Let Mumford & Sons Wait For You.

On Monday night, a North Carolina woman was arrested for stabbing her former boyfriend/current roommate after he allegedlyrefused to turn down The Eagles. While the police report did, in fact, indicate the woman claimed the stabbing was in self-defense, it did not specify which Eagles tune lead to the incident.

We're guessing it wasn't “Peaceful Easy Feeling.”

Anyway, don't worry: She's locked up now. So go on and take it to the limit and live your life in the fast lane worry-free tonight.

Bleeding Rainbow and Twin Peaks at Three Links
When Philly noise rockers Reading Rainbow retooled its lineup not long ago, the band also adjusted its name. To that end, the changeover from “Reading” to “Bleeding” does help one conjure up more grim and lasting associations than merely “butterflies in the sky.” — Cory Graves

Mumford & Sons at Gexa Energy Pavilion
Even before they cleaned up at this year's Grammy Awards, these guys were already one of the most popular folk acts around. Maybe it's deserved. I mean, how many other bands have you seen incorporate a guy that just plays a standing kick drum into its act? Oh, a whole bunch? (We're looking at you, Lumineers. And you, Avett Brothers. And you, local favorites The O's.) Anyway, this show — a reschedule from of the show the band had to cancel back in June due to a medical emergency — is already sold out. To be fair, so were most all of the stops on the groups Gentlemen of the Road Tour. —Jessica Petrocchi

Sound Remedy at House of Blues
Throughout his fairly young career, electronic producer Sound Remedy has maintained a very distinguishable style while remixing songs from genres all across the board. Reworking tunes originally offered up everyone from Ellie Goulding and Neil Young to Crystal Castles and, well, basically everything in between, Sound Remedy's dreamy dubstep ways are a pretty consistent recipe for success. So go ahead, forget your troubles, let your hair down and dance the night away at this one. — Zoe Mattioli

Mean Girls Quote-Along at Alamo Drafthouse
It's not very often that talking in the movies is allowed, much less encouraged. Take advantage of the rare opportunity tonight to yell things like “Boo, you whore!” and “Stop trying to make fetch happen” in a crowded theater. — CG

Brent Best at Twilite Lounge
More and more nights a week these days, you'll find quality singer-songwriters and/or intimate acoustic performance at Twilite and courtesy of guys in some of the area's biggest bands. Case in point? Old 97's frontman Rhett Miller played a semi-secret gig at the bar this past Sunday night. Tonight, meanwhile, it's Slobberbone frontman who takes a turn. — CG

John Densmore The Doors Unhinged Book Signing at Good Records
A major rift came between the surviving members of The Doors back in 2003 when guitarist Robby Krieger and keyboardist Ray Manzarek wanted to use the band's tunes in Cadillac ads, while drummer John Densmore preferred to preserve the band's reputation of being staunchly opposed to such affiliations. Eventually, the two sides ended up in court and Densmore found himself in the position of trying to not only preserve the memory of deceased frontman Jim Morrison, but that of the band's legacy as a whole. That ordeal provides a chunk of the material found in Densmore's new book, The Doors Unhinged: Jim Morrison's Legacy Goes On Trial, which he'll be signing tonight at Good Records. — CG

Rock Allegiance Tour at Verizon Theatre
Denmark's Volbeat headlines this hard-rocking tour, and these head-banging dudes are hitting to road in support of their upcoming fifth studio album while also celebrating the latest addition to their band — former Anthrax lead guitarist Rob Caggiano, who split with the legendary thrash metal group earlier this year. HIM, All That Remains and Airbourne open. — Erika Lambreton

Stardeath & White Dwarves at Dan's Silverleaf
A part of us wonders what folks like Jakob Dylan and Julian Lennon think of a band like Stardeath & White Dwarves. On the one hand we're sure they can relate to the whole having-a-successful-relative-in-the-biz thing, as the band's Dennis Coyne is the nephew of Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne. But, on the other hand, the fact that Dennis isn't of Wayne's direct lineage probably helps Stardeath avoid some of that unfair criticism that comes along with not living up to one's already legendary father. That being said, Stardeath's brand of psych rock is quite good on its own, Flaming Lips notwithstanding. — CG

Vinyl Preservation Society at Crown and Harp
The BYO Record club celebrates the third anniversary of its bi-monthly gatherings tonight on Lower Greenville. If you're planning on actually bringing some wax out to this one, make sure your records fit in with this week's themes of “adrenaline,” and, fittingly enough, “the doors of perception.” — CG

Trillwave's One-Year Anniversary at The Boiler Room
The masters of the quote-unquote mattress banger-style are breaking out the big guns for their one-year anniversary party. To wit: They're flying in Sweater Beats for a special one-off performance tonight. Trillwave regulars Trailer Swift, Dubble A and Johnny Cache will also perform. — CG

Texas Gentlemen at Sundown
For months, we've been clamoring for the Texas Gentlemen — the crack group of Dallas musicians that provides the live backing bands for Larry g(EE), Kirby Brown and, in part, Dovetail — to branch out on its own and start grabbing the spotlight its players so justly deserve. Seems someone was listening, too: Starting last week, the band kicked off a new, month-long Wednesday night residency at Sundown, where the band will perform various '60s and '70s country and classic rock covers. Expect great things. Also expect free admission. — Pete Freedman

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