Write A Love Letter To Metronomy.

Big news for those of you who don't subscribe to cable television: HBO has announced that its online HBO GO service will become available to non-cable subscribers at some point in 2015.

In other words? No need to deal with some sweaty installation expert from Time Warner entering your house any more if the only reason you're even bothering with cable is because of your Game of Thrones obsession!

Granted, details on the costs for the services have yet to be revealed. But that hasn't stopped the folks at Gawker from speculating that purchasing monthly subscriptions to HBO GO, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime will be cheaper than a standard cable TV package — even if HBO decided to charge an outlandish $30-per-month fee for its services.

Point is, the only reason cable's going to be worth getting in future is for live sporting events, as ESPN has yet to announce any sort of standalone plans for its own ESPN3 streaming service. Here's hoping that announcement's right around the corner then, yeah? Yeah.

Or — or! — you could just leave the house for once and actually experience the world around you for yourself. And if tonight's the night you decide to do just that, well, take comfort in the fact hat we've compiled the below list of options just for you. — Pete Freedman

Metronomy at Trees
Metronomy dresses well. Which is cool, as the look of their performance is of clear import to these folks. It's an admirable trait. But when that look includes light-up clothing intended to accentuate the eletro-pop band's choreographed dance routines, it's even more essential to what Metronomy does live. So expect pretty awesome things. Dawn Golden opens. — Chase Whale

Twenty One Pilots at House of Blues
Indie rock duo Twenty One Pilots is so nice, it's playing twice in town on its “Quiet is Violent” world tour. If you miss the band tonight, don't fret, you'll have another chance tomorrow. Same venue, same time. Playing with them? MisterWives and Vinyl Theatre. — CW

AT&T Patio Sessions at Sammons Park (Free)
For this week's free Patio Sessions concert, the ATTPAC folks have tapped Home by Hovercraft, a local music act that defies categorization and has begun turning heads around town over the last year or so. Rightfully so: The group is a theatrical one, combining folk, rock and classical influences into a singular sonic stew. Led by husband-and-wife duo Seth (tuba, vocals) and Shawn Magill (piano), the band has the uncanny ability to push the creative envelope without branching into totally inaccessible territory. Still, they do get pretty “out there.” An example? Well, Seth's sister, Abbey Magill, dances Irish Step and performs as a member of Home by Hovercraft's rhythm section. Low Dark Hills also performs. — Hannah Allen White

Vibe at Beauty Bar
It's hard to believe it's been a year since the young DJ who spins around town as DJ Colly T was tapped to take over Beauty Bar's Thursday night weekly — a weekly that, previously, had boasted DJs of significantly more experience. But Theall wasn't about to let the chance go to waste. Not at all. And, to his credit, Theall's weekly, called VIBE, has certainly established itself as a go-to dance destination in the cluttered DJ residency landscape of the city. And to celebrate the residency's one-year anniversary tonight, Theall will be handing out free pairs of VIBE shades to those who make it out. [Insert Theall's future being so bright that we all need shades joke here.] — PF

Fresh 45's at Crown & Harp
About a year ago, we expressed confidence that the third-Thursday, all-vinyl DJ affairs presented by Salt N Pepa's Spinderella and Too Fresh Productions' Joel Salazar had capably “established itself as one of Dallas' new must-attend affairs.” Now, as the monthly celebrates it one-year anniversary, it's doing so with a little help from the same guest at the affair that convinced us of such: Chicago house legend Derrick Carter. Better yet, he'll be joined at this one by Seattle's Supreme La Rock, too. And resident DJs Jay Clipp and JT Donaldson will also be there. So expect a time, folks. Oh, and get there early, too. Why? Well, because not only is this sure to become a crowded affair, but because the cover charge goes from $10 to $15 at 10:30. — PF

KEGL Freaker's Ball at Verizon Theatre
The annual Freaker's Ball is here — and, well, the lineup is about what you might expect if you're a fan of 97.1 KEGL-FM. Included? Papa Roach, Chevelle, P.O.D., Starset, Crobot and New Medicine. Strange fact about the singer of Papa Roach: He claims he got Herpes from a smooch from his uncle when he was a kid. So, uh, don't plant one on him — no, not even if you're feeling it. Consequences are bubbly. — CW

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington at Texas Theatre
There are a lot of classics I still haven't seen, and Frank Capra's Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, which thrust a hapless-but-idealistic Jimmy Stewart into the role of a U.S. Senator, is one of them. I guess I should tear ass to the Texas Theatre, which this is screening as a part of their Class of '39 film series. — Chase Whale

House Harkonnen, Mountain of Smoke and Hint of Death at Double Wide
I don't know who this Taco Lord is that's presenting this show, but I hope he has a taco cannon and plows the crowd with delicious goodies. Is that too much to ask? Yes? Well, at least we'll leave Double Wide entertained after this heavy-ass local bill all the same. — CW

John Witherspoon at Addison Improv
It's Ice Cube's dad! Well, on the big screen, at least. And he's in Arlington all weekend. But how could you see him any day but Friday? — Stephen Young

Deep Ellum Wine Walk at Various Deep Ellum Galleries
Taking a cue from neighborhoods like Bishop Arts that throw these types of things on the reg, Deep Ellum launched a wine walk of its own last month and is already giving it another go this evening. Purchase an official wine walk glass at 2646 Main St. for $5 and then fill 'er up for free at participating locations, such as The Akola Project, All Star Baggers, B4, Dallas Pinup, Dallas School of Burlesque, Deep Ellum Trading Company, Elluments, Get Reel Goods, Kettle Art and Life of Riley. Oh, and while you're at Kettle, be sure to say hi to Justin Terveen, who'll be on hand for the opening night of his new Dallas skyline photography exhibition. — CG

Cheetah Chrome and The American Fuse at Three Links
A lot has changed in the punk world since Cheetah Chrome first gained some semblance of notoriety as the guitarist for proto-punk outfit Rocket From the Tomb. Only in recent years, though, has the hard-rockin' shredder started showing off his somewhat more contemplative side and notable songwriting chops by spearheading a solo project. Local boys The American Fuse and Plissken — both of which have members that sometimes work at the venue — open this one. — CG

Brother Ali at Cambridge Room
Nothing screams “hip-hop genius” louder than a burly, Islamic albino from Minneapolis named Jason Newman. Stereotypes be damned, though, the socially contemplative emcee better known by the stage name Brother Ali is actually quite awesome at what he does. — CG

Superhumanoids at Dada
Los Angeles-based dream-pop trio Superhumanoids makes a brand of catchy, contemplative jams that its members say they hope is equally fitting to throw on in the background at parties as when “you're all alone and feeling introspective.” We imagine it's probably pretty fitting for a breezy Thursday night in Deep Ellum, too. Denton's Dome Dwellers open. — CG

Brew Haha at Lakewood Brewing Co.
Laugh until Punkel comes out of your nose at the Lakewood Brewing Company stop on the Brew Haha comedy series. In addition to stand-up sets from a handful of local comedians, your ticket will score you a tour and three tastings of Lakewood's brews. — CG

Will Johnson at Vagabond
Without the benefit of hindsight, it is sometimes hard to appreciate just how great some artists are. Denton's Will Johnson might not be as flashy a name as, say, Erykah Badu, but time will reveal how his work in Funland, Centro-matic, South San Gabriel, Monsters of Folk, New Multitudes, Overseas and separately as a solo artist make him one of the most respected artists of his generation, locally and/or elsewhere. — CG

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