Smoke 'Em If You've Got 'Em.

Once upon a time, in a column just like this one, we mentioned that a band of performing cats would be doing an assortment of tricks in Fort Worth. We called those cats' talents “undeniable” and further called it one of the best things going on that weekend.

And you guys laughed. Hard.

Well, recently one of those cats jumped farther than any cat has ever jumped before. It's true. The feat was verified by the Guinness folks.

That's right. Who's laughing now?

Anyway, more than a few of this weekend's events could very well be just as historic. There's only one way to find out. — Cory Graves

Polica at Trees
While sophomore albums have a high tendency flop, Polica mostly avoided the proverbial slump with last year's Shulamith. What it lacks in the hazy, alt-R&B elements so prevalent on their debut, it makes up for in lyrical depth and an overall clearer sound. It's slightly disturbing but in the best way possible. Web of Sunset and Orenda Fink open. — Porttia Portis

Katy Perry at American Airlines Center
In the race to put on the most glamorous show, Katy Perry is in town to razzle and dazzle her onstage theatrics and song props. In all fairness, though, it speaks to just how huge Perry is at the moment to be able to perform back-to-back nights at a venue the size of the AAC. For every ticket sold, a buck will be donated to Children's Rights & Emergency Relief Organization. And for the Dallas shows, duo Tegan and Sara are opening. — Chase Whale

Anthony Jeselnik at Addison Improv
Besides his perfectly groomed hair, the other thing that makes former Jimmy Fallon writer and Comedy Central Roast veteran Anthony Jeselnik so funny is his dry, deadpan delivery. The utterly serious yet nonchalant tone in his voice makes it all the more jarring/offensive when he drops an AIDS joke into the mix — but loads funnier as well. — CG House Party at 406 S. Haskell St.
The original intent behind 16Bars.XXX's monthly events was to showcase the different sectors of Dallas' multi-tiered hip-hop acts. Whereas July's edition — featuring Jarvis Hodges, Brandon Ford, Terrence Spectacle, Crit Life and the highlight of that evening ThatKidCam — would be best described as the Nu Dallas edition, tonight's throwdown in the same East Dallas house venue will feature a mix of both familiar and newer acts — DJ Sober, Datahowler, Yung Wave, Flcon Fcker and DRNRDX. — Mikel Galcia

Benjamin Booker at Three Links
It's been a busy year for Virginia garage/blues/soul force Benjamin Booker, who not only toured with Jack White, but added stops at Lollapalooza, FYF Fest, Newport Folk Fest and, like so many other performers in town this week, Austin City Limits. Denton boys Doug Burr and Daniel Markham will warm up the stage for him at this one. — CG

Only Lovers Left Alive at Inwood Theatre
Only Lovers Love Alive is a slow burn, but this is one vampire movie that doesn't suck. It's one of Jim Jarmusch's best films and stars two of the most delicious actors of today: Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston. — CW

So You Think You Can Dance at Verizon Theatre
The 11-season-strong show makes a stop in Dallas to showcase popular routines from 10 of the most recent season's finalists (Bridget Whitman, Casey Askew, Emilio Dosal, Jacque LeWarne, Jessica Richens, Ricky Ubeda, Rudy Abreu, Tanisha Belnap, Valerie Rockey and Zack Everhart), including some created exclusively for the tour. — PP

20,000 Days On Earth at Texas Theatre
At the time this was made, singer/songwriter/screenwriter/multi-hyphenate Nick Cave had lived on Earth for 20,000 days. 20,000 Days on Earth recounts things he's done during this time and the things that circle inside his head — his worst fears, life, the usual shit — but from one of the most animated people on this planet. This film is some-narrative, mostly-documentary, so it's a unique experience to watch. — CW

Break Science at Cambridge Room
Brooklyn electronic duo Break Science is here to pump that bass and make your ears bleed. Whether or not you end up popping and/or locking at this one, you can grab their latest album for free here. — CW

Boyfrndz at City Tavern (Free)
Released last year, the debut LP from Austin indie-rock trio Boyfrndz contains an impressive amount of intricate harmonies. Thing is, though, they recorded the thing “mostly live” over a three-day period. Meaning? They should have little trouble pulling off the complex backing vocals in a live setting. Cleanup and SuperSonic Lips open. — CG

Gideon's Army at Texas Theatre (Free)
Gideon's Army is about you and it's about me. At some point in your life, you've worked too hard for shit pay and too long with no benefits. This film is about three Public Defenders fight to change that. The Texas Theatre is sticking to the man by showing this movie for free. — CW

The Lost Boys at Angelika Film Center
The Lost Boys is known for a lot of things: having the most punk rock vampires ever in cinema, the two Corey's, the short time period when being a part of a Joel Schumacher film was a smart idea and my personal favorite, the boardwalk scene featuring a shirtless, very muscular party animal jamming with the saxophone in purple spandex. No vampires sparkle here, just party and kill. — CW

