Get Noisy With No Age.

So. School started this week.

Sucks, we know. But the gods are kind enough to students at the start of the school year: Right after opening week, we're all treated to this long weekend that now sits directly before us.

Exciting stuff, Labor Day Weekend. Always.

But here's one person who's probably even more juiced about the long weekend than you: Carson Huey-You.

Huey-You is an 11-year-old freshman — no, not in high school, which would be impressive enough a feat, but at Texas Christian University, where he this week started taking classes and where he plans to study quantum physics. Anyway, all week long, the kid's been walking around campus, wandering between fellow students that are, in some cases, quite literally twice his age. As if that weren't intimidating enough, he's doing all that with his mother by his constant side; she's supervising him along the way.

All I'm saying is that it's been a big week for Huey-You. He could probably use the break.

So could we all, really.

Devin the Dude at Granada Theater
Ahead of the September release of his One For The Road LP, Houston rapper Devin the Dude brings his stonerific rhymes to the Granada for, like, the gazillionth time in recent memory. Come early for sets by A.Dd+ and The Internet Trap God, and stick around for Devin's “cultural dramedy” and a surefire contact high. Oh, and we hear there's going to be a surprise guest performer at this one, too, if that helps. — Nicole Arnold

Backstreet Boys at Verizon Theatre
Backstreet's back? All right! And they're coming with an interesting, albeit slightly confusing, crew in tow. If you remember that moment in This Is The End where the Backstreet Boys pop up in heaven to entertain the angels as one of your favorite recent moments in cinema, then even the addition of Jesse McCartney and a DJ set by Jersey Shore's Pauly D won't be enough to deter you from heading out to the suburbs tonight. Remember: there won't be any halos involved, but there should be enough sweet harmonizing to evoke more than a few moments of '90s nostalgia. — Jessica Petrocchi

No Age at Texas Theatre
Born out of the legendary Los Angeles DIY space The Smell, this guitar- and drum-featuring punk duo plays their songs fast and loud — and has deservedly earned a heaping of praise of the course of three studio LPs and a third compilation of the group's early singles. Seminal rock critic Robert Christgau in particular is a fan, having gone as record as calling the riff from “Fever Dreaming” off of the band's 2010 Nouns album “the coolest new one I've encountered in this century.” — Pete Freedman

Better Than Ezra at House of Blues
Chances are, if there's any part of you that was interested in watching some aging grunge rockers perform the song “Good,” you've probably already done so. Is that really one of those things you need to do more than once in a lifetime? Your call, I guess. But tonight is about more than just a nostalgic concert experience: Before the show, the House of Blues is hosting a casino night with Better Than Ezra in the Cambridge Room. All proceeds from the pre-concert event go to the Better Than Ezra Foundation, which benefits both under privileged children at an elementary school in New Orleans and a local charity. — JP

The English Beat at Kessler Theater
Ska heroes The English Beat will be ripping up Bob Marley posters performing tonight at the Kessler Theater with ska-backups (an industry term that was just created). Rude King opening. Bet you they play “Mirror in the Bathroom.” — Trace McCaslin

Critical Mass Bike Ride at Main Street Garden Park
Starting at 7:30 p.m., you can join other local bikers (er, cyclists) to spread awareness to the fact that, yes, people actually do bike in Dallas. Helmet-heads need to stick together. Also, don't worry n00bs, they ride at a slow pace so that everyone can keep up. — Chelsea Upton

Jack Russell's Great White at The Boiler Room
It's been a trying couple of decades for Great White, who have seen their audiences dwindle from arena-packing proportions to dive bar-sized venues over the years. And this is before we even mention their involvement in one of the all-time worst concert tragedies. More recently, the band split off into two factions. To be clear, the incarnation performing in Deep Ellum tonight is the one that includes original lead singer Jack Russell and none of the original musicians. — Cory Graves

The Roomsounds Video Premiere at Sundown
Prior to their performance downstairs at Sundown, the hard-edged local southern rockers will premiere a new video for their song “Couldn't Break My Spirit,” which was shot by photographer extraordinaire (and sometimes Central Track contributor) Will Von Bolton, on the restaurant's upstairs patio. — CG

