Add It Up.

In the earliest days of cinema, films were shot at about 16 frames per second. But, did you know the average human interprets about 150 frames per second?

And with the help of some really specialized cameras, it’s possible to slow things down and watch things in up to 343,915 fps. It’s like seeing things in from a whole other dimension. For example, this extreme slo-mo clip of glass breaking.

On the other hand, special equipment isn’t required to take in every cool thing happening around town this evening in a single glance. Just scan the list below. — Cory Graves

Violent Femmes at House of Blues
Violent Femmes captured a sense of teen unease with its unhinged 1983 self-titled debut, elevating the outfit from obscure favorites to Platinum-status indie rockers. Now decades into a career of making neurotic, melody-driven acoustic punk jams, the Femmes still appear to retain a youthful charm. Nice to see they’re still so playful after all these years. — Calvin Cashen

Seryn at Granada Theater (Free)
These North Texas expats have been defined as “progressive folk,” a term not heard much. Their originality has earned them recognition from NPR, naming them one of the “Bands That Should Be Bigger.” With free admission, the crowd is one thing that will be bigger here. Quiet Company and The Azalea Project open. — Sidney Johnson

The Taking of Pelham One Two Three at The Magnolia
This is the original 1970s thriller, not the Denzel Washington adaptation, about four men who take over a New York subway train demanding a ransom of $1 million and a transit cop is the hostages best hope in freedom. An oldie, but goodie. — SJ

The Texas Gentlemen at The Belmont Hotel
The Gents are a band known for their musical ability and ability to transition and play whatever they wish, while still remaining themselves. The original backing band for performers like Leon Bridges, Jonathan Tyler and Larry g(EE), they’ll even be bringing out some special guest frontmen for this one. — SJ

Know Your Rights at Oak Cliff YMCA
DFW criminal attorney Seales Law Firm is providing some super valuable info for these times, helping citizens understand what their rights are during police encounters, and how to “address systemic problems surrounding” them. — CG

Punk Goth New Wave Karaoke at Crown and Harp
It’s happy hour prices all night, and one of the most niche karaoke nights in town. — CG

Full Moon Celebration! Rooftop Vibes at The Continental Building at Mercantile Place
The moon is supposed to be full tonight, so some folks are planning on basking in its warm glow, doing naturally hot yoga on The Merc’s rooftop. It’s free if you live there, or $15 for guests. — CG


















































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