Jenny Robinson (Album Release) at OFG.XXX
Jenny Robinson will celebrate the release of not one, but a pair of new albums tonight — her solo album, Gothika and a collaborative effort with producer 8earcub. For the record, the OFG.XXX art space is located at 209 S. Peak St. — CG

11 Twisted Years: High on Fire, Roky Erikson at Double Wide
The Double Wide went pretty big last year to celebrate its 10th anniversary under current ownership. I mean, they did bring The Bronx to town for a one-off to headline that gig. Makes sense: The 10-year milestone is always a big one. Somehow, though, the Double Wide is treating its 11th anniversary as an even bigger deal. Huge, even. And how: For its 11-year bash, which will go down on Saturday, October 4, the Double Wide is throwing an all-out block party that will encompass the entire space between its doors and the freshly opened Cold Beer Company's.The bar's bringing in some big names to help fill all that space, too: In addition to performances at the Double Wide's own indoor stage from the Riverboat Gamblers (10 p.m.) and The Derailers (8 p.m.), the venue will also erect a temporary, outdoor, 24-by-20-foot stage to play host to showcases from psych icon Roky Erickson (9 p.m.) and Oakland-sprung stoner metal heroes High on Fire (11 p.m.). — Pete Freedman

Smoked Dallas at Main Street Garden Park
There's pretty much a festival for everything in this town. Whether it's a small indie film festival, an ironically named music festival or an event where you can get drunk off of your ass with frozen cocktails, North Texas basically has you covered. Unless we're talking music-infused barbecue festivals, though. Those are kinda few and far between. Until now. Smoked Dallas will feature food offerings from 15 different pitmasters from across the immediate region and beyond, among them Lockhart Smokehouse and Denton's newest joint, Bet The House. And not by accident, either: Careful thought and attention went into the pitmaster selection to ensure that the best of North Texas is represented. “Pitmasters for Smoked were chosen from months of painstaking research, including sampling at several BBQ festivals around the state and visiting great BBQ joints,” says Dale Brock, who spearheaded the barbecue selections for SONAR. “Miles were logged and pounds of brisket were devoured. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it.” Just don't expect many vegetarian barbecue options. At the moment, Smoked has yet to find any up to snuff. — PP

Lecrae at Verizon Theatre
While there are plenty of folks out there still trying to figure out whether Lecrae is a quote-unquote Christian rapper or just a rapper that happens to be Christian, the one thing that is certain is that the locally-tied artist is hip-hop's undisputed king at the moment. And, just after selling 1.4 million copies of his latest record in just a few weeks' time, Lecrae returns to town for a performance at Verizon Theatre as something of a hometown hero, too. — CG

Hozier at Kessler Theater (Sold Out)
Hozier is an artist who truly took a leap of faith. He taught himself to play music and dropped out of college to pursue music full-time. Seeing as how he's on this year's ACL bill, and tonight's Dallas show is sold it, I'd say he made the right decision. — CW

Paul Collins Beat at City Tavern (Free)
For the second time this week an underrated '70s artist will perform a free, intimate show in North Texas. You may remember, Wreckless Eric played at Fred's Cafe earlier this week. This one features Paul Collins of short-lived '70s power-pop trio The Nerves, a group most famous for penning “Haning on the Telephone” which was later made famous by Blondie. San Antonio punk outfit The Rich Hands and Dallas margarita punks Sealion open. — CG

Ty Dolla $ign at Trees
Ty Dolla $ign seems to be in love with money, but I doubt he'll be tossing dolla dolla bills at y'all, tonight. The multi-instrumentalist emcee is currently signed to Wiz Khalifa's Taylor Gang label, but that's not the biggest reason you should check this one out. He's a member of XXL's current Freshmen class, and we all know how much fun shows involving those guys are. — CW

Juan MacLean, Nancy Whang at It'll Do Club
One of the last times last time we saw Juan Maclean of DFA Records at It'll Do, it was truly a disco dream. Now, with a BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix under his belt, the producer is back and bringing plenty of vinyl with him. There will be wax. Unlike all those other times MacLean's spun at It'll Do, though, he'll be bringing along LCD Soundsystem's Nancy Whang this go-round. — Zoe Mattioli

Jenny Lewis at South Side Music Hall
Fitting with this weekend's common theme, the former Rilo Kiley vocalist is yet another act playing in town thanks to a little ACL spillover action. Hey, we're not complaining. — CG

