Who You Gonna Call?

You can roll your eyes at the Royal Family for a lot of things, but one thing for which the British monarchs deserves a lot of credit is in its anti-PDA stance. No, really: After 68 years of marriage, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip still refuse to even hold hands with one another in public.

That’s a decorum worthy of a few bows, we’d say.

Just something to keep in mind if you head out to one of the below events slated for tonight with your boo — or even if you fly solo and meet someone nice along the way. Some things are best kept out of public view. — Pete Freedman

Ghostbusters at Alamo Drafthouse.
If the concept of an all-female Ghostbusters ails you, have no fear. You can catch two screenings of the original in all it’s ’80s-tinged glory tonight at Richardson’s Alamo Drafthouse. Audience participation is strongly encouraged. — Calvin Cashen

Berner at The Loft.
Bay area rapper Berner draws comparisons to such genre-defining luminaries as Too $hort and E-40. His notable list of collaborations and equally essential love for the bud certainly doesn’t fall on deaf ears either. He plays The Loft this Wednesday. — CC

Shane Smith & The Saints at Capitol Bar.
Returning to DFW tonight is singer and multi-instrumentalist Shane Smith, who will play a set with his backing band The Saints. Please keep in mind that we are not talking about the Vice co-founder of the same name here. — CC

Matt Corby at Trees.
Returning from a two-year hiatus, Australia’s Matt Corby is stepping back into the concert circuit for a chance to properly tour his debut record, Telluric, here in the states. The singer has made modifications to his overall sound as well, which is something he’ll no doubt highlight during this performance. — CC

Ben Nichols at Three Links.
Lucero frontman Ben Nichols encompasses a wide range of styles from breakneck punk rock to country — influences that are all held together with his emotive, raw vocal cadences. — CC

Watermelon Wednesdays at Crown & Harp.
Crown & Harp and Dezi 5 will present their new joint Watermelon Wednesdays series tonight. Kicking off the first summer installment are performances Lord Byron, Drip, M3cca and Honor System. — CC


















































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