icon Elliott Smith. Following the screening will be a Q&A with the film's producer/music supervisor Kevin Moyer, and an Elliot Smith tribute concert from The Auxiliary Voice, Goodnight Ned, J. Charles, Sean Foster and Garrett Owen. — LR

All-Con at Crowne Plaza North Dallas
Celebrity guests at this four-day sci-fi convention include Doug “Silver Surfer” Jones, Cerina “Yellow Ranger” Vincent, as well as a smattering of well-known animators, pupetteers, special effects artists and other bit part actors. — CG

Moulin Rouge at Inwood Theatre
Assuming you don't have the patience to sit through all four acts of La Boheme, which is being performed in Dallas this weekend, Baz Luhrmann offers up this bastardized, sensory-overloaded version instead. You do like Nirvana covers, right? — CG

Neon House Party at Thee Theater
Dallas continues to keep blazing past peak venue at full speed with the soft opening of new Downtown venue Thee Theater this weekend. The roughly 1,000 capacity room is located at 2208 Main St, just on the other side of Central Expressway from Deep Ellum. And Friday night the upstart venue will host EDM artists Gents & Jawn at its first-ever party. Tickets are available here. — CG

Possessed By Paul James at Magnolia Motor Lounge
Konrad Wert — or his one-man band alter ego, Possessed by Paul James, rather — will perform in the area for a second straight night, this time out at Fort Worth's Magnolia Motor Lounge. Armed with little more than a rickety chair, a couple of stringed instruments and an un-mic'ed wooden plank he'll stomp upon for percussion, Wert will surely turn in a rowdy, compelling and ultimately inspiring set. Joe Fletcher opens. — Pete Freedman

Ronnie Milsap at Billy Bob's
Ronnie Milsap is perhaps most known for his rebellious 1983 “Stranger In My House,” which pushed the bar for the genre. Furthermore, his “Smoky Mountain Rain” is one of the greatest country songs of all time. Relive the glory days past and present, and help Ronnie celebrate his recent induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame tonight at The World's Largest Honky Tonk. Yee-haw. — Chase Whale

Wilde/Earnest at Kitchen Dog Theatre
In an attempt to explain the hipster phenomenon, Brett McCracken once wrote: “Irony, [became] a fun, subversive response to pop culture's increasingly desperate power grab. It became a defense mechanism of sorts — a way for us to exert some sort of autonomy over a machine that thinks it has us figured out. Realizing that mainstream culture was by-and-large one massive ruse, hipsters decided to ironically embrace it at the lowest common denominator level.” It's much the same thing the antagonists in Oscar Wilde's 1895 play The Importance of Being Earnest were trying to do with Victorian culture at large. The parallel, perhaps, also makes this updated, hipster version of Wilde's play seem like less of a stretch than it sounds. Wilde/Earnest — which opens tonight and runs through April 18 — also features an original score by French75's Jencey Keeton. — CG

La Boheme at Winspear Opera House
On select dates through the end of the month, you can catch one of legendary Italian opera composer Giacomo Puccini's finest works in Dallas, sung in its original Italian, with English subtitles. His four-act, 1896 work, La Boheme is an enduring classic that's been reimagined several times over the years, most notably serving as the basis for Rent, Moonstruck and Moulin Rouge. — CG

Art Conspiracy Presents: Whiskey Folk Ramblers and Greg Schroeder at Kettle Art
The cleverly titled Art Con(cert) series is, as you might expect, an extension from the Art Conspiracy brand we all know and love. Meaning? Its shows, which go down in unconventional spaces (in this case: an art gallery), raise funds for art-minded area organizations that need the help. This time through, the series harnesses the Dust Bowl stylings of Whiskey Folk Ramblers and the dust-in-your-eye singer-songwriter fare of Greg Schroeder to do some good. — PF

Troy Cartwright at Henderson Avenue Country Club (Free)
The bro country backlash is real. Seriously, it's like all anyone with even the most remote interest in the genre can talk about. And when it does, there'll be a batch of honest songwriters like Troy Cartwright left to takeover. That's what makes the young Dallasite's debut LP one to watch out for this year. It's going to take some people by surprise, and not just locally. Pick up a copy tonight at Henderson Ave. Country Club, where he'll be performing for free. — CG

Friday the 13th at Alamo Drafthouse
In celebration of this Friday falling on the 13th, as well as this year being the 30th anniversary of Friday the 13th: A New Beginning's release, the movie will be screened at Alamo Drafthouse at 10:45. Children 6 and up will be allowed in with a parent or guardian, but do you really want to be that parent that lets their kid watch an R-rated horror flick that will likely result in nightmares and sleepless nights? — CS

