Throw A Casual Party.

More and more frequently, great works of art are fleeting. Take, for instance, this Harambe joint that’s just going to go up in flames. Or this iceberg mural that’s just going to melt away. Or these bunnies made of dust bunnies. To dust they will return.

Similarly, today is fleeting. In a few hours it’ll be gone forever. Like a great artist, you’ll need to be quick and resourceful to make the most of it. But you don’t have to do it alone. We’re here to help. — Cory Graves

Band of Horses, The Wild Feathers at House of Blues
Seattle rockers Band of Horses hit town thanks to the ever reliable ACL spillover phenomenon. But there’s reason to believe the Dallas crowd will actually get the better show. BOH’s headlining set on one of the mainstages went down at the same time M83 was headlining the other stage, and reviews from critics on site were quick to mention how the sound from the French electro-rockers’ setup totally overpowered BOH at several points. The Wild Feathers opens, making sure not to play at the same time as the headliners. — CG

Gallant at Trees
Christopher Gallant started his alt-R&B career while attending middle school in Maryland, and kept pushing the medium forward through his NYU enrollment and subsequent Los Angeles move. His strange lyrics, warbly falsetto and unique production continue that forward push while on tour through places like Dallas. RKCB opens. — CG

Idiocracy at Alamo Drafthouse
Mike Judge’s comedy-turned-documentary is back on the big screen at both Alamo locations to warn us all what will happen to our crops if Donald Trump is elected president come November. This very expensive global warming bullshit has got to stop. — CG

Tuesday Night Trash: Death by a Thousand Cuts at Texas Theatre (Free)
Rather than just straight up show a crap-tastic b-movie, the TNT crew are throwing together a clip show using a rapid fire barrage of images from their private collections. — CG

Thalia at Majestic Theatre
Mexican pop star and telenovela queen Ariadna “Thalia” Sodi-Miranda Mottola is still topping the charts at age 45, nearly three decades into her career. Now here Latina Love Tour is touring to several continents. — CG

Top 8 Tuesday at The Prophet Bar
“Top 8? Don’t you mean Top 10?” No way, you n00b. Think MySpace. Think studded belts, snake bite piercings and heartbreak. Top 8 Tuesdays is about digging up all that youthful angst you had and laughing in its face. DJs play all the best emo, screamo and pop punk from back in the day. I’m sure you’ll hear some Saves the Day, Atreyu, Brand New, y’know, all the bands you got picked on for listening to. The cover goes towards the Susan G. Komen Dallas Chapter. — Roberto Aguilar

WAR at Texan Theater
Thanks to frequent sampling by hip-hop artists over the years, the “Lowrider”/”Spill the Wine” outfit has remained semi-relevant. The “new” WAR funks it up over in Greenville (the city) tonight. — CG

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