Grin And Gorilla Vs Bear It.

We don't say this often, but you really don't have to go out tonight. In fact, you could just go on ahead and hole up all weekend and beyond if you feel like.

And if you're really good at both Photoshop and hiding out, you could stay inside your house forever without any of your friends or family being the wiser.

But where's the fun in that? Besides, with so much awesomeness going down all around you this weekend, it'd be a whole lot easier just to go along for the ride. — Cory Graves

Gorilla vs Bear IV at Granada Theater
Tonight, blog culture forebearer Gorilla vs. Bear dropped the lineup for the fourth reincarnation of its annual, self-titled, Granada Theater-hosted affair. And, once again, the event looks pretty much like what you'd expect to see from the internationally-recognized taste-making site's regular summer offering. Also? It's a reminder that site founder Chris Cantalini knows what he's doing. First, the biggest news: Headlining GvsB IV, which is set to go down on Friday, September 12, is Panda Bear. Exciting stuff, no doubt, given the contributions that the man behind that moniker, Noah Lennox, has made both as a solo act and as part of Animal Collective — work that Gorilla vs. Bear has championed since the site's inception. Also nice? Lennoz fits well atop the rest of the bill, which is a little shorter than what we've seen in previous years, but no less compelling. Rounding out the bill is the dance-heavy riffs of SOPHIE, the dreamy vocal stylings of one-time local Leanne Macomber's new Ejecta project, the trance-inducing beats of Doss and the experimental tendencies of Blues Control. — Chris Escarfullery

Kings of Leon at Gexa Energy Pavilion
“I'm gonna go backstage for a second. I'm gonna vomit, I'm gonna drink a beer, and I'm gonna come back out and play three more songs,” said KoL frontman Caleb Followill last time he was onstage at Gexa Energy Pavilion. Three years, two months and lord knows how many barf sessions later he'll finally make good on that promise. — CG

Dia de los Toadies (Almost Acoustic) at Panther Island Pavilion
Yesterday members of the Toadies did a trio of “secret” guerrilla-style acoustic performances at Klyde Warren, the AT&T Performing Arts Center and Pecan Lodge. At each of those pop-up shows, though, the band only did a couple of songs and, let's face it, you were probably stuck at work during those mid-day sets. Tonight they'll do a full-on acoustic show to kick off its 7th annual Dia de los Toadies festival, and they'll be joined by the likes of Rhett Miller and Doug Burr, to boot. — CG

MOMIX at Winspear Opera House
More than ever before, MOMIX's company of dance-illusionists seeks to push the boundaries of modern dance with its latest production, Alchemia. Lights, shadows, costumes, props and other effects help augment the capabilities of the dancers and push the limits of what we know as dance. — CG

Part Time, Sea Lions, Son of Stan, Dripping Wet at Lola's
Come for the lo-fi pop punk of California-based Part Time, but make sure to show up early enough to catch the opening set from Dripping Wet. They're a handful of 20-year-old University of North Texas students that just came together in the past few months, just put out its first two-song EP back in July. The group's Mac Demarco-meets-every-band-Caleb Ian Campbell-has-ever-been-in sound instantly makes them one of the little d's most interesting upstarts. — CG

Ghost in the Shell at Inwood Theatre
The live action version of Ghost in the Shell has been in development hell for years now, and at one point Keanu Reeves was attached to star. Now that he's 50 (I know, right!?), it's probably best to put this idea to rest. Thankfully the animated version will always be here to still wow us, even though it's 19 years old. — Chase Whale

Shit's Golden at Dallas Comedy House
Tonight Dallas Comedy House becomes Austin Comedy House for the night as Chris Tellez and other members of Austin's regular Shit's Golden comedy showcase keep things weird in Deep Ellum. — CG

Confetti Eddie's Magic Burlesk and Sideshow at Edward Ruiz Gallery
It's not uncommon of quote-unquote starving artists to pick up a second job to help make ends meet. What is somewhat uncommon is for an artist to become a magician by night. Artist and gallery owner Edward “Confetti Eddie” Ruiz did just that. And tonight he'll perform on his home turf, the studio where he builds and practices his latest illusions. Magician Trigg Watson, singer Lyric Laveau, sideshow performer and sword swallower Jai Le Bait and a “mysterious mentalist” will join in the fun as well. Seats are limited. — CG

God Help the Girl at Texas Theatre
Belle & Sebastian's frontman Stuart Murdoch wrote and directed this musical about a girl (Emily Browning) struggling with some emotional issues. Her emotional state changes, however, when she meets James and Cassie, two like-minded musicians dealing with the same shit, different toilet. — CW

RTB2 at Twilite Lounge (Free)
Ryan Thomas Becker and Grady Don Sandlin are heroes. That's the best way to describe the guitar-and-drum duo, I think. Check them out tonight if you need proof. They won't disappoint; these rock 'n' rollers never do. Instead, they do the opposite, wowing each time they perform, reminding everyone who has seen them once beforehand that, hey, these guys actually are as good as you drunkenly remember them being that one time a while back. — Pete Freedman