Greenville Avenue St. Patrick's Day Parade
Make the most out of the next 24 hours by taking pictures with strange men, pretending to be Irish in exchange for free shots, and doing other things that any good mother would strongly advise against. It's only fitting, as these traditions are just part of what makes the annual debauchery that is the Greenville Avenue St. Patrick's Day Parade such a Dallas institution. The Josh Abbott Band headlines this year's post-parade concert in Energy Square. — Katie Roberts

35 Denton
Legendary Brit rock act The Zombies headline 35 Denton's Saturday proceedings. DJG, Ten Hands, Jacco Gardner, Telegraph Canyon, Brutal Juice, Mind Spiders, DEERPEOPLE, Dreamers, voltREvolt and Mink Coats round out the rest of the day's main stage performers. — CG

Walker Stalker Con at Dallas Convention Center
While The Zombies are busy rocking 35 Denton, actual zombies — or rather stars from your favorite zombie, horror and sci-fi hits — will invade the Dallas Convention Center. It's a no-brainer. — LR

Hip-Hop Rodeo at Mesquite Arena
The Morning News has a fun story up about the hip-hop rodeo going down in Mesquite this weekend. You should read it, but you should mostly know this: Mannie Fresh is also performing at this thing, which sounded awesome already. — PF

UFC 185 at American Airlines Center
When the world's largest mixed martial arts promotion company returns to Dallas for just the third time ever, it'll bring with it some of the top-ranked fighters in the sport. Headlining this weekend's big main event, for instance is aUFC Lightweight Championship bout between the current champion Anthony Pettis and top contender Rafael dos Anjos. Bring it on. — LR

Pickle Parade and Palooza in Mansfield
What do pickles have to do with St. Patrick's Day? Well, they're green, which I suppose is enough to host a pickle-themed, three-day event for the holiday. Or at least the folks in Mansfield — aka the self-proclaimed pickle capital of the world — think so. Anyway, this is so much more than a parade — there's a pickle-themed fun run and a bunch more palooza-ing that'll go down Saturday. It's kind of a big dill. — CS

RJD2 at Gas Monkey Live
A night after fellow Rhymesayers/Def Jux alum Aesop Rock does his thing at the Bar N' Grill, the producer responsible for turning Enoch Light's “Autumn Leaves” into the Mad Men theme song will DJ the company's big room down the street. — CG

Dash Down Greenville 5K at Central Market
This marks the 20th running of the annual St. Paddy's Day Dash Down Greenville. It's a fine morning to celebrate (even if you're just Irish for the day), and this year organizers are expecting a record number of participants to don their green and run/walk down Greenville just ahead of the parade. The only real question is whether you running away from paraders or towards the beer waiting at the finish line. — LR

Somebody's Darling at The Foundry (Free)
The ex-Dallas-based rockers return to town for its first show since moving to Nashville a short time ago. — CG

Indie Rock Latin America at Dada
Do you like Latin American music? Argentinians Chancha Via Circuito y Pommez Internacional will each appear at this annual Latin-based mixed bag. Local outfits MAYTA, SuperSonic Lips and Making Movies will also perform. — CG

Joshua Radin at Granada Theater
Just how stacked is the bill being headed up by Cleveland born singer-songwriter Joshua Radin at the Granada? Opening for the Onward and Sideways musician at this one will be Rachael Yamagata, the heartfelt Rhett Miller collaborator and “Kidney Now” musician that's headlined her fair share of shows on her own in this town in recent years. Cary Brothers also performs. — LR

Bill O'Reilly & Dennis Miller at Verizon Theatre
These days SNL alumnus Dennis Miller earns his living as a conservative talk show host, and by doing shows like these with fellow right winter Bill O'Reilly. So what to expect from this one? Well, the guy will make a lot of obscure references throughout his comedy. He always has. He's the smartest guy in the room — according to him, at least — and he always has been. During a previous swing through town, Miller's conservative rants proved a perfect match for this largely suburban audience. His bit referring to ObamaCare as “a constellation sized goatfuck” netted Miller the biggest laughs and applause of the night. — Hampton Mills

Michael Martin Murphey at Kessler Theater (Two Shows)
The local ex-pat best known for his 1975 hit “Wildfire” will be in town for a pair of Saturday night shows at the Kessler. What else would you expect from the 201st most famous Dallasite of all-time? — CG

