Cut It Out.

Looking for something fun to this weekend? Why not try your hand at the new fun game where you try to live undetected inside a 24-hour Walmart store for as long as possible. Any food and/or clothes you pilfer during the course of play are, of course, fair game. The current record, as recently set by this Corsicana boy, stands at two days.

Pretty impressive.

Anyway, it's OK if you don't think you've got what it takes to best that mark; there's plenty of other stuff to do in North Texas these next few days. — Cory Graves

KXT Summer Cut at Gexa Energy Pavilion
Earlier this week Death Cab for Cutie guitarist Chris Walla told Seattle publication, The Stranger, that after the band's September 13 performance at a festival in Canada he'll be leaving the band. While Death Cab hasn't yet confirmed its headlining turn at the so-called Happy Funtime Fest will be its last ever Dallas performance, it will be the last time the band plays here with its founding guitarist. Iron & Wine, The Hold Steady, The Oh Hellos, Thao & the Get Down Stay Down, The Wild Feathers and a handful of locals also perform throughout the day. — CG

Edwin McCain Trio at Granada Theater
Long time friend of Hootie and the Blowfish — and performer of your mom's favorite song of 1998 — Edwin McCain, brings his notorious indie rock acoustic guitar stylings to the Granada. McCain's acoustic trio come to town in support of his recently-released live album. Check it out, and maybe take your mom as a way of saying thanks for being such a big “fan of your life” all these years. — Nicole Arnold

AnimeFest at Sheraton Dallas Downtown Hotel
For all you anime fans, it's time to wear the epic cosplay costume you've been sewing up for months. AnimeFest is here! To see all the awesome guests, make sure you purchase your ticket and register online. Competitions will be held to test your cosplay skills. Get it! — Chase Whale

Chris Isaak at Billy Bob's
While singer/actor Chris Isaak may be, by the strictest definition of the term, a one-hit wonder, the golden-throated falsetto machine isn't necessarily a one-trick pony. The oft-understated musician incorporates elements of blues, rockabilly and dad-pleasing rock into his crowd-pleasing offerings. And, yeah, you probably have heard “Wicked Game” about a bajillion times, but you've probably never heard it in a venue where live bull riding is concurrently taking place. — Cory Graves

Big Lebowski at Texas Theatre
By now you've seen the Coen Brothers' masterpiece, The Big Lebowski. I think it's actually a crime if you haven't. Tonight, the Texas Theatre showing the film in 35mm, which is how it's meant to be seen. Show up in a brown robe with a rug to tie the room together and maybe you'll get a free White Russian. — CW

Bruce Bruce at Addison Improv
Back in the day, Bruce Bruce could be seen twice weekly on BET as the host of ComicView. And though it didn't necessarily prove to be the star-making turn, it was for some of his predecessors like D.L. Hughley and Cedric the Entertainer, the comedian so nice they named him twice has seen some increased exposure of late thanks to his appearance in Think Like a Man. He'll be at the Improv all weekend long– CG

Sheryl Underwood at Arlington Improv
Like Bruce Bruce, who will be doing his thing at the Improv's Addison location, Sheryl Underwood, too, once held down the hosting gig on BET's ComicView. These days she's got an even higher profile gig co-hosting CBS' The View clone, The Talk. — Cory Graves

Seven Lions at Lizard Lounge
Though California's fantasy-inspired producer Seven Lions isn't far behind Skrillex as far as popular dubstep musicians are concerned, he's often said he doesn't really listen to electronic music when he's not making it. No, he's more of a metal guy. The Hi Yahs and Johnny Funk will warm up the decks tonight. — CG

Land HO! at Angelika Film Center
Land HO! was a quiet little movie that made a big splash at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival. It co-stars Paul Eenhoorn — who starred in terrific little film that also made a lot of noise at Sundance, This is Martin Bonner — as one of two brother-in-laws who leave all their worries behind for a road trip to Iceland. This one's like a new, modern kind of Jack Lemmon / Walter Matthau film — Un-Grumpy Old Men. — CW

Ishi, Ice Eater, GOBI,Team Nighstand at Lola's
Here's something interesting: the name Ishi was born long ago and is the name of the last wild native American. He was born sometime in 1860, and died on March 25, 1916. He will not be there to play with the Dallas-based electronic band Ishi tonight at Lola's, but there's a greater than zero chance Ishi frontman will don a glowing headdress if that's any consolation. — CW

