Go Deep with Derrick Carter.

Just when we think we couldn't be any more done with the concept of life-hacking, an ex-cop comes along with four ways to decrease your chances of being arrested and pulls us back in.

Outlined in his new book, Arrest Proof, former FBI agent, SWAT sniper and police officer Dale Carson says the keys to keeping yourself out of the pokey tonight include trying not to do anything illegal in public, avoiding smiling and trying to look just like everybody else.

On second though: Yeah, life-hacks still suck.

Guess you'll just have to keep everything on the up-and-up as you hit the town tonight.

Built to Spill at Granada Theater
Built to Spill mastermind Doug Martsch has a way of taking audiences back to a time when the indie-rock guitar hero was still en vogue and contemporaries like Pavement's Stephen Malkmus and Dinosaur Jr.'s J. Mascis were in their prime. Though his band has continued to tour and release albums since breaking out, there's still that nostalgia factor that comes with seeing them play live. Sorry, but it's true. And maybe fitting tonight: This show also serves as the Granada's ninth anniversary under its current ownership. — Cory Graves

Dark Rooms at Sundown (Free)
We've said it before and we'll say it again: Dark Rooms is the best new band in town. Really: Long-respected area violinist and songwriter Daniel Hart (Polyphonic Spree, St. Vincent, Other Lives) has truly hit a special nerve with this new outfit, which mines darker, sexier, more synth-based territory than anything he's ever done before. Is it chamber pop? Is it electro? Is it R&B? Yes. All of the above. And it's glorious. Whether you treat this as your Built to Spill after-party or your target destination for the night, you'll more than get your money's worth at Sundown tonight. — Pete Freedman

Tony Rock at Arlington Improv
When your sibling is one of the best at what they do, it can be easy to stick to another line of work. But, in the case of folks like Brent Gretzky, Eddie Payton, Frank Stallone, Don Swayze, Charlie Murphy and Solange Knowles, it's sometimes the markedly more difficult task of trying to make a name for yourself outside of your sibling's shadow that proves much more worthwhile. Chris Rock's younger brother Tony does his thing tonight in Arlington, and tries to prove that he's more than just a sibling of note. — CG

THRWD Magazine Issue No. 4 Release Party at Gin Mill
Help the crew behind one of the town's coolest zines/brands celebrate the release of their fourth issue — which features a new logo and an updated layout — with some help from artists Justin Hunter Allen and Arturo Donjuan, rapper Tunk and a DJ set from George Quartz. — CG

Instant Film Workshop at Kettle Art
Were you under the impression that snapping Polaroids was supposed to be all about the simplicity of just pointing and shooting? What kind of charlatan hipster are you? Get schooled by Instant Film Society founders Daniel Rodrigue and Justin Goode on all the ins and outs on taking your instant photography to the next level. They'll also have an insanely cool camera on hand that they'll be using to take unique 8-by-10-inch instant portraits. Don't blink, though; those suckers cost $50 each. — CG

Afroman at Hailey's
Tonight, the Grammy-nominated one-hit wonder will stop by the new-look Hailey's for what's sure to be a smoke ordinance-defying performance. Personally, when Afroman began to blow up in 2001, we thought he was on the verge of mega-stardom. Unfortunately, most of his fans were too blazed to bother to go out and buy his albums or attend his shows. They were going to, of course, but then they got high. Sorry. I know it took me a long time to get to that punchline, but I couldn't resist. — CG

#Fresh45's at Crown and Harp
For this month's edition of their third Thursday monthly, DJs Spinderella, JT Donaldson and Jay Clipp will be joined by the legendary Derrick Carter. The fact that Carter, a hugely influential player in the Chicago house scene, is performing at this one should be an immediate reason for you to attend. The fact that he'll be doing a special set, spinning only vinyl 45's all night long, should put this option over the top for you if you're at all interested in DJ culture. It's rare to see such icons as Spinderella and Carter in any room together, let alone one as intimate as the Crown and Harp. — CG

Adventure Club at House of Blues
As opposed to the long-running KDGE program that was once hosted by Josh Venable, this Adventure Club is a Canadian dubstep duo. Like Skrillex, who the group sites as an influence, these musicians were also members of a Montreal-based pop-punk band in a former life. Hunter Siegel, DVBBS and DallasK get the night started. — CG

214Trans4m + JFK50 at Oak Lawn Branch Library
During a recent CBS special on the JFK assassination, Bob Schieffer stated that, this weekend, the eyes of the entire nation would be watching Dallas. And, no matter what hidden little corner of our city those eyes may happen upon, it's almost a certainty that they'll happen upon some sort of JFK tribute. A good example of how wide-ranging and diverse these many-splendored offerings are is this multimedia talk by Dallas photographer Daniel Kusner titled “Can drag artists lift the veil of shame surrounding a presidential murder scene?” His current photo project, which pairs transgendered models with notable Dallas landmarks, makes a case for the argument. — CG

Noah's Ark: JFK Chose Peace. They Marked Him for Death. at Teatro Dallas
For three years now, Pittsburgh playwright Ginny Cunningham has been working on a play based on James Douglass' book, JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters. Tonight, on the eve of the 50th anniversary of Kennedy's assassination, Martin Sheen (yes, that Martin Sheen) will take part in a staged reading of the play at Unity Church of Dallas. The $15 admission will go to benefit Dallas Peace Center. — CG

Sean Patton at Addison Improv
The New Orleans-based comedian Sean Patton does his thing tonight in Addison. His is not to be confused with New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton. Not that anyone would really make that mistake. Patton's not what one would call the athletic-looking type — although, he did take a year's worth of stage-fighting classes once as a goof. Anyway, you can listen to him recounting the tale of an especially wild Mardi Gras eve in his hometown here if you're thinking about heading out to Addison tonight. — CG

State of the Arts at Dallas Museum of Art
Local musician and KERA host Jeff Whittington will host this discussion regarding the city's current creative climate and his panel will feature musician Sarah Jaffe, actor Steven Walters and dancer Bruce Wood. Tickets are just $5 and can be purchased in advance at the museum's visitor services desk. — CG

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