Go On A Vision Quest.

Last week, the world's oldest man — Sakari Momoi of Tokyo — celebrated his 112th birthday. Born in 1898, he's one of the last few people left on earth who was born in the 1800s.

That's no small feat, to be sure.

As for how he's hung on for so long, Sakari says his secrets to longevity are threefold: He eats right, he meditates on the reg and he stays active.

You hear that? Add some years to your life and get active this weekend. Oh, and if you're specifically looking to specifically get romantic this weekend, we've already compiled some events worth knowing about here. So check that out. — Cory Graves

Sarah Jaffe, Blue, the Misfit, Sam Lao at Trees
Recent Grammy winner Symbolyc One has remixed a song from Jaffe's 2014 Don't Disconnect LP, which will appear on her new VISIONS EP, that'll earn its release in conjunction with her Friday night show at Trees. The EP will also include remixes from Mystery Skulls and Blue, the Misfit, as well as a new Dividends track, and the new, McKenzie Smith-produced title cut that also features Sam Lao and Zhora. Download cards for the EP will be available at this show, where Jaffe will perform alongside Sam Lao and Blue, the Misfit. S1's even said to be making an onstage cameo. The set times listed by the venue for that show appear to indicate that all three will be on stage at the same time, so it's probably safe to assume this isn't going to be a standard three-act bill. — CG

24-Hour Tattoo Marathon at Elm Street Tattoo
The 24-hour tattoo marathons put on by Elm Street Tattoo any time a Friday the 13th rolls around have become something of local legend, and the growing number of folks with various incarnations of the number 13 tattoos feel something like members of a local club. For just $13 (plus a $7 tip for good luck), you can join the 13 club. If you miss out tonight, you'll have another chance next month, too. — CG

Eric Prydz at It'll Do Club
If someone tells you that you're dressed like a cast member in Eric Prydz's “Call On Me” video, they mean you look like you're in a workout class from the '80s. And that you're sexy. If you head out to the Swedish producer's DJ set tonight, you'll surely feel sexy, too. — Pete Freedman

Kat Edmonson at Kessler Theater
Houston native Kat Edmonson didn't fare well when she tried out for one of the early seasons of American Idol. It's not that the jazz pop vocalist doesn't have the chops; rather, it's that her approach is far more nuanced than the typical oversingers that always seem to make it to the end of the contest. As far as this show goes, though, that's certainly to her benefit. Robert Ellis opens. — CG

Retox at Three Links
Retox creates a detached blend of hardcore and thrash, which is to be expected, considering that the band features members of acts such as The Locust, Head Wound City, Holy Molar, All Leather, Some Girls, Swing Kids, Cattle Decapitation, Struggle, The Festival of Dead Deer and The Crimson Curse. Atlanta noise outfit Whores also performs. Sores and Bukkake Moms open. — CG

Baconomics (Album Release) at The Cellar (Free)
Blaze Won, Wild Bill and Rob Viktum are releasing a new batch of hip-hop under the Baconomics moniker tonight at this free Fort Worth show. Saves you some cash to pick up a copy of the new disc. Fab Deuce, Alsace Carcione and The Boxer's Brain also perform. — CG

Tommy Davidson at Addison Improv
In Living Color veteran Tommy Davidson continues his four-day run at the Addison Improv tonight. Most recently, he voiced the Cream Corn character in Cartoon Network's Black Dynamite, which is a bit more timely than, say, his Sugar Ray Leonard impersonation. — CG

Partynextdoor at South Side Music Hal (Sold Out)
Fresh off surprise December release, PND COLOURS, Drake's closest and yet still pretty mysterious protege will bring his too-cool-for-its-own-good brand of R&B-tinged hip-hop to Dallas for the second time in the last three and a half months. Hope you got your tickets a long time ago, though. Because, just like his last show in town, this one's been sold out for some time. — CG

