Have Some Patience.

Heads up children of the ’80s and ’90s, they just came out with an Oregon Trail card game. It’s currently available at Target and online.

And after you die of dysentery, here are some more places you can go exploring tonight.

Guns N’ Roses at AT&T Stadium
As much as the press body shamed Axl beforehand, the reunited Slash, Duff McKagen and Rose have been getting boffo reviews thus far on this tour. The voice is still there, those riffs are huge and crunchy as ever and, by all accounts, it’s like they never left us.

Woods at Dada
With the band’s recently released ninth studio effort, Woods has firmly cemented its reputation as the folky-laced Americana act its most OK for the punk kids to say they like. They’ve even mixed in a little funk and jazz of late, too. Cian Nugent opens.

Legalize Inline Street Skating in Dallas at City Hall
Skating is not a crime. Except, well, in Dallas, the skating of the inline variety totally is. But the tide is changing. Is you support legalizing safe inline skating in the streets of Dallas, then this is where you can make your voice heard.

The Cat Returns at Angelika Film Center
This bit of award-winning Anime from Studio Ghibli has literally zero to do with The Cat Came Back.

Circus Xtreme at American Airlines Center
In an attempt to modernize the circus experience, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey are emphasizing the extreme — sorry, Xtreme — stupid human tricks and acrobats and relying less on four-legged performers. Overall, that’s a good thing, whether or not it actually makes for a more exciting show. It runs through the weekend.


















































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