Dallas Mavericks Fan Jam at American Airlines Center
The Mavericks' pre-season is right around the corner and they want to celebrate with you, the fans. Today is the Fan Jam where it's all about, yep, the fans. The Mavs will be going head-to-head with each other for a scrimmage game; they'll be doing a meet-and-greet; the new Mavs shop is offering up discounts, photo opps and so much more. The best part? It's free to get in. Click here for the full lowdown. — CW

Bicycle Brewery Tour at Continental Bridge Park
The first of nine scheduled bike-centric events in this month's sixth annual Cyclesomatic Festival, this bike brewery tour will get rolling at 2 p.m. from the Continental Bridge Park and hit up Community Beer Co., Four Corners Brewing, Bishop Cider Co. and Small Brewpub for tours and tastings throughout the course of the day. — CG

Kool & the Gang at the State Fair of Texas (Free)
The Texas State Fair just got a whole lot cooler. Why? Kool & the Gang will be playing a show during the event's annual 24-day run. This calls for a celebration and good times. C'mon (out!). — CW

Behind the Screen Comedy at Texas Theatre
This exition of Texas Theatre's Behind-the-Screen Comedy Show will be featuring acts from Denver — Tobias Livingston, Roger Norquist, Nate Balding and Headliner Jordan Doll. The show is only five bucks and you can laugh as many times as you want. — CW

Doctoberfest at Doc's Records
Like records? Free beer? Doc's Records and Vintage wants to party with you. Pinkish Black, Wire Nest, Fungi Girls, Cleanup, Blessin' and Crooked Compass will all play sets, and the indie retailer will be offering up 20 percent off everything in the store — sans the new stuff, that is. — CW

Henry Fong at Lizard Lounge
There's no telling how much Disco Donnie's paying EDM producer Henry Fong to do his thing in Deep Ellum tonight, but lord knows he don't need it. Fong's the son of billionaire businessman Henry Fong Yun Wah, aka the 26th richest man in Hong Kong. — CG

Konami Digital Entertainment Show at Arlington Convention Center
Later this week this building will play host to the mayor of Arlington's State of the City address. This weekend, though, a great big ol' Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament will be goin' on. You better believe it. — CG

The Gaslight Anthem at House of Blues
Garden State rockers The Gaslight Anthem will attempt to channel the '70s and '80s rock sounds of The Replacements, Springsteen and Cheap Trick at its show tonight, and here's hoping the band succeeds on that front. A better reason for heading to this one is to see opening act Against Me!, which is still one of the best alt-rock acts going. All hail Laura Jane Grace. — CG

Turquoise Jeep at Dada
Turquoise Jeep is not just a rap collective, but a lifestyle brand, clothing line, record label, and series of viral videos via YouTube. More than that, says its members, “It's the art of expression.” — CG

John Darnielle at The Wild Detectives
For as long as they've been around, lo-fi folk rock outfit The Mountain Goats have been known for frontman John Darnielle's meaningful, literary lyrics and witty between song banter. A couple weeks ago, though, the wordsmith took things a step further when he released his debut novel, Wolf in White Van. He'll be reading from — and signing copies of — that one this weekend. — CG

Lita Ford at Trees
Lita Ford achieved her rock 'n' roll fame quite some time ago, — in the late '70s she was one of the founding members of the all-female punk band, The Runaways — but she wants you to know that she's till here, rocking. There was a fictional movie movie made about the band, but the only good thing going for it is Michael Shannon's outrageous performance as Kim Fowley. — CW

Chance the Rapper at Moody Coliseum
Thanks in part to his unique set of pipes Chance the Rapper's Acid Rap has been one of the hottest hip-hop debuts this past year. But his meteoric rise over the past year shouldn't come as a huge shock to anyone who is all that familiar with the man's career arc. Case in point: in less than ten years he's gone from purchasing his first hip-hop album to being visited backstage by Madonna after one of his shows. — CG

Siggno at the State Fair of Texas
Siggno will be closing out the second weekend of the State Fair of Texas shows on Sunday night. They are popular in the latin market — their single “Yo Queria” is one of the most downloaded songs in the Latin's iTunes store, so there will be a crowd. — CW

Denton Does Merle Haggard at Dan's Silverleaf
Denton's Raised Right Men — along with rotating crop of special guest vocalists, including Danny Balis, Brent Best, Isaac Hoskins, Kerry Davis Jr. and Melissa Ratley — will pay tribute to the great Merle Haggard tonight. It's the one place in town even squares will have a ball this weekend. — CG

Corey Howe and Vince Tuley at Pecan Lodge
A month after Dead Flowers frontman Corey Howe saved Pecan Lodge from meeting a fiery end, the Deep Ellum barbecue joint is returning the favor. Not only are they letting Howe and his bandmate Vince Tuley perform songs at their place in order to raise money to help some sick puppies get life-saving surgeries, but they're going to kick in some dollars towards the cause as well. — CG

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