Wade Bowen at House of Blues
The Texas-bred “Songs About Trucks” singer released a new, self-titled LP back in the fall. His goals with the new record, he told Rolling Stone at the time, was to create a batch of songs that would finally appeal to more than just Texans — which doesn't really apply to you, we suppose — and that also had more live energy than anything else he's done. Of course, there's only one way to really find out whether or not he accomplished that goal. — CG

Dallas Burlesque Festival at House of Blues
One of the biggest drawbacks to being single on Valentine's Day is knowing straight from the jump that you probably aren't going to see too much skin. So the fact that the seventh annual Dallas Burlesque Festival is once again under way this weekend is pretty good, huh? Being single doesn't have to make a little harmless titillation completely out of the question. — Porschia Paxton

Brahms Piano Concerto No. 1 at Meyerson Symphony Center
While he's perhaps best known for a lullaby, Brahms' first foray into larger scale symphonic composition is anything but sleepy. His first shot at writing parts for horns produced results that are as blaring and heroic as they are difficult to play. Catch it the next three days. — CG

Jack Ingram at Billy Bob's
The “Wherever You Are” singer, local boy and former Adair's regular headlines this show at one of the few venues in town where “riding the bull” has more than one meaning. — CG

Booty Fade at SISU
As is now his habit for this time of year, our pal DJ Sober is back once again with the fourth installment of his bedroom-ready “Satin Sheets” mix series — a mix which we premiered earlier this week. So, y'know, this show featuring Sober and his frequent collaborator Picnictyme performing under their Booty Fade banner is probably where you and your S.O. will want to ring in the big day. — Pete Freedman

Art & Tacos at The Basement Gallery
It was Andy Warhol that once said, “Fame is fleeting; art is eternal.” That's mostly true, sure. But when said art is printed directly on tortillas that are then turned into tacos and served to a hungry crowd of Dallas art lovers, well, that's pretty much the textbook definition of fleeting. — CG

The Colourist at Dada
California indie rock quartet The Colourist is known for the hook-driven pop tunes it honed while touring in support of acts like Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., The Naked & Famous and Grouplove in recent years. It should come as little surprise, then, that the band's frequently recommended for fans of Phoenix, Matt & Kim, Passion Pit and all the other most popular acts of 2009. — CG

Pink Flamingos at Texas Theatre
Ahead of John Waters' appearance this Sunday, the Texas Theatre folks will be screening a 35mm copy of his quintessential cult gross-out comedy. Also worth checking out ahead of Waters' arrival is the documentary I Am Divine, which chronicles the life of Pink Flamingos star, Divine, who appeared in most of Waters' earliest films. Last we checked, it was still on Netflix. — CG

Redux at Crown and Harp
Shooknite, along with his fellow Track Meet members, has been holding down Crown and Harp's second Fridays monthly since last May. Tonight marks a new era for the monthly, which changes names and vibes tonight. Now dubbed Redux, Shooknite will begin a new focus on global club music, and his first guest will be New Orleans DJ Kilbourne. DJ Zona Rosa will be spinning some tunes, too. — CG

Legacy Fighting Championship at Allen Event Center
Ex-UFC fighter Anthony Njokuani will fight a guy 12 years his junior in the main bout of this mixed martial arts contest. Before that, a bunch of other guys will pummel the living hell out of each other right in front of your very eyes. — CG

A Valentine's Double Feature with Ricki Derek at Granada Theater
Timeless classics are always a safe bet when looking to impress a Valentine's date. After several years in the recently shuttered Lakewood Theater, Ricki Derek's long-running Dallas tradition's found a new home for 2015. Let Derek and his Cupid Quartet croon your sweetie with Rat Pack-era favorites before the lights dim and a showing of Casablanca follows. Here's looking at you, kid. — CG