The Terminator at Texas Theatre
Come with us if you want to see a good movie. Especially when there's another Terminator in the works starring Ahnuld himself. See the original how it was meant to be seen — in 35mm. — CW

Branchez at Red Light Lounge
Where's Admiral Ackbar when you need him? Because it's a trap producer! Before playing a bunch of dates with Skrillex this fall, the New York-based chilled-out trap producer known as Branchez will play a rooftop party tonight in Deep Ellum. Blue, the Misfit, Zander and Zach Witness also perform. — CG

Chris Holt & Big Mike at AllGood Cafe
It's not quite the Face to Face tour, but Chris Holt and Big Mike Richardson will be performing the music of Elton John and Billy Joel on keyboards and acoustic guitar. Plus you can grab some chicken fried steak at this one, which is almost never a possibility when catching the real Billy and Elton. — CG

Maz Jobrani at Addison Improv
Tired of not laughing your face off until it hurts so good? Well, say hello to Maz Jobrani, an Iranian comedian who you might recognize from the Friday movies. He'll be here all weekend making you laugh so hard your cat will hurt. — CW

Dia de los Toadies at Panther Island Pavilion
A quick perusal of our archives would tell us that we've mentioned the Toadies in something like 70 articles in thus far in 2014. That's as good an indicator as any as to the monster year the band has experienced as it's been celebrating, among other things, the 20th anniversary of its seminal Rubberneck album. All of that build up has been leading up to this weekend, really, the band's 7th annual Dia de los Toadies festival at Fort Worth's Panther Island Pavilion that'll see the band performing a mostly acoustic set on Friday night and then, for the last time, playing Rubberneck front-to-back on Saturday. — CG

Black Lips, The King Khan & BBQ Show at Granada Theater
Following a long hiatus, the members of doo-wop/garage duo The King Khan & BBQ Show have once again resurrected both their friendship and their long beloved project. And next month, they'll kill the whole thing over again. Well, sort of. Following a Halloween show in Germany, the band plans on putting its old name to bed for good in favor of its new/old Bad News Boys moniker, under which they'll release a new record early next year. Why the sudden shift? Maybe, like the band's press release states, it really is because the twosome's being sued by a German barbecue restaurant called King Khan Und BBQ. Then again, when we spoke to Mark “BBQ” Sultan earlier this week, we got an entirely picture of the situation. Now a few years older — and presumably more mature — the pair no longer drinks urine onstage, sets bars aflame or resorts to any of the other drunken antics that made them so loved by fans and hated by club owners. — CG

Aziz Ansari at American Airlines Center
Following the release of his latest stand-up special on Netflix last November, Aziz Ansari is on his way to be one of the hardest-working comedians in the industry right now. At the moment, he's still touring (he recently became just the seventh-ever comedian to sell out Madison Square Garden) — and conducting focus groups for his book on social media and relationships, too. Although he may not be an expert on the subject, he seems to know enough to keep everyone quoting him. — PF

Dallas Observer Brew Fest at Dallas Farmers Market
There are already quite literally dozens of music festivals that go on in North Texas on a now annual basis. And in the wake of that market's recent oversaturation comes the city's latest love affair: craft beer festivals. To their credit, though, the Dallas Observer's annual BrewFest was one of the game's earliest players. Now in its fourth year, BrewFest is set to take over the Farmers Market, where a $55 ticket will net you a dozen two-ounce beer tastings. Additional sampling cards will be available for $2 onsite. — CG

Southern Throwdown at Elm Street Tattoo
Now Elm Street Tattoo is celebrating Saturday the 13th's, too? Like its now-annual Music and Tattoo Fest, this one will feature bands, booze and tattoos, sure, but it'll be the all-Harley-Davidson motorcycle show serving as the centerpiece of this one. — CG

The Gorehounds at Three Links (Free)
Dallas' best tribute band pays tribute to influential '70s garage punk icons The Cramps tonight in Deep Ellum. For free. Oh yeah. — CG

“Say It Ain't Southern” at The Public Trust
DJ Sober's next project is actually one that doesn't even involve music at all. Rather, the friend of our program and longtime hobo culture enthusiast put together a zine and organizing a group art show, both of which deal with the monikers and marks of these folks. The show, which opens today, is where copies of said zine will first be available to pick up. — CG

Texas vs. UCLA at AT&T Stadium
It's a non-conference game, sure, but the Longhorns could really use a win over No. 12 UCLA in a bad way. Yeah, that's going to be a tough task considering the fact that the young, injury plagued team was upset by BYU in Week 2, but if they don't pick up a “W” here, you can all but close the books on the young season. — CG