Altercation Punk Comedy Tour at Someplace Else Bar (Free)
Altercation Magazine/Records head JT Habersaat initially launched the Altercation Punk Rock Comedy Tour as an attempt to “marry underground stand-up with the get-in-the-van ethos of Black Flag.” Carrying on that tradition — and leading up to his headlining slot alongside the likes of Patton Oswalt and Tenacious D at this year's Fun Fun Fun Fest — Habersaat's fall tour will make a stop in Arlington tonight with Whitecotton, Staats, Dave Krum Bum and Norm Wilkerson in tow. — CG

Steely Dan at Verizon Theatre
Unlike that one time when one half of Steely Dan sat in on a semi-secret gig in Fort Worth only to disappoint a room full of middle-aged dudes who actually showed up expecting him to play any of his own tunes, a whole lot Steely Dan action most certainly will go down tonight out in Grand Prairie. — CG

Mad Decent Block Party at Zouk
For all you EDM crazies — or, more specifically, devotees of Philadelphia-based producer Diplo and the roster of talent signed to his Mad Decent label — this is a big one. Aside from a DJ set by Diplo, the night will also see a performance from his Major Lazer project as well as the likes of Dillon Francis, Baauer, Flosstradamus and others. Let's get wild in the streets. — JP

Somebody's Darling at Granada Theater
For the past few weeks, Somebody's Darling and their pal Grace have been playing a string of dates on the East Coast. Welcome them back to town as a trio of locals take over the big stage tonight. Quaker City Night Hawks and Goodnight Ned open. — CG

Invasion Car Show at Trees
For the 6th Labor Day Weekend in a row, the Invasion Car Show will be back in Deep Ellum on Saturday, August 31, all along Elm Street and right by Trees. Starting at 10 a.m., the day promises to be full of pre-1964 traditional hot rods and custom cars, along with a slew of everyday ladies dressed in their best pin-up girl outfits — some that could even make Betty Paige a bit jealous. A rockin' after-party at Trees follows. — Melissa Mackaly

The Phuss at Dada
Tonight marks the birthday of The Phuss frontman Josh Flemming, and, per the band, “having a birthday show is about as rad a lazar quest birthday party… but instead of cake and punch we will be serving booze and bad decisions.” We'll cheers to that. In any case, Vinyl, Plissken and Brunettes Not Fighter Jets open. — CG

Computer Chess at Texas Theatre
Welcome to the geekiest party of the long weekend, the impetus of which centers around a screening of the cleverly-titled computer chess documentary, Computer Chess. Beforehand, a speed chess tournament will take place for the right to face off against “HAL,” an Apple IIGS chess-playing computer that area filmmaker Barak Epstein has treasured for 25 years. — CG

Fun Show II (Closing Reception) at Photographs Do Not Bend Gallery
For just the second time, the Photographs Do Not Bend Gallery will feature an exhibition largely made up of non-photo-based items. The thinking — as far as we can tell — is that by putting old, rare toys and collectibles on display, the artists are questioning what inherent quality makes these objects so, well, collectible. If you haven't stopped by the gallery already, tonight's your last chance. — CG

Black Joe Lewis at Good Records
For the past five years, Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears have transformed from a promising upstart into one of the more dominant forces in the Texas music scene — and rightfully so. Taking inspiration from gritty blues rhythms and whiskey-laced nights, and earning comparisons to the likes of Howlin' Wolf and James Brown along the way, the band's rise has been one of the most thrilling things to watch in the past decade or so of Southern rock. Even more exciting? As Lewis told us back in February, his just-released Electric Slave LP — which you can pick up at tonight's gig — is the first record that truly represents him as an artist. — Erika Lambreton

Baptist Generals at The Foundry (Free)
Was the Generals' latest record worth the ten-year wait? Definitely. The latest from Chris Flemmons and his merry band of Denton's finest is an intricately arranged, remarkably multi-faceted release. As always, though, it's Flemmons' warbling vocals that shine brightest. If you've heard Baptist Generals' music before, you already know that the guy boasts the most interesting indie rock voice this side of Neutral Milk Hotel's Jeff Mangum. When he opens his mouth and lets his voice out, it's damn near impossible not to pay attention. And boy is that attention ever deserved. — PF