The Dog at Texas Theatre
Here's a film about a boy John Wojtowicz, inspired by Al Pacino's Oscar-Nominated Dog Day Afternoon, that tells a story of coming to age, an excessive libido, and being a bonafide gangster and pervert. I mean, why not? Catch it tonight at the Texas Theatre. — Chrissi Chetwoood

Wait Until Dark at Contemporary Theatre of Dallas
Frederick Knott's suspenseful thriller film-turned-play portrays a young blind woman and her mysterious doll and two ex convicts and a con artist who aim to steal it for sinister purposes. The play opens tonight and runs through September 7th. — AG

'til Midnight at The Nasher
Since the summer night's aren't so bad lately, why don't you head on over to the Nasher Museum and catch some live music, and a movie outdoors, picnic-style? This month's, performers will be Whiskey Folk Ramblers and the film will be the Maurice Sendak classic, Where the Wild Things Are. As always the Nasher's 'til Midnight events are free, so there's that. — AG

Phil Vassar at Gas Monkey Bar & Grill
Singer/songwriter Phil Vassar's country tunes will take you to a whole other world — or better yet make you realize you're deep in the heart of Texas. You're probably even more familiar with hit songs he's written for the likes of Alan Jackson, Jo Dee Messina and Tim McGraw than the ones he's saved for himself. With his recently released “Love is Alive” single, though, he's bound to take your country heart just the same. — AG

Nerdvana at Three Links
For a good 'ol nerdfest, come out to Three Links to celebrate the birthday of noted Dallas cosplay aficionado Taffeta Darling, as well as the one-year anniversary of her all women podcast. Joining in the fun will nerdcore rapper 1 UP, “Nerdlesque” performances courtesy of Black Mariah and friends and a healthy dose of nerd-themed Good Luck Karaoke. Pocket protectors strongly encouraged. — AG

The King Bucks at Adair's
The King Bucks' real bread and butter is the whiskey-fueled rowdiness of its live shows and innate ability to give any club the feel of a smoke-filled dive. And when the band performs at places that are already smoke-filled dives, like, y'know, Adair's, you'll have a hard time finding a more fun live act in town. — CG

The Alvin Brothers at The Kessler
Yes, for a time, Dave Alvin was in the seminal West Coast punk band X. But that's not why you should care about this show. You should care about this show because he and his brother Phil, who joins him here, were the driving forces between another California band that doesn't get the credit it deserves: The Blasters. That band was at the forefront of the genesis of cowpunk — and, make no mistake, without cowpunk, there's no alt-country and, in turn, no Old 97's. Here, expect a slightly less rowdy showing. But pay proper homage all the same. — PF

Beetlejuice at Inwood Theatre
Michael Keaton is one hell of a character actor. Batman and Beetlejuice are two of the coolest characters he's brought to life on screen. If you say the latter's name three times fast, there's a rumor he'll show up at your place to raise some hell. — CW

RX Bandits at Gas Monkey Bar & Grill
RX Bandits are punks who love rock, reggae and ska and who are known for their strong political views. So make sure not to be upfront if you have opposing views — it doesn't take much effort to spit that far. — CW

Joe Ely at Dan's Silverleaf
Put down your Bruce Springsteen records for one minute and check out Joe Ely at Dan's. You'll dig it if you like The Boss, promise. They've even joined each other onstage a time or two in the past, though we wouldn't necessarily count on that happening tonight. One can always dream. — Trace McCaslin

John Mayall at Granada Theater
Wow. The Granada compares John Mayall to the likes of Eric Clapton, John Lee Hooker, Rolling Stones and Stevie Ray Vaughan. That's a pretty nice compliment, don't you think? But a totally deserving one all the same. Early in their careers both Clapton and Mick Taylor of the Stones played in Mayall's band The Bluesbreakers. Now in his 80s, Mayall is still going strong. A true role model, if you ask me. — CW

Ted Nugent at Billy Bob's
Here of late it seems like The Nuge has been getting paid just as much to stay away from venues as he has to perform in them. Of course it would have to be North Texas that welcomes the Motor City Right-Wing Nut with open arms. — CG

Kevin Saunderson at It'll Do
Oh, hey! It's another vital DJ from the days of yore stopping by the It'll Do Club! As such, let's play a quiz. Is Saunderson: a) an iconic house DJ from Chicago, b) a Detroit-sprung founding father of techno, c) a European-bred progenitor of deep house, or d) a power player from New York's club kid days? If you know the answer, you're probably stoked on this show, I bet. (Spoiler: It's b.) — PF

