Have A Bada$$ Couple Of Days.

Earlier this week, Dallas was declared Ebola free after everyone potentially exposed to the virus made it through the 21-day monitoring period without developing any symptoms. It's good news for sure,
and should put the city's collective mind at ease as the weekend approaches.

Unfortunately, the city has yet to be declared free of its tasteless dumbass plague. The wise-guy University Park resident that decorated his house in Ebola swag this week tells us that much.

So while we can promise you that you won't contract Ebola at any of the following places, we can't guarantee you won't bump into an ignorant jerk or two. — Cory Graves

FREEMAN at The Loft
Formerly known as Gene Ween, one half of druggy, humor-laced avant-rock duo Ween, Aaron Freeman now fronts a more straight forward indie folk outfit simply called FREEMAN. The band released its debut in July and played its first live shows in August. There's still plenty of humor involved, only now it's the kind fans of NPR will chuckle about politely to themselves. — CG

The Marriage of Figaro (Simulcast) at Klyde Warren Park (Free)
Tonight one of the most widely accessible operas to hit the stage, Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro, opens over at the Winspear. Fuuuuuck that places is expensive, though. No worries. As part of Klyde Warren's two-year anniversary celebrations this weekend, they'll simulcast the thing for free this evening. Just because you're not going to the Winspear doesn't mean you won't have an excuse to dawn your over-the-top fancy attire; the concert will be preceded by a “worst bridesmaids dress” contest. — CG

Ziggy Marley at Granada Theater
Where does Bob Marley's oldest kid rank among your list of notable Ziggys? After Stardust, almost certainly, but do you put him before or after the guy from the comic strip? Sobotka from The Wire? In any case, Marley's the only Ziggy performing at the Granada tonight. — CG

Bride of Frankenstein at Texas Theatre
Just when audiences in 1935 thought Frankenstein('s monster) was dead, director James Whale (no relation to this writer, sadly) wanted folks to know that he's alive(!!!) and well. Additionally, the creature now has a babe on his side, too, in this classic sequel. — Chase Whale

Red Bull Sound Select Presents: Chevy Woods at The Prophet Bar
This month, the Red Bull squad itself will be pulling up the reins on its monthly Red Bull Sound Select and presenting an appropriately rock-solid hip-hop showcase featuring acts from all across the South and Northeast. This latest installment of the series, which has been going on regionally since July of last year, will go down on Friday, October 24, at the Prophet Bar and will feature performances from Chevy Woods, Fat Tony, Sam Lao and Goldyard. Woods, the night's headlining act, comes to town on the heels of his just-released “30 Deep” track. The track's his first formal release on his own terms, but Woods has long been bubbling; a member of Wiz Khalifa's Taylor Gang, this similar Pittsburgh-based rapper has been bubbling under for some time now. Tickets to this showcase are $10 at the door, but can be cut down to $3 with an advanced RSVP here. It should be noted, however, that an RSVP does not guarantee entry; as with all Sound Select showcases, this one will be a first-come, first-served event until space runs out. That said, doors open at 8 p.m. on the 24th now. You're welcome, I suppose, to start lining up now. — Pete Freedman

Poltergeist at Angelika Film Center
A lot of real tragedy surrounds Tobe Hooper's great horror film co-written by Steven Spielberg, Poltergeist. Star Heather O'Rourke died at age 12 from Crohn's Disease, and Dominique Dunne, who played her older sister, was murdered by a jealous ex-boyfriend shortly after the film's theatrical release. I get chills when I think about it. This didn't stop the success of the franchise — it went on to make two sequels (O'Rourke died after Poltergeist III wrapped) and soon, a very much unwanted reboot. — CW

Anberlin at House of Blues
There's no question Anberlin is a Christian rock outfit. Christian is the name of the band's guitarist. It's also the last name of the band's frontman. Also the band's August-released LP, Lowborn, hit No. 1 on Billboard's “Christian Albums” chart. — CG

All Them Witches, Adam Faucett & the Tall Grass, Mothership at Double Wide
Nashville psych-rockers All Them Witches and Little Rock singer-songwriter Adam Faucett may be from entirely different backgrounds, but each brings its own spin to the world of blue-eyed soul and white boy blues. Race aside, they're pretty magical. — CG

Holy Ghost Tent Revival at The Foundry (Free)
In addition to a sweet name, North Carolina sextet Holy Ghost Tent Revival features playful, whimsical lyrics and exceptional musicianship — factors which account for much of the group's outstanding live reputation. Expect a rollicking good time tonight out at the chicken shack. — Stephen Young

Roger Sellers at The Boiler Room
Roger Sellers is not a DJ. At least that's the message plastered in the headers of all the Austin musician's social media accounts. And indeed, the mind-rattling, electronic swirl of instruments peppered all over his most recent album were largely live instrumental loops created by Sellers himself. Still, he's not quite a band either, as evidenced by his live performances, which admittedly to come off looking rather DJ-like. Oh well. Matthew & the Arrogant Sea, Wirewings and Rahim Quazi also perform. — CG

