Just Head To The Majestic, Ya Dingus!

Embrace the spirit of giving today. It is the sixth annual North Texas Giving Day, after all.

As such, there'll be numerous opportunities to donate money and goods all over the Metroplex today. You can also donate money to the official #NTXGivingDay website, were a percentage of the funds will be matched. Last year more than $25 million was raised on behalf of the roughly 1,600 non-profit organizations that exist in the area.

We're not saying you shouldn't go out and have fun tonight; we're just saying maybe you should stop and consider helping those less fortunate than you before you do. — Cory Graves

Drive-By Truckers, Lucero at South Side Music Hall
You know what you get at a Lucero show? A lot of drinkers. And a lot of people sloppily singing along to the drunken lyrics. Tonight they'll share a bill with Drive-By Truckers, the rowdy alt-country outfit from whence Jason Isbell sprang. — Pete Freedman

Tim and Eric and Dr. Steve Brule at Majestic Theatre
Check it out: It looks like Dallas' Majestic Theatre will continue its recent run of awesomeness with tonight's booking of Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim. Even better? Unlike previous tours the Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, the creators will be bringing with them none other than their Awesome Show co-star, the Academy Award-nominated, Grammy Award-winning actor John C. Reilly, whose Dr. Steve Brule character proved popular enough to earn its own spinoff series, Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule, a couple years back. This power trio's self-proclaimed “show of a lifetime” comes just before the upcoming series Tim and Eric's Bedtime Stories is unleashed on the world. — CG

Chris Robinson Brotherhood at The Prophet Bar
The Black Crowes' career may have been built on the strength of its musicians — a unit that only grew stronger with a decade of constant touring — but it was frontman Chris Robinson's energy out front and soulful vocals that initially got them noticed. It was Robinson that benefitted most from the band's initial rise to prominence, too, as he was one of the more famous rockers on the planet in the '90s. These days he fronts a different outfit that still features a couple of Black Crowes, though his brother Rich is noticeably absent from the group. Meaning? There won't be any fistfights to speak of this time around, but there'll still be plenty of good old fashioned southern-tinged classic rock to be had. — CG

Pinkish Black, Nervous Curtains, Baring Teeth at Three Links
Simply put: This is a spectacular all-local bill. But that whole “supporting the local scene” rap isn't why you should attend this show. Not in the least. All three of these acts have at least made some sort of blip on the national radar because they are making some of the most interesting racket in town. Of particular interest this evening is openers Baring Teeth, which will release its new full-length via Pittsburgh's Willowtip label on November 25. The first single, “Mountain,” is an angular assault that's a brutal as it is catchy, and you can check it out here. — CG

Roy Wood Jr. at Arlington Improv
The fact that the show Sullivan & Son is so bad is actually pretty amazing, as the stars of the show all have terrific stand-up chops. The best of the bunch is probably Roy Wood Jr., who has a terrific Twitter account, and a devastating deadpan delivery. — Stephen Young

Brew-Haha at Community Beer Co.
Laugh until Vienna Lager comes out of your nose, because through the end of the year, the Brew-Haha comedy series will bring nationally recognized comedians to perform their sets at various local breweries. Tonight's edition will feature the comedic stylings of local favorite Paul Varghese, Addison Improv regular Mama Michelle and Michael O'Donnell, who previously won something called the “Really Big Shoe” contest. Admission also includes some free brews from fresh from Community's taps. For a complete schedule of participating breweries and comedians head here.– CG

AT&T Patio Sessions at Sammons Park
Even at its new later time — that'd be 6:30 for those of you keeping track at home — you'll still have time to catch free sets from Denton folk band the Boxcar Bandits on the AT&T Performing Arts Center's lawn, grab a bite off a nearby food truck and still make it out of there in time to catch another event or two later this evening. — CG

Justin Nozuka at Granada Theater
According to AllMusic, 25-year-old singer-songwriter belies both Nick Drake and Lauryn Hill, which would lead one to believe he's as talented as he is batshit insane. Considering Hill and Drake released their most notable works at ages 23 and 24, respectively, Nozuka is either hitting his peak right about now, or on the cusp of a complete breakdown. — CG

“A City Under the Influence Vol. 2” at Fashion Art Network
The second volume of this now quarterly series D Magazine and our own Darryl Ratcliff will highlight a handful of Dallas “Influentials” who are promoting culture in the city, one of which will receive half of the event's door money to help seed their projects. Tunk, Dezi 5 and Lily Taylor will perform, and Deep Eddy Vodka and Dos XX will provide free booze. — CG

Deep Ellum Wine Walk
Taking a cue from neighborhoods like Bishop Arts, that throw these types of things on the reg, Deep Ellum will host its inaugural wine walk this evening. Purchase an official wine walk glass for $5 and then fill 'er up for free at participating locations, such as B4 Vintage, Kettle Art, Life of Riley and Rachel Nash Gallery. Get your classy drunk on. — CG

Addison Oktoberfest at Addison Circle Park
Why wait until October to celebrate Oktoberfest, am I right? That's the thinking out in Addison, anyway. The chain restaurant capital of the world boasts that its celebration is “the most authentic Oktoberfest outside of Munich.” We cannot confirm or deny that claim, but 70,000 people are expected to goble down schnitzel, pretend to enjoy polka music and drink way too many Bavarian beers during the four-day celebration. Prosit, y'all. — CG

Godfrey at Addison Improv
It's the “Make 7-Up Yours” guy! No, not that one. The other one. — SY

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