Party Static (Album Release) at Three Links
Following up 2013's This Isn't Music EP and the band's subsequent ascent to becoming one of Dallas' favorite live acts, Party Static is now gearing up to release its sophomore EP, the hilariously entitled My Cat Doesn't Like That. Get a taste of the album's “Oh Shit” here before heading out to this show, where ladies will get in for free. Sorry, fellas, it's $10 for you. It'll be well worth it, though, as you'll also get to see Sealion and Street Arabs perform. — PF

Monster Energy AMA Supercross at AT&T Stadium
This weekend-long shindig features all sorts of motorsports-related activities. And an ass load of energy drinks, too. (That't not just an assholish assumption, by the way. Monster Energy is sponsoring this weekend's slate of events.) — PF

Glamorama with special guests French Horn Rebellion at Beauty Bar
Each Saturday, DJ Blake Ward takes over the climes of Beauty Bar and turns that sumbitch into a dance party for his Glamorama weekly. This week, the Brooklyn-based electro-poppers in French Horn Rebellion will be joining him on the decks for a DJ set or two of their own. — PF

Excision at South Side Ballroom
As a music journalist — or something vaguely resembling one, anyway — the biggest tip-off that you're reading a press release from a dubstep producer is when four paragraphs are spent describing the awesome power of the lasers they're packing, and maybe a sentence or two about what the music actually sounds like. Anyway, this Canadian-based duo apparently owns a 420-square-foot screen capable of 3D projections, a 150,000-watt sound system and industrial grade fog machines. Oh, and lasers. Lots and lots of lasers. — CG

Love is in the Air at Texas Discovery Gardens
Woo your Valentine with a sunset stroll through the butterfly house. Remark to your date how they look lovely enough to eat, too. Then proceed to do just that. Yes, the evening's hors d'oeuvres feature chocolate-covered insects. Mmmm, bugs. — CG

A Tribute to Valentines at Trees
While The Rich Girls, Straight Tequila Night and The Clinton Years don't play original music — they cover Hall & Oates, '90s pop country and '90s alt-rock, respectively — you can at least show a little originality, and take your Valentine to see them play live. Hey, it beats sending them flowers or chocolates. How cliche can you get? — CG

'80s Hair Metal Prom at Double Wide
If prom wasn't all you'd hope it'd be (and there's a 85 percent chance it wasn't), have a do-over tonight at the Double Wide. Embrace the '80s theme, too, by draining an entire bottle of Aquanet and enjoying revered area tribute acts Rock N Roll Over (KISS), Hysteria (Def Leppard) and Glam Hammer (all '80s everything). — H. Drew Blackburn

Dude, Sweet Chocolate Beer Pairing at Dallas Beer Kitchen
Just down the street from where they were made, five local chocolate dishes will be expertly matched with a variety of beers from around the globe. Reservations are recommended, and singles are welcome. Eat your feelings, bruh. — CG

Animal Collective (DJ Set) at Dada
Three members of Animal Collective — Deakin, Geologist and Avery Tare, but not Panda Bear — are in town tonight for a DJ set, which is perhaps a bit less exciting than if they had brought actual instruments along. To wit, a commenter on a Brooklyn Vegan post announcing this tour wrote: “Who goes to these events? It's like going to see your favorite sports team play their highlights from Sports Center!” We concur, but maybe you're more into it? Shooknite opens. — CG

Paul Van Dyk at Lizard Lounge
Grammy-winning German trance producer Paul Van Dyk will preside over this dance party with the type of authority few others can match. Different publications have named him the No. 1 DJ of all time at various points in his career, meaning you may never again shake… your… rump-ah… to a more expertly curated blend of electo jams than at this V-Day dance party. — CG

Sad Boys Club at The Prophet Bar
Taylor Swift's catalog is largely based around boys she sent packing, which makes this show perfectly befitting for those that find themselves recently dumped or otherwise alone on this greeting-card holiday. In the venue's big room, eight hardcore bands — With Teeth, Storylines, Might the Few, Look, Robot Arms Depot, King Hill/Choke Chain and Cold Motion — will each include a T-Swift cover into their sets tonight. — CG

