Feel The Sweet Release.

There's been a lot of devastating news this week. Probably the story most overlooked: William Hung is no longer single. I know, I know, this is heartbreaking. But trust me: Your heart will go on. Uproxx reports that the guy — the one who got famous by failing American Idol's third season auditions and had the last laugh by making millions off being a joke — got married on June 17.

What we're trying to say is this: Never give up on love. Hung found it; so can you.

Perhaps you'll do so at one of this weekend's events? — Chase Whale

Panic! at the Disco at South Side Music Hall
Over the years, Panic! at the Disco has lost its exclamation point and a couple of founding members. More recently, the band brought the exclamation point back and released a fourth LP that's received heavy criticism for frontman Brendon Urie's tendency to be a whiny little bitch. Not that he necessarily cares. Nor should he. — Cory Graves

Youngblood Hawke at So & So's
After opening for Panic! at the Disco at the South Side Ballroom, the indie poppers in California's Youngblood Hawke will head Uptown's way for a DJ set at So & So's. There, the band will be joined by Friday night resident DJ Tony Schwa (of Cool Out fame), with hosting duties handled by rapper Schwayze, who recently headlined the spot with a live show of his own. — Pete Freedman

Aerosmith and Slash at American Airlines Center
The Aerosmiths are dropping like flies. Last week, the band canceled a California date on this tour when drummer Joey Kramer had to have an emergency heart surgery. Last year, bassist Tom Hamilton dropped off the band's tour for a long stretch due to an unspecified chest infection. Hopefully, the band's members are all stocked up on vitamins and ready to rock out tonight. Opening this one is the one and only Slash. — CG

Nickel Creek and Sarah Jaroz at Majestic Theatre
Time is a funny thing. Nickel Creek's latest release, A Dotted Line, marks the band's 25th anniversary of existence. It even pulled the band back to playing shows since their ominously-titled Farewell (For Now) tour seven years ago. But the band is showing no signs of complacency: Check out its single, “Destination.” It's an energetic, cheeky song that marks a revival within the group. If you love Punch Brothers, then Nickel Creek should be in your radar, as the wonderful Chris Thile fronts both bands. And this man is a frickin' wizarding-ninja hybrid of badassery behind a mandolin, y'all. Oh, and speaking of unreal talent: The fierce Sarah Jaroz, who just happens to be the definition of a bluegrass wunderkind, opens. — Chris Escarfullery

Shaun Martin & The Go-Go Band at the Prophet Bar
Last time I caught one of Martin's Go-Go performances, which happen maybe three or four times a year at most, he and his band played for two hours straight, without breaks, and at a breakneck pace, constantly keeping the energy of the room around them at its maximum capacity as they offered up a saucy, Texas-battered take the Washington, D.C.-bred musical style that incorporates elements of gospel, funk, soul, hip-hop, R&B and copious call-and-response into a salacious street blend and all-out dance party. The whole room was going crazy. It was an incredible experience — just as tonight's affair, which comes in celebration of Martin's birthday, should also be. — PF

RAW Dallas Presents: “Allure” at Lizard Lounge
Once again, RAW brings together another batch of up-and-coming artists, musicians and folks from the fashion and film industries together. There will be a lot to take in here, to be sure. In any case, these RAW events are always quite the scene. — CG

OBN IIIs at The Foundry (Free)
Since releasing its debut seven-inch — No Way To Rock-N-Roll via Super Secret Records — back in 2010, former Dentonite Orville Neeley's Austin-based punk outfit OBN IIIs has come a long way. His group has released three full-lengths and a half-dozen more singles en route to becoming one of the more promising and familiar names popping out of our state capitol's scene. Tonight, the group brings their “punk rock interpretation of '70s primal urges” to West Dallas. — Nicole Arnold

Rich Hill at Texas Theatre
I saw Rich Hill at Sundance and it floored me there. So, no surprise, it was one of the big hits at DIFF, too. Basically, it’s kind of like a real-life Hellion, a documentary that tells the tale of a bunch of underprivileged kids living on the poor side of the tracks in a town where frivolous judgments are made all too frequently. The most heartbreaking thing about this film, though, is the parents. They're far worse than their kids. The way they raise them is just as filthy as their nasty and polluted houses. But this film has a silver lining in that it highlights the fact that some of the kids really do have the right mindset; they just want out of their ugly lifestyle and to do something good in the world. This one will hit you in the feels. If you miss this showing, there's a second on Sunday at 7 p.m. — CW

