Pour Some Sugar.

Per a viral link we just mindlessly clicked, some cops in Indiana were so bored patrolling that state’s fair that they made a video of themselves performing “Summer Nights” from Grease.

Don’t let yourself get to that point. And don’t use boredom as an excuse for doing anything. The defense against both is simply finding something better to do with your time, for instance one of the things we’ve found below. — Cory Graves

Def Leppard at Gexa Energy Pavilions
Def Leppard has almost singlehandedly soundtracked The Great American Strip Club Visit, providing us all a welcome respite from what otherwise would have been a night filled exclusively with Motley Crue cuts. Plus, as the extraordinarily astute Jimmy Pop Ali once pointed out, the drummer from Def Leppard’s only got one arm. — CG

Alice Cooper at Verizon Theatre
Shock-rock pioneer Alice Cooper pries himself away from golf and brushing up on Milwaukee trivia long enough to headline a show in Grand Prairie tonight. Make sure and go heavy on the eyeliner for this one. Cooper, for one, certainly will. — Stephen Young

“Constellations” at Studio Theatre
A romantic comedic play that breaks the space time continuum. — CG

North Texas State Fair and Rodeo at North Texas State Fair Grounds
You can see some Bengal tigers and the usual fair shit, but Shane Smit & the Saints are your best bet at the 88th annual version of this one today. — CG

W.A.V.E.’s Most Gruesome Hits at Alamo Drafthouse (Cedars)
A true oddity of the ’80s, W.A.V.E was a mail-order movie distribution company that created DIY horror movies on a shoestring budget. So, basically the ’80s equivalent of Netflix. For two nights, Alamo Drafthouse will screen the most unhinged and stomach churning clips in the W.A.V.E catalog. — Calvin Cashen

Walker Art Center Cat Video Festival at Texas Theatre
The No. 1 reason for the internet. Live in the flesh fur. — CG

Annie Hall at Sundown (Free)
Half priced whiskey calls, y’all. While you partake, Woody Allen’s Annie Hall. Although, it’ll probably act as background noise while you drink your whiskey. — CC

The Loafers at The Live Oak
If you’re on a budget, this 50-cent beer night will surely get the job done, if you catch my drift. Performing is VVOES and LOAFERS. Pretty fitting debauchery music, if you ask me. — CC

The Grasshopper Lies Heavy at Three Links.
San Antonio’s best instrumental metal band heads north for the night. Partaker and Stealers open. — CG

Bree & the Fellas (Album Release) at Poor David’s Pub
The Free Man regular Breanna Parker and the rest of her backing boys have finished up their first debut EP. They’ll be celebrating as much at Poor David’s Pub this weekend, and gearing up for that one with this one. — CG

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