Go Your Own Way.

Would you consider yourself a positive person? Or are you more of what scientists often refer to as a “whiny little bitch?”

If you're a perpetual complainer, you likely fall into the latter camp.

No worries, though. According to Jon Gordon, the author of The No Complaining Rule, there's a simple method to attaining a more optimistic outlook. It's called the “but-positive” technique. How does it work? Every time you accidentally catch yourself saying something shitty, you just add a “but” and force yourself to follow it up with something positive.

For example: Wednesdays are the damn worst, because the weekend is so far away, but at least in a place like Dallas there's a lot going on just the same. — Cory Graves

Fleetwood Mac at American Airlines Center
Fleetwood Mac's more popular than ever, as evidenced by the fact that everyone from Midlake to Haim have put out critically acclaimed records in recent years that were heavily influenced by the '70s soft-rockers. Better yet, the band not only helped invent laser tag (sort of), but the whole thing took place right here in Dallas. True story. — CG

Cancer Blows at Meyerson Symphony Center
It was during a performance two years ago that DSO principal trumpeter Ryan Anthony first realized something was wrong. A few days later, Anthony was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a somewhat rare and almost always terminal type of bone marrow cancer that usually only appears in patients 70 and older. Given a proverbial death sentence, Anthony remained in high spirits, telling people that when he licked this thing, he would throw a concert and call it Cancer Blows. Well, here we are. Following a transplant procedure, Anthony's on the other side of this thing. And true to his word, legendary jazz and classical trumpeters from all over the world have flown in to participate in this event which will raise money for fighting cancer. Old Tonight Show bandleader Doc Severinsen, Cuban jazz legend Arturo Sandoval and Lee Loughnane of the band Chicago are among the 20 greats appearing at this blowout. — CG

Fifth Harmony at South Side Music Hall (Sold Out)
Formed during the second season of The X Factor, Fifth Harmony is more than just another reality show girl group; they're a pack of bonafide pop stars that girls and boys alike clamor for. And, yup, those eager boys and girls scooped up every last ticket to this one long ago, too. If you really want to go, though, we bet you can find some grossly marked-up tickets on StubHub. We're sure it's quote-unquote worth it. — Lauren Rushing

Craft Spells at Dada
Craft Spells can trace its root to a period in 2009 during which Justin Paul Vallesteros first began experimenting with synth and guitar lines. Soon, he was joined by guitarist Frankie Soto, who helped him craft “Party Talk,” a hit pop single that helped the band surge past its small-town hero status. Now a four-piece and with the warmer 2014 album Nausea under its belts, Craft Spells will try to win over the Dallas crowd tonight. The Bilinda Butchers and Glasir open. — LR

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory at Sundown (Free)
If you want to view paradise, simply head over to Greenville Avenue for a free screening of the GOAT musical and half-price whiskey. I want it now. — CG

Hank & Cupcakes at Three Links
Hank & Cupcakes is exactly what happens when a couple of Bukowski-loving members of an Israeli-based cover band — they cut their teeth playing everything from The Beatles to Suzanne Vega — move to Brooklyn to start up a husband-wife electro-pop duo. Like, right on the money. — CG

“The Revolution” Cocktail X Launch Party at Texas Theatre
Originally scheduled for February, this event is meant to serve as a recognition of Black History Month. In any case, 28 African-American influencers from the Dallas-Fort Worth area will be honored at the Texas Theater. Also: Artist Justin Adu, whose goal is to “showcase African-Americans in a positive light,” will show a trailer for his upcoming art exhibition and performance piece. Considering the guy teaches advertising and graphic design in addition to working as a videographer, it's a bit unclear what you can expect from his exhibition and performance piece — aside from that it will celebrate African-Americans. Will the exhibition showcase primarily film work? Will it include other art forms? Will the performance piece include a singer? Dancers? Who knows? Maybe the trailer will give you a better idea. Or maybe it will be really obscure and artsy. Guess you'll have to head over to Texas Theater to find out! — Carly Seitz

Andy Grammer at House of Blues
We wonder if the singer of the positivity-promoting single “Keep Your Head Up” realizes that his song is so played out that, at this point, hearing it makes us want to do the exact opposite. But, hey, if a gratifying message is something you're lacking in life, then join Andy Grammer tonight at House of Blues as he continues to spread his words of positivity across the country. — Chrissi Chetwood

Celebrity Spelling Bee at Dallas City Performance Hall
Local celebrities will compete in a spelling bee in order to raise money for local schools. While it's totally cool that they're trying to help out the kiddos, are we crazy by thinking that the $25 cover charge seems pretty high, considering that fee doesn't even allow you to compete as well? Maybe we are., But, hey, if you have the disposable income and the attention span to watch some “celebrities” slip up while trying to spell, then by all means, head over to the Dallas City Performance Hall for this one. — CS

Gremlins 2: The New Batch at Alamo Drafthouse
Before Fight Club came along, it was the rules of owning a gremlin that often got thrown around. In case you've forgotten, they were: Never get them exposed to sunlight, never get them wet and, most importantly: no matter how much they cry or beg, never, ever feed them after midnight. While the 1984 original is considered one of that year's best films, this madcap sequel from 1990 drops much of its predecessor's dark humor to the delight of film critics and the bane of anyone who loved the first one. Don't even get us started on the third one. — CG

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