A.Dd+ (Album Release) at Trees
The release of DiveHiFlyLo left little doubt: In the world of Dallas hip-hop, 2013 was A.Dd+'s year. Funny: 2012 and 2011 were Slim Gravy and Paris Pershun's years, too. But, though not unkind to the twosome, 2014 hasn't been so unchallenged a contest. As contemporaries of the group have gained clout of their own, so too has a whole new crop of emcees risen. Suddenly, the realm once so dominated by this North Dallas duo is crowded. Well, for now. Tonight, as the duo will celebrate the release of its new NAWF EP, A.Dd+ sets to once again stake its claim on the throne that sits atop this heap. And, turns out, the group's new five-song collection is just one of the planned attacks that it has in its quest to puts its own music back on the map — both locally and, perhaps more notable, nationally. Blue, the Misfit; Sam Lao; and Crit Life open. — PF

Jim Norton at Addison Improv
Between his guest appearances on Louie, his remotes for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and his role as a fixture on the Opie & Anthony show (for which he now serves as a co-host in the wake of Anthony Cumia's firing), trust me: You've seen Jim Norton's often-cringe-inducing work. But credit where it's due: This comedian's more than just self-deprecating, he's painfully honest — and hilariously so. Which explains why so many of his peers are so quick to cosign his efforts. For more info on this show check out our interview with Norton here. — PF

Confetti Eddie’s Magic, Burlesk and Sideshow at Edward Ruiz Studio
Artist and gallery owner Edward “Confetti Eddie” Ruiz will put on a couple of different performances this weekend. What sets this one apart is the fact that it’ll take place on Ruiz’s home turf, the studio where he builds and practices his latest illusions. Sideshow performer Veronica JoAnna will join in the fun as well. Seats are limited. — CG

Garfunkel and Oates at House of Blues
Taking their band name from “the silver-medalists of two bands” that bandmates Riki Lindhome and Kate Micucci love, Garfunkel and Oates have been active for a while now. Many might recognize Lindhome or Micucci from their cameos in shows like Scrubs or The Big Bang Theory, in a handful of movies like Joss Whedon's adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing or simply by listening to their music. Lately, the band has been making waves in a very Flight of the Conchords manner with their own show premiering earlier this month on IFC. — CE

Weird Science at Inwood Theatre
One of the late, great John Hughes' talents was recognizing how teens think and feel. Look at his amazing catalog of films: Almost all of them are timeless classics because they speak to every generation. Which brings me to Weird Science, a movie about young boys and their hormones. And Kelly LeBrock. Oh my god, Kelly LeBrock. — CW

Social Science (Adults Only Night) at Perot Museum of Nature and Science
So here's your chance to finally drag your old ass out of the house and for once get to enjoy the museum without having to hear screaming children — or the blathering of anyone under 21 for that matter. Grab a cocktail and a babysitter and head to this month's edition of the Perot Museum's monthly, after hours, adults-only programming. Enjoy a drag tribute to Elvis, a Cure cover band and participate in several hands-on experiments like examining the DNA of food-stuffs under special microscopes. — Ashley Gongora

Dark Side Of The Rainbow at Texas Theatre
Did you know that if you watch The Wizard of Oz on mute while playing Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, it syncs up to some kind of weird, out-of-body, acid-trip-gone-awesome experience? Of course you did. Anyway: The Texas Theatre is going to see how well this works tonight. Like Roger Waters sings, everything under the sun is in tune, man. — CW

Year of the Rooster at Wyly Theatre
Odysseus Rex is a pissed off fast food employee. He's been bullied all his life and is now ready to take matters into his own claws. Year of the Roost is a part of a six-part series by the Elevator Project. And no, no roosters will be harmed during this theatrical extravaganza. A human will play the cock-fighter. BOOM! — Chase Whale