Black Pussy at The Rail Club
History is filled with rock 'n' roll urban legends that sound just plausible enough in the grand scheme of rock debauchery to not be written off right away. (We're looking at you, Rod Stewart.) One such tale claims that Mick Jagger initially intended the Rolling Stones' 1971 hit “Brown Sugar” to be called “Black Pussy,” which the label deemed too racy. Whether or not there's any truth to that tale, it's a pretty significant an indicator of how far our society has come — or regressed, depending on who you ask — that a band of all white, male '70s-influenced rockers from Portland feel comfortable adopting the name these days. — CG

Dan + Shay at House of Blues (Sold Out)
Fresh off of opening stints on the road with Hunter Hayes and Blake Shelton, the “19 You + Me” duo brings its Gold certified pop/country hybrid to Dallas for a headlining show. Canaan Smith opens. — CG

The Killdares at Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill
Seeing Dallas celt-rockers The Killdares on St. Pat's weekend is kind of like seeing Phish on Halloween or The Polyphonic Spree at Christmas or Flogging Molly on, well, St. Patrick's Day. — CG

Heaven Adores You at Texas Theatre
Performers following the second night of the theatre's Elliot Smith tribute screening will be New Fumes, Melting Season, Lily Taylor, Moth Face and DJ Wild in the Streets. — CG

Pi at Alamo Drafthouse
Because it's March 14 (3/14) those too-clever-for-their-own-good minds at the Alamo are screening Pi. Get it? — CG

Blues Brothers at Alamo Drafthouse
It's Pi Day, get it? — CG

“Static Bustle” at White Space Gallery
The printmaking, weaving, sound, digital art, video projectiong, drawing and sculptures of Jon Vogt and Adam Palmer will take over the gallery for this all encompassing, repetition-themed art show. — CG

Spring Broke at The Prophet Bar
You broke this break? Probably. Check out an all day set with three different stages spread across The Prophet Bar's big and small rooms. Uh Huh Baby Yeah!, Under Dog House, Dream Catcher, Lion in the Mane and Josh Osgood are but a few of the pop punk acts playing this one. For just $10, sticking around and partying in Deep Ellum this spring break doesn't sound like a bad alternative. — LR

35 Denton
Slobberbone, DJG, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, The Lonely Wild, Capsula, Two Cow Garage, Ayron Jones & the Way, Mike Dillon & Carl Finch and Sol Kitchen are Sunday's main stage performers. — CG

Moon Duo, True Widow, Holy Wave at City Tavern
There's no question that Austin is the birthplace of psych-rock, and that it remains genre's cultural nexus to this day. And though El Paso's Holy Wave didn't originate in Austin, they moved there as fast as they could. Since then, they've become just about the best psych-rock outfit in a town full of the world's best psych-rock outfits. And tonight, they're just one of three equally impressive bands on an incredibly stacked bill, perhaps the weekend's best. — CG

Surfer Blood, Turbo Fruits at Dada
You know that thing when somebody you really like does something really, really shitty and makes it hard to like or respect anything and everything they make or do afterwards? This is sort of the dilemma many folks are face this weekend with Surfer Blood frontman John Paul Pitts, who was accused of domestic violence against his girlfriend in 2012. Though no charges were filed and the case was eventually dropped, the situation did manage to take a little sheen off Surfer Blood's magnificent 2010 debut Astro Coast. Rambunctious Tennessee garage rockers, Turbo Fruits, however, are pretty easy to lovingly wrap one's arms around. — CG

Kawehi at Kessler Theater
Armed with little more than a video camera, some looping software, an MPC and a bottle of wine, Kawehi created a batch of haunting, electro-tinged covers of '90s classics — like this one for Nirvana's “Heart Shaped Box” — that briefly took over the internet awhile back. Tonight she'll try to repeat the feat live in the flesh down in Oak Cliff. — CG

Crunch and Brunch at Vital Fitness Studio
Exactly like it sounds, show up at 10:15 a.m. for an hour of power yoga followed up by brunch at CBD Provisions. $35 gets you access to both. Not a bad little way to start off a Sunday. — CG

Water Liars at Small Brewpub
In little more than three years together, moody Mississippi-based rockers, Water Liars, has already released three full-length LPs, the most recent of which came out on Fat Possum Records. For its part the band's latest LP mixes in country undertones and ever-so-subtle alt-country tendencies to its brand of cathartic, and at times heart-wrenching, indie-rock. This weekend they'll turn in the first concert on Small Brewpub's just-opened back patio. The Birds of Night and Ruby Rabbitfoot open. — CG

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