Bummer Vacation, Narrow Head, Toy Gun at City Tavern (Free)
In a live setting, Bummer Vacation's catalog is just as fit for pulling out some spastic, New Wave dance moves as it is for just vibing out to the array of effects pedals you'll find onstage tonight. Though still in its infancy, the Skeleton Coast (RIP), War Party, Sealion vets that make up this group are already pretty solid live performers. Heavy Dallas alt-rockers Narrow Head and Fort Worth lo-fi outfit Toy Gun open. The latter will debut its new drummer, Sealion's Alex Poulos tonight, too. — CG

Mansions on the Moon at Dada
Like everything else that's popular these days, Pharrell Williams produces this Los Angeles chillwave quartet. That fact might have a little to do with the reason Williams' partner in the Neptunes, Chad Hugo, called the outfit “the future of music.” Or, maybe it's just because they're admittedly pretty good. Go check 'em out, but let's try not to steal any shit from the band this time, OK Dallas? — CG

Cannibal Holocaust at Inwood Theatre
Cannibal Holocaust is a movie this writer flat out refuses to see, mostly because I just don't have the stomach for it. It's an insanely gory ride, with lots of rape, among other hard-to-watch elements. It's been deemed one of the most controversial films of all time and not just for those reasons. I get chills just thinking about this movie. — CW

Rubblebucket at Dada
Rubblebucket have gone from a groove-oriented, Afro-beat/jazz hybrid that put out one hell of a horn-heavy long player back in 2009. Since then the band's subsequent releases have edged closer and closer towards the oversatured world of bland, electro-tinged indie pop, relegating those horns to minor flourishes and fleeting bits of color in the process. It's too bad, because Rubblebucket's self-titled debut was one of the best things that came out that year. — CG

Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line, Tyler Farr at Gexa Energy Pavilion
LOL, bro country. — CG

Macy Gray at Granada Theater
Macy Gray's debut album sold over 7 million copies thanks to the single “I Try” which was pretty friggin unavoidable back in 1999. Since then, however, her album sales have dwindled steadily, down to 29,000 copies of 2012's Talking Book. If the potential of hearing that tune along with some Radiohead and Metallica covers still delights you, though, well, you know what to do. — CG

Pit Bull Pride at Main Street Garden (Free)
Bring your well-mannered, pacifist American Staffordshire Terriers to the park this afternoon for all sorts of pit-related shenanigans. LeRoy Golden will show off his high-flying Frisbee pits, there will be weight-pulling demonstrations and maybe even a kid-eating demo or two. You might want to keep your little ones on a leash this weekend just in case. — CG

Joey Bada$$ at South Side Music Hall
Following the release of his 1999 mixtape, which he released at age 17, Joey Bada$$ was hailed as something of a prodigy. He's a quick learner, to be sure, rising through the ranks to the point that he headlined last year's Smoker's Club tour without ever releasing a proper album. That one's still to come, by the way. Tonight he'll headline a bill at the smaller of the two South Side venues that also includes CJ Fly, Kirk Knight and Nyck Caution. — CG

B.o.B., Kevin Gates at The Prophet Bar
Baton Rouge rapper Kevin Gates has been the rapper to watch for a few years now. After the success of his mixtape The Luca Brasi Story, which Spin Magazine called “the best rap-related thing” of last year, Gates hasn't stopped on his path to the top with two more mixtapes dropped since, each more successful than the last. And let's not forget he just sold out Trees back in July. With B.o.B. in tow, this one will probably do the same. — Chrissi Chetwood

Ranch Bash at Panther Island Pavilion
Despite boasting some pretty huge names in the genre (read: Roger Creager, Cory Morrow, Bob Schneider, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Green River Ordinance, William Clark Green, Prophets & Outlaws, Charla Corn) tickets to Fort Worth radio station 95.9-FM The Ranch's annual birthday bash will cost you just $10 if you buy them in advance. Not bad at all. — CG

North Oak Cliff Music Festival at Lake Cliff Park
Oak Cliff native Edie Brickell is most known for fronting the band New Bohemians, whose biggest success was the 1988 hit single “What I Am.” At this fest — which, coincidentally takes place just down the road from where Brickell grew up — she'll reunite with her old band for the first time in a long time. Organizers have recently said this is a reunion eight years in the making. Though they've been overshadowed a bit, other performers at this thing include Seryn, Kat Edmonson, David Garza Trio, Fox & the Bird, Sara Hickman, Meiko, Emily Elbert and South Dallas Funk Revue (read: Bobby Patterson and The Relatives). — CG

Zak Waters, French Horn Rebellion at So & So's
The classically trained french horn and bassoon playing brothers that comprise French Horn Rebellion previously played with the Chicago Civic Orchestra — before telling the conductor they were going to peace out and start making hot beats instead. Hence the name. Fellow electro-heavy crooner Zak Waters also performs tonight at this Uptown hangout. — CG

CeeLo Green at Rachovsky House (Sold Out)
CeeLo “(expletive deleted) You” Green will perform a special set at Dallas' Rachovsky House this evening as part of a benefit for amfAR The Foundation for AIDS Research and the Dallas Museum of Art. Of course, tickets to that one, pricey as they may have been, have long sold out. — CG