Trey Alfaro Benefit Show at City Tavern
Not long ago, The Phuss drummer Trey Alfaro was injured in a hit-and-run accident while biking. The incident, of course, meant that The Phuss would have to pull out of its scheduled performance opening for Austin's The Well at this show. Since then, the show has become an all-out benefit show for Alfaro, with Bludded Head and Mountain of Smoke replacing The Phuss on the bill and City Tavern owner Josh Florence saying he'd donate the room for the night so that a bigger percentage of the shows proceeds could be given to Alfaro. — CG

Dog Days of Summer at Norma’s Cafe
Missing that special someone in your life? Norma's has you covered. They are throwing their third annual Dog Days of Summer adoption even with Operation Kindness. Bonus? While you're browsing the puppies, you can eat one of their signature chili dogs. — CW

Sarah Jaffe (Album Release) at Majestic Theatre
Is it any wonder that Sarah Jaffe is the most buzzed-about act in town this week? No, not really. Because, aside from releasing her third LP this week, Jaffe is also set to make her Majestic Theatre debut at this show. As such, she was either interviewed or profiled in every single publication in North Texas this week. Deserves it, too. — CG

SausageFest 2 at Main Street Garden Park
Sure, the word “sausagefest” is right in the name. But expect at least a few ladies to show up to this meat-lover's paradise just the same. Here, local sports station 105.3-FM The Fan celebrates summer with BBQ, and cold brews among other quote-unquote manly things. Other festivities include the crowning of “Ms. Sausagefest,” performances by Guns For Roses, Sam Lao and Rhymin' N Stealin' and playing “sausage-themed” games. We're sure it's not as greasy as it sounds. Then again… — Jessica Petrocchi

The Wizard of Oz with Matt Tolentino and the Singapore Slingers at Texas Theatre
As part of The Class of '39 Film Series that the Texas Theatre is running, the beloved classic The Wizard of Oz will be screening in 35 mm this weekend. What makes this series even better is the fact that Matt Tolentino will be leading the Singapore Slingers in a live performance after the film's showing this Saturday. The film goes up at 8:30 p.m., and the band throws down at 10:30 p.m. — CE

The Bottle Rockets at The Foundry
It's long been an agreed-upon sentiment that 1996's Bottle Rocket is one of the best films to ever come out of Dallas. Now, granted, that has next to nothing to do with this event, except for the fact that this one feature's a band called The Bottle Rockets — one that's been around since 1992, even. But these St. Louis-sprung Rockets deserve your attention, too. As pioneering alt-country outfits go, these guys are up at the top, having cut their teeth right alongside such genre luminaries as Whiskeytown and Dallas' own Old 97's. Better yet: This show is free. — PF

The Secret Lives of Pigeons at Klyde Warren Park
Every bird-enthusiast and their mother (who I imagine looks like the Pigeon Lady from Home Alone 2) will be at Klyde Warren Park for this one. Well, that might be overstating it. But this child-friendly event gives ornithophobia-less parents a chance to let their kids learn about pigeons in an interactive setting. Plus, at the end of the event, audience members will be able to send their own messages with the homing pigeons as they fly home to the Trinity River Audubon Center, the organization behind this event. These messages will be posted at the center and on their website afterwards. This hour-long event lifts-off at 1 p.m. this Saturday by the Klyde Warren stage. — CE

Sleep ∞ Over and Ronnie Heart at Shipping & Receiving
The Austin-based Sleep ∞ Over has long been a favorite of the Dallas' top taste-making music blog, Gorilla Vs. Bear. And, at this show, the band is performing for free, following a set from Fort Worth's own pop hero, Ronnie Heart, formerly of Neon Indian. You won't want to — ahem — sleep on this show. (Sorry.) — PF

Design District Market at Dallas Contemporary
Just like always, the Design District Market will feature street vendors, live music, food trucks, activities and local beer. It's free to attend, too, running from 12 to 8 p.m. It's a perfect opportunity for all of you who may have been looking to discover some new, cool, local Dallas businesses or who have just been wanting to dive into a dumpster pool. — Trace McCaslin