White Trash Party at Lizard Lounge
For the tenth Labor Day weekend in a row, the folks over at Lizard Lounge will be throwing a white trash party, which basically just means that you'll be dancing alongside a bunch of folks in wife beaters tonight. Pro tip: While you may feel lame showing up to this thing before 10 p.m., you'll save yourself the $20 cover if you do. — CG

The Cult at House of Blues
Not to be confused with Cults (or actual cults for that matter), this English group is mostly known for their '80s hard rock. Well, that and the fact that lead singer Ian Astbury bears a passing resemblance to Jim Morrison. — CU

Nothing at Good Records
Originally scheduled to take place at the much-larger Dada, this show was moved to Good Records at the last minute after Canadian indie-pop act Majical Cloudz dropped off the bill. Don't expect ex-Horror Show frontman Domenic Palermo or his cohorts in the heavy-handed shoegaze outfit Nothing to tone things down just because they're playing in a record store either. Nor should this fact deter you from attending this one: Hell, it's where we caught one of the rowdiest shows in recent memory. — CG

Cedric Gervais at SISU
Labor Day weekend pretty much marks the end of the carefree, blistering hot, acohol-infused pool parties we all love so dearly. In honor of the quickly approaching departure of summer, SISU's invited French house DJ Cedric Gervais — known most notably for his remix of Lana Del Rey's “Summertime Sadness” — to host this farewell to summer party. It's your last chance to soak up the sun and the chlorine, so don't be afraid to sing along and toast to your quote-unquote best summer ever. And don't worry: It's cool if you happen to mark the occasion by shedding a few tears. Hey, that's what sunglasses are for. — Zoe Mattioli

Labor of Love 2 at Deep Ellum Brewing Co.
Celebrate Labor Day weekend with the Deep Ellum Brewing Company when they host their second annual Labor of Love homebrew competition. Come drink and vote on brews made by 40 homebrewers. Hey, folks like Lakewood Brewing's founder got their start as homebrewers, so, who knows, maybe you'll get a sip of Dallas' next big brewer? Food trucks and bands such as Grant Jones & The Pistol Grip Lassos and The O's will be on hand as well. — JP

Drowning Pool at Trees
Has there been a more polarizing local band to achieve mainstream success than this one? Really, just as many folks love the band as find listening to their songs a legit form of torture. That much makes sense: Back in 2001, Drowning Pool broke through with their smash hit “Bodies,” which, remains the band's most recognizable song even a decade after the track's lead vocalist passed away. In 2003, the song was used by the military at Guantanamo Bay to interrogate suspected terrorists, so there's that, too. — CG

Friends With Benefits Concert on Fry Street Parking Lot
The whole friends-with-benefits thing isn't exactly what you'd expect a family-friendly outdoor concert to be called, but, alas, don't let the name fool you: All proceeds from this fest will go to Habitat for Humanity, who will help our neighbors to the north rebuild in the wake of May's tornadoes. At least their heart's in the right place. Beer-drinking and music from bands like Sealion, RTB2, The Birds of Night and several others will commence at noon. Oh, and a water balloon fight will be held at 3 p.m. — JP

John Digweed's Pool Party at Ku De Ta
English producer John Digweed provides your second poolside farewell-to-summer bash of the weekend. While the barside cabana claims memberships can't be purchased, we're sure if you ask around you've got at least a friend of a friend with an in here. Just remember: If you do find your way in to this one, the dress code is “beach chic” and they ask that you don't bring your own towels. — CG

Free Week at Rubber Gloves
Now that all the incoming UNT and TWU students have had a little time to settle in, Rubber Gloves is kicking off its annual week of completely free, top-notch local shows to help acquaint the n00bs to the Little D. Fear not, though, lifelong Denton residents: You are invited to tonight's Fishboy, Radioactivity and Anger House show, too. — CG

Anime Fest at Sheraton Hotel
Animefest is here! That means that fans of anime will get together and ogle disproportionate drawings of the human form! (It bugs me, sorry.) Fans of giant heads and eyeballs can gather to look at the people who draw the giant heads and eyeballs, and maybe get that person to sign a picture of a giant eyeball. — CU

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