“Collect Respect” at WAAS Gallery
On Saturday night, the W.A.A.S. Gallery will serve as an exhibition space for a medium of art that ordinarily sticks to everything but conventional presentation: A co-production with the Los Angeles-based Ethos Gallery and producer/curator Eddie Donaldson, “Collect Respect” will showcase original works from both local and internationally recognized graffiti and street artists. But “Collect Respect” is unconventional in more ways than just its medium: The exhibit's works will also include a selection of found pieces that started off as collected objects from around Dallas and have since been transformed into contemporary art pieces. Meanwhile, the artists involved are top-notch. Check out the roster of revered local and international talents alike: Cryptik, Canlove, Apex, Mr. Brainwash, John Park, Gregory Siff, Sever, Michael Delahaut (“WISE”), James Haunt, Rolland Berry, Jim Evans (“TAZ”), Brian Gibb, Slick, MQ, Soner, The Restitution Press, Sober, Hit+Run, Patricia Rodriguez, Sebastien Walker, JMR, Hatziel Flores, Sour Grapes, The London Police and Mear One. — Zoe Mattioli

“The Business of Art: Public Art 101” at South Dallas Cultural Center
A worthwhile endeavor this weekend would be attending The Business of Art: Public Art 101 workshop at The South Dallas Cultural Center from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, as there is sure to be a great deal of valuable knowledge shared that will be beneficial for an artists' career. I am curious, though: Why the entry to this is $25 in advance (or $35 at the door) instead of $5 or even $10. I understand the value of a participant having some skin in the game, but a workshop financially supported by The Bowdon Family Foundation, the City of Dallas' Office of Cultural Affairs and the Texas Commission on the Arts should be able to keep the entry fee to a minimum, even if lunch is provided. If the players involved in the production of this workshop are actually serious about accessibility, education and creative empowerment, they'd do well to make their supporting documents freely available via the Internet. Because, really, should an artist really have to fork over $35 to hear the Office of Cultural Affairs explain how to create a competitive application to its own public arts program? That's a rhetorically question, by the way. The answer is no. — Darryl Ratcliff

Dallas Symphony Orchestra Simulcast at Klyde Warren Park (Free)
Words can't express the immense talent possessed by violin prodigy Itzhak Perlman. Some of the classical and jazz virtuoso's accolades? He appeared on the same episode of The Ed Sullivan Show as The Rolling Stones, and he was a featured performer on the Schindler's List soundtrack. Of course, these are but the tip of the iceberg as far as the renowned musician's accomplishments go. He'll be performing selections from Ravel, Tchaikovsky and Bruch at tonight's concert, the first-ever free live concert simulcast at Klyde Warren Park. The performance also serves as a celebration of the Meyerson's 25th anniversary. — CG

Dead Twins at The Prophet Bar
The Brothers Cardinale were at least something of a deal around these parts a few years back when they were still gigging regularly and released albums for Kirtland Records. Yeah, some time has passed, but the return is welcome: Balls-out rock 'n' roll never goes out of style. — PF

“Lovett + More” at Dallas City Performance Hall
Determined to share the love that its recently deceased founder Bruce Wood had put into his life, the members of the Bruce Wood Dance Project will be performing a retrospective of “his most luminary pieces.” — CE

“Estrellas” at Erin Cluley Gallery
Welcome the new kids to the block as the Erin Cluley Gallery celebrates its inaugural exhibition, which features reinterpretations of Mayan art and symbolism courtesy of Baltimore-based artist René Treviño. — CG

Mayweather vs Maidana 2 in Select Theaters
Floyd Mayweather may not read so well, but dude can hit and he can still command a a mighty high performance fee for is matches. He's just so goddamn marketable. And this event, in which his rematch against Marcos Maidana will be broadcast to movie theaters across the country, serves as proof positive of that. There's a reason they call him “Money.” — PF

Anaphase at Kessler Theater
Anaphase has been brewing for a few years now, but it seems the group is finally ready to take its formal bow now at this Kessler show. And quite a bow it'll be as bandleader Buffi Jacobs has seemingly learned a few things from her time spent as the cellist in the Polyphonic Spree: Anaphase will perform as a 15-piece on this night as it combines elements of rock and classical music into what promises to be a rousing display. — PF

Couches, Loafers, Toy Gun at Crown and Harp
San Francisco trio, Couches, has been around for less than two years, and in that time they've carved out a reputation as being a bunch of slackers. Don't let the band's brand of fuzzy, updated take on '90s rock, or the title of its Slackin' Since the '80s album fool you, however. The band is as hardworking as they come, touring pretty much nonstop since its inception. Waco's Loafers and Fort Worth's Toy Gun open. — CG

Okrapalooza at The Lot
At the fifth annual Okrapalooza a whole bunch of area pseudo celebrity chefs will go all Iron Chef on your ass, creating a buttload of dishes all containing the same magical secret ingredient: okra. Unlike Kitchen Stadium, however, this place boast plenty of bands and beers. — CG

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