Tinyhearts at Dan's Silverleaf
Austin collective Dual Tape Deck made a movie called Tinyhearts. Why this is important to you is because Denton's very own The Calmative scored it. I now have your attention, right? Good. Tinyhearts screening at Dan's, followed by a show by The Calmative. Hey, a movie and a show? This is a win-win situation. Watch the film's trailer over on the event's Facebook page. — CW

Yung Simmie, SpaceGhostPurrp, Amber London, Rell at The Prophet Bar
Twenty-year-old Miami native Yung Simmie earned a spot on XXL's coveted Freshman Class of 2014 list earlier this year on the strength of his debut LP Shut Up & Vibe 2. He's just one of the talented, young members of SpaceGhostPurrp's Raider Klan that the rapper is bringing along for this one, too. — CG

Somebody's Darling (Album Release) at Trees
In the past seven years, Somebody's Darling has done a lot of growing up. Some of that growth as a unit came during the several hundred out of town shows the band has played over that span. The rest of it happened at the home several of the band members share. Tonight, the band celebrates the release of its third LP, the appropriately-titled Adult Roommates, which finds Somebody's Darling settling into a comfortable, more rock-oriented place than ever before. Interestingly enough, this transition has come at a time when the band's become mature enough to find comfort in the space between its once bombastic rock-out moments as well. — CG

Hot Import Nights at Dallas Market Hall
V'room, v'room. All the raddest and the baddest cars will be competing tonight at Hot Import Nights, with the winner taking home cash money. Rev up those engines and show up hungry because there's going to be a lot of slick competition. — CW

Sideshow Spectacular at Double Wide
If you're even the most remote fan of sideshow performers, you've definitely seen The Enigma before. He's the guy covered completely head-to-toe in puzzle-piece tattoos and sporting surgically implanted horns that you might have seen using a chainsaw to slice an apple he holds between his teeth or on an old episode of X-Files. (Ask him about the time he convinced Gillian Anderson to eat a live cricket). Illusionists, sword swallowers, fire eaters and bearded ladies will also perform. — CG

Instameet at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center
The Morton H Meyerson Symphony Center has teamed up with InstaDFW for a cool meet and greet. Attendees will get a grand tour of the luxurious place. And the opportunity to take photos, too, of course. Starts at 2 p.m. — CW

Summer Party Jam Fun Time at Dreamy Life Records
Start winding down the summer at Dreamy Life Records' “humble beginnings” party, where beer, barbecue, black bean burgers and live local music will set the tone. On the bill: Son of Stan (DJ set), Hot Sex, The Cush and Gold Soundz. — AG

Rocco DeLuca at Cambridge Room
Alt-popper Rocco DeLuca was once backed by a four-piece band. These days, though, he's fully solo. Tonight, he'll be rocking the House to celebrate his new album self-titled album. Ask him about his Modern Life if you get the chance. — CW

Hottest Half and 10K at Community Beer Co.
Nothing sounds better to us after chugging a sixer than running a 10K. Come to think of it, nothing sounds better than chugging a sixer whenever. Alas: This run through the Design District starts and ends at the best craft brewery in town. So the running first makes sense. — CG

Myon & Shane 54 at Sisu Uptown Resort
Your parents probably always yelled at you not to run near the pool. Fortunately, they never said anything about not dancing near the pool. To that end: Hungarian trance producers Myon & Shane 54 are bringing their “Summer of Love” tour to Uptown this afternoon. Revel in that. — CG

One Direction at AT&T Stadium
I continue to think of boy bands as a late '90s/early 2000s phenomenon, but apparently I'm wrong, thanks in part to Brit crooners One Direction. The last time they were here, I enjoyed watching a local news report of breathless fans losing their shit over the group outside the venue hours before the show. I guess some things never change. — Chelsea Upton

Judy Collins at Granada Theater
Folk-rocker Judy Collins is well-known for her piercing blue eyes — eyes that inspired her former lover Stephen Stills to pen “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes” about their impending breakup for his folk rock outfit Crosby, Stills and Nash. And in her 75 years on this planet, those eyes have seen some shit: Collins was around for the Woody Guthrie-led original folk revival of the '60s; she's lived through Polio, tuberculosis and bulimia; and she's sang along through six decades of political and social activism. Just don't fight with your parents at this one or Collins will totally call you out from the stage. — CG

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