Whores, American Sharks at Dada
Whores has many talents and trading sex for money isn't one of them. Here is a band who released its second album last October, only for it to sell out 30 days later. See what the fuss is about tonight at Dada. American Sharks opens. — CW

Blondes vs Brunettes Football Game at the Cotton Bowl
The 7th annual Blondes vs. Burnettes powder-puff game kicks off (free pun for you) tonight. The game is raising money to help find a cure for Alzheimer's, so your money will go to a good cause and you can feel better about being hungover tomorrow. — CW

Ishi at The Prophet Bar
As part of its second homecoming gig of the weekend, Ishi will share the Deep Ellum stage with SuperSonic Lips; Left/Right and Bravo, Max! — CG

Girl at Crown and Harp
Sad day for fans of Girl. It's their last show of the year, but you will enjoy it. Why? Because it's a female-led tribute show to The King, Mister Elvis Presley. Uh-huh! — CC

Raw Power at Three Links
Raw Power is an old school Italian hardcore band that got its start way back in 1981, taking its name from The Stooges' third LP. Not sure if this means anything to you, but since the real punks were born out of the '70s, you can be sure this show will have a lot of genuine attitude. Wartorn, HRA and Pissed Grave open. — CW

Ride for Dime at Trees
For the tenth year now, this annual charity ride benefiting charities once near and dear to fallen Pantera guitarist “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott gets kicked off at 3:33 p.m. at Longhorn Harley Davidson in Grand Prairie. The parade will pass by Dimebag's old house as well as the gates of the cemetery in which he now rests on the way to the night's metal show that features Pantera bassist Rex Brown's new band Kill Devil Hill. — CG

Unconscious Collective's Album Release Showcase at Taqueria Pedritos
The loincloth clad faux tribesmen of Dallas' hard-edged, jazz-rooted Unconscious Collective will celebrate the release of its new LP for Tofu Carnage with this special live showcase. Sure, the also excellent Baring Teeth, HEX CULT and Drug Mountain will each perform as well, but it's the night's honorees you really won't want to miss. The trio's exceptionally carnal live offerings are some of the most visceral and musically impressive we've seen from a North Texas-based act. — CG

“Women for Hire” at WAAS Gallery
Women may not always get their fair shake in this world, but at least tonight's Vanessa Quilantan-hosted, all-women art showcase they'll get some of the shine they deserve. The show promises to feature work from Dallas's most talented artists, vendors, musical performances and local street artists. It's a night to support the talent of all the amazing and creative women in the city! — AG

Soundgarden, Nine Inch Nails at Gexa Energy Pavilion
The Seattle grunge legends continue its reunion run at Gexa.While its newest effort, King Animal, is just OK, you shouldn't miss the opportunity to maybe hear “Fell on Black Days” played live by something close to the band's original lineup. Even better? This one's a co-headlining tour with Nine Inch Nails, an act that time has been a bit more kind too. And Cold Cave will fill in for originally scheduled openers Death Grips, which broke up just before the tour. — Stephen Young

Keyshia Cole at House of Blues
Keyshia Cole is a power vocalist. The idea is that, when she belts a note on her R&B songs about love, you start to feel like making said love. Then, when she goes into vibrato and runs during her songs about a woman scorned, you're supposed to make you feel like keying a car. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it freaks us out. — H. Drew Blackburn

Chris Lake at Sisu Uptown
Party promoters Full Access & Disco Donnie are all over the event map. Seems like these companies are throwing big bashes every weekend. The poster is one of the lamest to come out of late — Really, Chris Lake with an ocean in the background!? — but since he's headlining this one, and there's a pool involved, it should be en exceptional time just the same. — CW

NIN Tribute at The Church
Whether you couldn't afford to catch the real Nine Inch Nails at Gexa or just didn't want to have to sit through Soundgarden's performance, you're still welcome at The Church's NIN tribute edition. Admission to this one's free with a ticket stub from the show or your Church dog tags. — CG

The Longshots, Son of Stan, Bummer Vacation, Loafers at The Chat Room (Free)
Have you ever seen a member of your favorite local band puke in public? Odds are in your favor you'll be able to answer “yes” to that question after this show. The drinks are always cheap and stiff at this favorite Fort Worth dive, and they've been known to give performers plenty of liquid encouragement on the house. It certainly doesn't hurt things that this collection of talent is responsible for a ton of our favorite music that's been made in North Texas in the past year. — CG

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