Cowboy Up.

“So,” said Chandler Bing to break up the silence during an awkward dinner party in the fifth episode of Friends's second season, “The ebola virus. That's gotta suck, huh?”

Could he have been any more prescient? Twenty years later, Friends is still relevant as ever. Heck, later in that same episode, the gang goes backstage to meet the band after a Hootie & The Blowfish concert. It's a pop culture wormhole you can get swept up in again now, as all 236 episodes of the show were added to Netflix yesterday.

And when you're ready to take a break and hangout with your real life friends, there's plenty of places to meet up this weekend. — Cory Graves

Johnny Hootrock at Double Wide
Ex-Flametrick Subs frontman Clem Hoot and drummer Johnny Cat have moved onto garage-a-bily trio Johnny Hootrock, where they still play the kind of “Johnny Cash meets the devil at a dive bar” rock that made them an Austin institution — only it's even more drunk and sloppy these days. Hellbilly Homicide and Rodeo Clown Dropouts open. — CG

Blank-Men, Bummer Vacation, at Bryan Street Tavern
Despite being some of the newer bands on the block, Fort Worth's Blank-Men and Bummer Vacation each put out some of our favorite music of 2014. Wonderboom, on the other hand, often exude so much sexual energy, it's probably wise to go ahead and put a condom on now just in case. — CG

Futuristic Panties at Sue Ellen's
I have seen the future, and it twerks. Real talk, though, the very near future will look pretty bright should you drop by this queer variety show. — CG

Blade Runner at Inwood Theatre
If you've yet to see this Harrison Ford-led adaptation of Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep yet, you've only got a short while longer before its meaning totally shifts. The '80s-made film which depicts the futuristic dystopian society of America circa 2019 is going to seem pretty silly four years from now when things look nothing like they do in the cult classic. Of course it'll be all the more chilling if it was right on the money all along. — CG

DC vs Marvel Burlesque at Lakewood Theater
If you thought Wonder Woman was scantily dressed before, that's because she was only whipping up on supervillains like The Cheetah. When battling for burlesque supremacy, her outfits are even more scant. She'll be doing the latter this evening, along with an entire cast of comic book characters, as part of Viva Dallas Burlesque's last-ever Lakewood Theater show. — CG

Steve Byrne at Addison Improv
Sullivan & Son is an atrocious TV show. It's got a bad laugh track, horrible comedic timing and some overtly racist — and otherwise completely unfunny — humor thrown in for good measure. That the show is so bad is actually pretty amazing, as the stars of the show — the guys leading this tour — all have terrific stand-up chops. Take the show's creator Steve Byrne, for instance, who actually ain't half bad. He'll be in town all weekend. — Stephen Young

Bruce Bruce at Arlington Improv
Back in the day, Bruce Bruce could be seen twice weekly on BET as the host of ComicView. And though it didn't necessarily prove to be the star-making turn, it was for some of his predecessors like D.L. Hughley and Cedric the Entertainer, the comedian so nice they named him twice has seen some increased exposure of late thanks to his appearance in Think Like a Man. He'll be at the Improv all weekend long. — CG

Josh Abbott Band at Billy Bob's
Maybe a long history of alcohol abuse and infidelity aren't the best thing for one's marriage, they do make for some great material for country songs. That's to say Abbott's had no trouble amassing a huge catalog of red dirt tuneage. Too much, in fact, for just one night, which is why they'll be at Billy Bob's both Friday and Saturday. — CG

Strangelove at House of Blues
You could enjoy the silence this evening, or four decades worth of Depeche Mode hits and deep cuts courtesy of this cover band. Pretenders tribute The In-Tenders opens. They just want some of your attention, give it to them. — CG

Terminator 2, Problem DOGG, Shiny Around the Edges, Bukkake Moms at Texas Theatre
Oak Cliff art provocateur Art Pena, carries on the Vice Palace tradition with this bill, in which he brings four experimental Denton acts to the Oak Cliff historic movie theater. Makes sense, as Pena's no stranger to throwing shows in non-traditional locales. Perhaps going forward the Texas Theatre will begin being thought of as one of Dallas' premiere music venues — at least that's what the joint's owners would like to see happen in 2015. — CG

Spiderweb Salon's Winter Formal at Dan's Silverleaf
The Denton creative collective will celebrate the release of their latest zine with a masquerade party that'll include performances from Catastica, Danny Diamonds, Skagg Philips, various spoken word performances, art installations, baked goods and a silent auction where used books are just as valuable as cash. — CG

