Come Softly.

According to an Arizona microbiologist, we’re not doing a good enough job washing our work coffee mugs at work.

Reports Charles Gerba, Ph.D.: “Around 90 percent of most office mugs harbor dangerous germs, and 20 percent of those carry fecal bacteria.”

Pretty gross! Anyway, his pro tip is just to take your mugs home on the daily to give them a proper scrubbing.

Something else we’re not doing a good enough job of is finding out what is going on around town on any given Tuesday.

Pretty sad! Anyway, our pro tip is just to keep on scrolling. — Cory Graves

Rent at Winspear Opera House
Little did Jonathan Larson know what kind of impact his reimagining of Puccini’s La Boheme would have. The 11th longest running show in Broadway history returns to the stage for its 20th anniversary. It’ll be in Dallas for the next seventeen thousand two hundred and eighty minutes. — CG

This Wild Life at Sons of Hermann Hall
Pop punkers turned gentle acoustic singer-songwriter duo, The Wild Life headline this sleepy-but-extremely-poppy show. Have Mercy and Movements open. — CG

Donovan at Majestic Theatre
England’s answer to Bob Dylan shed that comparison in ’66 when his Indian and jazz influenced Sunshine Superman record ushered in the psychedelic pop movement. He celebrates the 50th anniversary of that landmark album with this tour. — CG

Adam Ruins Everything at South Side Music Hall
CollegeHumor’s Adam Conover brought his brand of online comedy to the small screen with truTV’s Adam Ruins Everything, a show aimed at debunking what he calls “annoying facts.” Now he brings his act to the stage. — CG

Reimagine Crowdus
They’re blazing through the calendar over at the experimental pop-up park this week, showing you what things might be like if this thing becomes permanent. After celebrating St. Patrick’s yesterday, they’re on to Fourth of July today, followed by Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas later on in the week. — CG

Boyce Avenue at House of Blues
With 2 billion plays on YouTube, you don’t need a record label to succeed these days. Case in point, this Florida pop rock trio. — CG

Carrie Underwood at American Airlines Center
Jesus took the wheel and drove Carrie Underwood to Dallas for this “storyteller” show, and they left a path of smashed cars in their wake. But, hey, that’s just what happens when you’re a vengeful ex-girlfriend stereotype! By the way, do remember when American Idol winners used to reach a moderate level of success? Me and Underwood, too. — Chelsesa Upton

Sakura Killers at Alamo Drafthouse (Richardson)
Ninjas aren’t afriad of anything — save for maybe the flu. The malady can bring down even the stealthiest and most well-trained among us. That’s more or less the main idea behind the plot of this ’80s b-movie. — CG

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