Be Strong.

Next month, Apple is set to unveil yet another new iPhone. Per early reports, the phone will feature some big differences from the one currently in your pocket, most notably with the home button, which may be pressure sensitive.

But the more things change, the more they stay the same. And one thing that’ll never go the way of the dodo is that CT will always be here for you, letting you know what’s really good on any given day. — Cory Graves

Wye Oak at Dada
Riding on the wave of its fourth and latest project, Shriek, the duo has found a place within its craft where it can thrive. Andy and Jenn have alternated over the years on lead vocals but their humanistic approach hasn’t been watered down one bit. — Sidney Johnson

Weaves at Three Links
Where noise rock and indie rock collide, Toronto newcomers Weaves sew together a refreshing brand of art rock that packs a heavy wallop. Bummer Vacation and Narrow Head open. — CG
Bar Politics: Housing and Homelessness Edition at Twilite Lounge (Free)
Dallas’ live version of The Daily Show tackles one of the city’s biggest hot button issues at this comedy event. If you can’t make it tonight, a repeat performance will take place tomorrow night at Better Block. — CG

Howl’s Moving Castle at Angelika Film Center
Anime master Mayao Miyazaki’s 2006 Academy Award winner screens tonight as part of the Angelika’s summer-long celebration of Studio Ghibli. — CG

Ladies Night: Shifters at Local Hub
Sorry fellas, for this class about proper shifting techniques, cleaning and adjusting, it’s ladies only. — CG

Raised Right Men at Magnolia Motor Lounge
Ever watched a Denton (super?) group do faithful classic country covers whilst eating a round of chicken-fried bacon? Well, then you haven’t lived. — CG

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