Haunted Loft Party at The Loft
The fact that Halloween falls on a Friday this year means you'll be able to get three days worth of mileage from your costume this year — four if you opt to take it for a test spin at this Halloween-themed, EDM-heavy glow party. — CG

Walk the Moon at Trees
The Cincinnati indie pop-rockers Walk The Moon took their name from a Police song, but sound more like indie pop-rockers from Cincinnati. Still, their “Anna Sun” single like, blew up the Alternative charts once upon a time. That song's about a crumbling household! — Chelsea Upton

Heart at Verizon Theatre
The Wilson sisters are pretty much undeniable. Nancy's a well-respected shredder capable of merging folk and metal, and Ann's arguably the greatest female rock vocalist ever. Then there's the fact that the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers have released Top 10 albums in four different decades — including the current one. Night Ranger, Monte Montgomery and Stone Cold Sweat open. — CG

Modern 'til Midnight: '80s Edition at The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
Whether you're planning on dressing in '80s garb for your official Halloween costume or not, you're still encouraged to don one at this '80s-themed event. There will be art from '80s New York in the galleries, and members of bands like Telegraph Canyon, White Denim, Burning Hotels, Pinkish Black, Quaker City Night Hawks, Son of Stan, Ronnie Heart, Zhora, Calhoun and Bummer Vacation will mix and match to cover popular '80s hits. — CG

Alton Brown at Majestic Theatre
Food Network host Alton Brown is frequently referred to as the Mr. Wizard of the kitchen, because the Iron Chef commentator's initial claim to fame was the science-heavy cooking program Good Eats. Who knew cooking was so complicated, right? Anyway, he'll bolster that Bill Nye of the culinary world image with his Edible Inevitable Tour, which will include his dorky comedy and tons of experimenting with foodstuffs — some of which require those in the first few rows to don ponchos. — CG

Straight No Chaser at McFarlin Auditorium
The world's most famous instrument-free band this side of Rockapella will drop by SMU tonight to perform Glee-friendly takes on songs by fun., Gotye, Adele, Sara Bareilles and the like. With nothing but their mouths! — CG

WWE Hell in a Cell at American Airlines Center
The main event at WWE's October Pay-Per-View pits John Cena and Randy Orton against one another for the umpteenth time, not for a title or anything, just the opportunity to compete for a belt at some undetermined point in the future. The rest of matches on the undercard say many WWE fanboys, are equally uninspired. Still, it's live cage matches, so there's that. — CG

The Shining at Strauss Square (Free)
Yes, Stanley Kubrick's The Shining is still one of the greatest horror films of all time. Grab a blanket and a bottle of wine and head over to the AT&T Performing Arts Center where it'll be screened tonight for free. Then pick up the book sequel, called Doctor Sleep. It's not nearly as chilling, but it's a good read on Danny (the boy in Shining) all grown up an an alcoholic still seeing dead people. — CW

Texas Rap Festival at Gexa Energy Pavilion
A true Texas-to-Texas connection, the Geto Boys sampled the Steve Miller Band's “The Joker” on their breakout album, Grip It! On That Other Level!, which was also the first album featuring would-be legends Scarface and Willie D. But “Gangsta of Love” was re-released on the album The Geto Boys with a sample of Lynyrd Skynyrd's “Sweet Home Alabama” because the Steve Miller Band wouldn't clear it formally. The Southern rap legends headline this festival lineup that also includes Texas-based emcees Bun B, Slim Thug, Z-Ro, Lil' Keke, Paull Wall, Devin the Dude, Chamillionaire and Kirko Bangz. — Mikel Galicia

Howl-O-Ween at Old City Bark
Pets in tiny little costumes? Yes, please. Seriously, though, who knew dog hats were a thing. — CG

Crystal Method at Sisu
Days before Halloween seems late in the year to throw a pool party, but then again it's going to be in the late 80s on Sunday. Of course, if it were still the '90s you'd probably take the polar plunge to party with The Crystal Method. It's 2014, though, so the call will probably be a bit tougher to make. — CG

Doctor Who Day at The British Emporium
For most of the year Grapevine's British Emporium carries the best selection of imported teas, crumpets and the like. One day a year they're also ground zero for every Whovian in town, too. The party starts at noon. — CG

Pumpkin Carving Contest at Barcadia
Make like Joey Gladstone and cut. It. out. There's a $500 prize for best pumpkin, presuming you can knock off perennial favorites, Team Capitol Pub. Pumpkins will be provided for those who want to compete, and costumes are strongly encouraged. — CG

The Big Lebowski at Bowlounge
This evening the Texas Theatre folks will screen everybody's favorite dude-mystery-comedy hybrid, The Big Lebowski drive-in movie style in the field behind Bowlounge. For our money, it's the Coen Brothers' best film, Fargo be damned. Hell, you even have time to bowl a few frames before the show if you really want to do The Dude proud. — Jordyn Walters

A Flock of Seagulls at Trees
Doors tonight open at 7 p.m., but you can probably wait a few hours after that if hearing “I Ran (So Far Away)” is your only real motivation for heading to Trees tonight. — CG

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