Invasion of The Naughty School Girls at Lizard Lounge (Free)
Here's the deal: show up to this late night dance party dressed like an extra in a Britney Spears video and you get in for free. Or, if 37-degree temps don't sound like the ideal time to don a plaid mini-skirt, just make sure you show up before 10 p.m. to dodge the cover. — CG

Reagan James at The Live Oak
Sixteen-year-old Reagan James proved herself a fierce competitor on the recently wrapped seventh season of The Voice. Gwen Stefani even told the Burleson resident she had a, “God-given gift.” Perhaps you'll agree. — CG

Mike & The Moonpies at Dada
Austin's Mike & The Moonpies like to refer to their sound as “outlaw country,” but it's far less dangerous than it sounds. Of course, in the modern climate when bro “country” is so mainstream, all it takes is a few traditional country instruments and a friendly, Pat Green-like sound to be considered outside the norm. It's a sad state of affairs, indeed. — CG

Ginny Mac at AllGood Cafe
You don't always have to blow it out of the water like you did this past Wednesday. For instance, there's always the ol' standby of chicken fried steak at AllGood Cafe. If you do head down to the low key Deep Ellum eatery this evening, drop a couple bucks in the kitty for multi-instrumentalist, and one-time Brave Combo accordion player, Ginny Mac. — CG

Ben Folds with Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra at Bass Performance Hall
Unlike when Folds performed with the Fort Worth Symphony back in 2012, this return performance won't just see songs like “Rockin' the Suburbs” or “Zak and Sara” getting the symphony backing treatment; Folds will also take advantage of the symphony's players to pull off his piano concerto. — CG

Fun Button, The Gabies, The Orcanaut, The Hymens at Rubber Gloves
It's not quite time again for another of Rubber Gloves' bi-annual free weeks, so, no, this show's not quite free. Still for just a buck you can experience one of the venue's patented all-local sampler platters. — CG

Convoy & The Cattlemen at Adair's
Despite boasting a sound, a look, and an instrumental palate that is distinctly country and western, just as many rock and punk fans are likely to show up to a Convoy & The Cattlemen gig on a given night than members of the pearl-snap-and-jeans set. This could have something to do with the fact that Convoy steel guitar player Alex Johnson also splits his time with local metal outfit The House Harkonnen, sure. More likely, though, it has to do with the fact that, when this band whips out their covers of classic western tunes like Tex Williams' “Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette),” they do so at unbelievably blistering tempos. Better yet, unlike so many run-of-the-mill punk groups, Convoy does this with machine-like precision — and every member of the group is capable of pulling a ridiculous solo or lead lick out of their back pockets at any moment. — CG

Dallas Cowboys vs Detroit Lions at AT&T Stadium
There's a lot on the line for the Dallas Cowboys this weekend, who are playing their first home playoff game in five years. The team's won all of one post season game since 1997, and would love to double that total by crushing the Lions in the Wild Card round. For Cowboys safety Barry Church a win's not the only thing he's got in mind heading into the game. Said Church in an interview earlier this week, he's looking to put a hurting on Lions receiver Golden Tate, who he says delivered a dirty block on injured linebacker Sean Lee two seasons ago. And if you can't make it out to catch the fray in person, you can always head somewhere like the Granada, that'll be showing the game on their big movie-sized screens. — CG

Hypnotic Donuts Polar Plunge at Fraternal Order of Eagles
We already knew the guys over at Hypnotic Donuts were crazy — it takes little more than taking a gander at their massive chicken biscuits or doughnut offerings, which are topped with things like bacon and crumbled-up Pop Tarts, to construe as much — but this event really takes the cake. We get it: Their idea to have folks swim the length of the FOE's pool — on a day when the high temperature will only reach the low 40s — will help raise funds for the North Texas Food Bank. But wouldn't it be wiser to have folks pay their $10 to avoid taking the icy plunge? — CG

Blue Man Group at Winspear Opera House
It's such a weird show idea, yet the Blue Man group have been packing in the audiences with their oddball performances for quite some time. PVC pipe drumming, paint splatters and three stoically silent men make for a hilariously fun evening. Unfortunately, Tobias won't be there for this matinee performance, the last of the outfit's current Dallas run. — Chelsea Upton

First Sunday at Sons of Hermann Hall (Free)
Every first Sunday of the month, the Deep Ellum Community Association gets together and hosts a free, open-to-the-public, discussion-oriented event centered around the issues the neighborhood cares most about. Judging from the amount of “Jesus Is My Homeboy” posters plastered around Ellum of late, getting recently fired police officer Jesus Martinez reinstated definitely falls under that category. Dallas police officers and other speakers will discuss issues surrounding Martinez, community policing in Deep Ellum and issues related to panhandling. Free food and a cash bar will be available. — CG

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