The Turning Point
1977 ballet drama The Turning Point holds the distinction of earning the most Oscar nominations (11) without a win. The real reason to show up for the Shirley MacLaine, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Anne Bancroft and Tom Skerritt vehicle is the fact that the Dallas Neo-Classical Ballet will present four new works live on stage prior to the film. — CG

Dwight Yoakam at Billy Bob's
The country icon and current torch-bearer for the Buck Owens-pioneered Bakersfield sound will be doing his thing out in Fort Worth. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy one of the genre's most beloved figure's as he performs at the region's most legendary honky tonks. — CG

Honey Dijon at It'll Do Club
House music DJ Honey Dijon is quite the hot ticket in the New York fashion scene and is frequently asked to spin at parties for all the industry's biggest name designers. Back in 2013, she was profiled by the New York Times, which is an interesting read even for those not thinking about heading out to this one. — CG

My Bloody Valentine at Alamo Drafthouse
The italics mean everything here. That is, before you get your hopes too high, just note that this event is a screening of the 1981 Canadian slasher film and not a performance from the Irish shoegaze act of the same name. For what it's worth, Quentin Tarantino has cited the film as one of his favorites — unlike members of the band who've claimed at various times to have never heard of the film until well after they were a thing. — CG

An Evening With John Waters at Texas Theatre
Counter-culture pioneer and indie cinema provocateur, John Waters, is coming back to Oak Cliff to get weird and wild once again. The pencil-mustached director of transgressive cult trash — and we mean that as a compliment — such as Pink Flamingos and Cry-Baby will be discussing his most chaotic career moments, collaborating with the late Divine and getting into filth as a youngster in Baltimore. — Chase Whale

Oak Cliff Mardi Gras Parade
You bought all of those beads in vain! You had no idea that this was a family-friendly event! You should have just gone to the burlesque festival at the House of Blues instead! — Trace McCaslin

Wayne Brady at Verizon Theatre
The great Paul Mooney said it best: “White people love Wayne Brady because he makes Bryant Gumbel look like Malcolm X.” Just make sure you laugh at the singing improv performer's jokes tonight or Wayne Brady might have to “choke a bitch.” — PF

Metalachi at Trees
Metalachi is not your typical mariachi band. Metalachi, as its name implies, is a mariachi band that covers metal songs — the first of such group of its kind, or so the band's press materials insinuate. They do more than just that, of course. Over the course of one of their numerous previous stops through town in the past year or so, the band sprinkled in its takes on such traditional mariachi standards as “Volver Volver,” “Mariachi Loco” and “La Bamba” among its expected covers of Guns N' Roses' “Sweet Child O' Mine” and Bon Jovi's “Livin' on a Prayer.” It's an infectious offering, for sure. Mad Mexicans and Palamino also perform. — Erika Lambreton

Jencarlos Canela at House of Blues
Es verdad, el actor de telenovelas y cantante Cubano, Jencarlos Canela, regresa a Dallas este fin de semana. — CG

The Royal Tenenbaums and Snatch Double Feature at Granada Theater
For the second time this weekend, the Granada's rolling down its big screen for a pair of film screenings. This time, it's Wes Anderson's 2001 comedy The Royal Tenenbaums and Guy Ritchie's 2000 comedy caperSnatch. — CG

Kodo One Earth Tour: Mystery at Music Hall at Fair Park
We can write all the glorious adjectives in our bags — but, truthfully, there's nothing we can write down that can prepare you for what it's like being in the same room where a half ton taiko drum is being thunderously pounded on. — CG

Rocky at Alamo Drafthouse
Even better than catching Rocky for the umpteenth time? Prior to the screening, a 40-piece Richardson Symphony will play selections from the Rocky, Jurassic Park, James Bond and The Godfather soundtracks, among others, while clips from the films play behind them. — CG

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