Pump Up The Jam.

Recently, a teenager in Philadelphia accidentally ran a marathon after missing a turn in his planned half-marathon. Not realizing his mistake until he was well past the halfway mark, he decided just to go for it, completing the 26.2 mile course in 5:23:11.

That's not a bad case of making lemonade out of lemons. Still, one has to think that, with a little better planning, his extra couple hours of feet-pounding and nipple-chaffing could have been avoided.

Let this be a lesson to you. Plot out your evening's moves carefully.

That way you don't end up accidentally running a five-hour race. — Cory Graves

Wednesday Night Jam Session at The Prophet Bar
We've lost count of the number of times a Central Track writer has referenced The Prophet Bar's Wednesday night Jam Session being the best weekly event in all of North Texas. Even still, they'll up the ante tonight for this special ninth anniversary edition which, unlike most weeks, will be held in the venue's big room. Big name guests at this one include Grammy winners Snarky Puppy, Shaun Martin and, perhaps, a special guest who shall not be named? — CG

Oral Fixation: “Too Many Cooks” at Dallas City Performance Hall
For its Thanksgiving show, Dallas juiciest storytelling series for adults heads to the kitchen, where it'll cook up all kinds of true-life tales involving food, kitchens and other occasions where too many opinion-havers spoiled the proverbial broth. — CG

Mac Miller at The Bomb Factory
Mac Miller is an unlikely rap star. I mean, he's just some white dude from Pittsburgh. But don't judge a book, man. Miller's third studio album, GO:OD AM, has received a ton of critical acclaim, and rightfully so as it's pretty damn fantastic. Miller's flow is confident and crisp, and the production is the perfect balance of new and old. Tory Lanez, Michael Christmas and Njomza open. Be on the lookout for Christmas, specifically. He's such a skilled lyricist, rhyming is as easy as slicing through butter with a chainsaw for the kid. — H. Drew Blackburn

The Good Life, Big Harp at Dada
Tim Kasher's been through town a handful of times in recent years, both with his solo project and his reunited Cursive. He'll be back tonight with The Good Life, yet another indie outfit of his, and one that essentially started as a solo project before blossoming into a fully-realized band of its own. Big Harp opens. — CG

Devin the Dude at Gas Monkey Live
Devin the Dude is a legendary rapper from Houston. He got in on the ground floor of Rap-A-Lot Records in the early '90s and has had a pretty steady career since. Mainly, he's cultivated a following of stoners who still wear baggy jeans and large tee shirts. Roll up a bunch of joints and take them to Gas Monkey to see this red-eyed cult hero. — HDB

Fifth Anniversary at Beauty Bar
Beauty Bar is where you get an intersection of culture. It's posh, it's hood, it's bougie, it privileged, and it's a host of every other adjective we can use to categorize people, too. But, most importantly, it's turnt up. Always. Oh, and sweaty. And loud. People come out en masse to 1924 North Henderson Avenue on any given night because it's a hell of a party all the time, and one thing most people in general have in common is that they wanna dance their ass off every now and again. Tonight, the bar celebrates its fifth birthday with Trillwave, Sober, Blake Ward and Red Eye all hopping on the ones and twos. Before heading out, relive five years of Beauty Bar memories from the folks who know it best. It's a celebration, bitches! — HDB

Vincent Neil Emerson, J. Charles & the Texas Gentlemen, Bad Mountain at Three Links
On Thanksgiving Eve at Three Links, you'll be able to check out what constitutes as somewhat of a Dallas rock 'n' roll supergroup: The Texas Gentleman. They've worked with Leon Bridges, Jonathan Tyler, Larry g(EE), Dovetail, Wesley Geiger, The Misteries, Fortune Field and more. Tonight, they're doing work with J. Charles. Vincent Neil Emerson & The Old Souls and Bad Mountain open. — HDB

A-Sort-Of-But-Not-Actually-Vinyl-Preservation-Society at Crown and Harp
Thought not an officially sanctioned VPS event, this gathering of vinyl enthusiasts will work pretty much the same way. Bring some wax and spin it on the communal turntable and maybe say a few words about the song if you so choose. The best part about the rogue nature of this edition is the lack of a theme — other than, well, getting away from the fam for a few hours. — CG

The Orange, Jetta in the Ghost Tree, Moon Waves at Kessler Theater
The Orange, the recent Ghosty winner for “Best Live Act” and “Best Rock Act,” will be joined tonight by five-time Ghosty nominee Jetta in the Ghost Tree and the “Best Psych Rock” and “Best Digital Single” Ghosty winners Moon Waves at this all-local showcase. Chris Mueller (read: The Ghost himself) will no doubt creaming his pants over this one. — CG

The Vanity at House of Blues
Barely a year after forming, this Austin indie rock quintet has already been a staple on pop punk/emo fests. Spent a long stint opening for Cold War Kids, too. The band's bio on the Free Press Summer Fest website calls its “accessible brand of rock 'n' roll informed by equal parts U2 and Tom Petty.” OK! Mount Tyrant opens. — CG

2 Chainz at Park Avenue
His name is 2 Chainz, he's got him a few on, and he's performing at this intimate space. Truuuuuuuuuuue. — Pete Freedman

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